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Buffalo Means Business 4/19/14

Apr 21, 2014|

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It's time for buffalo means business with buddy -- on news radio 930 WB EN. The only radio show devoted to local business and the people who make it happen. Brought you by the Amherst chamber of commerce to health insurance resource for small business and vice dean Volvo Ford and Steve -- shedding Buick Cadillac. -- assured them that the Steve Paulo umbrella handle law office of -- -- -- rebuild the team that's on your side in New York court. Now your host. Buffalo radio veteran. AM local business advocate but you -- -- Hey it's -- -- another edition of buffalo means business send news radio 930 WB yen. Today's show we are celebrating. Earth. Day and we're gonna call -- -- earth show Saturday. And now we're gonna talk about the eighth annual buffalo and fire affair. Which is happening April 25 from 11 in the morning to two in the afternoon tigris where it is free of its open in the public. And there's a lot of information and stuff you get -- we're gonna bring in now as my cohosts for the show today Paul Mauer who's chairman. -- tree and also the chairman. Of this event we have some great guests walk neutral policy than lowering -- great to be here it's that morning's security -- I'm I'm sure sexy somewhere morning but perhaps it might be afternoon right now and I apologize. So we're tired we're talking pollen on the ballot you uniter cohost of -- -- today so we got a lot of good stuff to talk about a regards to the environmental fair. And we're gonna start off with some folks from town many in town BMW. Mike my teeth and Mike pollutes. Who is you know Paul what was Michael -- it was little bit nervous -- showed today it's just. MBI -- like being your living room and and you know Mike's got another name that might be easier for you. It's called like the genius he's a BMW genius and it's going to be on the show today you'll find a more -- -- -- elect a product genius right -- can mean just you know a lot of product. That's correct yes. So what are you and if that if somebody is that the that's really rollers you just know a lot about the products and athletically the product Cheney's correct that's correct yes. Some of the -- there's nothing to be nervous but charity said the right things. Yes thanks all right so while we're gonna start out -- -- this is the green showed today obviously we talked about Earth Day in the earth show. In hand Tyrone BMW town -- have a lot to do with and that's why Paul wanted to bring him on the show today. And the other actually going to be right in the square with us at the -- viral -- this Friday from eleven to two. And you get to see the what I call -- gas sipping cars. The little committees that are surprisingly Agile and and even great and bad weather which hopefully we fill -- -- enough of that. And that's over with but they're great little cars and then of course the BMWs which I think there are I was talking with Tim Connolly the of the day I think -- 27 different models of BMW's that are available now in a lot of them are actually a green. Green technology. So let's let's first start up with the the town mania like ninety here Telus what are some effects of people don't know about why the mini Coopers. Environmentally friendly. While many it's a brand is very environmentally friendly date. Want to protect the environment they want us today you know. Use the papers possible they wanna build cars that are environmentally friendly for example are. Our new three cylinder engine coming out in the -- I was just being released you know 42. Miles per gallon and mean and I do after a challenge wanting policy and about the little cars that. Very comfortable cars seats four comfortably enemy our top we have five passenger -- tremendous still gets you know 31 miles to the gallon and through -- Really a lot of car a lot of foreign but you know keeping you know gas mileage and check him. You know that you let the better -- miles you get less -- you haven't you know the more -- -- -- 46 miles again with one of these many forty to 46 or downhill with a back -- If this bill -- fifth in neutral as we go in the house of Avaya. A green driving mode now for the new model which. Flip the switch and reduces electricity being used reduces -- air conditioning and heat temperature softened the throttle. Just giving it the basically the most conservative possible driving approach and really that's what we need it -- tonight's -- what's gonna be. But I -- you know we're talking town automotive repair what's going to be the role at the invite her fair. This year well the neat thing to his bed and maybe you're gonna get to this I don't mean to steal your thunder but they're gonna be giving out tree seedlings. So everything's free at the C events is going to be cool that town decided they would -- about the free tree seedlings we've got thousands of comic. So bring kids. You know it did I think actually the kids are back in school this week. But still you know come out during lunch hour visit us in Niagara square just go right across from City Hall. And grab yourself a tree seedling from town. And town is also help paying for the not for profits to be there which I think is really cool part about this is there one of our sponsors and -- actually funding people like. Our friend here Thomas her mission there who's with. The buffalo won't -- conservancy. Who is coming in doing a Booth on the on the coattails of our friends at the town and also CIR electric appearance gonna join us -- later he's also sponsor. We're actually excited to be there were proud to be there it's it's nice to see the brand recognition. Because we do make an effort to -- green. -- with BMW and with many in -- and aunts and we can help out and you know help this whole region it's it's what why do they might might in the trees what. When you when you see the people buying Munis right now you know you seem all over the -- worthy of these people people who are environment we catch does that matter -- money by many. I think it does he should be enough from. When he brand you're gonna get a mix of people who are attracted to -- for different reasons but you -- owners are are different in my mind and many owners want to be environmentally friendly they wanna do the right things they wanna. You know show their own personality it's really fun exciting brand -- parent power sales so far that we had a tough winter. It was a tough winter but I will say that I am nom I'm proud of the fact that the -- -- team has done a great job and really. -- pace for our expectations for 2014 we hope to actually exceed those expectations though on its. But a cold winter but we did okay and of course the you know the brother to the mini. Is the BMW. And now we have our our the other might hear who's our our product genius for BMW. And it you know. I don't think maybe people realize that BMW's. Are environmentally. Conscious -- well and it ended but they are right that's -- -- -- we've got the diesel engine that very low emissions. Tagline now they're wrong with efficient. Cleaner smoother quieter with tons of torque. Check -- -- -- Different -- Polls taken pitchers in the Iowa. Did you get married terrorists there -- was opening their mouth I usually the Netherlands right there they're going there. So -- on radio. So and so so you're you were talking about you know why eighties the beavers are two environment relief friendly following. You know the mini -- So what what other features to some of these BMWs that make them good for the year. I think the big thing this -- going to be the introduction of the I three. With that and the car is nineteen 95%. Recycled. The whole car. Tires that are there -- -- shaft. Is that tires they can crank up into the on site paneling. The cars made out of carbon fiber. It's made in. Is there anything is or any other thing. Competitor like that that has 95% now. So determined to yes I think the closest like there are saying. The Chevy Volt is. 70%. Recyclable. So that's going to be huge thing apparently thing in this is in the three -- the I three in our IEA which -- now. In the fall or -- on the -- we were -- broadcast on the -- with the minis or they. How to they rate with the BMW. As well as similar rights are -- have awesome fuel economy. And we even with these new electric cars making it on the IA -- right after I three. We can -- -- 8240. Miles on charge. If that's the thing this and I've wondered this about electric cars. You know. It seems to be a great concept but I still don't think a lot of people -- the whole thing where where are of the charging stations. -- -- 100 people charged these electric cars that's the big thing in the range exactly. That we do offer home charging. The car will come with no charge 110. Charging capabilities. You'll -- played in a while -- it will take. Twelve hours to charge completely dead battery. But you're able to do it if you do wanna spend all of that money more money we do offer 220 -- chargers. That you can plug into your real -- in the garage. And those will charge car in about three and a half hour and of course this is all stuff oil companies do not want people. And also you can program that there's. Apps for the card you can say OK don't charged my card till 3 o'clock in the morning when the rates are lower really to. That I see actions should know this but did I see them putting in. But -- what charging stations it ship. There they have the Q are not work out the little chargers little credit card to have them all chip in on an -- wipe them. The dividend on the dealership Antarctica yes -- -- -- these things could replace gas cars are and why -- that. I want I -- evidence of why wouldn't they replaced I don't think I mean I don't think it'll ever happen that their reasoning would replace her well because our passion I mean. Cars are cashing in these electric cars to everything that against her into her and yeah I they think they do I think that some I think personally that you know clean diesel has a better chance of overtaking gas engine. Because people like to hear the end they like to hear them offer they like to drive their cars they like the rumble that's part of driving the driving experience true. To whom we had the -- part of the day. We had a 124000. Dollar BMW. Out in the in the -- And I got the chance to drive and -- afterward Don and I heard them off where it. And I said you know there must be a problem here we've got him off which -- coming -- of course there was left and I mean you know with. But that's true that people wanted to hear that performance that the form for the engine not everybody put their people really do appreciate that and in the clean diesel is so clean. Then I think that you may see a Bramlet BMW really stepped up to the plate environmentally. You know really converting a lot of their models to clean diesel and electric I think that is probably where you have via a greater future of again. -- when you -- -- -- going that direction. Etiquette or here's celebrating the buffalo and fire mental fair Saturday's Saint Paul resident requirement it's actually the buffalo and viral fair and if people wanna find it just go to buffalo and viral for dot com. And you'll find out all about the event itself the both exhibitors the sponsors of course. And a little bit about what we're doing the tree seedings were also in a plant to treat downtown with the mayor around noon. In the square we usual quick speech with the mayor. -- -- recognizing Earth Day it's also arbor day. Which is the traditional tree planting day that country Thomas. Mission is gonna talk about awhile he's very familiar with Harvard but we usually do it on Tuesday and so Friday. And it's it's going to be interesting day downtown La -- hopefully the weather will be good but for rain or shine because we've got tents set up in this and square. Oh no. We should probably this is very sad moment. Mike and -- Visitors sit with his -- just buried in Mini Cooper. And you bury a Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper you know it plantation. Oh yes that's. Yes thank you see who -- -- -- -- remote we don't know yet is normally he has like thank you ultimately show notes it's got to be Simmons always you know we have our -- you know with -- -- we -- -- -- a Mini Cooper -- I would say buried but I would say -- in the middle of a beautiful display. On Iraq while over water feature was crazy look which was -- wilderness. Well this is going to be happy about it all I had I was kidding about -- but yet there's a waterfall got to be on the right out from underneath it. We had a plea is look like little -- planted it it looked like. It would just driven there and and dom. It was a great display for us because honestly people don't realize that many offers 85 passenger vehicle with all wheel drive and really can do the whole family thing at the offer that you know go Kart handling and that was that was really conference that was one of these things some if you look at our -- many FaceBook page -- pictures there. And that was again thanks offer that help because that was terrific you know and then you have an event in August. Called many takes state -- with -- -- takes the states is an assembly of people or insane and I can't wait. Many has it's a nationally sponsored event where people basically rally from California to Boston. Over two weeks stopping at least sixteen different cities and we're very grateful and honored to be -- -- one of the cities where this year's events and an August 7 we're gonna have my birthday in -- there that's what we scheduled that day actually had a very thankful. It was tough to get it done we get it done. Popular Israeli -- from Cleveland that and into buffalo. In and we're going to be now hosting a great event with. British invasion band in. Unique meet our show -- lots of different things lots of food and it's going to be a really really exciting for so bomb that something anyone can register for you can go to a meaty USA -- com or how many. That can't find information but there is a really special -- these people spent two weeks driving across country with their -- some cases. It's a terrific terrific thing easily the Iditarod didn't sit with their dog know the -- temple on the cars they're all our all life and we never know though I mean. But some really that's going to be a knockdown drag out it's going to be good time. All right what's so we got to ask them Michael lutes something here now that now we're world was so with the show. Was that a breeze and I mean you're you're Norris you've pretty much had to be invaluable -- when he. Yes thanks body. I'm ready for my next apparent threat where Iraq is an artery idealist I heard about Letterman -- yeah. Well here we go what's -- about like the letter to lose who you're -- is that daddy's. That was easy. So there's -- we appreciate you both being here town any town BMW. Mike let suits you know I I could and season ominous an easier name -- Duluth -- OK and now Mike Monty -- general manager a town -- again I read on main street. Ian Williams so check them out if you want -- beamer here if you money out on many. And thanks for being part of the fire for this year now thank you very much for letting us be part of it and Everest on the show. This is actually fun it's habit and we paid for -- -- As -- well we'll see after the show editors look what happens -- notion of an interview get a promotion and maybe it. What I can get some help but ignore it anyway there. Will be right back with buffalo means business -- news -- 930 WB -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My family and I are so -- found that Western New York has embraced -- to bakery we're proud to be buffer onions and invite you to share and I Easter traditions this. Three locations Broadway market Lancaster and -- new location on Delaware avenue in can more -- in buffalo Angel wings dot com for directions -- -- victory on American dream come true right here in buffalo. The guys from -- avenue to Backus would like to thank everyone you meet this year's 2014. Cigars for charity -- -- remarkable success everyone enjoyed the evening about standing food and beverage and the manufactures provided eighteen exceptional samples of premium cigars this silent auction was followed by Vin -- for sampling compliments of southern wine and spirits this year cigars for charity event -- friends from all over Western New York southern Ontario and across New York State. Thanks to all who made the issues that exceptional to the -- at Seneca Niagara hotel and casino and Western New York friends of the night for their support and volunteers great people make any event and this year cigars for charity was awesome Virgil -- avenue to -- looks forward to the seventh annual cigars for charity event in 2015. Thousands of dollars were raised for programs right here in Western New York home to virtual avenue to back it. Just visit -- avenue dot com or stop then -- open seven days a week in north buffalo off the hurdle avenue strip Virgil avenue to back and just what this city. Smokes. You help navigating the confusing terrain of selecting and financing your next vehicle -- Buick GMC Cadillac -- -- two more wins awards by helping customers zeroing in on the right vehicle. Nobody sells more GM vehicles and westar and great deals help like now a new 2014 GMC terrain -- is just 199 months was zero down. Zero down then a rugged new 2014 GMC terrain is just 199 a month 39 months at least. Zero down just first payment taxes acquisition -- registration fees -- -- -- no security deposit required 101000 miles per year 45 cents per -- over -- least through -- financial and take delivery by April 30 includes -- -- royalty or at least conquest rebates prior sales excluding one approved credit not all -- qualified sales claim based on General Motors reported new vehicle sales year to date 2014. GMC we are professional grade the same day expressed delivery available. -- Buick GMC Cadillac can be used to -- by 35 main street minutes off the 400. We're back to buffalo means this this -- buddies Shula on news radio 930 WBA. And the powered by blue rock energy something switch -- say -- would blue rock energy on FaceBook or go to blue rock energy dot com. Welcome back to buffalo means business my name is -- -- this is news radio 930 WB EN an error this show. Where we Arab featuring in talking about. What's going to be going on on April 25. From eleven to two and Niagara square freed of the public it is the eighth annual. Buffalo in -- affair. And we have Paul Mauer who's chairman of retreat western new York and we also are very honored to have. Tom perera missionaries the -- -- he's gonna -- -- this time as the CEO. Bob buffalo Olmsted parks and service the on line at buffalo park -- -- -- you're getting it and give me for the name already screwed up a one time Israelis were up. It is -- -- -- -- Thomas sent anonymously. You know that's and I can't get fit that role that let me how well in this -- well in that span he's yeah he's bilingual that -- you grow up in -- gonna speak -- they say this to me say say -- calm to the environmental fair. In Spanish and most people downloading. Affinity editing in their life Ambien that many Ambien accounts with and B units being theses days fitness. And it's that's all how many words there and he just hit three words of and you know the date that it's a pity if that's so. Frederik. Law Olmstead is to parks is like Frank Lloyd Wright is to architecture. So we are blessed to have -- firm and here's part Buffalo's history. But we're gonna talk about homestead right now and the legacy. Of Frederick Olmstead. And here again how witnesses. It's time and down to give the might view and and talk a little bit about what you do. Well in -- that really speaks to the history of buffalo and the wealth and the vision. That people had a buffalo back in the nineteenth and early twentieth sentry. They were investing. In excellence and investing in accidents is something that's that's a great thing because. It's created this legacy. That we've inherited for today it is that when we -- that her affair with their big affair and involved what the -- 19100 and American exposition is held -- -- Parker's next -- park in 1901. And it was just an incredible celebration of buffalo and and commerce and innovation. And somebody described both with me once that the silicon valley of the nineteenth century there's so much energy gone on. Kind of reminds him with certain to happen here again today that's greed and Sheehan -- it. Are you been head of the services now since -- 2008. What what are your. Would you -- your biggest successes is is being the head of this since since you've you've. Came on -- wild that's great question you know the the parks touch every neighbor. And every part drivers that he. In this. In -- park system is as vital today and is wonderful it today as it was when it was first built. And it used by everybody these parts these historic parks like Delaware park and Martin Luther King park Riverside park as park South -- Front part they are. Welcoming. All of the residents. Everybody feels rate go in these parts and they belong to everyone and here -- you know I think I'm very proud of the fact. And it experts consider them the -- maintain parks system in the country he were you actually were saying to before you're the only non profit. Who runs a park system like this as far as we know if anyone knows that another part system under and a profit please let me -- so it can stop saying that but it is. Really the as far as we know com the only one. And it's really public private partnership between this nonprofit organization raises money to take care of the parts that actually takes care of them. And the city of buffalo. So what is your role that the environmental fair. On April 25 I think we've been part of the environmental affairs since it was started eight years ago com it's a fantastic opportunity for. You anyone to come and learn more about the environment there's many many many organizations. And companies that are really promoting. -- the years and today and -- -- -- a great leaders in and offering this is the public. A year for years what's your take on the spot. Well we restarted the -- when Al Gore came to town to do his speech on global warming it was up to you -- alumni arena and it's really pretty much the same concept ever since we gave out. Tree seeds and seedlings that they -- gave gave out reusable shopping bags which will also have for this event this Friday. And it's it's just like -- the park system that's free and open to everybody and we wanted to have it in buffalo because. You know that this the city to City Hall areas the censure of of of what goes on in the area so. We felt like we should bring it back again year after year. On arbor day which is this Friday which is the traditional planting a tree day. Shall be planting a tree right out in -- a City Hall with the mayor right around noon. On this Friday. -- -- -- -- -- So do you run only park's firm order are there other things involved in the buffalo homestead conserved -- but what's really unique about the day the work of the conservancy is that we take care of the entire park system. And will announce that came to town they wanted him just to design a Central Park for buffalo 'cause he designed central part down in New York City. And he came back to the city leaders and said -- not just 1 Central Park but a series of parts and let's connect them together with -- ways. This is something -- never been done and anywhere in the United States before that this is the first time there is a park system created in the city anywhere in the country. And so we take care of the parks the parkway is in the landscape circles connect altogether. Think about Lincoln Park late Bidwell parkway. All those wonderful spaces that we enjoy throughout buffalo and it's really thinks too critical Olmsted vision. And then the city leaders that came up with the money and made it happen I was just gonna ask that how are you funded. Well we get about 13 of our budget from the city of buffalo it's about one point two million dollars a year to take care of 12100 acres. And then we earn some money from the we won three golf courses that as. Golf course which is very popular south golf course and South Park golf course and dollar part. And that brings in about a half a million. And that's that after about it one point six million and the and the rest of it we've raised through donations from members. And from. Corporate sponsors and from foundations and from you know anyone who. -- wants to support these wonderful wonderful -- how can people become a member. It's really easy our website as the F solo parts dot org and you can just click on join here and it's a fantastic way to show your support for this -- really great green. Resource we have in our community. So what he listed as the best kept secrets of all the parks and part ways. That are part of this design of buffalo what are what are the secrets. -- and I must about it or an angry at a million a there's a lot of great couple you know one of the secrets I think nobody knows that the the conservancy is trying to -- the -- park system in America. And does so we're we're being greens by creating things like managed metro areas throughout the park system. And if you see these beautiful meadows in the parks it's not that we're being lazy and stopped smiling is because we. There intensely create these spaces we -- and natives grasses in and flowers and to make at bio diversity and beauty to the parts. -- is compass team we don't use any chemical fertilizers in the entire park system we use something called compost tea. It's a state of the art. Com posted liquids. On to learn green spaces. We're doing everything we can't be as green as possible. And that's creating stunning landscapes that it you can enjoy threats of a flow. What's your favorite time of the year at this park so I mean -- for people would have -- For people who haven't been to the parks in your conservancy again here with buffalo Olmsted parks conservancy. I mean you know we have four seasons in buffalo but what is that absolute. Prettiest one. If you haven't then. Two of the Japanese garden in Delaware park wins the cherry trees are emblems of spreading. Coming up at -- at the end of next month or the end of next week is that cherry blossom vessels the first annual buffalo buffalo cherry blossom festival. Get out and see these cherry blossoms when their emblem and there are stunning that we've been planning -- not there for fifty years now so others. -- over a hundred. And they are stunning is that is that your favorite time of the year. Well you know I I enjoy all the seasons maybe when you grow up somewhere and it doesn't have done that you appreciate the Maury and so I just I love it when. It's looking and seeing the -- covered with snow in the wintertime hard you know spring afternoon whenever. And the fall away faulty in the parks it's amazing it's it's this ability to see natural scenic beauty in the middle of the city. That's that's the genius of homestead and it's something that we take for granted in buffalo are we lucky. Through an interest in tune if you just just looked out even in the winter it's beautiful Bidwell parkway that Chapin park where the way they've put staggered the trees in the median which is -- very generous median discount at three treason across the so it's unbelievable and -- with the trees on either side -- -- street. It when you see they'll vote any time in years it's beautiful book of course when they bloom out it'll be great site. I have another hidden gem that it's it's well worth seeking out is the state champion American elm. Is in Prospect Park right in front of the Connecticut street armory -- wow an entry if your tree lover. You gotta go see this thing it is stunning and it's also. Miraculous. House of managed to survive all the Dutch elm disease that killed all the other around all the circuitry that's going to be a 150 years old and the other tree it -- I think is is well it's iconic basically and and and I never discovered it until I got into the trees a few years ago -- this storm we'll six foot. On the on -- perk. -- that's in the middle of that you could see it right from the 198 -- and -- come in the park just as you drive along is that it you you can't miss it it's huge. It's I think 300 years you'll probably 300 years and years old and 300 year old it's incredible and it's huge. And arm actually I think one of the coolest things talk about four seasons is stand let's see the the a publisher emeritus of the news whose help they'll both Olmstead and -- with three tree. Did a series is great photographers well he took a series. Of that tree in fall winter spring and summer and he gave me the originals from it. And it's beautiful I mean that there's the JPEG's from a and actually you know and in great form and scored just you projecting an honest. In a big screen looks fantastic but that's beautiful. How do people get involved as volunteers -- you're always looking for people wanna be involved. And so we always are looking we have an army of volunteers that help us doing things like planting trees and done. We actually have folks that help out and every aspect of the organization it's a really important part of how we take care of these parks. And itself so it's fun united to meet people and he gets his. Do something a little different from the data -- So from people who haven't been the parks lately. You know maybe people are from the suburbs and they feared they don't hang around you know the buffalo area too much you know there are further. What what would you say is the reason that they should come receive these parks around and in the city of buffalo. Whether literally a living masterpiece. And if you wanna see. A vision of just natural beauty in the middle of the city it's it's really pretty remarkable place. On I think of quite weak and down neared the -- casino where you can see the history museum. Often throughout. That's order reflects beautifully and then in the late and -- concede the Albright Knox in the steps leading up to it all in one place and in a clue and a nice calm day the plant material in the these beautiful buildings all reflecting in the water it's. Literally a masterpiece. And -- people again coming in from not buffalo they're coming from the that's a tough 198. Basic one I didn't I would take with -- Muller Omar society needs and it was a three different exits will take you there and no idea and it's -- it and that Japanese garden. Pay particular attention to than when you're driving by you don't really catch it as well but. Take a look at their nets on the historical society aside as an economic get out of your car it's -- Rule is that it's Japanese strolling Gardner and Estes than. You know any any of the great cultural institutions in town that you go to let's say -- here -- the EPO it's at Olmstead symphony circle. Or you go to the Albright Knox in -- though where park where you go to the buffaloes suit in Delaware park -- you go to the science museum -- -- -- part. When the botanical gardens in South Park. All of these wonderful institutions share one thing in common their owns that setting and so it's it and it reflects increases that it. And so as the conservancy is successful in taking care of these beautiful landscapes. All of our cultural institutions the greet him it's a win win everybody wins. And and you know what would you said before it's remarkable. That when -- you know back in the late nineteenth century twentieth century. That kind of excitement in buffalo was happening right now candidates it it is a researchers are -- one person I talked to. Who who says that there isn't some kind of synergy. Corner and now. Something something amazing happened at ten years ago in the conservancy took over the parks almost overnight the whole city started to look better. 'cause there was the grass is getting cut really well no graffiti no litter so. The visual character of our whole community changed. And now over the the last ten years there's been about thirty million dollars invested in the parks conservancy. Our partner at the city state funds grants that we've been able to get. I wanna invite everybody to come up to Riverside park on the eight the nineteenth of July. And celebrate with us a new million dollar restoration of an original -- that landscape but there we call -- river rock gardens. And it's just plain stunning and talk about green it's the largest rain garden in buffalo. It's going to be amazing over 2000 pre annuals. All and shrubs all exactly in the place -- -- that designed -- the species announced that -- it it's going to be enemies and get there and it's roughly right off the -- I need -- -- street ball and -- actually think that -- up right at the department and of course you're gonna have a Booth at the -- for a fair absolutely yet again this year and a lots of opportunities there to learn about the environment and the wonderful organizations that try to make our city as green as possible. We appreciate champion around the showing your wonderful cast. He wrote one of for park system out of buffalo Olmsted parks conservancy. BF fellow parks dot com. Where here with than you fancy name for actually is dot org Cutler -- or it's my fault like you. You people living in that split. Italy is you're gonna bring down the show I didn't want you -- -- in the end we'll be back. A fellow parks dot org and again let's talk about the in voter here anywhere affairs this Friday up. Eleven to two it's free it's in Niagara square. And this brought you -- some great sponsors the town beauty and BMW group. In CIR electrical so come on out at free tree seedlings and enjoy their learning about -- about two dozen different. I -- eco organizations. So there'll sustainable groups -- help -- awful. Cameras or anything else than anyone now listeners to know well richer and everyone a comment to the buffalo cherry blossom festival the Japanese garden next it. Way -- you you're really you're really out -- that thing up as an excuse me I mean if you don't cherry blossoms just for people who aren't that you may be they don't know what to do the white ones right. Later pink and it's it in Japan. I was there last spring and it and it's almost a religious experience swim when the cherry blossoms blooming -- they call it set -- And there's going to be a lot of celebration of Japanese culture and they can just go on line is that check out their website there's all kinds of information about it. Let me ask you this that we have about a minute left but we had. Low temperatures the other negative twenty degrees. How does that affect the blooming. Well it can definitely slowed down but I notice that the minute that it warms up the of flowers pop like crazy though we just need a couple of warm days and -- -- -- the grass is green and the other athletes to changes fast again he's you know the golf courses are greening up like crazy and and -- open we're opening up next Saturday -- not this one minute break from reconsider its -- six that rate that. And again it's you know the best and least expensive and best municipal golf in the plan it's it's great. Great scenery she you gored by and if you go on Delaware park and you play that course. You're going right by at 300 year old Pope so the ninth hole under way by it just -- a little salute and -- another 300 years and that and it that he thought you know don't hit with yes I. All right -- thank you very much another edition of we appreciate you being here thank you it's been great being here will be right back with buffalo means business -- news -- 930 WBE NN. You're listening to buffalo means is this with -- -- -- powered by blue rock energy stop. Think switch in saves with blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business -- would like featured -- buddy at 8430167. Or email be Shuler that are come dot com buffalo means business only on news radio 930 dealt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The tax season is over for another year but now was the time to plan maybe you're getting married are you sure you when your stuff for withholding -- -- -- What about planning for retirement or maybe your kids are going to college this year and -- cares about those tax benefits life happens all the time and your tax situation changes -- things. 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No better sleep fine mostly numbers setting today at least sleep number sore at the Walden gallery a second level across a -- Taylor and we sure don't sending me sensual. -- back to buffalo means this this with -- Shula on news radio 930 WBA. And that powered by blue rock energy something's switch and -- -- blue rock energy on FaceBook or go to blue rock energy dot com. Welcome back to -- means business send news radio 930 WB EN my name is putting Shula and we are here with our weekly show. -- talked about local businesses so we've named. This show today is our -- show because we're celebrating the eighth annual buffalo in -- viral fair. If a 25 11 in the morning to two in the afternoon Niagara square it is free and open to the public. We have -- chairman of re tree Western Europe Paul Morris sitting in with me as well right now. Are we have our third guest in the show who is Darren cars who -- -- he told -- that. Polish pronunciation for their rights and given the polish yet polls renunciation as -- -- And and you got a big day coming up on Monday Daryn -- thing to -- yes dean is -- as a big game in the precious the household. Get a head of solar business development for CIR electrical and I get I get a mention this. The sun is there is set to explode and four point five billion years Daryn. Now I don't know how does this affect the business model here of -- solar business. Well certainly that's a -- -- bombers or fortunately maybe on the unemployment line at that point right there. Hopefully everybody made their money back and the investment just just got to tell you we've only got four point five billion years and he -- the sun's gonna guard so. Here's slogan it's CIA our electrical. So how to CIA our electrical -- green tell me about it well. Aside from our solar business which it and it has been great. Even before that we've always Ken -- The harness the environmental aspects of the construction industries so we have a recycling a job -- recycling program. We were agreeing unused warrior turned away and back to the office where reverse articles and it's distributed cardboard. So. Even that underneath everybody's desks -- recycling receptive goals and so it's really been adopted. Company wide and started from that the top down. You're going to be at the empire for cracked. Yes and very inevitable there that people come up tour absolutely aren't so what what are some of the things that people ask you when you're at the apartment affair. Well probably one of the most common questions that Egypt is there's no sun in buffalo and and for solar and absolutely -- is. We always kinda remembered the yucky cloudy days but certainly when. There's enough sunny days we compare ourselves to Germany which is. The most installed solar capacity worldwide and buffalo gets on average about 500 more -- hours and Germany so. Is that I heard it's more than four -- heard before it's more sunshine for or I mean I don't really a little a little hard to believe that -- sunshine state. Maybe write certain ones from Miami in the north here yeah well it was awful lot assumption that we do compared to Florida it's it's pretty close within a few hundred. Hours so it's it's. Pretty close to Florida. I don't Solarz really gaining in popularity schools install solar panels -- businesses. How does that benefit a business or residents. The ability to control your costs and -- yourself against inflation and everybody that looked at the utility bills especially this past month has noticed. Quite a hike right now when you own the power plant. You have control -- the cost there so. Definitely hedging against inflation the ability to have renewable clean energy. Also there's some marketing aspects that are nice. And certainly you know being able to work with other local companies such as CIR and helps. And again this is all based on the assumption that the sun will be up in the sky. Correct we do need this on herself and who are at. You can't you can't put -- in in China and these solar panels and really do much good could greatly what's -- Paris floodlight I feel it's it's just it's it's killer another big part of -- the -- -- -- -- -- nice -- of well what happens with our sponsors like CIA -- that they actually. Help us pay for the not for profits to be there are so it's been a model we've done. For the last eight and -- offers via our eighth. And I think it works really well and we appreciate the fact that parents company CIR electrical has join us again this year they've been doing is several years. And you know they get to you engage with the people for free down at the more the people that. Don't have to pay to get into this event every year right down in the Niagara square in they talk about solar and you know were all about the fact that. You know if we can sustain -- little bit better without having to burn fossil fuels and and you know have the green greenhouse gas emissions that happened when you have to use. The utility power I think -- much better for so it's great to have you guys found there this past week. And its budget and we had a lot of fun last year so certainly we're glad to be back and I think it's something that everybody needs to take a little social responsibility for hours as the employment for ourselves in and for future generations. So Sierra electrical does provide all your solar needs -- how is the past year been for a lot of people. Putting solar stuff from their house and their businesses where -- CNET crank the most actually all all facets. Any. It's still a year her house. Everybody. Has a need for electricity especially where and it can -- demand situation where all of our electronics everything that's. Powered by electricity so people have those needs. The company itself I mean we've expanded and grown. Rapidly so. We expect to continue to grow over the next you know 2030 years to tell me about the what is at the end tally Riviera greens complex. Yes there Mattel builders we were. A lot with and then a heavy -- the first green development New York State it's. That a quarter mile east on county road in and Clarence off of transit and that's really need a neat situation where most of those homes in geothermal heating and cooling. And because that powers upon. It draws a bit more electricity so with the solar panels on there were able to offset the additional school load until these homes. Often they don't have gas bill and then many times don't have an electric bill. He -- and I mean I just I want my gas bills which -- 300 something dollars for the month of February. And what you know sign we have Gloria Tony to -- for -- -- and a big house it's just affected this winter's been so severe. In -- one thing I didn't know until recently in and makes less sense to me is that when the price of gas goes up because demand. The price of electricity goes up as well and an awful lot of -- listeners know that but it -- one depends on the other. So with the winter like this when you're paying such huge gas bills because of your you know dryer going in your -- your in your first of course going. You also are gonna pay -- more for electricity. So if you head a system like the geothermal that he's talking about as well as the solar panel. You're much better off I mean you receive hundreds and hundreds of dollars this past winter so maybe this is that I generally take a look at what CIR off. Here yes finance unit there and if if people are interest did it for our house or from or. Kids house or further business. What's what's a good way to kind of kicked UN and and -- what should they now. Are absolutely -- you can visit us at our website where we have an -- line -- inquiry form their it's CIR. Electric dot com. You can absolutely call our office. 7163625000. And he can just say they'd like to discuss your potential solar. Are typically to get started we just need an address and beat Toledo and we can. Put together pretty good idea what's who we are able to do from the other tax advantages. Yes there absolutely tax advantages there's a 30% scheduled tax credit uncapped. Based on the system size and NC uncapped what does it mean and means no matter how large the system is in terms of our size and in cost me EU will be 30% of the costs this. Early professional if you wanted to take over your entire roof and and also put some panels in your backyard to do your. Other electrical stuff on your property than all that will be covered. 30% or assembly yes and New York State does restrict us and system's size so you can't install solar farm. Residential home it's a good way to control of the infrastructure making sure we're not sending or capacity back. But certainly. Then there's also been the New York State 25%. State tax incentive and that is -- 5000 dollars. But for most residential systems at that seems to be. We've we cover about 55% of the cost so there's only subtitle -- to I'm prepared and the panels themselves have I believe -- Come down in price quite a bit rate -- absolute power production on whom the -- were materials and they're using its replica streamline production multiple. Multiple suppliers are actually there. And then also we have been nicer to an incentive to New York State's energy research and development authority. It's right now it's currently a dollar per watt and that also helps out significant because that's an initial. Incentive that comes directly off the top. So what what would a typical system be wattage wise than it like. My house is about 222400. Square feet. What would you figure that -- or watch that race so. This is also another question yet when I get square footage. It's it's kind of an arbitrary Stephen because. If you had a hot tub and and a swimming pool. Certainly you're gonna consume more and with those states than most residences. You cover. Anywhere from the 78000. Watt system typically split seven or 8000 dollars should get back from nicer to. Right off the topic it's right up without -- You can -- more about this that are in fire fair again now. We got about one minute left so I wanna get just one more thing in here what -- what are what do. People thinking about the unifier fear itself I mean what to think in their -- tree hugging. Hippy Woodstock. Of is that what it is horror well. You know I I think you'll find a lot of kids like to calm because it's you know it's during lunch hour and then people from downtown come during lunch hour this Friday -- -- in Niagara square. On its people that wanted to we have first of all they get free tree seedlings we've got thousands of them that are going to be given out the next Booth over. At the town Booth right next to the CIA our electrical where Purdue earnest so you know they can come to free tree seedlings. We've got a reasonable shopping bags you get a lot of eco. Charities they're going to be there that'll tell you about this year club in. India -- nature preserve and all the things we have in Syria that are based on nature so it's all -- also. Look for C -- there Daryn now we're out of time. But we'd like to thank you for being on the show had a sort of business development if you're thinking about solar energy for business or your home. Called Aaron at six it 3625000. -- bottles CIR. Electrical. And CIA are electric that -- Correct thank you so much -- and they Serbian on the show but it is what he Shula. Cigar Dave was very environment friendly puff of smoke up and he's he's an action piece no thanks we'll see you back next week with buffalo means business than news radio 930 WB -- You've been listening to buffalo means business -- buddy Shula on news radio 930 WB EN. The weekly radio show that spotlights local business and the people who make it happen and brought to you by the Amherst chamber of commerce. The health insurance resource for small business and vice -- -- Ford and Steve Barlow -- eight Buick Cadillac. -- sure that if this -- and follow umbrella. And the law office of Ralph C will rebuild the team that's on your side and -- New York court tune in every Saturday at 6 PM home.