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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dyngus Day Explained - Eddy Dobosiewicz

Dyngus Day Explained - Eddy Dobosiewicz

Apr 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eddie -- sevenths is with us on the WB and line line line is also notice airborne any promoter Buffalo's biggest day celebrations and one of the guys behind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everything they had been stricter -- -- day. Can you believe this forecast today. Well -- heard about time. Yeah yeah of course secular but I'm Greg and spectacular. You know it apparently went out. The weather biggest day over the last five or six years we've experienced everything. I'm Shia and two AO who blew it. Through torrential monsoon rains and today you know to -- integrate weather a -- it's great if people just let. How is this year's celebration different in any way from last year is more stuff what's happening. Thought well this W Meriweather that's what I think they. Just keeps growing every single year it gets bigger and and better more float in the parade. More people. More participating then you're. It's just to sit -- it just keeps growing. And and -- listing -- stay is on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today about that. Well now this isn't it does that surprise you. Well it -- this. Iron fences and it's. I love that we've been recognized nationally now for a number of years. You know I had no goal in -- -- that they've got people upset and in some fashion -- What is on the -- in in many ways nationally now other communities other cities throughout the -- that matter I don't know during the State's celebration and the Wall Street Journal you attempting to something like that would be. You know that the wall street journal of the decisions the decision does have an economic impact their people coming into buffalo from all over the nation. And spending money here hotels and restaurants. And it's definitely having a ripple effect on the community so yeah yeah Wall Street Journal. Now you're obviously a sign of -- Polonia. Talk about what it was like when you're kid was celebrated his Big -- Now why don't you could get. Where I was scared you know it's so great that in my in my that would split the slipped watered two awake at such example of a state -- those little bottles that women in Islam it iron and then a little sprinkles tablet. That's lets you it'd like to close. Plastic rose on the top. And that's pursue all of the above this Tuesday morning as very annoying but -- -- had chased her around afterwards those. -- -- -- -- -- -- And then I was too young back then let you know that was the -- than days they had they started 1961. And it is kind of took analysts and its -- and -- today. Right across the street from what I used to live -- in my -- -- there about setting up. Two massive 200 foot and big outdoor stage in. They're going to build afford. That when I was about ten years old now is going to be. I shelters set up for about about 101000 people point people there recreated. What are some of the highlights coming up today. Well there's a lot of its activities and -- and stopped early and that that's really. I host and emphasize. That this is not drinking during the food companies that operate culture heritage and family. So early in the gate. I think he has learned over current account there's going to be all kinds of kids that parents. Ranging from coloring and Easter egg coloring in and paper -- staying in. -- all the games. And I over Corpus Christi you don't have old name and and more kids activities over there is a man. Corpus Christi and that saint Gabriel's early in the -- and obviously the parade. We sent that by the clock and then after that -- all of outbreaks slows there's. And I think that's the biggest want to poke a parent anywhere in the nation are more pull the bears playing here. -- -- in one day -- there -- any other festivals throughout the rest of the year so that would pull the band the big joke around memorial arrived here at them. Or have side great great entertainment. About beaches that picture suggests it's very -- councilor there's some and they really don't perform much at all Adobe taking the stage at 330. And that of course the perennial favorites those idiots. That -- which you can ever seen has been told you really got to check they. They -- contemporary music player to a -- can be the first. And all the years ago no warranties. White. Rainy shoot I don't know how they do look like as much as I looked at Augusta and exit -- -- those idiots and is sure yet exactly. Well aside time you haven't seen WB is on -- there yet have you. I've jabbed back actually is setting up the Porta -- right now. It's related to our commitment there about ten mesh. Andy you're great. Enjoy today and thanks for sharing some time with us. And -- -- thank you for sharing a word and if you're a great thing that WB and -- -- We love you guys -- spreading the positive message. That offload is really great community and what are we I just started and that's she. That's great that's airborne Eddie -- -- -- promoter of Buffalo's dentist day celebrations one of the guys behind think estate buffalo dot com you can find their complete schedule of events on our web site. WB EN dot com and -- it now section.

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