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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Boston Marathon Update - Heather Bosch

Boston Marathon Update - Heather Bosch

Apr 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's head off to Boston now CBS correspondent Heather bosh is there obviously watching the running of the Boston Marathon this morning the first one since the bombing last year. -- set the scene for us collector with us this morning by the way. Hey good morning by Italian security authority tight on my -- in very early barricades are up the -- finish line here. The -- police commissioner of the double the number op ED. There are exit the Art -- the searchers so he -- to let that. That's last year. In runners are being told to limit what they boring helped bring up bad -- -- for apple they will be subject to search in of course. He -- -- include basic contact police immediately. Having bad that the -- like get it now want to hear your excellent and Haitian. And people here really wanting to take error -- back so abruptly stopped here. It they're expecting I think I heard twice the crowd today and what what kind of numbers are eight getting. About a million people along that route watching -- it's fantastic so many people are getting my take is tree back when it comes back when it. What do route on the runners 36000. Runners participating in here and up from the typical 27000. Met with the additional letters are people who didn't finish the race last year they were invited back all into an apartment here on the survivors in people any other path. Has anyone said the security is onerous or is everyone pretty much accepting because of what happened. There accepting it because if you -- -- right after the bombings. I mean it was like at 12 o'clock crime scene here. Very serious -- people's sites 260. -- injured remember a lot of those folks effort to life changing injury. So -- I think -- you understand we're at a different time different age you'd rather be safe than sorry. Oh a lot of the office and we'll be plain clothes because they don't wanna make it look like an army encampment but it is part of the reality there you're gonna see higher we as a. -- I think Governor Deval Patrick OK you know really captured it when he said that Boston. It's probably the safest city in America today. I bat because your memory it's not a lot of force apps here for the first responders that I I bet she that we -- -- every runner. It's going out their eyes open. If we we aren't going to tolerate this out yet inner city. To what degree are they treating those who did not finish last year. And OS as heroes but certainly VIPs I guess right. They have been invited back about 5000 will be allowed to come and I spoke with takeout. Just the other day who attended the memorial service she would. And it's looking back it's -- they. So grateful that she get it to end the trade it in her work permits is wobbled -- hat into something wonderful. Heather when does the first wave of runners take off. Or 9 o'clock this corporate -- He impaired runners and wheelchair runners. -- rather. But what happened after each moment that I. I mentioned before 9 AM the story aren't those she died in the bombing -- helped start with the mobility Icrc racers. Around nine the elite women and elite men all around 930 minutes and -- -- from the -- in in differently coming true. And for those who are following it. When you think the first ones will be crossing the finish line. But -- expect them around comfortably between elect. The again repeat the elite -- Are you run other. I run after Mike kid but. You end up being very art it all right turn up eight at about -- I believe me I'm not gonna criticize you for that thanks for joining us this morning. CBS news correspondent Heather bosh on the scene in Boston.

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