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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dyngus Day Spirit and Economic News - Jill Schlesinger

Dyngus Day Spirit and Economic News - Jill Schlesinger

Apr 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jill Schlesinger CBS news senior business analyst is with us this morning it's Monday. And the host of chill on money Saturday's four until six on WB boarding -- do you know I always learn something reminiscent here against nation and today you learn and I didn't -- thing about -- -- -- -- feel like that's something that maybe is not -- in New York is so awesome. It is possible buffalo is one of the biggest places that celebrates it. It is kind of like you know -- Mardi Gras -- the French before -- Yes this is like the -- after Easter thing but -- -- a huge part it -- mind among gets old hash -- -- a -- check that I met some pictures on the website -- we've got the year complete schedule of events right at WB and I accomplished that again and now buttons -- man and -- their right -- spent -- I like to learn about new holidays because otherwise all I have to do is you know look at. Economic data. And earnings reports this week which is like the biggest day for jail it's very exciting and it really is -- need to get a holiday on Monday it's a good oh gosh you'd indeed I will say that this is a huge week just in terms of the number of companies that are reporting their earnings. And that we're waiting to hear from. The consumer companies like. As to grow at McDonald's. And Procter & Gamble that's one part of me reporting group. But -- we got the technology bellwethers like apple and FaceBook and Microsoft. And then we even have all of these crazy companies would call them the momentum stocks went up by so much last year and have recently come under pressure so those are the companies like. -- Netflix and -- and -- so just tons of companies reporting their results coming out all week lot. Are there. Enough significant ones that mix to move the market and each data compiled. It depends I mean it really I think it if you get an isolated experience of -- at Netflix comes out says all things are really bad not enough people signing up. That's the very company specific but it you know. Much the end of -- we have the drumbeat of the next quarter looks very weak we're not seeing that we're seeing worries in the economy having orders are down sales are off. If there's to be a general theme that's when the overall market will be impacted. Otherwise -- -- -- that a bunch of housing data and how market actually off to a pretty slow start for it this year. A lot of that has to do with bad weather but -- it is just that mortgage rates are higher than they were you know. Let's say back last may or so so it nearly a year ago. And that's slowing things down in the housing market and I you know on honestly. There's a lot of stuff that a lot of properties lifted out there. We are low inventory level is starting to be rebuilt right now in all this attention in Boston today with -- marathon. Would you run. Do you. I do run but IE. Not a merit honor so I mean if it were if I were someone who could run 26 point two miles I'm not saying why am I don't think that it would be deterred you don't -- New Yorkers have that similar. Feeling which we knew what you've been. Under attack. It's very hard to say oh I -- item will be there -- impact feel like I will be there you're accurately -- -- so if I cooked or if like honest I I -- of five of those 26 wild. -- again and hotter and hotter up absolutely okay I'll do that take care you had a good week. That's just -- CBS news senior business analyst and host of jail on money.

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