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4-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I walked down upon you with great. If you go to the -- -- -- is that anxious and my brother. And welcome to the New York City. If they are -- bit extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York. No one pond with an assault rifle. No. -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom hourly. Colin. Powell went up to. -- -- an outrage and I could have got covered up like to welcome. It's live its local capital. Full moon. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. And IQ. You have woes. I'd like owners. And 930 W yeah. Now man its biggest day let's say -- -- last week holy week was. Every single -- -- last week. Usually -- the savers but. Really -- but last week I. Have to admit usually as a talk show callers. The apartment is before how many weeks can beat down. The local host can be all they can be eight we brought Abraham Lincoln back from that basically questions. And let's light up those close. Hey give us a call. We'll give you a mug to call me that's that's what holiday we can feel -- -- but last week thanks guys because you made my -- Avery easy I appreciate that very much. Joseph where is it to control a general good to see you. And that John Charlotte. You know he's the call screener and I pick out something interesting happens Whitman who worked together in the same building I don't say -- about women in other context but. I think that Joseph and John are the same haircut cycle. You know they were working together for about five months and -- -- there cycles have come together -- of the same got cycled out. One -- ask the question logically well mister -- you fifty plus year old lawyer freaked when are you getting your haircut. My mom asking that question all the time can always be your little boy the answer is -- I like my long year. An electoral and a few other words and she says. And then we just move out I hope you had a wonderful blessed Easter slash resurrection day and I hope that -- for those who view of the Christian faith. Bet you actually spent some time thinking about the resurrection. Of Jesus and it wasn't about chocolate. I've often thought that instead of chocolate Easter bunnies chocolate jesus' would be great idea as a marketing tool should look it's. -- any blogger at the reason for this season. You know magic go together like Watson's -- -- chocolate jesus' -- differed for Easter with a problem would I supposed to be in the blasphemy or perceived sacked religion who wants to -- Jesus. But then it. If I -- call. This is my blood this is my body -- might make the argument that it is simply a recounting of the last supper without the bread but replaced by chocolate. And if anybody doesn't think the chocolate is God's gift to humanity well clearly you're not thinking clearly and you're delusional in irrational and probably should be sent for psych evaluation anyway. We are so it brings to. And Sony things do I get into on the WB I barely know where to begin at by the way John I like your Erica. I really do it looks good on you you couldn't you can do the short haired and broken Bieber and surprisingly enough unlimited talk about men's heralded. But surprisingly enough one of the guys he used to work your whom we missed dearly Sam hickson who now has another job. But Sam is one of those guys like my nephew Steve. He actually looks better with a shaved head that he does with hair some guys can pull off that -- I could not I would look like. You know I'd look like I've looked like a cross between Winston Churchill and Truman Capote and I probably have about the same sex life is Truman Capote to dissect. And I shave my -- but that's not gonna happen because then is that would be right wing radio talk show hosts -- The head Tom buy hourly and I'm -- -- -- -- irrational and crazy as well but only at the Buffalo News and only after consulting my neighbors anyway. Who surprisingly like so. I'll lots of things lol no he's just full of himself today is he not. Lots of things are -- my friends and I had a chance to listen to a little bit a steady breeze today. And I find myself. Disagree. With some of the premises I heard this morning but that's because you would not want us to agree on everything because that would sound contrived and scripted. Our and that's by the way for -- group of the Christian faith and you know that I'm not. But you'll also note that nobody defense Christians more than and nobody will defend Jews more than nobody will defend Muslims and atheists more than I. Because I believe that that is what it means to be an American. The respect of everybody's beliefs and not wanting to see anybody bullied because of their personal spiritual views -- -- And I was going somewhere with that thought and it totally eluded. That's a Monday Joker -- rewind the tape to see I was gonna say I know I was on a train of thought there was actually going to be go to our. Now I know exactly -- gonna say it. Because when I read the gospels. What I find interesting about them my gosh you're gonna think -- turned into religion show now but just for a legal perspective on leveler but. Whenever you hear stories. Even detectives else they'll say the same thing. Went every single story sounds like it was rehearsed word for word you know that everybody's fulcrum. We all know -- -- because were all detectives because we all watch law and order. Don't don't. We all watch law and order Juliet lazy you're ready to try to find the sound effect now. Dirt it's a Monday men and you're you're you're casting getting your -- in -- big Tuesday. But we all know that -- stories all sound alike to the point where there is no variation that every story is a lot. So what you for. Our differences that are plausible. That could be explain only by a different interpretation of the same facts that to be lends credibility to them and it's the same way. Where you know if it's -- and I agreed on everything you'd think it was a giant WB and conspiracy there are people who actually believe them. There are people actually believe I'd say it's you know that. The WB and FaceBook page they -- this radio station like Tim wingers at -- beach. Your humble host -- Caligiuri Chris Johnson and and -- literature we all sit down. And we all think all right you know what's what's the agenda today pocket we advance the cause of of extremism and hate today. It doesn't work that way I rarely sees them having. So. But I do what do I do wanna give them something in the bottom question is. How do you describe yourself politically and why. How do you describe yourself politically and why and what is the issue for you -- to narrow everything down and I know that's top. And I don't want everybody to say guns. No I don't because it goes deeper than. Because I have to tell you before I give you my answer to. That. I am becoming increasingly. Concerned. About the cover of the government of the United States. And the direction in which it is -- Because I must be brutally frank with you I don't like it and it's not because Obama is in the White House is not because bush was in the White House -- -- because Clinton was in the White House is not -- Because. It's not that it's an overall trend which has been accelerated under Barack Obama. And he can't be criticized because he is half white. And nobody likes to criticize alike waited up at Roland tart but at what I was gonna say is I mean he's enjoying his white privilege basically that's a lot of sick. So even. Nobody wants to call elements but the Obama T rich situation and I put a -- up to basically an MSNBC. Host being all on this subject. Wasn't at least in my mind it was so much. Okay. This guy Bundy owes the government X number of dollars because of grazing fees he hasn't paid. It was the overt reaction. Of the federal government to it. That was all wagers would you start bringing in guys with sniper rifles when you start teasing people in the family. When you start doing some of the crap. They were doing all I can say is there's a word for that. Whether several words -- one would be totalitarian. Another would be over reaching and another quite frankly is fascism. I expect that kind of behavior for big government not of the people by the people and for the people but a government body for -- about the -- dark that's what I would expect and that's exactly what we saw a complete overreaction. By the all powerful omnipotent. Federal government to a tricky Monday in the minor and being able legal situation. That's what got people go. It was at let's put it this -- look at the this proportionality. Of it all you've got unfettered. Illegal. Invasion going on of our southern border aren't we all agree with unfettered illegal invasion of our southern border. I would like to see maybe a thousand. Of the effort they put into the bought the ranch. Put on our southern border with equal to about a fire up a couple of snipers at the border with Mexico look -- illegal. You know but borders are pretty a pretty well defined sorry got to make an example somebody. Because I don't think it's an act of love Jeb Bush. And his people like Jeb Bush. Who make me well frankly who may be quit the Republican Party almost ten years ago. -- I cannot countenance people from whom I cannot distinguish them from Democrats. -- folks this to me anyway is the point. The Republicans. Are continuously handing us to hurts. And were supposed to vote for them because. They have the I've heard gold plated is still hurt. You can gold all you want you can -- you get it puts a diamond studs out of if you want to but it's still up to hurt. And that's what the Republicans are doing and that's why when I say I can't stand the Republican Party I hope you understand that's what I'm talking about. Because they don't get it they are not an opposition party the Democrat party well the Democrat party of today quite frankly in a lot of quarters is what we used to call the socialist or Communist Party beckoned the Norman Thomas error the Republican Party booed Norman Thomas there's -- -- from the past. You didn't mention got all here's another name from the past you used a long time head of the Communist Party USA actually got a lot of my guest. I'm quite a few occasions back in the 1980s and he was that it I. I will say that for Communist views that he was soft spoken gentlemanly kind of guy actually was a lot more civil than Hillary Clinton I'd -- listen -- -- and Hillary save ideology but -- -- was much easier on the ears. Anyway. I. See I think it's naive. To think that that people are divorcing themselves from the Republican Party over one issue. It's not that the issue to me is the Republican Party has not pro itself to be the party of the opposition anymore the Republican Party has proven itself whether you're talking about New York State. Or the federal level to be a bunch of spineless -- so -- whips who are afraid of all that names are going to be call. They have absolutely no backbone whatsoever. They don't know what they stand for it is eight is more bunt. Instead it's decomposed. And they don't know who they are. And therefore they don't mean anything to me I hate to use the word because I issue it mightily but brand. What exactly is the Republican Brad Pitt illegal immigration is an act of love Jeb Bush is that the Republican brand. Is at the Republican brand work Marco Rubio about two hours after Mitt Romney lost the last last election basically throws under the bus middle east of the decency is I didn't what a little while before you throw what are the boss. But the Republican Party to me is it is it is debt and I will tell you this -- -- is a lot of people off I'm not going to be a soccer again. I am not going to be a soccer and I think it's a suckers bet. I think it's a suckers game to vote for somebody hit do you by the establishment party. By the people in power in these political parties that are so incestuous -- intertwined anyway. Ought to ought to think of certain assembly staff aides in Albany who would work for both Democrats and Republicans but. I don't think I should go down that particular road like what are you exactly are you a Democrat are you Republican or is that just a little difference between the two that -- really doesn't matter for whom you work any -- whether it's the head of the Democrats in Erie county area of the Republicans in Erie county where some assemblyman and Albany gets in trouble. Talked to register almost choked on something under the truth sometimes -- can get -- so in any event ladies and gentlemen. My question to you to start things off it is it's actually there are several questions. I hate the -- -- hot and heavy on big Tuesday. His -- most of Western New York staff in the bag already anyway do the Balkans you know I'm just saying that that just drive safely. That's -- and a drive safely if you get tanked and -- Tuesday they were the DW I -- it worth the pangs of conscience when you run into a busload of gifted -- medical school children. It's not worth even running over squirrels to get tanked you know what take -- -- -- a lot cheaper. And it's a lot everybody's lot better off when you let somebody who is. You know sober drive. Boris even sent people sober don't drive it well liked it but it is partially political label. I'm kind of interested in knowing where you -- audience be at right now. Every now and again I like the tortured English language with waterboarding of grammar. And I think has successfully did that thank you very much. 803 on 930 is the phone number 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN. How do you label yourself and I think many of you have heard me use the term conservative Terry. Honestly think that is the best. All possible political worlds conserve but area. It means something to hope remains up that you but you might be different than high UN actually look at the establishment Republican candidate thank. Oh well he -- you know he's not a Democrat he's Republicans so even though he stands for pretty much all of what the Democrats stand for he's got a after is it folks there's a reason the expression why go to it -- -- if it mean anything to anybody. It would have gone away right no Republican in name only. It didn't just happen because the Republicans are distinguishable from the Democrats. Agree to disagree. Page book published. You know three all thirty starlet thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB and welcome to the brilliance of VW be an afternoon show. -- sometimes amaze even myself. It's. The -- the pain. Many of these campaigns -- playing. I think people notice that Bob Dylan uses the N word in the song just like mark doppler dire straits used the F word. In sultans of swing I was waiting for somebody call me last week of such as I was gonna hit a -- -- dire straits money for an up and but it didn't happen and sometimes I put the data out -- just doesn't work and usually -- -- -- government. I noticed for thirty foreign news -- 930 WBE -- and I I I got to play is something we live amidst genius in Western New York there's a woman. I've referenced her before I will referenced her again I've never matter never talked to. We've already had intercourse via email and FaceBook. Look at up folks it's a legitimate use of the word and her name is Rachel wells. And she coined the term conservative area the minute I saw it I said. Ago -- one word she just described. Where I am. Aunt and she just -- zeroed in on it because conservative. I think gets a bad rap. And -- all due respect to my conservative listeners and I know I've got a lot of hard core conservatives listen. One of the issues that makes a conservative almost impossible to elect. Is the fact that. I think you get overly concerned with what other people do with their genitals. Now libertarian. Sounds. Okay libertarian. There's always say what they would libertarian worth -- it's almost like a little -- to an artistic. It's almost like -- you can't have everybody doing everything they want all the time because then. You run into basically a system and a society. That is is Criss crossed it just keeps running each. But took a conservative area and is perfect. And I have 20 ms. wells a debt of gratitude for the so out. How do you label yourself and -- And the Republicans -- when they offer people like -- Reno they opera people like Garrett Jeb Bush when he opera people Romney like McCain. They got. They left me I didn't I didn't leave them Jimmy -- used to say that about the Democrats even though he was technically a Democrat. Let's get right to -- your news radio 930 WB Intifada which -- and what you guys. How do you label yourself where are you politically. And up by the way I just takes what city beach that one step further and I know I got into this a little bit last week and you can see that it checked my FaceBook page. I think Hillary is going to be the next president. All right then we're gonna have to have the first. Latino president then we're gonna have the first openly gay president and that we'll have the first openly illegal immigrant president. And that -- you know it's time for your kids to you know moved to Australia where some. Just say it because at that point what different is -- laws. Regarding all the constitution is in tatters hanging on by a thread. Here's. In all month on a WB young Todd -- president biggest des happy happy dvd user. All right thank you sir. I still saw article left behind party you're in spotted Dick and actual the grocery store. Okay spotted that get to Thanksgiving that nobody bought. That's right I'm a big fan of spotted Dick out at once in my life. Well how to react to go forgotten and pro here and that -- Well you know what. And -- I can't say that I can disagree with what -- censor because a lot of people feel left behind that's what I've by the concept of conservative or it isn't to be fascinating and it doable. So in what sense do you feel left behind. Whatever -- keep it simple stroke but you know to. Can't base -- laws -- -- -- mean that we here and there but you know. You don't goal and pushed the matches for the few target that you did not work. You know if you need to tweak a -- -- people -- -- stroke but that's what. But like the -- going to call -- radical -- bidders. Mind boggling -- -- specifically you're talking about and why say it. Are there other examples you would site other than NY safe of government overreach and intrusion on your freedom because I can think of whole boatload. I came very close to using another load example but there thankfully stopped myself just in the nick of time. IIRS. It's about how about the IRS under Obama. Deliberately. Holding up applications for conservative groups patriot groups because. It would debt basically curry favor with the radicals who were on the culture right now how's that for example how your government. Basically saying we don't need the mistaken war were gonna monitor every what are your damn phone calls with NSA we're gonna monitor ever what are your emails in -- if you're a journalist we're gonna make sure there were into your computer systems so we -- exactly with -- you're speaking who your sources are and were gonna go after -- Under Eric Holder in the Justice Department that's exactly what was approved. With our. Over reaching security at a so called security apparatus that's not security that's that's paranoia of the government freaked out overtones citizenry. Just overreach is stupidity and their early but he -- Iran are higher. Excellent but yet I got a pretty large Billiton and work for Parker are so what I had to pay. You know what if I don't -- it they're gonna -- great but you know it's okay. All right so to you you say that your left behind before I let you go and leave you behind in the dust of of this phone call. Is there a label that I've used today. Whether it is officially recognized were not with which you most closely identified. And if you say conservative that's fine if you say liberal that's finally just know you are no yourself. I'd or score it archer archer thought about it. You know I only -- to invite and get away and let me be her and you know do do that to be -- I don't sort by the super well. Short. Now I have actually I I didn't lie but what you said caused me to ask you this question. What turns you off about the Republican. Party. Thank you. Thank you and you know what you can give me a guy -- -- -- and my voting for him is just as stupid as an idiot who vote for somebody with a DF Thursday. So they give it some regret the vote or under some right. Well -- it's always gonna start off with a brilliant caller and I consider it a brilliant anybody who agrees with. I always find people who agree with me to be extraordinarily intelligent Smart and by beige shoes and a attractive it'll actually sir thank. Spot addicted make me chuckle because I usually think about only around Thanksgiving and folks it's not obscene it's genuine product made by believed heights. Spotted Dick you can look it up online folks but just remember the NSA is watching and there's no telling where that might lead. -- I thank you very much. Folks did you ever think -- live and of America we're -- government would monitor every African phone call him a -- That's fascism -- America that's fascism. Everything I learned about the Soviet Union and how -- evil empire wants. Is coming to America in 24 to me. About that folks. At the Soviet Union. No personal freedom government watching everything. Government cracking down on freedom the government acting disproportionately. Against those who object to its policies or those against whom it has a disagreement. What's up Bundy ranch. And the whole point of bunny ranch was the absolute disproportionate. Upon a war response. To a guy who allegedly it was a million dollars. In grazing fees you send in snipers. Snipers. Why would you do that almost trying to draw out the patriots to see who they were so then the NSA -- Up -- pay special attention to their emails in their phone calls and their license plate numbers. Of course they can already do that with FaceBook and Twitter. They face mortgages to giant giant data mining operation. Tell me I'm wrong. Favorite TV show us Faber is. A budget data about your. Here is Gary north Collins on WB Ian Gary. -- tournament. Any time power it's like that's -- to -- remark actually. I'm still holding onto the Republican Party it's going to be very don't know that I can see them not to be on the Ronald great republic and I believe in him -- I just can't take it anymore I just squat so not quite for me to watch the Democrats up there and they wreak on me every name under the sun. Under the senate floor on the house floor. They whatever they want anybody I don't see any Republicans coming back waiting and standing up for me all right the other rate or the conservatives that are standing up and fighting. And they get thrown under the -- understood -- -- had quite quite quite the conservative vote on the line I'm holding Republican turnout but. I'm just about got panels -- make -- -- 2014. I don't know I'll make it quite as Republicans but -- your calls -- The cemetery to very public part the same thing every time final -- OPEC has said. I agree with everything you say I believe it just do it now I get up and getting really tired of not the same thing every time and you're certainly. And watching you not wait for them getting tires cyclical -- -- -- The Beatles and anymore they'll -- going to be in your party much longer. It's funny you mention that I have a discussion with a family member about that very same issue on the Democrat side yesterday but I don't think I should tell tales out of school. I actually have a family member a close family member who is and always has been a registered Democrat. And I still talk to her which is weird. As giving. And I -- I don't know of any right now so. All right so you are good but see it again what you just said is hotel yet you know what you're Republican because you bitter Republican and that's where you felt comfortable. But as the Republicans have gotten soft and squishy as they have become essentially the party -- what would that would have been the Democrat party ten years ago twelve years ago what's up right. And one quick thing I'm like I -- for photographs stressful for Ronald Reagan. And in all -- He's my favorite president it's not just that people that -- fortunately -- -- electric listeners and -- -- like I -- -- without a lot of -- finalists. That -- Stop me at my doldrums by little people I didn't like we're gonna do not -- -- around that level but mr. -- came around and in my life. And literally got me up poll type like boot straps and ever since and I've been on working hard and everything and I just can't. -- market but it's not just in the presidents and that the man -- like a father figure to me and he told me. Some parts of my -- it might expect it and Irene who. Boys that are all working access -- to all hard workers they stole. I want -- worst natural feel but he still most lauded as well as to make extra money and it's just. Part great to see these kids work so hard but I would like that Ronald Reagan probably let's play it probably have a little -- -- Republican Party but. I don't think I'm gonna make it -- -- sixteen of the fifth can't watch them be a camp he called all the things that much like party night -- for me it's that it's amazing. Eight amen amen and -- well welcome to the conserve terrorism movement Gary LB the first one to welcome him because I have a sense -- that's come again. We're all due respect that we do need to refine what the position should be of the conservative aryan movement one of the positions in my opinion ought to be that. No ifs no -- no -- life begins at the moment of conception logically there is no other point at which life could begin. I Q8 man on man. All right thank you were in my -- I'm glad you called. All right well we're seeing this week is continuing from the excellence of last week this is awesome. So politically look I don't think this day and buy an iPad like eighteen Beers and hopefully you're not driving politically we're argue. Because. I was listening to -- this morning and I can not with all due respect to my esteemed -- I cannot vote. For somebody. Just because he has an. In New York State for example the Republican establishment. Dinosaurs in bed with the Democrats. And it's all about screwing you. And I don't know about you but I like to have a choice in the matter. 347 news radio 930 WB at 803 old I'm thirty -- thirty and 180616. WB Ian. You know folks I was all set to Sunday's spring has sprung in my special voice but I can't do it yet. No music just to the question marks hovering over the forecast for this week I -- For this evening. It'll turn cloudy -- late the overnight low 51 tomorrow. Cooler morning ring then clouds and sun in the afternoon rush hour in spots. The high of 55. And Wednesday at rush hour in spots in the morning otherwise variably cloudy fifty. To make sure that tomorrow night -- could actually be a snow shower in the southern tier the overnight low 36 therefore I cannot officially sick spring has sprung in my special. And approved voice. And I apologize for being so late this year but it's feature actors were just on different cycles. -- or a written notice. It is 69. At news radio 930 WB EN. Yeah I was. Okay folks that you're just joining us. Are you might hurt us any beach this morning and if you did not hear sandy beach this morning you can always check him out and my show at WB -- dot com the audio archives. And he talked about there is Hillary Clinton's election as their next president inevitable I happen to believe it is. Barring some catastrophe. Happening to -- which. Obviously if you know me you know I don't root for that for anybody. That's just plain wrong so I don't want that to happen but if all things are equal I expect Hillary Clinton to be the next president. Because she gave up. That and that of course in the White House keep in mind Obama has the black shield Hillary will have the vagina she appeared. Nothing can be said I got against Hillary because then. All. Right we've already six. That's employ. That will be the first elected president. The first openly gay president followed by the first openly illegal immigrant president mark my words. These things shall come to pass in -- book of revelation. Which I originally thought of on the island of pot which is where John wrote the book of revelation which offers a correlation there.

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