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4-21 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello all as bridging company I'm sandy beach enjoying Easter had a Grady stare at ads and his fingers day John Zach is off today. John Zach has taken going to stay off forever and people that never realized. Why. He was fingers recordings was cool I'm just telling -- are going to be up he'll recover by I think Wednesday and will be back in lots of stuff to talk about what region company. All they're all kinds of all kinds of goodies. Hello guys LO they're Tony Gibson and you know when I see you sir yes I did you five engine -- any eggs for the kids. Yes I did ID I had the baskets in the age Alice got busted -- why so somebody saw you yet nick will call for. When you heard my footsteps. So as I woke opposite known on the keep going back to back in luckily he could. So -- you're gonna put him out early yeah not that I before when -- have -- -- now he was outlasted -- he -- the -- than -- so you put our -- in any -- and -- rewards -- the -- themselves of the reward. While the eggs themselves were blocked the baskets is what he was. Present everybody's yeah did a lot of sports -- yesterday -- -- -- to sit around -- nothing no I heard you mentioning how much hockey there was yesterday. From -- days beginning today's Andrea audio on an idea instead of the start time so I knew in 37. And nine in ten -- registered register well we don't have to be bothered with playoffs we don't know about the models and layoffs stock market is kind of refreshing and and -- and -- -- you know welcome thank you. Our guys here's a story today I had AM. I had a wonderful. An absolutely wonderful. Easter holiday where -- traditional polish family. And when you have a holiday with a traditional polish family they have traditional polish vote which is great. The people are great the food great however in order to enjoy the would you also have to listen to traditional polish music which is playing in the background now. Well I have no problem for Democrats music up big in the Poconos and yesterday you talked about artists -- -- One of the founding songs of country music by want of a founding members of country music Ernest -- Is call Waltz across Texas. -- averted if you've heard any country apart walls across Texas with you though it might. They did it as a whole cup can you imagine -- Ernest -- must be spinning in his grave. Curtis taught the singing. Just classic song as uphold got. Can you even imagine that -- Lebanon Olivetti Gordon imaginative league leaders see movement. And room and I'd beg you I don't I don't think a -- a -- would play via all across Texas is the Volcker Plan as while across our exports. We have yes to verify. That I had to listen to Waltz across Texas. As a yup that's the polka is Bernard Pollard co branded Leo well we verify that I did not just make that up. -- -- Well. I've heard -- the media quaint. I boxing on TV urge our radio -- exactly interview July and they -- Dave Tebow did have some news budget today. Are -- of the parade coordinator for a parade starts at 5 o'clock today. But use of the best for a last. Know what most people don't know. Because we want to save it as a surprise. Being noted polish poet flows Lewinsky. As has actually composed of column. For a dangerous today specifically the buffalo it's it's not for Poland it's not for Cleveland there's not anybody. But when when somebody as polished. As up close Lewinsky puts pen to paper magic happens and are you ready to read that to us it's called a night. Before Angus. -- You ready I'm ready to hear it and this is exclusive so those of you up there rule out who'll want to do would know about this you might wanna listen really closely because this has to do with our dentist day celebration nobody else's go forward Burnett. Okay wasn't the night before genius and Alter the buyers. People are ready to decorate her. But can't argue are ready -- China and you know what made you could be eaten before the parade. Memorial drive is the place they will meet -- where they -- starts to drink and to eat. Kill box what I see a small battered land plots second crock spread and leftover ham. And don't forget Cuba that's polish premier. It yet so intense -- are both consumed here and for something -- just a little more check -- subjects he's got pushed out of scoop neck. Government Carter Clark students parents that's where the first marchers are to be back. Had done to Broadway all of round I didn't that's when -- -- on here -- the life. Airborne Eddie and Bernie would get could be going. Overflowed so be ready anticipation girl. Everyone will be waiting for the golf cart to show and the words will be -- are afraid let's oh. -- Kazmir I'm not sure I'm Kanye and motors I'm glad you I'm not shop on black Americans bella. You're the first to go you lead a pretty that honors all pools are -- as -- as the days. Past Corpus -- in the market instincts and no buffalo weather can disrupt our plan. Head down to sell more I just aren't going what trying to trying to track them are polish pride showing. -- -- is leaking hot and music provided by go to India. The iron workers slowed the biggest by far the -- would be the Mini Cooper car. Wegmans polish -- strawberry island in lord bell all help -- show what this stay as far. At the end of the route to city -- will wait so you can enjoy polish food Richard. When marching is no big day is not on the bars and -- parent will be open during evening just fine. All the music and dancing we'll go into the night check all the venue without -- biggest gay rights. If you're if you're drinking no driving east -- and clap. Did all of your friends are put fuel tax and there's no central terminal post party -- they are hanging out Anderson Cooper's. So there you have it from joining -- this year bring the whole family. Apart all the permitted here we'll show you a good time the buffalo weigh on the east side of city its fingers stay. That's terrific again and that we don't like to thank the -- noted polish poet -- once before our own specialized individualized. Aplomb have a great day today Bernie it starts at 5 o'clock right. Yes but does -- thank you so much it's going to be a beautiful day and we hope to see everybody down here. I hope it works really well promise I never have to hear Waltz across Texas as they polka anymore. Bags aren't good. Waltz across Texas as Maria polka unbelievable. A -- that that's a that's an end of -- one that's the parade everything -- right there. I don't think it will be back with more would be each company under Israeli and I'm thirty -- RWB -- Congratulations. To Chelsea Clinton and her husband Chelsea Clinton is expecting she announces she was pregnant. And everybody's excited about it and I'm not making this up the book keys are already taking odds of them up for names. If it's a boy or if it's a girl and they have different odds on different names. But I I you know I don't have the odds in front me but I'll give you this. You can get fabulous. Odds if you think it's a girl and its name Monica. I'm thinking that's not gonna happen but you know as I thought about that I'm thinking. Hello Juan Monaco Rome this. A lot of female names have probably been scratched off already down to just a couple. But congratulations. Two Chelsea that's that's organized yeah I -- Chelsea Clinton. Problem a month ago. And -- a report on and on NBC -- for I think she sounded very professional. And did a nice job so. Anyway congratulations to her and the bill's going to be a grandfather. So. And -- Hillary can you see they. Can you see the baby gifts little teeny pants suits. I I hope with the girl -- get little show like played pantsuit and things like gotta be really cute. I what's going on here congratulations to Miss America Miss America. -- double -- she's obviously got a a good sense of herself. She is that -- yeah Pennsylvania's. School district and she was doing a lecture. And an open that up at the end of the lecture to questions and answers. And one of the one of the boys was picked out of the out of the audience raises and yes what's your question and he passed Miss America. If she would go to the problem. It's it's kind of Q we've seen that before we've seen with seen of people as gonna. A celebrity's to go to prom with -- and -- -- happen in the armed forces 20 -- so -- was kind of acute thing school didn't think it was that she wrote. The school suspended them for three days. So Miss America and has tried to intervene on his behalf no harm no follow it hasn't ruled he didn't say anything nasty or anything like that. So while I'm glad that she has that sense. She did not think that that was appropriate. That through load to kick out of school for three days because the pastor of the rock she said her schedule will not allow that. And though probably effective he's eighteen I don't know Ole Miss America is probably eighteen IPO young for. Her and going to promise for -- -- But do you believe it's it's sometimes you know they have no. Reality to them there's no sense of humor. Everything has sold by the book. I do wrong -- -- wrong -- that's absolutely the show some common sense you know and it would be great school they have. A Miss America go to LeBron. Yeah if -- -- school I would hope -- is that yes. Great story yeah you know it's a nice story. I told you about the efforts Miss America that I interviewed I interviewed Miss America 1000. Springfield and my sister Beverly said what are you going to Wear. A Mike unaware. Where when I was she's -- all right and of the -- dress she's that you're interviewing Miss America because not we will Miss America -- -- about her handlers will be there and that will be rats and I'd sure is right obvious. Is it okay so my my sister went out and bought me a nice new blazer OK she bonnet for me. And it fit perfectly and it looked Gordon all that so I took one of my business cards. And and tucked it and in the pocket so that I could you know really be smooth and debonair and -- -- at the end of the year right. And does so -- I didn't atlas America and she was fired and it was a good in -- -- and very lovely and we go to the next song and I stand up. And I'd say it hurt it was a wonderful view thank you so much and I region to get my business card race that. Please if you're ever in the area again we'd love to talk to a further and hand her my business card. Except it's not my business card it's a card that says inspected by number sixteen. Absolutely true story the only part that might not be true as the number I don't -- and -- it was the number. -- numbers six and why. I was about a -- is that high school -- -- asked ms. America and abroad. The ride was -- -- what you guys you -- though is pretty funny that I'd -- reached him there right I didn't know obviously that was -- and I did your card. All's well that ends well I -- Our resident and this is the -- VOK and a resident of -- Brentwood drive reported that his vehicle was entered overnight by an unknown person -- sounds like troubled -- There the residents said nothing was stolen. But items were moved around the vehicle. Which was unlocked at the time of the incident now I don't is that a crime. If you know physically remove something into your home with the it was that a crime somebody mold that I I had that CD over there are no I did. And now it's over here you -- tracked this down I -- they brought in forensics and CIS was probably consulted dogs. Helicopters everything drones -- out how report that somebody was in my car but they move things around. -- They cleaned it could benefit if it's inaccurate back and edited dated vacuuming. What else we have here also on -- police blotter. And an employee of a Miller's part highway bank. Is only 19 dogs I think I don't know which one it is okay. Reported that a customer was irate because the new checks you receive started at zero instead of continuing into the higher numbers. According to the manager the woman called a staff members still open. She was yelling in the presence of customers police responded and assisted and advising the woman to leave the store and not return to the branch. So -- she said that they org is they don't do a stamping of the of the checks. But that's a little posse don't you think you know little little bit over the top. That I -- -- I'm guessing and VOR. They're bankers and have. Yeah I had my AM alimony account there. -- There's a lot -- -- -- -- the only thing I ever wrote that back with alimony checks and unfortunately Aaron for ten years. So I got them them up close and personal. And as soon as the alimony it was done so is the account but I haven't always do right now I'd take a lot of like that who has seen dancing queen. Saturday may tenth at 3 PM at the falls new casino resort the value of fifty bucks you must be nineteen plus nineteen plus what. Two win and to -- the casino you must have a valid passport or enhanced license across the border general conference rules -- 6449875. Right now. And will be back after. So yes. -- get today's news break. Just can. The sabres and -- Telling senator -- And preaching governor has little Bob got here they get thank you -- that now. -- went eleven says there as well saying I'm madly. Country favorites. Adam thank you Tony. I you know I. -- it is fun you know that's that's fine polka music. But don't take don't take my country classics away what's next he stopped loving her today as if it. Some old but anyway. A things. I love many hockey hell I'd love to watch him fight. And I he fought a couple of weeks ago actually -- last week. And -- won his title back. The the fight before which drug. Ended in a split decision with him losing everybody thought he won it but he didn't. So they re ram because I don't I don't do paper view okay so they -- -- the fight. And I watched it last night it was on Sunday night usually says but last night it was not. The good fight and pack the house still got a good hands being the good foot Spain. I'd still he'd probably should be a longer not a washout but. He wouldn't be the favorite I I wanna see him against me I really do it's probably never gonna happen. Mayweather is probably hoping that and a Pacquiao retires this on the does Mayweather wants to retire -- big -- and I do that. Did you did you you said you. You heard or a few holidays are all on the line the next morning so I'll definitely get you know real quick. Word or throwing. Sounded like they were rarely did you see it Chris I didn't see it but we're talking about the Mayweather Pacquiao fight that now Bernard Hopkins and sang the fight Mayweather all Hopkins is that important at all buses left them now -- he just win. -- I didn't quite as -- say you know yeah I don't want their payday anybody who fights them Mayweather gets a payday. But I I think that it's it's just my own. By a theory. That Mayweather doesn't -- a fight Pacquiao because of Pacquiao comes up with a perfect fight he'll get beaten and he doesn't want to retire with a loss. I can tell you that but they were really I mean it was twelve rounds of action. That was great now of course and he lesser weight divisions they can hit a whole lot without -- on their heads off. But that he scored a lot he really didn't look -- Was it -- Weight that I he had rented on Twitter it seemed like up. -- picked up after or at the sixth or after the sixth round and that's when basically the fight was over. -- because here's what's happening. His opponent was trying to knock Obama. OK and when you try to knock somebody out and you miss the punch it takes more out of view. And then if you if you block upon something like that. So what happened is he spent the early rounds trying to knock him out probably. As the showboat kind of things it's then he can -- package himself as. Finally yeah -- he has beaten twice and I been knocked them out segment. While he couldn't knock Ramallah and though what happened this past Akio they're both probably in pretty good condition. -- outlasted him. And the other guy had a physique like like Greek god but usually there's only been a few fighters. Then have that kinda look. There have been really successful like Holyfield Holyfield is a good example. But most of the ones that look like that. Don't do as well strangely enough like Pacquiao these instruments lemon whatever but he doesn't look overpowering he doesn't look imposing. He's a great fighter ago. And this other guy who was fighting whose name escapes me Bradley yeah Bradley he really had the -- Q -- statue of urgency and a museum. And it was finally put a good fight and the wisdom about gentleman at the end said you know -- Good fight. He put up a good fight that was that they said there was no no excuses and also says that in he did say it wasn't as an excuse that and the judge pulled a calf muscle or at least strained calf muscle and you know when they go to the corners. At the end of each round. And he's true he mentioned that to the trainer he said his calf muscle but the true there was so pro -- All it was using was the F word. -- you know because there on HBO org -- you can. But trying to motivate his fighter and didn't pay much attention affected he had -- strained calf muscle which could be you know injuries to your footwork. I know whenever I strained calf muscle idea about dancing if you haven't seen me that's like -- Nolan on this island. But what are great fight great fight and I hope I hope there's not a lot of guys left for the up for a package ought to fight. Except Mayweather I'm hoping Mayweather you know gives in and invites I'm hearing is going to be -- you know Bradley. Yeah I guess it could be but seem that most people thought that Pacquiao won the first one and he did win the second one what's the point. In army and there's nobody else you know I'd artists like the third in my -- What was the point. Go sightseeing. Again ever that yeah. That book as a wedding present the you know 101 positions -- love me she said you mean their hundred more who I know I was in trouble. I knew I was in trouble -- a bit wild. I want to recommend something to you. Last year. Bob still some one you're talking book go by Billy Crystal we all know we as a stand up comedian actor when Harry met Sally Academy Award present her numbers and currency. Very talented guy. And I love the book it's all about him growing up from his family and whatever it's not ego driven its its really human -- didn't show on Broadway called 700 Sunday. About the number of -- he had with his father before his father passed away. And -- -- they finally. Recorded album aren't Andy shorted on HBO. Last -- night before Saturday night. Magnificent. If you see it on HBO it was the debut was Saturday night. If you see that if you're like Billy Crystal and all watched extremely talented guy. The cubes are razor sharp. I mean it is well done and doubt it's it's funny it's poignant. It'll it'll move I can tell you that because we all have memories of a polite -- of our fathers and mothers and whatever and it's you really strikes home as to what's important on this guy and he's so talented. I'd recommend are we come back. Are there she says. There she is a we're going to be looking out of a -- White House were eight years ago as well take a break we'll talk about the fact is Hillary. Inevitable. Is Hillary in habitable it's just rolling down hill like a steamroller. Are we -- home to eight years of Hillary. In the White House will be back after this the John sex weather's gonna take this stuff woman today and Tuesday celebration. I don't call figured that these supplement is on line now have you seen the basket hook up. It it isn't often that a news person has they stuffed woman sitting on his a sofa but John for some reason. And one which we want we really don't wanna know. -- hasn't -- woman. And I don't know if he's bringing her to get -- I thought maybe there -- diamond line situations where -- can go faster and you know but you need another passenger and he sets her up in the currency. Or you know just maybe -- a decoy like we see on cops you know -- but he -- stuff woman you'll see it on line. And it's them remarkably lifelike it's like some people and equipment up we don't know who's harboring him or not. All right Hillary Clinton. The year ago. Yeah now you know there already are throwing out the feelers for the next presidential election. And you remember the last presidential election and where. Everybody had that not everybody you know I say everybody I don't mean everybody but lots of people had that thought of it would be so enlightening. If only we had a black president. It would make everything wonderful. It would show the world how progressive we are. -- work out for. Not too well okay by any standard by any measure by any rule not to well. The bottom line is most of us can hardly wait until he's done -- his term and goes to his presidential library and shows up a ribbon cutting ceremonies. Now but the bottom line is it seems like the last couple of decades it's almost like. The the person that's going to win the opposites or -- vessel it's going to be we've seen at a New York we certainly have. It was ordained that Eliot Spitzer was going to be the next governor and he was. He started calling -- from the limo and that indeed is that it's a downer. And it was kinda like it just felt like well it's just has that happened that Barack Obama. Will be our next president and has been and he's going to survey years and that's okay and what happens after that. Now it seems like the next. The next person to be ordained is Hillary Rodham Clinton now she can't obviously. Run as the first black president should not black but. That's. About the first woman president. We've already had the first black president. Dan we get the first woman president. Eight years later we'll have the first Hispanic president say this is that this is like this is our. Yeah a ground breaking office instead of just say. Why don't we just have the best president we can fine. Whether it's a woman -- a man. Whether it's Hispanic black. Asia and does not matter to me I we just need a better deal we're getting right now I can tell you that. And the reason I'm saying that. Is you can see the format laid out its they're laying out the format. Jerry's -- gave via the -- Washington bureau chief. At a front page article about Hillary Clinton just a few days ago and here -- -- For those of you or really sharp like that Dennis the Leno tonight former detectives configure this one out here's that line. Second time around Hillary Clinton looks too old man now bear as a surprise. Isn't surprised. How -- -- lightning that is that she's looking to women because. You just take up a word black. From -- Leo from the media all of the dialogue in the last presidential campaign. An insert the word woman all women of females that's it OK and you got the same deal as we had last time. And guess what they're not two peas in a pod but they're pretty close there and there and joining -- shall we say. Regarding social programs and things like that and immigration and a lot of issues that are important restless. So yeah second camera on Hillary looks to women former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton. A big question and mrs. Mary come on if your picture of this. Will she run again for president. All man this is there anybody out there short of Forrest Gump. Who believes she's not gonna run for president every candidate. You have to be kidding me. The it's it's obvious it could take after the bank she's gonna run for president that's that aren't. The only she would have been as I wanna spend more time with my family if only -- could find them. Yes so you brought up a great point over the weekend. What soon to be grandmother. Would want to be away from their grandchild. That's -- You know if you're looking at it as a maternal situation. Here's your looking at as a family situation we're talking politics here now. We're talking politics and we're talking Hillary Clinton what -- what woman wouldn't wanna be illicit or grandchild. Your grandfather was the president. And your grandmother was surprised. If he was -- -- -- she's not gonna be that's cold she is not going to be walking before burping the baby now argued that OK even if she has Robert pant suits. Robert answered no but I double lottery here thank you very much. The bottom line is. The you remember at the beginning of the first bill -- campaign she said she wasn't going to be at home baking cookies. Well it's going to be the same it'll be a variation of it she's not going to be warming up formula either. All right that's gonna happen I find it to be extremely cold as a human being well you know the timing -- be right OB a baby by that and so maybe she'll appear on the stump holding a baby why not -- this shameless and that's true you know -- probably every. Look this is my grand daughter or son depending on what it is a boy -- girl. Yes this is my grandchild -- isn't that adorable Hillary that is just so cute but while -- goes back to work. We got the same sorts of things that we have now with him there's not a huge difference in their philosophy. Is she may be further -- -- he -- I don't think he ever advocated the children -- assume their parents. So I I don't think that's ever happened. Her. Her writing and thing is and things like that are more open that has seen -- we've never seen it is our right. She's probably more accomplished. Academically. And then he was. We know that he is there were certain things they claim that he taught constitutional law and stuff like that for guided did that he certainly expect for it and I right now. So my question is are we gonna have to sit here. And go through -- a long presidential campaign. With the undertone being. That it's time. The time is right right now for the first woman president and the showing how it's set up not only is a headline like that when you go to page 20. Clinton vs the GOP field one through plea for six. They have seven potential GOP candidates. In swat. There are all man. Okay is this taking shape you don't have to be a genius to figure this out. You'll want the first woman president. Woman who was really like -- president before when their husband. A woman former secretary of staying. -- its editor at all -- Who -- or grandchild and wants a better world all gone I'm getting sick just saying it. In who accomplished and accomplished enough thing at this point what does that matter remember that famous quote to. Are I want to hear from you. -- get into this this article as well but is Hillary the inevitable. Are we do home and I music -- doomed purposely. Are we dome to eight years of Hillary as president -- -- -- Montreal 18061692. Through six and start I'm thirty.

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