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4-21 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward Beijing gravity of showers and and Niagara Falls today I'm surprised he doesn't amount to a bidding gets a celebration that is they celebration Lotta people there. Lot of low lot of potential voters there was good thing -- cleaned up branches so that my house looks respect I'm not surprised by. A lot of people have a good time there the parade begins at 50 OK just so you know parade begins. At five and earlier today we have we had a yeah. Let's on the special just for us the noted that polish poet -- Lewinsky could compose the -- a poet and just for our trust our earnings they celebrations I was -- Now we're talking about an article here by Jerry's -- ski he's the news Washington bureau post and he's talking about. He's the news Washington bureau chief not he's not the polls. Second camera on Hillary Clinton looks to women and measures seen this now she's taking in the same group. That Barack Obama took where oh where blacks would be great and lightning and where so progressive we have our first black president. Hasn't turned out -- has. So now she's taking delete the word black with the word women in there. Because that's vis -- the approaches and and that's what it's going debate. I too many women face ceilings and life is a sub head and she's doing paid speeches now another one that. But the the whole theme of all of these paid speeches are our -- glass ceiling and women going further than they have before. And that will segue to her campaign of I should be the first. President I'll be your best president and people's idea she's also -- woman wouldn't be so enlightening if we had a woman president. So gonna make the same mistake we -- last. And and I'm sorry I think that other people thought the same thought but I thought -- giving anything away. -- running Donald Washington changing their game plan Chris that we have some mom. Some Facebook's on this when you -- this one comes. A man he says I think Jeb Bush is the only Republican neck and -- I don't think he's gonna make -- their primary because of immigration policy. And after that are probably gonna wind up being stuck where -- hate him -- -- extremist social issues. To beat Hillary Clinton yup I think goods or Jeb Bush's. Gonna have real problems within his own party. Especially -- immigration thing because I don't think it takes a genius to figure this out. That he's very soft on illegal immigration we want to stress that. His brother was -- only tested the water remember George before his first. Campaign. When he was still on the primary. Suggested a softer approach in immigration reform and got off of it and now -- when he found out. The reaction. That's a deal killer I'm just saying it's a deal killer because people recognize that it's not enough to say oh you're here legally you can stay. The next thing is Harry Reid saying they're not full American citizens they're not enjoying the full American experienced. We should make them because it's a decent thing to do which should make them citizens and that means the vote. And when you do that the thirteen million votes swaying over because Mosul predominantly will be democratic it's over. We will no longer have a two party system so -- matter. If George if Jeb Bush could win. Because though once he gets -- that he's not in Columbia Canada. I don't think you would be I don't think you be nominated to be honest would you feel he has any chance of them mentioned. And that not only because of immigration I don't think he has a chance but because of his last name I think people got up big got a -- bush put -- on the flip side why can't they fed up. At the same clubs and yeah exactly because Clinton was a lovable rogue. No matter what his background was no matter what they broke no matter of fact that it was a big truck rhino while our people forget that. He was impeached he was not removed from office but he was impeached. Doesn't matter there's his -- golden haze around the clintons for some reason and so he's still very popular. And maybe maybe the public feels we owe Hillary -- presidency. Because of all she had to deal. Believe me I say that tongue in cheek I'd have people leave prison -- ways. Missile and comes from Warren he says she is inevitable people blow our vote based out of what the government gives them. Not -- what the government cost them. That's good -- list. Very good as the sound of my own hands applauding met that's exactly right. I think we're reaching critical mass if we haven't already. With that people let all of their vote. To the Democrats as this one thing got to remember it's not -- -- I'm going to see what's going on in the primaries that -- see the campaign is like. I'll judge one candidate against another and I'll take into account of their issues and then I'll make a decision that anymore. And that if I'd bet if you put people under truth serum. And asked them now who they wanted to vote for they were probably tell you. Okay wait you don't know -- could be a surprise candidate nobody ever Jimmy Carter before he's worked out you know nobody ever Bill Clinton before. Did anybody Obama and Bill Clinton was making 45000 dollars a year round. Not eggs is not exactly beating the world and are aware that and suddenly became the most powerful men in the world. And I was a multimillionaire. Despite his his track record but people don't do that anymore. A lot of people a single issue voters if that single issue doesn't coincide with the candidate that they don't get the vote. The the worst thing to do -- vote for the other person but the second worst thing that goes on not vote for them because of a single issue. The one thing that is difficult to gauge is the mood of the independent the moderate out of there. And you know what are they looking at which direction they wanna go in and I think that's where the key to the election as. And I you have to be rational you have to be reasonable if you are so so right further to the right of love the moderates which. Most people who are conservative -- would be. Then they can't be a single issue thing it -- they've got to line up everything or I'm not gonna vote. All that doesn't spoil things and you sit around for four years or eight years we have a person from the opposite party in office. But you've got your way. Your person didn't win. And I tell me if that's a victory were savoring we'll take a break we'll be back Lamar with the -- company. What I'd had a big protest it was because of guys out for a walk when I decide they go kill some Americans. What's the difference at this point does didn't make. Do you do idea biggest stuff horror is historically the Italian press review. -- even go to that anymore. Just simply don't have the time but. I would prefer the Thai food but they -- day like today if I had off maybe -- would get into -- Really parties lacked a mortar and wears apparel. That's here that's right we don't have a Prodi. And now I know that the super -- going to be an abundance there. But I I didn't arrange to have any credit brought here in a wonder what is the most popular. Kind of penalties as far as filling goes we'll have to ask so my guess I it's just gases though probably trees. That -- you know which it via smells like this -- crawl on the satellite that's our own and they have dessert broke recently they -- with program. I have never had cause I am a multifaceted guy and I read extensively. And I know -- -- at home. Yes you. As we always have this is better food the polish people in the Italian table and we decided it's a draw. Depending on whose company weren't -- -- bottom line is is we are rob L -- yeah that's true but we also know. That the ravioli preceded the when I don't. Harp on that and he knows today as the day for doing this well weakened country -- pride. That's right effect do you drive a wrap for this -- I was asked if you. -- Toyota named it after I pasta dish. Right now let's go to Kevin embattled than Kevin -- on WB had this year inevitable -- In -- typical American evidently on that -- in the works there was part -- the plan. I don't right here we remember -- titans Q -- or policy on the Cuban experts admiral what conditions Hillary restaurant -- -- sixty beacon that excuse you you know helpful whatever. Nonsense they actually. -- and to -- India or Britain that Hillary. -- -- -- -- -- If if if if Biden decided to run and Hillary was running. Who do you think the president would support. I I I think yeah I think in the -- it personally you won't. Calm preferred. I -- -- but up -- politically maturity yet accurate that's it's it's there a particular regard I think I'm ideally someone that's a question of over the Jordan -- when he. Where would it deacon in his courtside -- you know -- Vote intricate sixteen -- opening it would just be me just go shopping for -- close to the Supreme Court no. What's sad is as you can see they landscape forming. The sad part is that it's very predictable asthma. Yet very very very predictable lot -- that that's that's not exactly that's the very sad things story. If you -- a destination. You know that you -- two -- that kept the -- Against our own our own colony of of people are here common sense people which has no part in politics at all okay thanks -- Yeah that's the question of Biden decided to run even if Hillary because let's face it. If Biden. Was biding his time -- of these. Club earlier about if he was he can't afford to wait another eight years he could and so he'd have to jump and then if he jumps and then. As he said he might the president Barack Obama might prefer. To -- in doors so Biden but he couldn't I mean you have to go with Hillary. Because Hillary have a better chance of winning. Well isn't there -- -- exactly the closest between the clintons and Obama is anyways that's sure hope but remember there's life after the presidency to. And it's better to go along to get along on that it is to go against the grain and if you lose. Then I've been a real problem because your party won't be happy with you and neither would the clintons and you're kind of be ostracized and and on an island by yourself -- He sleeve and the Democrats know what the numbers are if Biden starts opening up his mouth that he last two don't you think that they would tell them. No why they -- that we got this with Taylor. I wouldn't go along -- that it almost any scenario except the fact I have two words where it's Biden. Okay Biden is not track the bull by any any any -- standard. He's kinda like off the tracks and so if he decides this is my last chance -- would do it anyway that however it. And then in the and they lost that the president supported them the president via emails that everything to lose and what he knows Hillary would dostum in the primaries. Yeah I'm afraid that they were already laying it out quietly. Women glass ceilings disparity and -- Here's our chance we're so enlightened we had the first black checked out often work out too well let's go for the first woman see how that goes. After that maybe the first Hispanic the first this the first that. -- the old fashioned notion of who's the best is out the window. All right Chris give me another FaceBook ways this one that comes from Johnny's as unless someone comes up through the ranks she is issuing candidate. And -- really think should be about presidents who was a good New York senator good secretary of state law I -- the -- went over here. She was a good New York senator OK here we go organic out here we go again what I mean we're here. Here during the election we are here during the badgers are doing what you do. Some shirts to show me some landmark bridges legislation that shouldn't. Somebody show me how she helped New York State picked itself up by the bootstraps. She didn't do anything just as she didn't do anything as secretary of state but there's this aura about her that she's so accomplished. She is I mean -- longevity will -- that. She's a survivor will giver that. But -- put up on the -- let me read it I'd like to see what her accomplishments are because they've escaped me but it there again it's the big lie. It's repeated over and over again. President says she has a great secretary of state than she must've been a great secretary of state she shields and a great secretary of state by any matter remains. Now we know that that there Hillary supporters were listening to this program right now with the Colorado screaming you know they have yet to call up to you know I know you issued the challenge earlier to -- one accomplished we haven't heard any. Alistair -- and she's she's of political survivor will -- that. I would ought to be on them on the show survivor whether she would. -- coach art and now. A but the bottom line as she hasn't accomplished anything remarkable. As in and in our public life. She's educated no question about that. And she survived no question about that which is coming with some sterling record of accomplishment. Will be back I think part of it is she still has a sympathy of a lot of women. For a sticking with her marriage. Through thick and then all right but to me and that all goes to the mindset. If you did it because you love the guy. And you forgive him -- says trespass is Ando I wanna live happily ever after that's one thing. The other is. If I do -- I may get a little extra support but I won't have the ability to use him. -- the next time I need him which might be for a run for president. That's the bottom line. And so I think that it depends on your minds that if you -- -- for the right reasons fine but did it because it suited you know and your future plans. I messed -- that commendable as far as I'm concerned because it just turned out to be user. Will be back -- -- beach and company. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. We're back -- bitching coming -- sandy beach got the big the big lie if you say something over and over and over people tend to believe it must be true otherwise you wouldn't be saying it over and over and over. And and we accept some things on face value. Hillary Clinton was US senator from the State of New York okay but the assumption is -- a good job. Oh really. She did a good job that you would you know the assumption also is that. She. Secretaries say good job as secretary of state to real. What -- do well I have here exclusively. -- hear the complete list of accomplishments. Of Hillary Clinton as New York State's as New York senator. To the senate and also as secretary of state here is her complete. List of accomplishments. Or we're. All. Familiar well. Who -- Worried. Sly. You hey you convince -- I mean she obviously has not how a lot. You'll notice that even her supporters are calling him and saying well she did this. She authored this should be handled that and nothing zero. But she did those jobs she was elected to do those jobs and that each job was told that a great job really is to say that. You know what it reminds me of is like from people walking down the hall in the opposite directions say how are you. They don't really want to know are you are wasn't of any interest of them if you really tell Mel never ask you again. I like how am I well I've got ED but I my take care about a go to script called -- and I've got -- Bunyan on my total. And ago Horne brought out of my head as part of having the date -- I wax in my ears and believe me they'll never ask you that again. As the same thing with. She did a good job it's it's almost like a knee jerk reaction -- and -- jobs and anything spectacular. I mean that. World and blow up while she was senator or secretary of state but she certainly didn't do any remarkable Chris say a couple of a FaceBook posts. Plea this one comes from man he's -- I don't think Hillary has any accomplishments people like the list off the opposite she held as if they were complements our accomplishments. But simply holding an office is not an accomplishment. Yeah I asked Jimmy Carter. -- -- -- Yeah I Jimmy Carter is a pretty good example of that one more please. This one comes from Kim she's I hope people are smarter. Than a vote for Hillary but you never know there are people who think. She was a good senator and people who thinks it was a great secretary of state. Just goes to show how clueless some people really are. Guy and that's that's what disappointed me when I was talking to end earlier and -- on the same page. As far as who we like and don't like politically. But and seems to think that of the kind of things we just talked about matter doesn't matter. You're gonna vote for her you Marty made up your mind -- golfer you're getting something in return here they're getting your on some government program. Or you're getting but he thought that you could be a part of the next -- of the first female president. I'm so you're gonna get something in return -- No matter what happens basically -- -- the world ends. That's -- your votes gonna go so you can come up with logic and facts and all kinds of things and videotapes and presentations. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. And this is the point you get to a point in life whether it's a political race or your job or something. Where you get to a point to say it doesn't matter anymore and when it doesn't matter anymore all of priorities change. You forget that things don't have to be accomplished on merit they can be accomplished. By publicity the -- They don't have to be a you don't have to have actual accomplishments to claim accomplishments somebody will do it Florio -- understand that. The same thing with -- maybe you have a job work you've tried to do everything it can. -- to be a good employee. As you've really you've gone overboard. You're -- good soldier you don't call in sick. You know you're really play it by the book and then one day. You find out that it didn't matter. It didn't matter the slug working down the other end of -- hallway or the other buildings are at the flange making company or whatever. Who would take days off and you know it's just a bad example to the other employees. The -- do you have. So you find out it doesn't matter hopefully you'll find that out early in your life -- -- find out later you're like it's very disappointing. Because that you didn't re prioritize and and that's what it is. With political campaigns most people make up their mind pretty early I don't think they're short of some kind of major discovery. In the campaign. No moral less suitable for. -- very seldom I think people change horses. Ago you know I was gonna vote for us on so. But now this other candidates as more things -- Saddam winnable for them now. It's called imagery enforcement. What you do it's this way in sales and everything else. -- what you do is this you made up your mind what you wanna do and and you hope you find facts. To back up are you made up your -- Sounds like an ass and I way to do things that the vessel is done you find reasons to support what you've already decided to go. And so. That's that. John. -- alma John you're on WB yen. Hello hello. Well you know I don't think that absolutely is normally can adjust to be the first woman president I think that they. She probably want to go now and as a better president than her house in Washington shortly but took longer than a battle but it's. And I don't think she's got a the liberal and socialistic. Attitude. That Obama goes. Oh really because I thought she might be even more socialistic I'd like your first point though. About her -- be better than her husband like that Conan. Yeah but I I'm I don't think -- I think she would be more prone. To negotiate. -- -- Republicans that Obama has been willing to do in order to get a Liverpool enjoyed these past. Like it that I think she'd like to go out as this to the president as somebody like FBR Ronald Reagan. Or. It's. Yeah -- Dwight. It will be able to say -- approach would present I think she wants to have a legacy which Obama obviously he's not going to. And remember this the first job that she was given by her husband when he took office was. Health care overhaul. Which blew up in their face so if she could if she managed to get past that. That would be a big steppingstone for I like the call because you brought out several things that hadn't been brought up before. Especially via the the the personal goals you may have to trying to outdo him I like that. Well -- argue that your ago. I should be more social. Yeah I do to -- that's energy is that she's a liberal what do they why do they want to change the way we have been doing things. They have their own mindset as to how. Things should be run and for those who think she might be more less liberal I wanna I wanna remind you of blow something called it takes a village. All right does that tell you something it takes a village to raise a child. We don't believe that we think parents can raise a child perfectly well and there are always. Extraneous. Influences on the child which can be very beneficial but -- you don't need the entire village. It while he wasn't. Because I just saw that clip where a woman was saying. That. Parents have the wrong idea they think that the child is you know belongs to the parents. When indeed the child belongs to society remember that that wasn't that long ago when I just saw a clip of it I'm trying to make those set it. But it takes a villages that mindset where the parents don't have enough. Two it's arrays itself properly you need the imports from the rest of the village most of us don't believe that all right so that's an odd to me that's a very. Left leaning kind of an idea. That 10 plus they. In her writings in college she wrote a brief that said that children should have standing in the courts to be able to sue their parents. -- -- we just had a a story about. A girl suing her parents after she demo live -- them. She moved out -- she wanted them to provide college and all her expenses in the courtroom against her and I was very happy about that but it is so when you see that. Child being able to assume their parents. It takes a village to me I think she'd be more left leaning and the -- and Barack Obama and doubtless will be back with more after this. What kind of -- protest that was because of guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does didn't make. Too many women face ceilings in life. That is her -- or her major pitchers she's going around doing these speeches and and she is using that as a pre load as a run up. To a presidential -- our Chris a couple of more FaceBook ways. This comes from another man he says I'm not sure Hillary is a foregone conclusions are supposed to be inevitable in 2008. And she lost so there's still a long ways to go here before an election and I think anything can happen at this point what -- -- -- but if you look at the if you track that you found out that at the end she was the fastest horse running. But did not get a chance remember Barack Obama's candidacy was dead in the water it was going nowhere. Until Oprah announced on one weekend. That she would be -- him on the onstage during three appearances over a two day weekend. And what that did was this it brought immediate attention to Barack Obama that he perhaps wasn't getting up to that point. And from there the attention and the spin off of Oprah being on the same stage review. Got his candidacy rolling it didn't guarantee who's gonna win but I got to rolling again Gannon got out of the mud. And then he went on but remember. He was he was losing. Momentum at the end and she was gaining momentum at the end but not enough. And that's the point so I I think that though are obviously Barack is not going to be and this one. And so I think that natural tendency is for her to elevate that ceiling line according to this article by Jerry's and ski. Clinton's allies say such comments. And are no ceiling effort are simply the latest manifestation of her lifelong fight for women's rights okay that's what they say. What Republicans say. They see it as a less than subtle effort to engage women in a presidential campaign that is not likely to begin in earnest until early next year. So she's already putting the feelers out. So dirty -- the you know she's beginning to set the table tables -- -- set -- of course but she's trying to gather some in early oh. No ceiling for women women and I'm a woman I don't wanna ceiling I like what she has to say wait I didn't get the job -- -- got the job big at the promotion. Well Republicans running. All guys. Well well well well well. You don't believe for a minute yet do you that they're not preparing for the campaign I mean employees and video. The little caption here and former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton faces a big question. Will she run again for president took -- you've got to be kinetic remember I'm the guy that told you Donald Trump was not going to run for governor. Okay and I'm I'll be the same -- it's -- you put it in the bank she's going to run for president. Remember here as though. US senator I just wanna be the you going to run for president. Just be the best senator I can be and they units and I knew she was running everybody knew she was running the frog and and knew she was running. And she's running -- time has announced that yet because it's too early and the one thing they don't wanna do is dry up contributions and donations if it's a runaway train already. -- yeah it'll dry up some other candidate's ability to raise money they don't wanna do that they wanna be able to get beat. The the use out of the other candidates. By via their usefulness and in helping her become president they don't want to come off they don't want to sit on their hands. And so they're not gonna announce early they're gonna let everybody do what they have to do they'll announce at the right time. I wonder if also the lane is because you want to -- to the mid terms. Over because most people feel that the Democrats are gonna take -- lacking in this one. They there are expected to take it in the shorts on this one yes so -- now that could actually work to her advantage. If they take it in the shorts because all my god we were we had the presidency for eight years and now he's leaving. We've got to have something to to represent us we just took a beating in the mid terms well who comes the rescue Hillary Clinton. I think it might actually work to her advantage. In some way shape or form as the great savior. Of the idea of the next election cycle another -- is this one come. From Jane she's as I hope voters will see here for which he really is a dangerous woman but I fear women are gonna vote for just because of gender and as we've learned. For past elections you shouldn't vote based on gender race or religion absolutely. You tell me I'll defend until my last breath. The statement that I want the best person in there that's totally defensible. I don't wanna have to owe anybody. I don't wanna have to say I'll vote for you if you give me I don't -- even have to think about I'll vote for you if I can possibly get. OK -- horrible for you it can handle a job. And you'll get us back to where we have to be right now world laughing stock overseas. I mean everybody overseas. A views of -- lightweight may well until Obama's not a law office UC. I had I had. Over the weekend there was a an article in the buffalo moves in the headline was Obama's plan. Is to limit Putin's power. -- yeah I see that happening. Well that's gonna happen. I mean there's certain things we can do economically. That he won't be happy -- but I don't see employing any strings to get improvement changes mind by by limiting Putin's power got to be kidding me. I think -- sees him as they play thing. From what we've seen so far. -- -- -- Party party party have a good time. Going to work tomorrow I'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under is -- 930 we are WB yet. We'll -- much they never had to leave -- be used she.

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