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4-21 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's where the Beijing -- to Mayo said he beaches Hillary inevitable. Are we doomed to eight years of Hillary as president the reason I say that. He can all you can see the format being laid out now. I'm headlined by Jerry's on skis. A column in the above on his second time around Hillary Clinton looks to women. So the exact same format as. Barack Obama. Is of the first black president is this going to be the same thing with Hillary as the first. Woman president and then after a warrior is the first Hispanic president and eventually we'll get around the native Americans. As the most what every -- because we got to have a first first first first first that's also important. The abilities do the job isn't important. I guess because obviously. Of that first black president working -- for. Let's go to you'll John and Hamburg John -- on WB yeah. -- hello good morning. Well you know not a Hillary Clinton really by the -- but -- it and then another guy Leo right. Probably right now probably a little more extreme probably better yeah. You know if she brought against these Republican. Landslide victory -- And the majority in America watcher. Generally as you actually. Well if if let's just say this. I hope she either wins or doesn't win on the merits and not a gliding -- on the fact that we wanna be enlightened we've we've just had our first black president let's have our first woman president if she wins on the merits. Because she has better ideas he has Shia runs a better campaign and all that that's fine. If she wins on the idea of the first woman president that's what I don't like. Well she -- -- -- you know you have to remember. The Republicans -- really -- -- it'll really. A serious candidate that can run against her. Yeah if you look at it in this article shows seven potential at least at this point. Republican mayor candidates and they're all men. -- there's not even a woman listed in there so unless they come up with somebody like Condoleezza Rice. Somebody Joseph just except that a new job upon numbers earlier. It's going to be the woman against the guy whoever the guy happens to be so. What I don't like is it seems like it's taking form like the last election bid and that that gets me thank you John. Let's go to stand in Rochester stander on WB again. Pakistan. We're right on the money. God amongst the teen pregnancy isn't gone it's no getting its netbook. Obama got 62% in the woman's role is going to be maybe from now with a fourteen election. The Democrats. And they'll probably get 72%. Of the women vote. And when times -- Graham Hillary. Baking cookies and change results and speculative. And would like a minority in the show. My dog got out while you were on in my day -- -- your right debate he'll be here there in time for the campaign. And believe me you're not telling me that the baby won't be up on the stage from time to time. Absolutely and with a -- -- doom and blown it sky is falling and having from the right depressing. Now with a refreshing part they'd -- baby talk women they love it 82% in the -- women will vote for Hillary. Obsessed. It's that I you know I don't disagree reduce them that's so sad. All right thank you oh yeah I'll look there's Hillary can I hold the baby. Aussies doesn't have to say vote for me is this cannot hold the baby. You see how many pictures. But that exists adorable. Kittens and let me tell. Major -- you know why because I know those first caller is right that's what makes me sick as I said. Big boy that we're big boy pants affect that where large big boy pants. -- but the bottom line is I don't mind if she wins while I do -- by it doesn't bother me as much as she wins. On merit. If she wins on ideas if she wins on agenda. If she wins on all the things that you're supposed to be a part of a presidential campaign. Okay he ran against you not throw that does -- want but she won that's it. But if she wins because it is this subliminal. Is sold nice to have the first black notes have the first woman that's wrong. That's plain and simply wrong. And that's what annoys me. I mean has sent -- the ground work cardigan thrown out there with. The disparities. Between paid between men and women being tossed out until everybody around it takes an in house was actually no different. Or even the White House and even know what that's the point you talk about that side diving in the pool without looking citizen -- watering their. When they brought out the disparity in pay they didn't realize they had one. Okay it and realize that debate and the very during this during this campaign that's organist state. We are going to see that and you're going to see all the starched Republicans. Winter coat and ties on all guys. And you're gonna see in this case a woman holding her granddaughter or grandson the peninsula. Woods a gender of the baby is and that is not. Not for. It's not a pleasant prospect formulas -- to. Bob on in alma Bobby on WBM. They they. You wanna know what we're gonna spend for your recovery you know. Because -- don't -- Republicans and and obviously they get nine candidates now you know -- and they come from the primaries there and have nine more possible -- women. And they're going to be so disorganized that the report that the Democrats are gonna -- So what we're also is an over Democrat just -- not vote for the disorganized in dysfunctional Republican Party. Plus what will happen is once she casts her net into the water. The other road Democrats are going to fizzle into the background as so it'll be her and on the other side the Republicans to beat the hell out of each other. In the primaries and then a weakened Republican candidate goes up against her. By that -- an advantage in the primaries come out Republicans -- out for fifteen or thirty people and a and is going to be so disorganized people and that sort disgusted. That. I think we have -- I think we have to use common sense. And come up with a plan so that we don't -- beat each other up during the primaries. And I think if if we can find a qualified woman and the only one that comes the -- -- the top of my head. Is Condoleezza Rice I think she's brilliant and she's Smart and she she. Also has -- -- resume. I think -- if we have that that we got a shot if we don't have that we if we put up a starch Republican rail against Hillary Clinton we're rose. Well if you if you have Forrest Gump were growing up and organizing the Republican Party. Your ignorant you heavenly you don't have any. Two counts. I did go out and -- thank you you out its biggest day everybody be happy but I'm not too happy about the the of these of prognostication. A vote what we just talked about you out here she is unscathed that a primary. Holding her new -- Granddaughter are Gramm. Because then you -- Hillary and you have Chelsea and the new baby all women up there that would beats. A golden for them right the boy -- -- -- a girl would be even better eight Austria on on 30106. On 6926. 930. -- I'd I'd -- protest that was because of guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does didn't make. We're asking is Hillary inevitable. Are you argue and -- doomed to eight years of Hillary Clinton as president. Now I a lot of political stuff on my email. And though most of an idea -- reviewing and trash but I saved this. And I'm not gonna get into details I would just do -- little teaser in each of these. 12345. -- okay. And here's what I mean. Here's what I'm really not looking forward to if she runs for president I'm just gonna give you some -- Each of these names. As a story. That individually would probably disqualify. Anybody but Hillary Clinton are. Here are some of the names and an impact connect the dots it home what is today. James McDougall Mary Mahoney Vince Foster Ron Brown C Victor raiser the second Paul tolley. -- Willie Jerry parks James -- James Wilson Kathy Ferguson bill Shelton. Again the ball off. -- -- -- Suzanne Coleman all -- her. And that's just the very preliminary list each one of those names has a story that would sank almost any candidate. One of them. And that's what we have to start -- that we're gonna if she runs we're gonna go through all of that stuff again off. Man I'd add that that's its hiring process and and not a process I would be fully looking forward to -- politics anyway. But you know as well as I -- Tony that every one of those names will be brought up a whole stories that come out and then people won't matter they're -- bowl the way they're gonna vote anyway if -- -- because she's a woman who got a ball because you know when they don't -- order workers. On her record as secretary say it was nothing spectacular. It was okay for those abuse that you'd have a job tell me what she's done. They -- question. In fact there is it's been gone raucous scene -- openings posted about panels being stopped when did you say what simple question. What has Hillary done yeah I mean our accomplishments. Dead silent she can't. -- -- and that's the way it is oftentimes is like urban myth you here's something you wildly used to call the big lie in World War II oh okay that's a global. The big light cigarettes that were the same thing over and over and over people hear it enough to believe that. I'm well Hillary has not accomplish any thing. As secretary of state which is their last real job now she's on the paid speech -- But basically -- and doing things there. In fact some might say should get a negative job there. But it won't matter because the president said she did a fine job yet it's -- -- -- glowing review OU daughter Beatrice thing. Is it Biden decides to run our you've got to now you got dumb and dumber should not come in on -- you know on drugs. If Biden runs. Will this president indoors either of them. The question because that's why I asked that's America's Biden is his guy. And Biden is but I he's he set how they work so well together. And usually work well together if you're on the same. Same track or -- go with -- Hillary because he thinks that's where the political favors are all remember she was his opponent in the last election. Well I wouldn't look for any too many other Democrats to join a Biden ship I think. There they -- gonna wanna separate themselves from obamacare from Obama. As soon. It's -- they -- it's. It's not last election at first like obviously last election as he's the president is running. Yeah -- it's. I I think she'll try and get away. And she's good at this sort of stuff. -- trying get away from the president the sitting president. And as she was a part of it -- not that much a part of it she is a part of things of life but she was at a distance engine in my. She's accomplished America it's. And nobody wants nobody. In her party wants to go after they just have no interest. Because they like bill to lease which. Let's go to ms. would be Sam on a cell phones and they -- on WB yen. Shouldn't be a good question we need to ask America -- and the liberal media. This will open extra. A conservative. Or Republican. Woman candidate. What's -- answer to. That's a good question -- that's why I mentioned Condoleezza Rice. Accomplished woman Republican. And a conservative enough for me certainly. -- answer is now. Yeah I don't think there will either because they don't they don't I conservatism this. Swarm and candidates. Is going to have to be a liberal. Number order and a Democrat. Or hurt so win the presidency of the United States. Period. And there's so much. -- -- there's a lot of fractions not fractures frictions in the Republican Party. That is -- either and not left enough you're not right enough about satirist and up and we everybody's staked out their claim and alleged shoe fit all three united gonna get unanimous Republican support. Yeah and the Republicans are not mastery now they don't. I don't think they have a chance. Well I I wish I could disagree -- -- but unfortunately Sam I can't thank you. You know if you're not if you're not enough of this some guy about three pointed hat stands up and denounces zero in on that that's just the way -- It used to be that we choose our candidates on balance. It's very seldom that the candidate represented everything we ever want OK so on balance now there are some single issue. Worth voting for or jets certainly if -- the abortion issue which I don't discuss. But that's enough to make your vote one way -- and I can understand that alright but my got you on the island but there's a lot of other things that aren't of that magnitude. The people are now. Now she's is she or he is not in favor of this and I've got to have that and they did Davis hands of a and then don't -- -- means it was election amnesty will be another one and I think will be -- got a lot of big one yeah I think -- will be the big one. And a therefore I mean even the Republicans. Are trying to weasel their way into the amnesty issue in the bottom line is that to me is the end of apartheid. Let -- video election. If they cave -- and it gets to embassy you know -- first is. Is immigration alleged reform. And the second would be amnesty if they give on on election reform and it turns into amnesty or having them away the party's over. The Republican Party is done it's -- You'll lots and as they force in the future if they do that. They've got to be Smart enough to recognize that there are places where you stand and fight and this is one problem. This is up one actually will be back -- more. A news radio 930 we RW via. You're hearing the voice of -- WDN. That call us now an 80309. Security cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. What. Kinda like protest it was because of guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans what difference at this point does it make. And up. I may have kept nobody is -- it is did you governor Alexander majors Hillary. Inevitable. We you know we went through this before -- New York State. We went through with -- Eliot Spitzer he was the designated next governor insurers -- he became the next governor and -- Couldn't keep his zipper up. I am and that's that that's the way it is and then -- we were ordained to have a vote and call and that's exactly what happened. In this time around again we're kind of ordained Andrew Cuomo so we see that the state and the federal. The first Obama election everybody fell in love -- -- all we're so enlightened we're so progressive where where European like. And let's have our first black president which is that wasn't the worst idea ever heard about the wrong guy that's the point guard at the right god eight. I'm not just. Because he's black he's got to get the right person. And now I can see it happening again it's already forming right from my eyes now it's the first woman. The first woman. They a lot of the White House issues are regarding weren. Made their target by the glass ceiling. I can see Hillary if there at the rallies let's break that glass ceiling. Yes we've gotten as far as secretary of state. But we've never gotten to have a big office the Oval Office the one that I aspire to the one that I can lead you to I mean I can see announcement music. And I have Jerry's on skis. Article which says second time around Hillary Clinton looks to women. And then them are too many women face ceilings in life that's part of her stump speech. You know or it's going I know -- it's going and I'm asking is she inevitable meanwhile. In this the survey was it which is there McClatchy survey. It shows the GOP. Feel right now okay Clinton vs them who's in there. Ryan Christie Huckabee Paul bush crews and rubio all the guys. All guys. I can write her speeches for now. Let's go to and in William Israel and -- WB again. You can't beat him. And I think -- -- today a couple things that said he went say yes that you get keeps spewing out. The media's main points -- You know president Bob Bob Bob -- but. Here's how you argue. Let's let the media is telling the uninformed voter disgust at what he elected Obama mr. That is what will elect Hillary if that happened. First the ball you have to argue resell. Second a ball you'll have to ask people. For example. When you -- -- that actors as you planet you know and that actors sitting there discussing the problem. All other. Do you lack -- go to Abu. You'd think there in the -- Surrounded by government officials. Insurance company officials. With the actor in another -- and the only way UN that actor communicate. Is yet. The insurance company color and Alex -- -- the government let you actually -- directly to the actor and let that factory and you. So your your your view would be arguing -- the future of medical care they've been talking about -- -- Teleconferencing. To -- yet you'd be arguing against obamacare is that what you're saying. Well I'm arguing against anything Obama or the liberals alert they -- -- accounts for. Hillary Calder -- the bird got that the -- Butler Obama's first election. Another point I wanna make his death. Think about that he had in the actor's campaign he is Obama ready for -- at 3 AM phone call. Look -- -- hearing is a problem I'm having an -- and hold on hold on just the second and and hold on hand and and they really wait a minute. Potter opportunities -- ovarian. OK here's the problem. You're making perfectly logical sense -- -- and -- and -- please. You're making part of let me finish my sentence. You're making perfectly logical sense. But the one thing you left dowdy is it doesn't matter logic doesn't matter who have elected Obama to a second term if you use logic nobody but he won easily. So that's the point if they wanna do something they're gonna do it -- how would logic so that's what makes it even worse because you makes. Light and by helping them. By repeating moved. There at the end well first of all -- Up every -- -- you know. So I'm giving them information they don't have is that. On the old man and he can't be naive and many uninformed voters I know we have an informed voters we know it -- how many shows that we know -- in love talking to you the last. I talked to somebody like this I was -- mount Rushmore are crying out loud. -- -- it's. And right off the annoyance a scale right there okay. -- and logic will play no part of common sense will play no part of some of the votes they get a lot of the votes they get will be -- vote. What do they what do they -- their vote to. Because they like the social programs because they can get something that they didn't think they could have. That's what it's about some people may have voted for something as trivial as an Obama phone for crying out loud. All right so don't tell me I'm hoping I'm helping the opposition and this is pretty obvious stuff. If the opposition needs this current trouble that's all I'm saying I'm just pointing out of the I'm pointing out the path they're going to take. All right if you think that's tipping a popular they're calling Washington now and hold it. -- said this and didn't think he'd guessed. We thought we could like hide it until the last minute how we've got to change our entire -- land mine and -- Just trying to point out what to me is the obvious but what I've found out a long time ago is things that are obvious to me. Not that obvious to everybody so we're trying to point among the same format just a different word that a black Q exchange of -- woman got it. All right. Up and down a million knowing this would you please it's I hate to put people down on the annoying was that agree with me. But she's just too annoying to do. She says that the odds were about the low information voters might. They're not listening additional. No no they're not effective not even up yet. Scored eleven what do you think they're crazy don't have to get up while they might have to check to see if they're a debit card has been refilled by the federal government. And that's about it all right -- And where. We're not gonna give away any secrets that are going to change the balance of the campaign. It's called a talk show. We throw out ideas you throw out ideas we exchange ideas human like some human not I'm -- semi monopoly got to talk to Asia. So shut the hell up every once oil will be back after this. But I kinda like protest that was it because the -- out for a walk when I decide they go kill some Americans. What difference at this point does didn't make. And I didn't mean to be short without oil but Jews can't make -- point you gotta be able I have given taken conversation dollars -- time. All right now here is -- something out of Boston Herald. And it's from march 10 of 2014. And this is an op Ed piece by somebody we don't know if there's a real name and up like Kimberly Atkins allegedly wrote this. And it says as the Republican field for 2016 stance today Hillary Clinton doesn't have much to worry about. In fact for all the talk about open Gaza Ian obamacare. She has a lot to be happy about the drum beating of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. The I gave us a glimpse of their Republican future. And for the GOP the future is bleak senator Rand Paul officially once he -- presidential straw poll. And there she. Is not a big fan of that obviously and says the Republicans. Are so far seem to be ignoring their greatest area of strength. Absent from the rostrum. Where New Hampshire senator Kelly I -- A New Mexico governor Susanna Martinez. And South Carolina governor Nikki Haley all women with national name recognition and potential nationwide campaigns in their future so that's -- deal. And up they also talk about Ben Carson. The former neurosurgeon. Theoretically beats Clinton by winning 17% of the black vote. And does so -- business so op Ed piece brought up some good points. This. Part is that a -- if you look we talked about how fractured the Republicans are and we become a party of if we don't agree with everything. That you wanna do everything you espoused when a ball for. We're gonna sit home and set our hands and see somebody else win and complain about. Although we will we would rather we were rather have somebody that we disagree with totally and somebody we may disagree on an issue were to add that doesn't make sense. To be honest with you give me an idea where the numbers are now this is obviously very early. But it's a McClatchy poll. Bigs are Hillary Clinton against the GOP. Field. -- against Paul Ryan 51% to 43% Hillary against Christie 53 to 42%. Hillary. Against Huckabee 53 to 40% Hillary. Against Rand Paul the one who won this trouble -- 54 to 40%. In this ball it's fourteen points. Jeb Bush 55 to 39. Ted Cruz 5439. Marquis or were a Marco Rubio 54 to 38. So. As you can say. There are no women even listed in here no prominent Republican women. And this is a very early poll obviously we'd have declared candidates yet but what I'm saying is. We've got to get together as a party before we go after them and into a fight as as a more unified body. Then everybody picking it apart here and there because you know you've seen it. If you don't agree with -- you're not conservative enough. You're not right wing enough. Conservative. But I don't believe and everything. Of that. They're conservatives believe I've -- show is but I'm basically conservative person I have -- if you don't agree your rhino the united writes that the -- afraid -- -- Republican in name only and that that's the way. So will will disagree with the oh so will cast you vote. And because the candidate that is running. Doesn't believe in everything we believe and where where we're going to go through more I mean yes it's the way it is so. As opposed to the Democrats. Who you keep those goodies common especially didn't get immigration reform which could lead to all yes citizenship. -- about that that is the end of the two party system as we know. That's the way it as let's go to Brian in buffalo O'Brien on WBN. And I guess what I -- actually use. We shouldn't. Yeah and you know Napoleon said but Washington UG EU. -- -- -- -- for eight years. -- eight years. -- Washington. Yeah I'll -- -- Or and so what you read in the police. That he is in certain states. Is -- That's what the founders wanted they want -- citizens states. They want somebody to come in and serve and go home and then get -- the rest of their life. That's right there available for a post being you know professional now promotional. They're in in according to understand. In reporting Kaman in here it would try to. Something like that. And everything they actually be called Royal Oak. The -- took about the whole. Airing. In the embassy here at -- so it changed the that Iran because. The turnout or it was not that. Well what what happens is name recognition is very important in this country. And they assume that there is that it is an idea lineage if your husband was -- president you -- them while of course you'd like his wife which is ridiculous. And now -- Jeb Bush being mentioned if you like their jabs them father and you like -- brother were both presidents Jeb might be a good president. I don't get that I wanna judge each person individually because they share a common last name means nothing to me. In professional politician does what it's all about. I -- like this. You want a slam bam thank you manager job run for congress. You run run for congress. One term. School years if you win one term two years. You get a pension how good is that. 24 months. Think about it like that and here's the problem polo when you're running for a two year term is that your always fundraising. Amiga always. You get in -- the first year which should just get your feet wet you're already raising money for the next and the next go round. I'm Brian Higgins said that right on the air while we interviewed him a -- -- remember a few years ago. And that's that's the point but that's what government has become the government's become a pay if I can become a congressman. I worked for 24 months and I got a lifetime pension how good is that. Say that kind of stuff is wrong. And you should go and do what you can do and then go home and got a real -- from -- real job as a Marv Levy has talked about when football players are done. Playing football he said and then they go home and get on with the rest of life's work was -- always that. Of the rams coach that we heads and chuck -- one of those who said that and always made sesame. That's your life's work is and this you make enough money playing football that make it work want to but I think it's the same thing politicians. Come and do what you can and go home. -- well the power is intoxicating. Think about it like this no matter how powerful a businessman you are. You can't write laws. In which everybody people work for you and people don't work you have to Obey you can't do that. It's -- -- the power is unbelievable. At some point. Voters in this country have to take country back. From the politicians the politicians who write the laws so that they stay in office perverts arm that a whole system is set up board that not hostile what's worked in the. -- if you look at the priorities. You'll find it where not even in the top five. All right as as voters and taxpayers. Rebecca Moore and his regiment third --

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