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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Allergy Season Update - Dr Gayle Burstein

Allergy Season Update - Dr Gayle Burstein

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WBA -- money every county health commissioner doctor Gail bursting. -- traversing the morning. It would been saying if you have a cold that won't go away runny nose itchy eyes and you're wondering is -- a cold or is it allergies we're hearing at the allergy season this this year promises to be a doozy what are you seeing. Yet he deceived and so we're starting to the significant amount of to -- power and -- you know Rapp Collins as all the protective that the conceit of our hitters just starting get but thank you lack of that is their coming up. So it is this season for allergies. Is it also a time when more people are suffering from things like sinus infections. Well mine and action could be precipitated by Alan -- if someone has a significant amount and need to congestion. And you kids can get -- epic -- it is connecting through. You know -- for and -- start as an infection. So but there are things that people can do to protect themselves. You know against China and back in developing personalities and also to try to mitigate. He out -- allergy symptoms first ball. You know if that weather gets nineteen you lot have opened up your windows and security have. Type -- air will filter on hand to try to clean out the talent in your house. Also after he'd go out I mean Q when you come and you wash your hands and you monster -- -- pollen all over the place that you wanna try to. Did decrease the amount contacting exposure you have to the pollen. Also I can buy it very easily and I think he's over the counter. And normal saline nose watches could be great idea I don't watch out your -- and make sure there's no pollen in the air. They are tired and we -- over the counter and non sedating antihistamines. Available on several different -- they're all available on nine generic form. Better nonprescription. -- you feel that you're having a lot of nobody knows exactly clear already knows this act going away a note -- he wrote -- -- He knows if that's pretty typical ballot decency you might wanna think about taking antidote he can speak with the -- also -- -- You know that apparently you can pocket health care provider. There are Ira a lot of ugly prescriptions out there. No it sprays un -- are antihistamines. That his net sales stabilizers and nasal steroid sprays fiction you leave leave leave this in themselves -- writing notes seeking change your life. Also there's some great and I can't -- -- mean prescription I dropped out there they can help would be EI. Also -- you know you're -- this is happening -- -- hearing your miserable and it's happening in the brain and it's happening in the following throughout the summer. You might want to think about going too many challenges in getting yourself tested for Alec -- And then you know if there's a lot of exposure to the environment that it seemed to be taking your reality -- -- consider. You know you know therapy Alex sat next also don't change your life is that something that you really suffering from. Got a person in the -- to people with allergies sixers risen significantly over the years. Why is that. Well it's you know we don't really know person or it. -- company. We're doing it better. I know I know me and and came in terms the document seen picking it up. And also we probably have more people also lack developing allergies and they're different -- at one theory is that. It's exciting that we dire -- the good news is that we have you know. A cleaner environment and -- -- -- or Titanic -- practices but the downside -- that is we're getting exposed -- -- -- early eight. He lacked the council Alec is certainly not developing in the paper protection against those type of -- -- property company and other. An increase -- is also better detection and better documentation of the number of people that have balance he's. You mentioned Cleland this I was -- here you -- bit about air filters tell me about the net the pot is that something you recommend or -- Yet you all live with medi -- in our house. Don't care what indeed that the -- Miller -- same trainer Craig on salt water -- -- you can buy over the counter those lucky you can buy over the counter. They medi pot. The classic pot they support me beyond those saltwater solution that is your nose but got the comments and you -- and that's what we use and it seems like it's easier elected hate -- He makes this solution is. In India in the -- island and you. Credit -- -- is so you get it wipes out your nose -- -- and that and it control the pressure of the lead going into you know with the I find that to. To be very helpful also. Am in terms of you know cleaning out your kindness that he can help prevent side effects since its -- you have like any book that some. After rescind -- very helpful thanks for joining us. Carol thanks for giving me -- and you know it's been careful like he's common sense and you know you think about all the your potential exposures reality is and just you know try to minimize your police. Camp because it's just starting thanks. Doctor -- bursting his Erie county's health commissioner.

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