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4-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES yeah. And he would. That. Yeah the -- to -- -- -- the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threats facing America you so much. The al-Qaeda. That Russia. In the 1980s are now. Calling asked for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can fix that without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do. These people who call themselves now. The patriots. Are not nothing more than domestic cash. Tom hourly. Even though this is this sort of thing it right back bay -- it's live it's local. Who is the it's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who put billions and onions radeon 930. The. I'm sorry that's that I find that humorous and I'm about well it is that -- minutes after for a news -- 930 WB and a fifty year old. Twelve year old -- that is -- -- your whole body would you wanted to say is never gonna change. Well well I'm 51 of them and so on and so forth. I joke ever master control John Sherman as your call screener and folks I want you to stay listening to me because I need the job because they need the money to support my profligate lifestyle. But there is another reason to it it's good for you I want -- there listening for our. WB and cash code to contest it is they -- contest only I'll say that again it is a text contest. Only. And I watch -- -- ago. That. The next. Tax code. In our national content is this is not a ball a buffalo deal only -- come in every one of our markets were doing -- okay. And you can hear. The tax code it. Well should I should I -- the approximate times. All right I'll get the approximate times. Because. I want is -- -- I would say that you should be listening to John second Susan rose every morning around 7 AM. I would strongly suggest listening to sandy beach in the morning around 11 AM. I would advise listening to Rush Limbaugh -- this week are -- is recuperating from surgery so workers guest post but you should be listening around to. And I might show you should be listening around 5 o'clock if you can tolerate me that walked. And we'll give me the text code only the contest is -- what we we go through the rules if you listen to the station long enough. Better -- I can do it so under senate. -- get your texting finger ready you'll never be as fast as your kids are but that's OK there bombs were up by the time -- thirty. You know that we're gonna have texting thumb disease down the line right there will be a big thing. I think the mistake by the way -- hit -- -- it back to the political stuff and I says something that I think might actually be. It might actually. See I don't know if you guys are gonna hate it for this. Or if you think that a mom to the right thing. But you're knows. Wait wait I have to bring to shield out hole on eleven I've got to get my my issue. My ex wife is part polish there for my children are part polish so I have the polish shield. A guy by all spring is part polish so that being said. I like biggest day a lot more in the old days before. I think it got overly commercialized. Because folks. If you are old enough to remember the 1980s. The beer soaked wooden floor. At the old show -- singing societies that -- -- 2 AM on -- Tuesday. That is a feeling that will never be replicated its before biggest state became the big national thing it is now. We're gonna with everybody coming at outlook on the popular pooh -- and economic impact to our area I'm just saying. It is just is just your home almost saying Burris. There was something very. It's it is authentic genuinely -- -- about being in that neighborhood at 2 AM. The -- -- society with a polka bands play -- their hearts out. And the floors that were literally sloshing with beard that people would spill to me. That was biggest day. That was I mean that was just -- well sloshing around with beer and or whatever people which were. Don't forget that. Under NYC if you do have a seven ounce maximum force were. So if you're going to be squirting today under analyze say no more than seven ounces of squirt. -- work. I suppose you can re load with a different sport magazine but it's still going to be a maximum of seven ounces that you analyze it. Anybody that I just. -- that your your illustrate part Ross go quicker. I don't think your polish descent yes Austrian yes you salute Tom. Sure and -- even know John Sherman he's -- like I say album a moment a moment. So I don't know maybe I'm looking backward not forward which a lot of people do and maybe -- falling victim to that myself. But I just think about 191985. Getting off the year heading down to the show -- singing society. It was still packed I have to tell it was filled -- with people. And it was that I mean it was probably. 90% polish. 10% black by the time I got there and everybody had a great time. It was like wow this is the best thing ever. So everything Tuesday however you're gonna be celebrating biggest they wish you nothing but the best -- for those of -- for big mistake is a joke it shouldn't be. It is a great ethnic tradition that we do have here in buffalo and a couple of other cities but Chicago -- -- -- of maybe Milwaukee. But biggest day is. The funny thing is a lot of people from Poland have never heard the biggest thing I am told I don't know this for fact but that's what people told me that. It was a branch of the polish community that settlement buffalo it really kept the traditional. And and others who went further west into Chicago and Milwaukee who also kept the tradition alive from their particular part of Poland. I hope that my history is correct on that because I don't like in accuracy. All right ladies and gentlemen we are with your 803 on -- thirty start at 3180616. WBE and so I want your label. You know have labels in life. And one of the things that I'm not going to do anymore. I'm not going to accept it be Republican or Gerke handing me a bush. Let's just illicit use bush. As the market typical establishment Republican tide that has been foisted on us now since the Reagan era. I am not going to accept bush and just blindly vote for him because he's not the other guy because he's got an. The other guys -- the other candidate because he'll be running against Hillary although I don't think bush is gonna get the nomination. So. I I honestly folks I cannot identify with the Republican Party anymore because I can't identify which corpses -- well. I even noticed like to be -- and I can't identify with corpses -- well. I watched three times clinically so. There's that I am not a Republican I don't even notre Republican is anymore as far as I don't know liberal. But. It's kind of interest thing and I know that I believe it or not I I do that there is a. I I hate to say this because that might be giving away a secret. There is. There are one or two of the local. Liberal slash progressive bloggers. I actually respect -- because they use their real names. Don't -- under pseudonyms. And -- because they are intelligent people we just happen to disagree we see the world in different ways by at least respect them. -- for at least be honest with their viewpoints. And being forthright. And not being afraid to be bulldogs about. -- bulldogs about their viewpoints are. But. Libertarian. A liberal. There are some libertarian beliefs to what might interpret as being liberal but see here's the problem. And I hope about losing people here are I don't claim to be a political science professor I'm not. But. The old American liberal. The old American liberal was more conservative than today's Republican Party and I'll give you one name Deen Al punch my Crete. You know this is what it means to me to be an American. -- -- -- I hope I think his name correctly or murdered names as the root team following in my iPod is proud tradition of footsteps but. Liberal the old American liberals. Really were patriots. I say this is billion times if you think only conservative stormed the beaches on. We all got together and we all fought unified against an evil. -- -- So there were liberals. Back in the thirties forties and fifties who really did set up a five in the tradition. Because it was the tradition of individual freedom. And along with that freedom individual responsibility. It's kind of like Al Austin Powers ends the one movie hey how Gottfried and -- got responsibility man it's groovy and that's a kind of liberal but I can say you know what I deal with those people because they're about individual freedom liberty respect for the law the constitution and the bill of rights. But. The at some point I don't know when this happened or how would happen. Those kinds of liberals got left in the dust. And this new stage this worked for a so called progressive liberal movement took over. And I have to tie it scares me as a lover of liberty it's -- The IRS. If you are a progressive. Or a liberal or Democrat. How would you feel. How would you feel if they Ronald Reagan or George Bush. Held up tax exempt status is for progressive or liberal groups out of nothing more than political spite. That would seem like a pretty rotten thing to do right that would seem pretty un American to you I will -- you can we agree on that. Give some of the players are that I don't really care if you believe it or not. It would be offensive to me. Because that's not America. You know I always say I will defend anybody -- think there'd be a bully guess what that includes progressives and liberals. If the government went after you. You're damn right I'd be at your side. Because it is about our individual rights as American citizens against the over reaching all powerful omnipotent government in Washington DC. If -- honest with yourself. How would you feel about a Republican administration. Actually having an enemy's list I don't Nixon bit. But a Republican administration. Going into journalist computers and spying on them to see who their sources were and what you're gonna write about and what scandals they were working. I think he'd be pretty upset if you'd have every reason to be upset I would be upset. So what I say these things folks. They are universal's. Are not just for my side there for everybody because they haven't all we are all Americans and you have to respect. The difference between the United States and the other countries unless of course you are somebody who believes in a post constitutional republic. In which case I would have to consider myself at war we view. And not worthy of defending you. Because at that point you and I are enemies at that point you become the fascist I become the son of liberty have been called worse let's find out of. Traffic and that the son of jams here is that mr. Alan Paris to extricate you like your dentist extracting a disease -- -- meanwhile there is a delay also -- our southern border for an illegal invaders I understand it took one family 3.2 seconds spent the cross and the United States earlier today several other slowing down a bit AccuWeather turning cloudy tonight with rain 51 below. And tomorrow will be up to 55 now it's going to be kind of -- when Sandy's on the here tomorrow morning. Then when I'm on the here clouds and sunshine for the afternoon -- -- -- in spots and 55 the high usually it's the reverse you know usually sandy brings this on with him I bring the dark gloom. Today or tomorrow is it a little bit different it's -- 69. At news radio 930 WB EM our friends let's get back to the calls this is Joan. -- -- -- biggest day I hope you had a blessed Easter. And what are my neighbors -- a Jewish they had a wonderful. Bar mitzvah party on Friday night anyway what's up. Yeah I agree with you time it must have been donated Bambang. About the Republican Party I was a Democrat Specter -- the Indonesians already. And I can. The until anything that made me change about. Except that I. Maybe Islam is still into this is mean but. I could see where the party was thought it was gone so I -- the last. So I transmit to Republican and I don't know. -- you -- Democrats at one point they too had their identity crisis Barbara how Bill Clinton ran the first time he ran as a new Democrat he was like hey look I might be a Democrat but I'm not some radical left wing person works we all found out later that his wife was that. -- -- -- -- Well she's gonna be a grandma and you know I -- -- support Chelsea's choice if Chelsea chooses to have an abortion. This. Putting up you know. I. I was nine years old so I've been through a lot of good bad. She's and I and I agree with you this country have. I am too. Well thank you Joseph I want to thank you and your generation for leaving our generation a country we could totally follow up. I hope they don't people vote on AM you know I would suggest they do is read this as -- world war still why it's that it. And how. They maybe didn't get a better perspective. Of our country is going to be like. John I'm gonna deal one step further and I know you weren't alive then but you to understand World War II you must also understand World War I. Which was basically World War -- the trailer. I'm so glad you called Joan and it's a delight speaking to a nine year old who has every whit about her and with whom we have I'm sure much in common thank you so much. 8030930. At news radio 930 WB and it is hourly right political labels. And stuff like that because that's a good topic of the biggest -- -- because I've been drinking -- to folks they go three on my thirtieth WP -- Yeah time. And then yeah. That. Point. -- How far -- hasn't been injured -- on. -- does a basket late 1970s. Bobby -- ladies and gentlemen on the old WGR when it was abusers vision. I swear he played that song every fifteen minutes I was in radio -- and remember waking up at. I have in the morning to go to hockey practice in Brighton or Lincoln arena and -- coached your spirit would pick this up. What I have heard the song on my clock alarm but that we get that was car. And a replay. Of the car radio fifteen minutes after it got up -- that took. Pulled one out of my nether regions I hope you guys enjoy debt -- -- the polish performer Bobby Witt and and at what resonated with a lot of people in the buffalo area with a proud polish tradition. Now. The -- in. Okay the seat of my jeans just. Yeah it's it did did that. -- here is about the perils of warm weather here is in buffalo WBE heat and take Tony you're on welcome to -- -- show audio label yourself. I mean politically among that's what we're talking about. -- -- Tony go ahead. You. Really. And what Tony why now why would you say such frankly a libelous statement. -- You. Really -- and you would say that on what basis would you subject yourself to litigation. Hello good and so you you feel like you should come on the show. And alleged that I'm involved in a federal crime. And you think that I would just like to let that go without. And you go go one further with which Fred was this. I. OK well let's first of all she doesn't know you Tony. I'm quite sure -- pretty sure of that all over -- -- pressure I think here and can. All right well Tony. All I can say is what you said is frankly libelous. What you said is discussed in. And frankly. Statements like that. I'd be happy to -- my attorneys. Because you can't do that. I find that offensive. What consenting adults still I don't care. Children by law are unable to consent. Sort inmates by the way. And I'm sorry that nobody ever explain basic -- human decency that you. But that is one of the most disgusting calls I've ever taken. If you go insult me insult me over something that's true. And by the way it not. I I don't even though. I know my first reaction was to cut the guy off but I thought let's have some fun with -- let let's have let let let's let's get let's get -- Let's get his I wanted to find out the source you know. So -- I dated. So really -- you really let me ask you this do you really think that she would see somebody was into that. As you obviously don't know or if you believe that to be the case. She is a very pretty strident born again Christian. And if she thought that were knew that she would have dropped the diamond beating the FBI and about two seconds. So that is a demonstrably false statement. I don't even like talking about it likeness. But dude seriously sick to my face and there could be a man. Vehement opiate telephone tough guys. Itself for thirty -- bad news radio I'm thirty WB -- literacy in The Sopranos. Indeed win -- is number of the New Hampshire. Any throws this cell phone out the window and the road crew guy in the road group picks it up and Tony Soprano calls it thinking is talking to veto. It has not be dealt. I'm so I just that I just have fun with people like there. And it is it's nauseating. It's absolutely a nauseating topic. Interest. Interest. It says something true like I hear you've got a step on a step stool the using Ural. Says something funny. Say something true were I'm the victim or via a target if you were. Say that I am you know so ugly -- being -- with a pussy willow would be a tremendous improvement. Don't be creative. Be created. All right it is not libelous. Not slanderous would create. It is like the Buffalo News for a 39 at news radio 930 WB -- All right well that's done with let's let's move back to our topic -- by the way his his comment to the producer was he's proud to be conservative. Now my topic here is how do you label yourself politically. And I have made no secret of the fact united. Abhor. The Republican Party. Frankly I'm not into micro -- either. And to me the Republican Party is a corpse. Not only is the Republican Party courts it's a zombie. Because don't zombies. Joseph you're gonna have to bring me up to speed here on what it means to be a zombie. Zombies don't really have free will thinking do -- OK they're basically mindless robots who go about tried to devour the brains of the living is that correct in my properly summed up by these zombie apocalypse are. That's what I think of the Republican Party. And -- have a guy who voted for Reagan twice. I hate to say it but I voted for George W. Bush. Wars. No I take that back. Well I I did vote for George W. Bush twice. I voted for McCain. And I voted permit around. And after that. I -- you know what. I can't be a prostitute anymore. I cannot accept. What the establishment. What the Republican all the Gerke hints to me. As they heard with gold plated. Com. And call it. A good vote. I can't -- to. Sell. Are you a conservative. Are you a Republican. Are you now don't but it always bothers me the most. Independents. Just totally dependent you what you stand for. -- the independent voter is somebody who gets basically. Stay in the middle of the road and get steam rolled by everybody. That to me is the independent voter when do a certain point in your life. And you don't know who you are real or what it is for which you stand. You really have put a lot of thought into how you're living. Your fish are. So. I'm sure another -- for. At least not what the Democrat party has become. And I don't wanna take you back to the bill Clinton Era ladies and gentlemen the reason Bill Clinton got elected. Was he said he was a new Democrat. Does anybody else am I the only person in America to remember that he was a new kind of Democrat he did Jimmy Carter. And I have the tiger that in many ways despite. The issues he had. And I think we all -- of what I speak. With Monica Lewinsky and the cigars and all those kinds of things. In many respects Bill Clinton was. A rather moderate Democrat especially when judged against Hillary or just against Barack Obama it was Bill Clinton who actually got. Welker. Reform passed. As a Democrat. Now. Can you imagine Barack Obama. Or Hillary Clinton. Or two days leading Democrats Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid doing anything of the sort because I can't. I cannot. It eludes me. Right -- in a million years see that happening. -- speaking of centrists. And independents. We now go to run on a cellphone Ron you were on WB yet. -- well I am excellence. -- I guess it cultural I don't want you for problem. Are keeping your composure during that last caller it was disgusting that this. All you know what situations like that I will simply let my attorneys do the speaking to him. Or are I'm not going to be no I will not be liable that I will not be slandered. I don't think it should be I mean people like that morning -- they can memory interface and a number of a problem with that. On the problem in the thing as I can qualities political profile such one time and they said something about being a centrist. Being civil links like likes of Colin Powell and things like that how that incorporated soaked with a -- and that would usually conservative area. I don't think -- say OK you know what's really funny you mentioned that. -- it was an online test right. I don't know I was cessation. And it was actually order these tests ordered just -- around are talking about. -- -- like there are merely a matter fact it was. Labor aren't functioning when I was involved with unions. And down. Margaret were liberals stop my team I'll be -- centrist. See that okay first of all Colin Powell is not. -- centrist. That in itself is a misstatement. Colin Powell and -- and if you can hit all you want but Colin Powell is a man for whom race trumped everything else. As a voter and as a political man Colin Powell showed forgive me his callers that race was more important to him. Then policy. And -- a white man had done that he would have been drummed out of America. That this notion see this is one of the biggest issues we have right now in America -- you can already see it being set up for Hillary Clinton what -- we've been hearing about now since Mitt Romney and it has made its resurgence in the past few weeks quote. War on women. Our -- is the narrative that is gonna be put into play it's already in play now. They're try to brainwash the American people into thinking that we need a woman president to somehow counteract the war on that women. You know I've worked for women bosses a lot of I've worked for female CE boats. War on women really. Well the they did I have a problem what I think the perfect night to -- candidacy would be. How much are afraid it might you might or might come expiration would be Clinton and fall and as Donald reached series. No and you know what I cannot see Andrew formal leaving his job as governor of New York to be vice president first of all remember Hillary Clinton. Was a senator from the State of New York Andrew Cuomo is the governor of New York they would be looking for geographical ballots. If conventional wisdom holds. I -- plus you're talking about another woman so be a female ticket. -- -- I thought that was kind of funny myself I don't really mean that but it just seemed pretty good line at the time. All right that's assuming Hillary's female. And I can't vouch for. Personally. Our rob thank you your so you're a centrist and again center I don't notice centrist news. I honestly don't know seek to me. It sounds like you might be a conservative Terry you know maybe -- -- Jeff Foxworthy but you might be conservative area and if. I vote or vote issues I do not the person that votes issues. And your number one issue let's try to narrow the star -- -- -- they're hammer me here for a break but what is your number one issue. Yes. My number one issue at a federal level is the FCS but they have coming with that. Illegal immigration I think that is totally disgusting. My grandparents came here also it's my grandparents came here legally from Poland. Ron I want to congratulate you have a full board of calls and I'm gonna keep you through because you just hit eight you just hit a money shot all right. So pull hold on a WBA and this guy is good don't go anywhere we're gonna continue our conversation with -- -- -- -- Happy biggest. And AccuWeather the rest of your fingers today. It will be cloudy we're gonna get some rain later on but by that time does it really matter that was a long time ago. Overnight low 51 tomorrow because in the morning. -- -- rain clouds and sunshine shower and spots 55 mile high right now it is a 69 degrees. At news radio 930 WB EM all -- local historians. Yes. Has told me that the former Chopin singing society building. We're Buffalo's biggest they began is on commercials go street just north of Broadway. For -- it was brick right. I thought it was like right kitty corner off of -- orbit again that was a long time ago maybe I was just out for walk on. The bill. It was just north of Broadway it's still standing as of today but will be demolished soon -- -- Monica who wrote the email if you would like to our call in with a little bit of mystery about that I'd love to talk to -- because to me I mention this earlier. I like things when there -- -- To -- biggest thing is always about why it is always about the old -- -- society. The beer slosh floors to a -- and everybody have a great time. That was my introduction the biggest and that was at tradition. And it's almost like it's become commercialized thing now and again on who's who's gonna look a gift horse in the mouth in terms of revenue tourism etc. But the purist in me being totally impractical -- still thinks back to show that things. I'll let's go to a lifetime to get back to this don't. -- on a -- the the most pressing issue you said is illegal immigration. Are you as disgusted as I am when you get a Republican. Named Jeb Bush calling illegal. Immigration which would refer to as illegal invasion and act of love. I couldn't happily it's just it's incredible what are things that are right and there are things that are wrong. If you wanna come here and you wanna be here productive member of society and you have the channels and the -- to do. -- -- Support. Some you into Portland U line -- deport. You edit it -- I think that's racist I would suggest you look into Mexico's policy on immigrants to Mexico. You'll find that Mexico. Is a hypocritical country when it comes to immigration. The people in Mexico look on the people to -- -- the Hondurans for example. -- and the Guatemala's everybody's self -- They don't want them coming to Mexico illegally sell out basically Mexico can basically. Do it physically impossible task to itself thank you for bringing up immigration. Mexico -- more protection. -- their orders saying we do. Yeah yep they've died I think -- I think they do and plus to your doctor Richard buy off. The -- as a cheap to buy our -- thank you I'm glad you called. Good at call worthy of -- 455. Happy biggest day and Baghdad if you got an Easter -- for Easter and you have a cat Easter lilies kill cats throw out the Easter level. Throw it out make sure your cap will not get that Easter Lily every year kept suffer and die because of Easter lilies on not making it up. Easter lilies kill cats get rid of the Easter Lily.

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