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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Pollen Problems Coming - Accu-Weather's Brent Anderson

Pollen Problems Coming - Accu-Weather's Brent Anderson

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The long cold winter means a lot of plants could suddenly bloom all once. And suddenly spew their pollen in the air into your eyes and your nose all of once. AccuWeather meteorologist Brad Anderson is here now to talk more about Albright thanks for joining us no problem. You folks track pollen levels tree pollen especially now what you've been seeing so far. You know certainly treat -- been very high and usually high started in the south obviously many weeks ago. And now it's starting to spread farther to the north and we're seeing high levels tree pollen. Across much of the central US and the middle Atlantic not quite here yet we're still fairly low here but that's gonna change burgers and. -- -- I've heard you know they we all heard about. The polar vortex this winter and I've heard that were in the -- context have you heard this because I. -- -- -- -- I don't believe it -- again everything's delayed and that's a big problem obviously the flowers are delayed in the treason delayed and in like you said things are probably -- all start coming out all at once here over the next couple weeks. That's a bad thing as Nazi a sudden surge of pollen in the air. And I do expect again with -- weather conditions are right we're gonna have very high -- pollen days here several several weeks. I know -- and oftentimes. Very localized but is that -- factor to hear yeah yeah especially when he committee's slow a deal like this is actually a good thing because we have the rain here but so when the leaders striving committee's slow in the -- high. That's when we have our worst pollen we do not seen -- like at least over the next several days. But books like next week that we can be deal with some of that. Are certain parts of the country worse than others right now. It's pretty widespread. I would say right now the worst is the interior southeast now Florida. And then up through via central plains that's with a worse than it is right now. -- you see it. Getting to be in -- time here in Western New York I would say starting. -- and probably second half next week right through at least. Mid to use maybe you -- the third week made it could be pretty veteran here and I know. To some degree pollen is not the entire picture either explain. Well again. -- terms of DOS a DOS is a big problem right now we're dealing with here and dust and -- grass pollen grass is a star and green up a little bit. That's an Indian issues Wellesley income on the grounds of the tree pollen. That's 12 punch ragweed that's usually says summer problems we will have to deal will that put. Again the grasses escalate as well so everything's coming all at once and so -- silica ruled that the allergy season coming up. Well in this is all -- result of warmer temperatures we just enjoyed a couple of seventy degree days around here but looks like there's not another seventy for awhile. DC area the return of warmer weather anytime soon. Not this week now that's that bellhop a little bit too though countries actually below normal the remainder of this week but the next week it looks like country is parked near normal -- -- a few days and there where it's above normal so. Those -- days really have to watch out for and again. It's -- clicks again later next week and things really start -- come out. And then right into good chunk of may have that's what really counts he some mud issues here Brett thanks for joining us this morning no problem AccuWeather meteorologist Brad Anderson.

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