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4-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- With. That. Hole. -- And welcome to the New York -- if they ought to be extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New -- no one -- with an assault rifle. -- -- Tom hourly. Column in the -- the Clinton at the moment about how linking and -- -- welcome. It's live its local capital. -- -- Looks like it's huge it's Tom elderly -- And thirty. W yeah. VA hourly under is ready at 930 WB. Each end and a Harry Harry Reid did senator from Nevada today. Confused with the fictitious senator pat Geary from Nevada who. And is and godfather to. He said something interesting. These -- people who hold themselves out. The patriots are not. Nothing more than domestic terrorists we live in a country that people follow the law and what went up and asking. There's not very good and we created what went on there is domestic terrorism. He wasn't saying tourism. He was -- domestic terrorism. Harry Reid did. He wouldn't know a patriot. Different patriot sat on his body. And held the constitution. In front of his notes. Yeah I was gonna go elsewhere with that originally but that I thought it's Good Friday and out of respect to my Christian listeners I'd. I'll -- Cairo today let's get back. Rain Man obviously US disagree and disagree mightily with Harry Reid there. People think. Sometimes you. When you have such a -- rocked government and our corrupt government virtually Harry Reid. Assaying between these visits like -- American lawyer here shooting. Sitting around you know an -- well here. The way you look at results this election -- will be another Waco. Ruby ridge. And it right there on the street brother from another fortune open. Because few people. You know it's it's because they become a prayer that accorded the administration. There is no holes will produce and it's just no recourse to air grievances. When this happens -- people tend to act. And especially when reporter for the wall. Well you know I I -- that interest thing that kept this took place in Nevada. I just there's a big part of me that wonders if this had happened in Massachusetts. If -- happen in Vermont. And it happened in New York State's. Little wonder if things would have been a little bit different. We hear you know the fact that these -- -- you know the the Bureau of Land Management. Which cannot be won by Harry Reid should. You could fail for former Putin step by the way. You know dance like urged cropping try to -- aiming at our armed civilian. Yet you ought to tell me what's wrong with that picture in the United States of America. Are -- giving an answer everything. -- -- It's just ridiculous that this whole situation is just. In all Arab League rubble that's why aren't aren't seeing it as Thomas this is gonna vote out of -- appoint a reappointment history. And we'll bring it up I really appreciate that. Because it's very important and it like let's say a lot of things will shape simply because of what each. Where you're actually worked -- things. And the -- people are able to look at things now. Are especially domestic terrorism. Am -- -- -- these people have grown they have. They have the NSA. -- phone calls. Not be careful they make all your paranoid and delusional now be careful. -- Well obviously heard Sean Hannity talking about that last night and then as an aside he said boy they'll probably call me paranoid and delusional. I would like to offer some advice to show on but I'll do it privately. I think you brought him very big oil well. Seem to be a lot of other border around. Well I am I'm very glad you called -- unfortunately. It even some people who might consider themselves to be intelligent and a men and women of the world don't see how such a thing could happen in America. And they speak out of ignorance they they just don't know what it. I I I have a hard aren't sometime myself so I got it they have weak on the this bar. Witnesses I mean. We're seeing it happen at which of course being a reality of it but. There it is week old people what what what is presented the porch and fitness is just this is not what our country will be. I cannot say anything to dispute your contentions -- as much as I often like to give -- healthy spoonful of you know what I can't today because I think you're spot on. -- Oh gee thanks and got a call your show -- man. I listen every day first time caller. Thanks for the calls her. Cool yeah Coolidge yourself. Yes the fever is kicking him. C you know what I've got to tell my brain I've got to tell my brain gonna go to work until 9 o'clock tonight because then that runner's high that euphoria will continue to numb the pain. In my -- If I don't make it at a guys I I -- in deadly earnest. When I come -- here it is the same as a marathon runner giving that runner's -- I get that euphoria. I don't feel. Any discomfort right now despite the abscess in the -- And the fact that my brain is you know about the person in my skull I feel no discomfort because of that writers. I get a report. So. Thanks guys treat it thank you you you save me from taking a -- and -- thank you. By the way I am just at an earlier. -- a lot of people that we first heard about this. -- by the way to. I wanna give you guys -- happy and I wanna change topics even though this one has been a rousing success I wanna give you a happy ending today are right so I'm gonna change topics but not before I share with you something that I mentioned earlier but I think you need to know. I said earlier. That Bill Ayers. Who is in fact a true domestic terrorist. Who was intent on killing police officers back in the sixties he and his buddies his wife. End up by the way area friend of Barack Obama. You know along with the reverend Jeremiah Wright Al Sharpton. And a whole bunch of other people with that I think somewhat questionable. Ethics and politics bill -- You do now. -- He has set and he said this publicly. That for America to change. That one of the things. It has to happen is eliminating. 25 people -- 125 million Americans. Folks I'm not making this up this is not right wing paranoia. Delusional. Speech. This is left wing -- delusional paranoia speech. Bill -- Was best. What is gonna happen to those people we'd go left can't re educate. That are die hard capitalists. This was a question posed to Bill Ayers President Obama is good -- What is gonna happen to those people week hit re educate. That are diehard capitalists. His replied Bill Ayers friends of the president of the United States said they'd have. Have to be eliminated. When the interviewer pursued that further. They estimated. They'd have to eliminate 25. Million people in -- re education. Centers for you'd die hard capitalists. And by the word eliminate. He means kill. 25 million people. Bill Ayers folks I I can't I yeah I just can't explain I don't. What is it gonna take to get this through your head. The president of the United States. His friend Bill Ayers. When asked about 25 million Americans are quote die hard capitalists. Said they'd have to be killed 25 million Americans. And what's one way to get people in re education camps. Call -- domestic terrorists. Then used the law MD KK. To make it legal to arrest them. Anti lock them up without charges and incommunicado. You keep your eyes closed. You can stay at La La land -- that makes you more comfortable. I choose to learn from history. And I choose to. Use historical examples to illustrate contemporary issues. And I think I do that better than anybody. And I hope you agree. Now. I do wanna give you a happy ending. I need to end the show. On a light hearted note. Are you game. Are out walking away from full port calls. I shouldn't be doing this because I really -- mail it and it would be easy to do it but I can't I -- -- got a good uplifting note today. Ladies and gentlemen here's a topic. And I think it is eminently relatable. I think it's happened everybody and if it hasn't happened to you -- happen of people you know and no well. Have you done have you ever cents. Or received. A text message. Or a -- dial. You were not supposed to receive. I have the ultimate story. And a half to watch my language when I tell the story. Because the story I can tell off there is significantly. More adult in nature. At the what I can tell on air but it makes the same points. Have you ever sent or received a text. That you weren't supposed to get. Into kind of found out what a person really thought of yeah. Eat eat eat eat eat. 8030930. Is the poll -- start 930 on the cell phone. 180616. WB EEN. I say we should have some fun today. I've got another fun topic I'll whip up but first let's dig in the traffic right now and with a fork full hearing is Alan Harris. Here we go with that AccuWeather clouds are gonna break up tonight. Hopefully you won't break up tonight the overnight low 33 that will be important moments where -- stirred up the week yet. Mostly sunny tomorrow with 52 was the high and then Easter Sunday resurrection day and Leo warmer with sunshine and patchy clouds 65. And we're still a 54 degrees at news radio 930 WB CN. -- -- So I have two topics you know what the first one is. And I had this is the happy ending part of the show by the way -- -- -- here's here's my story about the text I wasn't supposed to get but I got. Somebody set to -- accidentally. And I will never use names on this I will never embarrass anybody. And the fact of the matter is I was angry about it and I was upset about it for about twenty minutes and then I left my butt off because I knew that it would be great show topic. That I could use my own personal misfortune. For the betterment of society through laughter. So anyway here it is done. I was. I was gonna lose one. And she was -- -- issues. A ten record totally drop dead gorgeous. Now. Let's just say that one night. She was at my whole. And let's just say that. She left my home. About two -- -- more. Are eaten. That's I don't think I need to go any further. Beautiful drop dead gorgeous. At my home she left about two it might -- -- three in the -- Well about. Ten minutes after she left. -- vibrant. And I thought. This is unusual. And -- looked. My cellphone and it was a text message from the woman who had just left my. And I won't paraphrase. The text message. I should tell you that the text message was intended for another guy I didn't know she was still sit. Aired the message. Said that essentially. Eight. Newton. I am just leaving Tom's house. We have a long talk. And broke up. See you soon. -- I don't think I need to tell you that the relationship was not long lived after bet. Now. One's. A little hurt. Upset. Not to the point of tutors. But it was like -- academy really. Then twenty minutes later I -- or -- breaking out laughter. And she didn't try to cover ago. She did try to cover it. Within -- LOL JK. Man button now I wasn't buying it. Did mention that it would win. Given the situation it would have been very hard for us to have had a two way conversation. About anything. Has been happening you. 803 all right -- you -- texts. We find out what's W really is there and that wasn't intended for you. No don't name names I would never embarrass anybody OK ever I wouldn't I. I wouldn't I laugh about it now I wish that individual nothing but happiness. It 030930. Is the phone number starlet thirty on the cell phone. 1800. To 616. WB EM c'mon this is like my all time favorite dating story and it happened to me. If I can laugh about it you can laugh about yours -- I think we need another person's. You have -- -- it is by -- -- ready and I'm thirty WB EMR it's well we got a pretty serious threat to a half hours worth the work here a half hours would work here all. Several as far as I'm concerned the heavy lifting part of my job is done on Good Friday. -- thank you by the way for any tremendous Good Friday show so far well. I would like to leave you with something that is not a and a heavy topic. Have you ever cents. Accidentally. A message to somebody you'd did not want them to see it wasn't intended for them. But he hit the send button and then immediately use that poll and GB. -- in new. Unit really screwed up or have you been on the receiving. And of such date text as I was I loved my story by the way. 8030930. If you didn't hear it on the market appellate again go 30930. Start at thirty and 180616. WB CN. That is the -- now what guys on my FaceBook page. I won't paraphrase. What he said. A friend of news who. Happened to be married. Says well let's just say that. This individual was. Sexting. A woman who was not his -- Instead of sending a racy. Photographs -- Anthony Weiner. Instead of setting the photograph to the check with whom he was sexton. He said it. To this guy I know. Who's a friend. And according to the guy I know. Who is brand. The only thing he could think of doing. After receiving that text. Was deported to the -- So I just kind of spread like wildfire. One might question the value of such a friend however. One might also see the comedic possibilities. All I think this is a great topic nobody wants divide in this one -- gonna put up put out there but I've got another go at it I always go well prepared for show. As you know. Easter Sunday is that they won a lot of families brought a lot of ways too -- -- and it's not something over there are a lot of fairways do brunch lot of at least do Easter dinner and you go -- to a restaurant. And in general let's face it gang western New Yorkers love restaurants. I have a a question for you which is now let's put it this way it can be fun and it can also be kind of grows it it just kind of depends upon how you take it. For the restaurant consumer. You found what it your food. That wasn't supposed to be there what exactly did you fives. The rule I have -- I always have known names don't name the restaurant. Dare you were out to eat could that Easter could've been just an ordinary night out for dinner. And what was on your plate. And for those of you who have worked in restaurants. Would you please tell me what really goes on in the kitchen. Would you please let our audience know what really happens in the area we can't say. I have heard stories. From people who have worked in many restaurants. And I must confess. They have made me think twice about my choice is it edict. So anyway. Those are my three happy endings today. I came with the hat trick of happy endings knowing it would be Good Friday. 030930. Is the phone number first up is when the in total Wanda Wendy first victim as we lighten things up pretty final half hour of the show. What's on your mind you've got a text. I heard -- I've had some surgery and right it's Eric and then and can hide. Oh victory. You. It's not your however. And it can help you. And export. Old. So let me just get this straight the text was supposed to go to your son. You instead sent -- to your ex boyfriend. Yeah their first initials are the same rights just missed one I center. -- played the oxy -- own that while. -- they'd be well -- whatever okay now you did not include photographs did you. OK now I just have a question and don't hate me for asking this. Why it was an. Ex boyfriend in your cellphone calling list. Yeah. Still there it's out there every once in awhile it all up at 1250 year old girl -- -- instead it's still there I don't know that it's been a long time and I just. Analysts had taken out there. All save safe to say your single -- Op relevant changes that changes everything you can have as many manage yourself on as you want. Well I I I try my best to give absolution when I think it's called for. I love story thank you. I shall they adultery alone at thirty start at 3180616. WB EM. Not particularly racy. Nonetheless. Secondly embarrassing. Here is Mike in buffalo on WBBM. And Michael you've got a text thing restore our people are fighting on this one -- -- Use that are you that text you sent to somebody who wasn't supposed to get it where the text you received that you weren't supposed to see like the one from the woman that was dated. -- I was planning -- attack in my wife I thought. And it was you know going to be on let me go much. Can wait to -- Yahoo!. Other things you know mental and radio and then now I -- -- well it went to. The by president over -- local union. And they're still workers' rights and now although it was kind of funny. He's that well kind of awkward but look we might. And down at the next union meeting. There on potential. A little reading material on. Archaic policy that at least an out I gotta tell you get a lot of things go to your favor a it was intended for your wife. -- that that right there is good. Not a girlfriend because they don't have it right. Thank you exactly that is exactly the point at which I was driving number 20. You big guy to whom you inadvertently sent the text had a sense of humor number three -- -- to humor. And you know what it's up. The worst thing in the world to have the guy who is a big shot in your union know how much love and desire your wife. -- unless unless he's bigger unless he's eager to. It and actually -- oh by the way have you read unfortunate experience at a restaurant you will not name. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was chewing on me they called the -- to stinger and now. -- -- long lecture they came out after my by. -- OK I just -- a little. I'm a lot of emotion that's -- yeah you're just made me gag which is kind of point. It it could have been worse but I don't wanna go there on Good Friday. Thank you very much I appreciate the call 8030930. Start at 93180616. WBE and you're just joining us have you ever sent an embarrassing text to somebody who wasn't supposed to receive it. Or received a text from somebody. And you found out that they didn't really love you or did they were seeing somebody else you -- know about low. You know through just don't name names because I would never do it anybody that's dirty pool. And I laugh about it now 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB yen and let's -- all of inadvertent butt dials. I inadvertently but filed a friend's -- couple weeks ago. The good news is. There was no conversation. She didn't hear anything embarrassing but that all of sudden from -- but I hear all top -- all public. Well -- but usually doesn't speak to me. And I talked it out it was. This lady that I picked I sent all my guys I am so sorry don't even ask college but dial Jew but I but -- you and we laughed about it. But at least it was an embarrassing. At least for me here's Paul in south buffalo WB Ian Paul hello. It was going to announce your. -- the most embarrassing story. Back in 2000 and when I first got FaceBook or tried to send a text upload video. Four ex girlfriend -- you know an adult being text. Bode well I didn't -- -- seeking and it with the FaceBook and I get a phone call mark babysitters say it marked rather what you just do. Smart guy you better go to space what you just polls. Bombed. Without being detailed. On a scale of one to ten in terms of explicit. How graphic was. And I think I'm being deliberately do it caught me all mark what do you do. OK Paul I can't think of anything more embarrassing. And and of course your friends being your friends they'd probably immediately downloaded and saved it. I did you get to come play for FaceBook say you weren't supposed to put videos like got to put your pitch. No I. Actually -- I was nobody -- doubted and put -- at a local side. Yeah you've just given me an idea on how I can increase the number of likes a -- professional FaceBook page. Okay. I've been authorities there and they don't -- on a thirty. Kids imagine. Of course it would be totally inadvertent GO. Joseph are you willing to be immediately -- on one. I can build my game numbers I'm just saying an acre site I could be like the new no. No all right. Keep it straight I -- You are -- will do that. All of that again we could do the. Some part of that is because you know. If the company wants Justin had huge following is on FaceBook aren't willing to do whatever it takes. Here's Dan in buffalo on WB -- -- -- -- you've got a -- file you were not supposed to get by the way but -- there's an expression that in the 1980s. And early ninety's would have meant absolutely nothing now all but -- has entered the vernacular what's up different. -- particular receive it let's call history. And now I wanna see the videos polish but I didn't want to admit that to the guy. That's -- book for audio book they'll be awhile Scola. This woman and out of respect it ought not to not to long ago but. Are dating and that's that's where it this way it would work Thursday. And but it kind of cool and I wasn't really sure how the evening went. And -- drop drop later in the -- -- in the morning and well effort or upper upper realized that -- left her purse in my area in my vehicles sold you know called her a letter or wasn't it. That she would at -- would -- the next day. So that also and everything Politico -- just -- in my driveway in my former. Say hello I don't hear often. That are better grow our user with the growth in my gut. It's tighter page that graphic -- they'll tell you what it was a bigger eagle who. Because -- -- -- -- really cooler -- -- -- word or anything trucker couple weeks later goal by prevails but you know what. But over her wedding which is really equal -- He gave it but it scored in from from that point and -- it -- like where you this woman. -- yes it at all. A ticket district anyway I didn't know how to play you know what you. You're so cautious and at all. Later that women will be very older. Or -- that -- and -- -- you currently are now. Dan the skeptic in me I have to OK I I would forgive my being the way I am but. Thing. That may be she might have done that intentionally. To Pique your interest and to booed her ego to make you feel goods or that you would feel good about her. The burst your bubble just and it's a Machiavellian. For well or earth that at all did you know the girl to whom she was speaking. I did. And 00. Record game and corporate once. Good heavens were campers know. The only thing that would have made it better is if they would have started making -- but it's Good Friday and I can't go to thanks for much of magical. All right while -- these texts calls are great against the restaurant -- -- -- all right have you ever gotten a text or eight bought dial you weren't supposed to get. Have you ever cents. A text it but I'll bet. You know cost to your courage your life your reputation your friendships. But increased your online -- dramatically. 030930. Start -- 3180616. WBE. By the way coming up at 7 o'clock right here in news radio 930 WB and it's the buffalo bandits. Against the Toronto rock. -- Yeah across right here on WB -- straight up at 7 o'clock. Right now though let's get to jeopardy. WBE. And Anthony I thought my story was gonna be the best one today but my callers are kicking my butt all over the place with outstanding calls. Now you've you've got to call my friend and I got to hear about this one but just be delicate okay. I of course -- well aren't. So I -- living -- Las -- summer but -- Wednesday are going to be investment different. So it's a well I respect forum order produce original comedy hit so we hung out at city. Let's go to a powerful people out there. And -- OK so we got a limo. Today it is forever you know. So. We're we're into our room and obviously if you an. -- advocate and not ignore -- grow it. Didn't hit delete option you think. That can't be certain economic problem targeted. Rule to my room toward -- -- I wanna -- speakers and wouldn't it arugula and no it won't. Just to talk that -- on the -- or pocket. It's already so -- -- or old should take. What are you -- -- it like that it's it's it's it's -- I think. -- -- -- But I didn't resort to hanging out talking to grow the barter work I was trying to make stop. Purple whole entire -- he had we're gonna. -- -- -- All with prostitutes in Vegas. -- did decades. A rose by any other name is still a little is while all are so you basically. -- you've covered for the guy and I just. -- debate and you know he's like yeah we were -- Good strip club through Benedict out there with -- Anthony go pretty it's crazy bubble until the hole little hole -- But here's the clincher at all. I -- do that. Your credit card the patent for. Its credit card and -- should be easy credit -- -- commander says -- -- -- so she found out that he will do you brought. Ball. I got enough and I got that Eric is it safe to say there's one mirrors it didn't happen. I pretty much yeah I -- people that. My goodness. I you know what I don't think there's a better way to end the show thank you. That that bad call back this tops everything I ever gonna come up with thanks guys hey seriously thank you for magnificent week. Great shows Joseph -- thank you John Sherman thank you. And I guess in light of that last text I should. -- phone or rather if you're there repeat what I often say for many many reasons. No. Yourself.

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