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4-21 Tom Bauerle Hour 4

Apr 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I wore the look he would be great benefit then yeah. India the whole movie. Mark the end this month. And you don't have food and it's. And. It's easy to clean up. But the same publicity. With which -- now let's. Tom hourly. Now going back. -- -- -- -- local. Let them it's Tom hourly you may well I would get out. On news radio 930 WVU. Actually you know. Had always after -- lucky charms the clear is that an insult directed at me by somebody. Well like five years ago. I thought it was funny supply incorporated into my own -- opening set us up to you about a lot. Certain things and zero tolerance now certain things -- you move an ass kicking territory released I'll try my best you might lose. It is -- ten minutes after five news radio 930 WB -- and and questions about how -- behavior in the streets please ask David Bell Libya. I don't do this before. One of the greatest moments of my life was to be told by David Bellamy of the bureau of Fallujah one -- Dude. Might Xbox all I want UN speaking of your humble horse. Wanted to sack of balls. Are ten minutes after fire at W ago. It. It's about ten minutes after five and is ready tonight thirty WBE and nice to be what is our biggest day the two of you horse over in western new York at this point. I'm exaggerating obviously. Met most of the work today oddly enough both businesses and buffalo and ever come does not recognized figures today as a corporate holiday although we should. You know the company holidays that we actually get but I think -- stupid is president's. Dude really president's thing. Two weeks ago -- is that -- biggest day at the company holiday I never understood President's Day celebrating one branch of government. It was almost like they anticipated the Obama regime. Why are having congress what other Supreme Court it's all Obama law is whatever it took debris. And if you see anything bad I just want to know racist. Started remind you -- back. All right it is eleven minutes after five. So I I was close to setup the show just a little bit without air going over old ground too much. I was listening to sandy beach front today and it just did show that. We don't actually have these grand conspiracy. Right wing meetings every day to decide the agenda. I hate to have a disagreement with -- as much as I respect him I disagree with his take on -- Republicans in name -- there is a reason why. When that expression came out. People dug -- and people said you know what that's a great name for. Because when you have people who represented themselves to be Republicans. Who actually at. Act more like Democrats did ten years ago or even in the present day which is the case in New York latest as double let me just give -- an example. Are you know can give you horror stories about what a bunch of horrors the New York State Republican Party leadership are. Carl Paladino. You'll want to get Carl going off on a -- Just say. New York State Republican Party leadership. And that will be good for an hour long Paladino rat. What a bunch of horrors they are how unprincipled they are actually to call all the horrors is a disservice courts. -- state. Prostitute knows what she use. A politician. Believes he's statesman. He doesn't know it's. More importantly he lies to you about who he is and has power over you. But anyway I don't -- to get off the beaten path here. I do not believe. Bad just because the Republican leadership offer somebody says oh look he's a Republican. That that makes somebody a Republican or god forbid a conservative. Now I absolutely do not. That is one of the things that I respect about the Democrats. Look you can respect your enemy. You don't like the Soviet Union but. You have to respect the fact they had Powell. You may not like China's government but you gotta respect the fact that they've got power and nukes -- -- I have to respect the Democrats. Because. Over the past eight years they had been on a bash Hadley you know. Totalitarian. -- Freedom depriving. Overreaching. And getting away with -- They've been lying to you constantly and getting away -- -- it can help. Diggreel airplane like nevirapine can educator doctor Brett Butler put it out of your -- every here all. I almost of the word and it would have been very deserve it. People still believe this. And it's I cannot I don't get it. Well part of me does it doesn't understand what to play your racial politics. Nobody wants to criticize the black. Guys automatically he's got the shields. Just like Hillary's gonna have a shield as the first woman -- -- they're already setting up this imagined war on women. Hey guys let let's just let's just think about a -- Let us just beat the obvious okay. Most Republican men. Are interested in women. OK enjoy the company of women. As their spouses enjoy the company of women as their Life Partners or their wipes most Republican men are in two -- Therefore. How could there be a war on women. Why would -- Republican wanna be at war with his own wife. When they have children his own daughter. This is the most made up for our circle lie you're gonna hear you know what. You're gonna believe it and most of America is going to believe. That some other Republicans are engaged in a war on women. Back. A Smart Republican and I'd pick up germs may be oxy moronic. Will argue that. 50% of the population actually over 50% of the population is female. So it stands to reason that over 50% of the abortions in the United States every year are a female babies who is the biggest supporter of abortion on demand. Democrats. And I wonder if Chelsea will choose to have an abortion. It's a fair question. It's because this is a sacrosanct right in -- seems to me to be a big crock of crap. That these people talk about a war on women yet. There are all about killing -- They're all about killing through the ocean. Up the aborted babies in this country are female. What doesn't make sense in this picture. Yet they get away with. They get -- that frankly because Americans are being dumb down. Sorry guys you're being dumb it down. And it's all about bread and circuses like listen to my own best the show last night. I found myself highly entertaining -- and I say that is the same thing that bread and circuses. If you believe this war on women crap you deserve eight years -- Hillary Clinton. If you believe this war on Hispanic crap. You deserve. Eight years of the first but all that. And again folks that'll be followed by the first openly gay president we've had -- presidents before I don't doubt it. James Buchanan is the person people. Two people talk. Or or two people refer. -- largely believe that he was widely believed that he was homosexual I'm sure we've had bisexual -- -- -- not -- sure that the guy we have. Audition go down that road. I don't see I don't care if there's nothing wrong with that. In my world -- Steve this is the thing about conservatives. -- conservatives get themselves into trouble because they spent too much time worrying about other people do with their genitals. I know -- generalize. All right. But that's not a way you're gonna win votes of the millennial because -- got news for you folks most colonials don't really care about somebody sexual orientation. Now you can say it's all propaganda you can its most colonials don't hear. Most colonials. Well they were brainwashed Tom they were brainwashed. Well look I haven't been brainwashed I came to this conclusion myself. As an informed reasonably and aren't brilliantly intelligent man. Like to throw that word in every now and again it probably is demonstrably untrue but with the help here's then. The west side a WB and it will probably illustrate that point. Dan I believe we have a disagreement. Well you got me -- -- when you told me when you told us that Clinton's you know repeated this. Blame it Clinton it was a moderate. Let's that's how he won that's how he branded himself and I I specifically cited welfare reform as an example. Of something he did that a guy like Obama would not do just for those who didn't hear what I said earlier now please continue with your point to demolish. -- it's administered -- He. He -- over and over until. Gingrich is Newt Newt. The Republicans. Wrestle them for the man. And many took credit for Clinton to hesitate to take credit for -- and you know and massive doses of the points. Tom he's -- is charismatic. Well known -- social -- The -- to -- the point is though it was as big a lefty is it is Hillary to this day I mean they were big. Supporters of the Bellagio. It's it's. I didn't really hope I I don't don't really like to get into the Clinton -- because nobody remembers anything they think we really were. Mad about is -- -- sex life. Swore that I thought it was gonna hot that just the I just I said that the get a rise -- again I'm sorry I don't tell. Remember Reagan Ronald Reagan everybody sort of jacket off an Oval Office but never. Hold on what oil hold on because I wanna talk to further -- because I want it just ponder the following statement. Compared to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton acted like -- presented himself as a moderate ponder that and I do wanna get your chance to respond. Pleasure good guy and a good caller what are my favorites in fact. But right now to get traffic to have to here's Alan Harris. All right -- thanks and AccuWeather from WB and well -- get arrested biggest day is gonna turn cloudy some -- later on but by that point you you wouldn't feel of should you wouldn't feel a daily Japan point 51 below tomorrow it will be cooler in the morning and then some clouds and some sunshine in the afternoon with a shower and spots and the high of 55 right now we are looking at. -- it is still 69. Degrees -- by the way congratulations to left. Janet slider. Who has one of the buffalo excellence in media awards award. For radio personality. But the years. So that he was sandy beach he was the first then job from careless and now Jeff Snyder from -- So three years in a row -- people have one radio personality of the year so well welled up very well. I wasn't nominated. And I don't. This is gonna sound disingenuous. But if you really know me -- here you know that I mean this awards really don't mean victim. Let's go to the only award -- really care about is when the comes twice a month. It has direct deposit. That's all I care. All right now let's go to the west side and -- WB EM cell -- -- -- did you ponder what I asked you before the break. Oh yeah yeah because I'm honoring that in mind. Expert he ran. It was a matter at whatever they called him not -- Where new Democrats. Over the price. No yeah I know he ran that thing and it was a total posed. I mean it that would oppose and they -- I mean I I do not only the most what kind of -- -- used to cynicism Rhodes scholarship program -- spending -- -- and Eastern Europe but it does it doesn't matter. But the point is that guy. Their policies. While their problems is the first two years that they that they guy. Their party's. There and they -- -- party. To lose. Where -- -- and and here -- governor of Arkansas. Horrified Arkansas on -- bit that they've got their first Republican governor call on campus and this was because. All well -- that -- stories are great but I mean. I don't I don't. The White House -- folks well -- you know what with all due respect and you know I respect you and I love you bring your phone is -- crapping out on me here so I have to let. Line here but still -- out. I don't know it's obviously a conspiracy. It's the NSA. And if -- like I'm sure if you think I'm shaft and you I don't want you of all people -- hate me. -- before -- go to break if you wanna hold on and talked me after the news. I will do that as long as our phone connection is good is that fair enough. Because. I like you and I respect you as you're like one of the few people like -- might do office. Well yeah you sound like I just figure for can route to email. I'll hold on -- I just gave you one of the best compliments ever out of the thousands of people with whom I speak every year you were one of my favor callers even if we disagree. Someone put John. All right well I I I love you -- which on hold we're gonna talk more about this because I think you raise some great points. In obviously if I thought you -- lousy points that would keep you just make sure we get a good phone connection. -- news -- 930 WB and stand buyer for it was at about five minutes and we've got to an hour and a half. I still haven't figured out what my happy ending is going to be today. There. It is our lenders radio and I'm thirty WBE and you know I told you electronics and your humble host just don't get along my area my iPad first of all its -- and I hit. -- got hey ipads because do you you know signing into I. ICloud candidate or cancel signing -- it's okay or cancel signing it's okay or can you disable those pop -- joked you know. Because ipad's biggest turning it would -- in the right only wanna use it anymore. Can you disable pop ups you can't would you show me how to do that without looking at my private home videos. Promise. Maybe you've just come in here and do it -- -- about letting people at my iPad. And now it's got to be in. German as -- All right dark or had no. Here are all -- I'll use my password to get them that you block all these stupid questions. Work or just short Timmy in here during the next break -- gang it was a totally uncalled for on the year should have done that off the year but like I'm trying to multitask here. And iPad is just started aggravate it. And I don't like being aggravated. The island's biggest day of no crying on Vegas today. So. There on the west side and Dan. Here's the ultimate question of it about this for the last ten minutes -- -- -- -- waited million. -- out a way to win the debate with you -- tough. Do you believe in this is my final question to. Do you believe that Bill Clinton is were wise as radical as Barack. Obama. Sure well close. I mean I mean what Obama there was no hiding an -- in need to as much. Omelets with Clinton lifted me I mean did you ever hear about the first Hillary nickel over an hour and because she. Shoot wearing a those letters on the wire rimmed glasses and shouting for every fringe left cause there wasn't an issue -- -- -- term as governor. Right but that's Hillary not bill. Final. But that's the thing is is just was always better edit. He didn't mean for the makeovers. But what you know I mean it is. It is multi plus to this change think as a hard -- is so thrilling nature pumps -- apparent I'm covering I mean. And well being at -- questioner is -- what difference does it make what she was trying to. Looking pregnant that you shouldn't really showing her contempt for for her questioners. Seat okay but again Dan with with all due respect and I'm gonna have to let you go because your phone is crapping out and you know I love you and I'm gonna which ago. But I do not believe that Bill Clinton is a wise as radical as Barack Obama I don't think Bill Clinton is -- was as radical as Hillary Clinton. Outlook that's open to debate. All right yes I realized that Bill Clinton adjusted course. After the Newt Gingrich. But -- something at that point the Republican Party actually. I say this delicately. This was prior to being deep ball Republican Party. And there's something else Bill Clinton was a white. And issues of race you know he can't have that -- Well you disagree with the policy that must make you date back to exist. And I told -- Hillary Clinton to me folks you you can't figured -- either GO. So basically what you citizens' group. Yeah that's that's what -- -- aren't banks trio thanks so I might my iPad now officially went lasted a year two years. Great project anyway -- 500 bucks well spent anyway. I've Surrey area. And his irritated though it's just technology. Technology why does it do this to me. Why why -- technology hate me. -- But you know what. Get away. Maybe. Just maybe I can use this to my advantage with a topic related activists. Why Joseph may have Johnson is here but I'll get to genius in just one moment. Hillary Clinton ladies and gentlemen in the White House. There's no delicate way to save -- she was that is and remains. One of the most on the LV's. Most unpopular. Person in the modern era. To live in the White House among those who knew her best including people who are assigned to protect. The woman is not what she claims to be you wanna talk about a Republican war on women. Hillary Clinton. Yelled screamed it through things and basically acted like she was in the terrible to lose now this is a woman who who puts on one face for the world. But behind closed doors wants to be treated like and acts like a queen and -- queen without restraints. That's the real Hillary Clinton and I hate to use the she's a mega body. Okay and I'm sorry I know too many people who were there. Who experienced the real Hillary Clinton she's a fraud and she's -- Sorry but genius. And I don't want somebody sleep here's the -- Conservatives. And Republicans. Have allowed themselves to be painted by the opposition. That is. Women behaving. In other words misogynist. Individuals. Who by the way also hate minorities. Get a point at a and there -- eight field. Impact radio talk show hosts who are on the right. -- word is always hate hate radio the local. Unethical daily rag is real big on that there's one of their opinion guys and accurately -- the opinion guy because he is he's got a job giving opinions as I've got a job giving opinions. But he always refers to talk radio as. Hate radio. And I don't think you can point to one hateful thing that I've set. Maybe I suppose -- and depends on your definition of eight. I tell like it is maybe some people don't like -- and hate that. But. I have. I'm proud I go all the I'd look in the mirror. That my relationship. With groups that are outside the ordinary quote and quote right wing talk show hosts orbit. You know I'm proud. Of my relationship. With my black Brothers and sisters in buffalo. In my gay -- trans -- friends I'm proud of those relationships. Are nurtured those relationships. And it's not because I thought it was politically expedient. I didn't do it sort -- shield. I did it because that's where the and that's the way I think if you know me off the air you know damn well that's where there. And I gonna say that have always been that way -- But in life hopefully. As you become older you also become wiser. And you become more circumspect. And you put things in perspective better. And the Republicans. Have allowed themselves. To be defined. And lied about. By people who hate them. And -- Rush Limbaugh has pointed out on many occasions. Any time you hear a Democrat talking about how the Republicans can win an election. Really. You have to consider the source. Consider on the opposite -- consider the source. Consider the speaker. And if a Democrat is a national show. -- local shows saying hey author public has really need to do about illegal immigration. Which were previous caller brought up today is the big issue facing the federal government. Where ever you hear them say well the Republicans need to bracelets. Well. One of two things will happen either the Republicans will become political prostitutes. And embraced widespread. Illegality. In terms of entering this country. -- They're going to be painted as hateful. In fact. In real life you know what happened. Jeb Bush let's just say Jeb Bush is the nominee and I -- Really hope that isn't the case. Right would be happy at this point I'll root for Rand Paul. Those -- -- one and now I thought Ron Paul was a bit too much out there for me I think Rand Paul seems a lot more grounded in his dad with all due respect. I could not I did not vote for Ron Paul could not have voted for -- He's a Smart man there are many things he says that are spot on. Our -- back if you go online. You go see a brilliant. To work of Ron Paul's office. Where he has on display something about which I have spoken up numerous occasions. -- that is the German inflation of the 1920s. And how easy it is for a government to print money that means absolutely nothing. And Ron Paul into the interview says the same thing my grandmother used to tell me. You used to go to the store with a wheelbarrow full of money and then leave the store with a little bag full what you bought. Because of inflation. Ran Paul I think combines the best of his dad and a little better real world think. Now we wanna talk about labels. And those of you were true libertarians maybe I -- you -- But it seems to me that it truly libertarian society almost borders on anarchy. Look -- a rebel. I came to this late in life but. I also recognize the need it. For. Laws. Recognize the need for some social control or some social norms that are accepted okay. Maybe -- understanding libertarians in correctly. I do agree with the libertarians that for example. Drugs the war on drugs is the phenomenal failure and it's a waste of time. And it ought to be a medical issue not an issue involving police. On that issue it completely would be libertarian. But by the way. Conservatives like George Schultz. And William F Buckley also endorsed. The legalization of drugs now I don't condone anybody abusing drugs. And I say this frequently because I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea. But as much -- don't want people abusing drugs. I think it's wrong to throw people in prison for using drugs. I think it's stupid it's counterpart but overall the war on drugs. The reason it's big failure is too many people in the legit world make too much money off. Too many people who sell high end items make too much money off for too many crooked cops and cricket agents taken money on the side because it. -- it turned out fifty K. A month extra to look the other way most people -- It's human nature. Conservatives. That a guy like I say this with all due respect because I know that most of the people listen to the station would probably identify themselves as conservatives. Conservatives to me. Again I think they focus too much. On issues that frankly are none of their business. Bet I'll call the bedroom issues. I guess some people might say conservative from the waist up. Well I think that kind of makes you a conservative area. And I hope I'm doing a good job validity and explaining -- Receive what I say conservative area and that is -- that is what I am talking about now part of being a conservatory. That's a cross between conservatives and libertarians. A huge part in fact I think the most important component issues. A respect for our constitution. A special respect. For the first ten amendments to the constitution. Collectively known as the bill of rights. Those are the rights. Let's put it this way folks. If Bill Clinton crossed over the line. On the first ten amendments I got news for. Barack Obama smashed through that line and we are so far off course it's not funny and I don't even know it's redeemable. An eight years of Hillary Clinton you can key -- you basically kissed the constitution. And the amendments goodbye. Are right. And we've already seen traces of that under Obama. Hit and this is what amazes me my friends. Is the fact that. It's not just the Second Amendment. That. Is a problem for the Obama writes it's the First Amendment. And the idea that somehow it's a noble purpose of government to get into reporters computers. To track down -- sources. That contradicts. Completely. This spirit and the intent of the First Amendment of the constitution. Edited is exactly what our founding fathers yours and all powerful government. Having its way with -- its citizens. And he who is ignorant. You'll be the first one on the cattle cars. Its hourly news radio 930 WBE. Mike good mood has suddenly turned very bitter and angry. And use Steve Jobs have you. -- -- it will turn cloudy tonight with rain -- overnight low 51 -- tomorrow it will be cooler of course will be cooler god -- -- I get to see spring has sprung by special voice morning -- but then clouds and sunshine in the afternoon with a shower and spots 55. Tomorrow night this is the reason I cannot -- with that out spring has sprung yet. Mostly cloudy with a shower or two tomorrow night breezy and colder could be a snow shower late in the southern tier. The overnight low 36. All I thought after gonna place the report in which it. I work out well that that was that is about the did you write -- right on the money of their body. It's 69 degrees at Israeli about thirty WB and they'd yell under -- -- -- radio but we -- you know we we got to get in sync your like you a job with bigger haircuts pitcher on the same haircut cycle now. So a lot. So as I was saying I cannot. Actually whip out spring has sprung in my special voice yet excuse me while I witnessed how the that was supposed to ego take Gerald. But please don't get me wrong folks Joseph Bieber is awesome John Sherman is awesome we have great time working together. And when we break each other's Nantz we do it in the spirit of analysts Davis harmony fun the fellowship collegiality. And -- good times I was there are. And why -- -- -- an iguana that's the big question okay self. -- would like to give you a happy ending today. And I think to -- two topics out. Or maybe three. You know what is this okay this is a total -- opulent kind of steered into the last power and big Tuesday. -- and other people are rushing home in they're gonna take a shower and get dressed up Angus and are what my topics in the 6 o'clock hour is really heavy one. How do you celebrate biggest day not to -- to not I don't protest your station I don't hate mail on this. How do you celebrate biggest day that is one of my topics they get the 6 o'clock hour the most controversial topic -- -- all. Hear how odious celebrate biggest debtor shall I say how have you been celebrating big Tuesday. Rumor has it certain pure dollars that have actually taken the day off because of that Tuesday god bless. Now there's another thing to. -- And I've never done this before and I got that I'm I'm a virgin with this topic and here it is electronics. Due electronics. For all of the benefits. At all -- the great things they can do to they drive you crazy. Like I'm trying to do supplement my iPad year. And for whatever reason my iPad suddenly has decided. That in order for me to do something it has to. Tell me repeatedly to sign into iCloud I don't use cycle out I don't use. I don't trust I clout. Because obviously -- parent. And the other topic. So to electronics. Cause you more frustration or happiness that would be the top. Any other topic deals with texting. I'm gonna bring it back on Friday because it was so much fun. Have you ever sent the wrong text to the wrong person don't make meet that. Don't make me tell my story again but if you've never called in on that particular topic I'd love to your brand new fresh story about the text you got. That was supposed to be the somebody else but you ended up getting it and it was something that might hurt your feelings. Or maybe you set such a text. And suddenly you realize that your marriage was not really long for this world 803 on my third.

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