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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Boston Marathon Memories - Linda Haas

Boston Marathon Memories - Linda Haas

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everyone who was involved in yesterday's Boston Marathon probably has a story to tell. Let's hear 1 of them this morning. One of the buffalo area runners in yesterday's marathon was Linda -- of Clarence she's with us now on the WB and live line live from Boston the morning Linda thanks for being here. Or thank you how many Boston marathons have you run and how was yesterday's different. I believe this is my second I was here last year. -- whole -- different you know there. Our organization's. Security precautions for error great start and I just -- and clay. Worked absolutely. Phenomenal. Can he thought the actual trick in the actually say it would. Really quite amazing coordination -- a difference. You know agencies to make pulled it off yesterday it was huge. Yeah everyone's getting high marks for that. It -- you're approaching the finish line yesterday what we thinking what was going through your head. I was looking won't let -- the most poll that is definitely. Very long time. Is it coming out of oil in street in this I'm in the crowd. How the -- People we standing you know -- just have really aware and they let you know so loudly cheering them. You know I just hope to god we'll get to -- and flying in the war and you know. Will be gone and. That's the that's the physical side of but what about your emotional state obviously the only bench 21 other one and it was last year's. And this year had to have some special significance now. I wouldn't of course know you're -- -- you're thinking about you know they are asking a couple of those points along -- have figured out both. Come -- for a better network fact that I had. You know by the effects of terrorism but. You know or more wind in the race you know it's it's it's very personal -- -- -- cat pictures I'll finish in depending on your feeling great in. I didn't you know for me I was in the you know I was significant players it's just -- OK get this done until late some were hurt them. You know it was such an emotional day for so many yesterday and I wonder if you saw any of us were reporting a story this morning that. A runner collapsed just short of the finish line yesterday but it wasn't and form instead. Four runners came and actually picked him up and carried him to the finish line. You know for a few hundred feet in some say that the crowd. Exploded into the -- -- that they heard all day went all five of them cross that finish like did you see things like that. I -- I want you get particular -- hear about that. Actually get email on there. Won't get collapse. Again it was you know probably the weekend. You know quarter mile island and she is Sheila. They found in dramatic surround her I don't think she made it to the commercial lines that. Yes I'm 90% of the lenders are Boston Marathon finish the Boston Marathon as if they. You know no matter how bad you're feeling during one point yeah during a court of that race. Your goal. And why. Where you labels tell that the crowd was bigger were more people cheering you on. Only at school or that I think that I think they said the crowds were doubled eight and you could see me along of course there's really caught. They're drilling off spotlight along its course like outbreak here or not. People cheering and point out. Both sides of the road all the way along there are people sharing you know there is he didn't sit in the -- are you going. When you. People on did people on trampoline and I mean it is the biggest party atmosphere point six smiled and really truly amazing that the people hurt. Against you know and I'm sixty even out I think he. Little -- -- to move three you won't even it can't or won't along the way it was it was. You could really see -- for a lot as a very important as it is possible. I absolutely -- legal back. We do it again. Arnold lure him currently there bombs for a few years sure sure my I need a few years off. That is trying very hard on the body. You know I'm not getting any younger so it gets a lot harder every year. -- -- But it's such an accomplishment. Yeah our oil and all the pretty big I can't get there are attracted eighteen weeks betraying not this winter of course everybody on how brutal wintry you cut. Fifty miles or Italy. Or what -- yet and that being -- I windchill I vehicle on unveiling exciting yearlong run. It is definitely the very Coughlin. And yet there's still respectable time three hours 46 minutes 28 seconds. And it's pretty respectful I'm. And they -- most people with anything under four hours. There respectful kind. I think anyone who finishes as their best accomplishment to -- in this company absolutely Linda thanks for sharing your story this morning. Well. That -- -- YouTube that's Linda Haas of Clarence is a member of the checker is running club she ran her second Boston Marathon yesterday.

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