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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Stowaway Story Echoes Earlier Version - Dave Levinthal

Stowaway Story Echoes Earlier Version - Dave Levinthal

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Tuesday morning we're talking with Dave Leventhal is on the WB and -- senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity David morning. You know there's been a lot of buzz about that stowaway story that we all heard about yesterday at the sixteen year old who wrote in the wheel well of an airplane. From San Jose California. To Maui Hawaii I mean an incredible story. And you are about to tell us something else regarding those that might even have a buffalo connection. Back in the day -- my first direct jobs and -- in my -- aviation security and Arthur got named Charles McKinley will never. I'll forget -- we're actually -- the way sort of it somewhere action but he actually held themselves in a clique from the New York City area took Dallas Texas. And that the plane in each hour surgery -- he stopped an article also one point yourself. The moral of the story is. They'll do this but he. It is possible for somebody to steal away for hours and hours and hours at a time even under the most. Extreme circumstances. And actually survive the -- as lucrative with the teenager. All the way to the West Coast of white. When you said it was a McKinley story with the buffalo Max I was thinking something completely different. But -- said. That's -- the -- of the president somewhat from the early twentieth sentry here. How is it possible for someone to survive without the oxygen then that I thought wasn't inside the -- well. Some doctors say that there are -- human body actually goes in here almost say -- hibernation state land on your face was such extreme conditions and are -- -- there is survived by an almost. -- five biology by killing -- so -- it's it's unclear exactly what happened with him here but you're talking about temperatures that are the look and -- well -- hero. Atmospheric pressures like you're sitting atop the Mount Everest so we're talking about most extreme of extreme conditions yet at the same time. Somebody is able to survive so there are. What -- story out there people being on the water for. -- extreme amount of time -- so what you have here. But the strip it's in nature from from California Hawaii. That just -- -- that it is possible to survive and very very telling conditions. But again mostly don't and that's how people. I'm -- saying too that he was likely unconscious for most of that flight to. You know. And that that seems to be the -- but when he was found out wandering -- Sounds of the airport Hawaii here he was out he was awake he was conscious. -- although it doesn't appear that you remember that. Talk to us a little bit more about the traditional reason we have here politics Tuesday morning. Specifically some more fallout from the supreme court's McCutcheon decision now. -- and that's the decision registering -- -- quickly that's Supreme Court parked out earlier this month which sets the aggregate limits. But you can donate as a person to political candidates. All across the country at -- go away users stolen and how much you can donate to an individual politician. But that you can -- it sure as many as you want -- the story out today the talks about that some of the ramifications of this and one pick one. As we expect that there's gonna be almost eight new breed of political animal it's a political committee. -- -- a lot of very very wealthy people become a Democrat or Republican and whatever your political leanings. You can write a single check that away that -- is going to be distributed two -- and even potentially hundreds of candidates political party committees. All across America as -- it was a very very wealthy people. -- paying for their part in any greater convenience. Robert you're try to play the influence game -- -- try to support the political part your political candidates at that you personally -- And one more thing from Washington the president is journeying not only off to Seattle to check out the damage from the mudslides there but after that. Off to Asia talk a little bit about some of the foreign policy issues that he's facing in that regard. It's several years ago President Obama seemed to make China and Asia in general -- primary a priority of his administration now. You reap what a lot of -- diplomats are saying right now and that doesn't really seem to be the case and -- mindset in a way that is an opportunity for the president to try to at least that its policy over there. Altitude in mountain that's he's in a lot of books let present government -- -- don't feel like the United States and the Obama administration has hit them. A great deal of attention that they put like the anti Japan South Korea etc. etc. There will be very curious to see what the president has the same terms we are you see at the United States' relationship. -- irritation country's going from here forward into these last. -- Dave good stuff thanks for joining us. It's Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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