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4-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down -- the he would write -- I think. If you go to the hole looked up more than -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm glad I protest that was because the guys out for a walk one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a our lady and I don't know I didn't put. Well. People know when it's alive it's local. It's Tom how early. There wet eyed women that good news radio yeah. They all the way Chelsea Clinton is. Is pregnant. I want to have. Hillary they -- to have an abortion. Fair question and fair question -- -- Hillary would feel. If Chelsea locked up after as a mop. You were going to be Graham but. I had abortion instead. That matter right. Just wondering yeah that's put out there just -- Anyway I've got -- to correct something I said earlier. I do not know for certain that Hillary Clinton has would be. I also want to correct something else I gave the wrong date I was off by. Fourteen days but it makes a difference to me because I want accuracy on the show. I asked the previous caller of the date June 14 1914. Meant anything to him -- at Serbian. Well it really wouldn't have meant anything to him because it really does mean a whole lot to anybody else -- the assassination. Where's June 28. Not the fourteenth double that before the 28. Of June 1914. Was when the heir to the Austro Hungarian empire was assassinated in Serbia. And -- call. And I'm not have a chance to looked this up on. The university of Google but as I -- call. He chose to visit Serbia during. A Serbian holiday. Which is secret. To serve and it starts with the letter B as in Victor. And I know that we have a lot of Serbs in the area who still speak the Serbian -- And if you could tell me how to pronounce that if you could send me a fanatic. Spelling. It starts with the letter. And I know that it regionally that date -- June 28. Originally was the date of about Muslim outrages against the Serbs and the same date I think is when the Serbs through the Muslims out if I'm not mistaken. But the holiday starts with the letter he. I just I don't know how to say it. And I don't want a murder at a massacre as -- often do with pronunciation zones are Eric inherited that from my father but. My email is -- at WB EN dot com Tom at WB ENN dot com. All I know a couple of serves unfortunately neither of them speak the language of yes my luck would be the Serbs Lionel do not speak the language even though 99% of you were listening core of Serbian descent speak fluent. Serbia. It is a distinct languages -- not Serbian. If that well I could not make heads or tails out of there are some languages such as before and either you're driving home from work right now are actually at this point probably hold because I think everybody get out of work at noon today. Just judging from traffic when I was driving them. But. Anyway -- as -- there so. I what do you think -- you guys want what you wanted to lighten it up now. You -- they'll let me just try to look at it does. -- Like happy ever come employee. And I always feel like I need to get my employer my best shot every single day. And even -- I kind of am running a fever right now because of this infection in my tooth. Not to mention the inflammation in my brain. -- does anything on the work. No not even that. But. You know. Honesty gave me. Anyway I have. Do you agree with what Harry Reid these scum -- senator from the state of Nevada had to say. About on the -- he's like they're Chuck Schumer as I'm concerned except worse. Yup I think he's worse than Chuck Schumer are really either. At least Chuck Schumer. He's he's got kind of an engaging personality. Even if you despise his politics as I do even if you think he's a fraud and a phony as I do. I will give Chuck Schumer credit for at least having an engaging personality are. Like if we were stuck on a desert island. Chuck Schumer and your humble host. I think if we didn't talk politics would be fine. I think that I think we'd be totally fine I know you might have a hard time believing that but I think that we get along okay. If we didn't talk politics. Harry Reid is is just a cold fish he seems to me to be reptilian. Harry Reid is a reptilian aliens he may be a human alien hybrid but I think about it that could be logical explanation but here's what. I hope you guys know and I'm not being a 100% serious. But here's what he had to say about the protesters who wrote to the defense of the Bundy family when the federal government looked like it was gonna pull another Waco or ruby ridge not this time Bob -- These people who hold themselves out. The patriots are not. Nothing more than domestic terrorists we live in a country that people follow the law and what happens he has not very good. And we created what went on there -- domestic terrorism. And Harry Reid I repeat. It is the considered opinion of my highly revitalized brain that you are a horse's ass. Thank you. The people showed up at the bunny ranch guys do -- they were patriots. Or do you think that there American. Domestic terrorists. And I find that choice of words interest thing I put a wake up by the way to the MD -- the national defense authorization act. Which is utterly unconstitutional. And our public. Yet is the law of the land for Harry Reid to talk about enforcing the law. When the attorney general of the United States. Isn't going to enforce immigration in fact took Arizona took. Because Arizona was doing the job the federal government didn't wanna do. And Eric Holder didn't want to prosecute quote his people with a black panther voter intimidation that's wrong. Can you imagine the justifiable. Outrage if guys dressed up like Ku klux Klansman stood outside a polling place. I'd be pissed off I -- prosecuted. And I feel the same way about the black Panthers. Air and enlightened enough. Now this is either going to make you rethink your position or. I'm gonna really anger you but before you get angry at me -- -- you think about sent. I understand why the Ku Klux Klan came in to be. Because the south lost the civil war and after the civil war the south. Thought there was absolutely no justice whatsoever in the courts. They felt utterly disenfranchised. They felt as though they will be absolutely and completely abused. By the carpetbaggers from the north. Who were setting up puppet governments in their state from which they could not get a fair share. So if the government is going to give you justice you go to the godfather. And the godfather turned out to be Nathan Bedford Forrest and the Ku Klux Klan. Unfortunately. The Ku Klux Klan. Turned into. A terrorist. Organization. That didn't offer justice. But meted out disgusting. Vigilante. Violence. And in too many cases lynchings. And now before you get too angry at me I also understand why the black Panthers came -- to be for the exact same. Because it was their opinion that they were not getting justice for white America. That they would never get justice -- being my black Brothers and sisters would never get justice from white America. And if they were going to defend themselves against what was any largely white police force they needed justice. And that's why these groups -- it's like an -- you know folks it's the same reason why mafia formed. In -- If you know Europe Sicilian history. Because -- was constantly being invaded. The -- that the nation's everybody took turns -- its way with the poor people essentially they couldn't get justice from the government. They could get it from their local -- Which originally was determined by a great respect and of course later it became you know turned into more of a criminal. Aspect or criminal organization that -- Justice organization. But folks please understand I'm not I'm not defending these things please understand there's. I'm explaining human psychology. And I understand why the kkk started I also understand why the black Panthers guard. Out of frustration. That the law was not being applied equally. Unfortunately. Some people are still living in that era. We sought. You know we saw the ugliness of hatred. Earlier this week. And Kansas City. When a white supremacist. Decided he was gonna make the Jews pay. So. He killed a couple of Methodists. And one Jewish way. I'd be very happy to personally push the button to execute him. We can't have an America like that we we can't have an America -- we hate each other. There's no room for that not conservatory and is there is no room for. But I think. As we talk about Harry Reid and whether or not you agree with his labeling the protesters at the -- ranch. Domestic terrorists I think it's important that you understand the motives. Of some of these groups that we talk about from time to time. Because it's easy to say well -- how could such organizations start what were people thinking. But that you look back at history and the usual much better understanding. Bill would never have been and I at all Hitler in power or Nazi party in power. Had there not been a treaty of Versailles. Which basically made Germany solely responsible for World War I and made them pay. They couldn't afford it -- jacked up their own currency and brought on their own downfall. It's history folks and it does repeat itself. But I just wanna repeat again. In our America in 24 to eight. We can not. Every room. For people. Who hate. Irrationally. You can -- people. Let let it not be irrational hatred. Is a very strong word by the way. I don't like to use the word hate are people like mightily dislike. I didn't think I could say I hate Chuck Schumer that's just too strong -- I don't like him an elective politics at all. I can't really say I hate him that's that's a word Ira I kind of reserved for people that genuinely deserve. Is evidence as anybody. But sometimes I think the left plays by different set of rules. But that's why I believe in conservative Terry -- Why don't leave in the GOP why don't believe in the Democrats. Let's go to traffic right now I believe and Alan Harris because he's got traffic -- makes our lives easier Alan I do hate traffic jams I admitted and the rest of today you might -- a shower and a couple of spots this evening and life being the way it is you know the rain will be the heaviest and will definitely hit the minute you're walking in to the place after you have just perfectly major self operatic. Yeah it's only goes overnight low 33. Tomorrow it will be a sunny Saturday 52 and Easter Sunday resurrection day for our Christians. Warmer sunshine patchy clouds and high temperature of 65. Degrees it's 57 degrees right now and if you will allow me I do wish you a very. Blessed Easter Sunday were resurrection day. And I've. I wish you nothing but that the best as you reflect upon the fundamental basis of christianity which is the resurrection. Without the resurrection there wouldn't be Christian and thought I'd throw that out there are actors 523. -- news radio 930 WBE. So up -- great. Is he right when he called the bunny -- protesters domestic terrorists. Today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks is an eighty dollar certificate to the -- country club for just forty dollars in joint eighteen holes of golf for two and two large buckets of balls just a short drive from buffalo or Rochester go to WB EN dot com and click on the my buffalo -- logo. Handled like a professional journal. Here is. In Lancaster roads you gonna vote for Harry Reid if you move out of the -- And other issue. And that's one way to put this out. And her. Every. Day when he. I think we -- Obama. Clinton carry the people. Won't. Ever created. And at least it common domestic terror -- a lot. You're not. Very sure. Each other. Meaning. And I -- they do think. It's -- upright. And. I wanna talk you more because rose I think I may be falling in love with you and I loved the point you're making so would you hold on forming. Mean and really I wanted to mail it in today so bad that you guys are forcing me to do a serious topic but it's a topic about which if you -- passionate -- -- going to work much more common WBBM is -- hourly for shorty counter tops and ladies and gentlemen. As you know I love buffalo businesses whenever and wherever I can and try to do business with local places whenever and wherever I can. And that got hurt started -- counter tops over twenty years ago. And it Jolie. His goal was to provide like builders and contractors with a one stop resource poor quality counter tops and he -- a lot of work whip those builders were put -- the there have been -- builds in Lancaster and Clarence well guess what. Now homeowners who are moving into those Holmes has the second or third owners they're calling god and saying hey guy we don't you put in the countertop your years ago. Now we want to upgrade the granite. Guys more than happy to do that even if guide to install your original countertop he is the man to call when it comes to York countertop and he offers everything from granite Kerkorian to land and it. And folks he does great work he is a perfectionist. If you think I'm glad he is a perfectionist but you wouldn't believe and you know what when it comes -- your kitchen countertop where you spent so much time or your bathroom which you wanna make look really really nice. I wanna put an 8% hot -- and mine. But that's triggered their call sort of counter tops right now at 669606269600. Shut up Joseph just because they don't have eight friends doesn't mean I can't pull one and sort of counter tops 669600. Or visit them online for more information on the show rooms and how they operate which is by the way excellently. -- as in Sam OR TI AE shorty counter -- dot com. Nice -- very very apropos thank you about judge Joseph Bieber I appreciate that because I senate falling in love with growers there got a great email. And -- WB EN dot com is my email address. Which by the way is the best way to contact me because I'm gonna tell you dirty little secret about mice. No not that dirty little -- known at that one either no mood not that one. But it's another dirty little secret about your humble host. I don't like telephone calls I don't do a lot of talking on the telephone real simple reason. That's what I do for a living. It's like I -- seldom talk with people personally on the ball so the best way to talk to me. Investment contact -- not on the air is email Tom at WB EN dot com just usually don't. I -- I didn't in my personal cell phone number but you know I need some time off just like everybody else and I do have a number of listeners who have my personal cellphone number because you know what they are. There by truth and justice squad. What do you mean Tom very the people on whom I rely. If I ever sounded. Like I'm saying something bet is. Racist. Hateful. Or wrong. They have carte Blanche to call. Or text me and say dude we know your good guy that didn't come out the way we know you. So -- just say you know my truth and justice squad. Georgia sea at a summit that is leading through the microphone is as a traffic note. Is this something you need to know about. -- does is offers up. That's our Joe's facial expression change and I thought oh my goodness something's going out our gang so I have a got an email. Doesn't Harry Reid remind you of the dirty Nevada so. Editor in godfather to senator pet during. Actually -- well he he really doesn't remind me of senator Geary from godfather. Nor do I thank you senator Reid has ever visited one of Prado is four dollars. Or two I think he's ever. Done what the senator did Ian said bordello by the way the guys who play -- The dirty senator in god father to. He had a lot of roles in a lot of the Jack -- productions. He appeared in several episodes of -- -- and I think Adam twelfth. And I'll be damned if I can take his name right now bit. Perhaps some really -- let's get back DeRozan Lancaster so -- Harry Reid calls the patriots I consider them patriots. Who showed up at the bunny ranch to say no federal government you're not gonna run roughshod over the Bundy families' rights you're not gonna pull another Waco you're not gonna polar ruby ridge we're gonna show you -- people mobilized. Harry Reid thinks those people are domestic terrorists I think Harry Reid is well you know the word I'd like to use but out of respect to Good Friday authorities used it once a doctor to use it again today. Rose -- tell me more about Harry Reid and why you find him to be so particularly. Note some. Well it's a whole bottle. It written that colon and and manipulate children into acting like them in the school earlier. Every little. Bit and that missing link to that country has been quite evil a year and eat. Racial tension gone. I think it increase. -- -- -- -- things here. And they are saying that we're doing we're domestic matter where -- at that. Everything you're doing it cheating how you know you're cheating. When you're really. -- then after awhile you figure help Obama to get accused governor might as well have some fun. I can tell your part Sicilian. Calibrate its. -- I get that -- at least. Are we gonna talk about a -- the year not Tuscany. Patrick not a -- I area. Albania's. And literally I mean. Teaching in the -- that -- And an -- and patriots went up and Paris. I mean ready you know really really don't eat it -- -- app but it. OK I am. Like well yeah. You know the hatred -- the hatred word -- wanna be one of those a feminist liberals but. -- I I just and I say this every day I hope it doesn't get boring to people or doesn't seem like I'm covering old ground but. I hope the people I know people would realize that I have been. Trying to use the language of in inclusion of everybody who is a patriot. On this show. And I embrace groups that people on the right supposedly. Don't like. I embrace everybody who is a patriot I don't care for your transgender. Day if you're black Hispanic I don't cater your race your orientation doesn't mean anything to. Eight in your app right and you know about it you're Christian and that what you believe -- For the most part everybody that he meant everybody then -- -- here everybody here. -- -- country I don't hear it in from another country and leave the country -- and and that right there YNN your actual Greenpeace and I love your country. Can parent -- -- If you don't what country what I believe Barack Obama does not. -- -- IA and unfortunately you know what rose I wanna let you talk. A you're absolutely right because why would you fundamentally try to change something if you thought it was fundamentally right. The two are mutually exclusive and I also have to agree with you that the tragedy of Barack Obama. And I've said this on other occasions is he had a unique opportunity. To bring this country together as no other president ever has. But we saw him for who he really is he is a guy with a chip on his shoulder against the United States and I have to tell here. I do believe that. He is not particularly. Fond of a certain group of people and I'll leave it at that. And and then that same rule that's what I like stay at Allen -- or bank -- and with our president. OK I would like to because you know couldn't get more of conservative mind that's very. I would like to see how many Democrat in the country. Would be saying he'd been our president because that's earned that because he's a conservative he believed in conservative you. We don't want to. Deal with the current picked him that extra that he can't get. We already have. We already have ample precedents for this though that's -- and that's and you're absolutely right you have to understand. If the Republicans were to nominate and elect let's say Thomas -- a brilliant man doctor Ben Carson a brilliant man. Are just too brilliant black men okay. They would be called the house and word. They would be disparaged. They would be insulted. And they wouldn't really be considered. Black we've already seen that and we've already seen. And Hannity. To his credit has brought this out repeatedly. Hannity has called out the NAACP. For allowing Republican conservative black politicians to be racially insulted but because they are conservative it doesn't matter. And again that just shows it's just like -- gay lobby and notice -- I say lobby not gay people because I love them I despise the gay lobby. But it's it's it's the same analogy. It'll -- okay I'm 47 your -- I've been here highlight. I'm on my arm. -- -- -- I would generally a good person OK I feel. Like me and everybody like me. In the backseat. And I said that I ever become green cracked needed I would like to come back in any way. African American woman because the world would be -- place here. He gave me an African American. Woman. -- Well I have to be honest review I am looking for a body conservative black woman to Mary because that gives me the shield I am lacking in my life. Every other group I have coverage for. Thank you -- I have the shield -- these guys will happen in the next room. Because album but I'm among girl -- -- -- I -- have kids who are I have personally one of about a zillion different ethnicities. -- not ethnicities and nationalities that their cities. You're damn right I'm an. -- well and as Barack Obama wants. It I hope I speak for every one of the 57 states of the country. It. Rose you have yourself a delightful. Easter slash resurrection day and the blessings to you. And your family from our creator good to talk to your. All right ladies and gentlemen. She was awesome this show has been awesome usually give Friday shows. Are not this good this has been and when the pressure -- of them this week if I may say so myself. Here is steadily on Grand Island call this week you're still weak on WB on the Euro on a high. Thomas let them both of a local employees of the -- for Russia I used to every word I was glued to the radio he's good in. Walter Williams is outstanding the only problem is Walter Williams is I'm afraid that age is not his friend right now. The I imagines. You didn't sound too good. Now he's he's a brilliant brilliant man and but again you have to understand that to the to the quote unquote black lobby. Conservative blacks are like conservative gaze to the gay lobby they're not welcome. Yeah exactly. Event -- double standard there to pull that from Tennessee's discuss about the area and those very very -- time down in natural. And that's why I was wolf as we have been called -- Somebody somebody was mentioning you know that you have popped up about Harry Reid the so the Chinese -- -- in Nevada for ten cents cents on the dollar did you here that. A home I got -- that. -- I've heard whispers of that but somebody needs to source set out for me if somebody wants to send -- -- -- at appreciated Thomas WB -- dot com I'm afraid to touch my computer now because it's been functioning flawlessly and I know the -- -- -- go to search that out it's gonna go on the -- again so if you have the link for that let me know -- Harry -- Chinese land -- I know his son. That there is a sleaze factor about this entire story and yes it involves China and Harry Reid but I want specifics. Yeah yeah -- Mississippi this should be investigated and of course. It's true you know people should be thrown on them earlier but of course you people. Yeah but I don't rose's good because she's an independent Smart you know as everybody this -- just -- people out there and -- people just. And all of that topic independently owned channel think. The wave the the patriots did in years past they've -- -- here but. Preaching encroaching government upon them minutes. It's it's terrible it's going you know it's just it's that. My friend I've tried I've tried to do my part I have tried to use my knowledge of history to bridge the gap between history and the president I've tried to talk about each -- truths regarding governments and their historic relations with citizens sometimes I feel as though my words fall upon deaf ears but then occasionally -- -- your calls like yours that -- re -- my confidence in my face. Right now that there really makes me angry witnesses that -- the related death of outrage like I was watching those guys try to pay is that. The guys are -- rockets are -- MacPhail wanted to go play golf and enjoy those guys that's because it's just it's a terrible abuse 000. You know government -- is going after. You know a guy would do was coast couple cows on -- publicly handled when you can't you know. There's so much more domestic criminal things going on -- got it got black -- blocking the polling Booth she got. What I'm I'm not domestic terrorism or or or are the one really drives me nuts is the Fort Hood shooting by this guy it was called workplace violence you have to be kidding me. Yeah that was the -- just -- a major Hasan shooting. And that clearly was an act of terrorism because terrorism is defined as doing an act against innocent people to create terror for a political caucus. And that is exactly what this major did but let's put it this way how much more evidence do you want that it was terrorism the guy was yelling. Out of the park -- that's half the fun to be a terrorist is yelling that. Right right now I would never never to never condone that would convict him invaded by the weakest minded. People are going to be motivated to do something -- the government does and say things like ruby ridge you want to do not western. They'll realize what they're doing there and there. They're stopping on the rights of people. They're they're trying to squash independent thinkers. In all Thomas Jefferson's that it also while a revolution as good because. Because if it preserves. The rights of people which you really disappearing over this. Pace do we evidence to take a break which wanna know really scary thought what it what if the government is trying to create another Tim McVeigh. -- a genuine. Right wing. Terrorists so then if concede they can say say we told you the right was evil because West Point has already done a study. On how to deal with domestic insurrections and of course the bad guys work the American right wing. Right exactly why would why would what you want I doubt it after after faster period. -- Still you're good man I'm glad you got back from Tennessee in double -- you soon 803 on my thirtieth news radio 930 WBM. It is -- And AccuWeather clouds are gonna break tonight. Great after the sun goes down then we'll have a great deal -- -- -- overnight low 33 tomorrow sunshine 52000. And then the Easter Sunday it'll be -- sunshine patchy clouds and 65 behind it. Fifty set we went down to 54. That's unfortunate 54. At news radio 930 WBBM but I am looking forward going all the watching TV tonight watching the sabres playoff. All. -- were. Do you -- man by Harry rape. While he says that the Bundy. Ranch protesters. Are domestic terrorists and I'd like your thoughts you're. These really -- the proper care reform proposal I got to play or are important in administration. The poll itself or ball -- long. Did you roll around that's bars on our phone calls. Persecute our conservative group. Through the Irish. -- -- -- -- -- But they they made up there. Could tolerate this -- the shaker. What are you doing it forbidding them dissent in this country are formidable leave. That little corner are already here and what do you do that -- mean you know the approach a mandatory that undermines. -- -- at that point district should agree. That. People -- The war is result. You mean our government. Going after journalists. And getting into journalist's computers. Do you. To say that that's inconsistent with the spirit and the wording of the First Amendment. -- -- isn't it interesting that that amendment the Buffalo News -- during the daily progressive propaganda unethical red. They put out an editorial calling for Eric holder's resignation because of his disrespect for the First Amendment but as far as the Second Amendment. Well -- -- all four squash yet. Oh what when he -- anyway right we've -- those things for -- prepared always try to those socially gone things. The hole but the -- you know you -- are really good point earlier and they're really just you know -- took out or are your personal bootable. Going to be the end result. And well hold on I know -- man I notice is gonna be good and I'm gonna have to use that as the keys heading into the 6 o'clock hour. What will the rubber cautions -- what Harry Reid have to say can't wait for your analysis.

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