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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Running the Marathon - Belinda Stoll & Carole Corgel

Running the Marathon - Belinda Stoll & Carole Corgel

Apr 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There are more than a few local runners participating in this year's Boston Marathon because of the new rules this year and in part because of race they super -- station. WB and was in touch with two of them on Friday right now. They either don't have their cell phones with them or are concentrating on the race but either way Belinda Stoltz told us her experience about last year's event. I -- finished eighteen minute -- or four explosions. And Parker are still in an area. -- And get I get cheap to -- expert and co -- I'm and that you know they're strange frantic and our hearts and your words and well you know. And -- wondering where you are and a lack of communication being able to get all the other bad -- out that you are up I would. And while. Carol cordial headed different experience further back. I don't know exactly where I was and about one -- too -- right around mile mark because I I -- with a loud bang and I assumed it was a -- because. It is everybody's celebrating navigate to the patriots they're not like. And then I was stock and about point. Point flurry fifths for the mile away from the finish line. Carroll says she felt. Obligated to return for this year's event. Well. I had been injured and so I would just running an advocate for this year from last year. And it it was my. It was my ninth and going to be my final box and merit. And kind of I'm going to act could kick don't want and that weird. Not finishing a marathon -- hand and musically it. And. Injury concerns plan to Belinda stalls run this year to. -- -- -- -- -- And the Irish are outlet -- lined up and I. Got outs and unlike other -- I'm at. A small fracture heals. Really -- It's on -- July. I'm. Honored victims. -- -- Survivors and probably. Going to support -- botched and try and they're like child work. At twelve. You can't redirect to catch on -- issued a weary. But -- layer of good memories. -- on top -- As for the crowds both Carol and Melinda were asked if it's not the spectators played a significant role. Oh -- Africa lava field of runners is going to be 101000 more than what it was last year. Because therefore you will have Pam remembered they asked what I can ask. He can show that support. All of the people in everything in Africa are not enough support on a normal box generic Sunday back. I think that the -- is going to be double and a triple on the spectators. It's going to be curry and actually it would use the -- this year and only then. -- their main -- and I run all our spot -- one going to the patents. Why six out and it's blind people always Ali very very. But what it's going to be like this year it's going to be on labor and beyond -- The crowd it's worked and how Carrie nation. You know with a little bit. Well at all at this is the spectators. Local Boston Marathon runners -- the stolen Carol cordial there in the second and third waves of runners today. For the 100 may eighteenth Boston Marathon.

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