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4-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And I -- down -- the -- would be great benefit them. India the hole -- not -- good intentions in -- -- They keep going good. It's. And. It's easy to clear my name but the central. We've -- and now let's. Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I would -- it out. On news radio 930 WBE. I have. Are there then it is around nine minutes after four and -- ready at 930 WBM. We establish the fact by the way -- humble host Joseph -- and John Sherman the only people working right now in Western New York. And by the way you know what -- in all honestly seriously. Just showed you could -- I've you guys this and people don't believe me not even my neurologist believes. When I go on the year. Natural endorphins. Kick again and thus kill pain do you know. Bet in the hour I've been doing the show you know that without taking any painkillers or any minutes whatsoever. You know my pain level now my tooth is zero. You know -- It's the natural -- -- release you get from perform like I'm -- has its wonders I I get runners I by being on the radio I'm totally serious. Any performer. If you're a performer I don't care if you're an actor if you're -- musician. Send me email tell me if I'm if by M on crack which I've clearly are not. No really I'm really not. And it cannot seriously. Send me an email let me know if you've experienced the same rate as they perform. Because performers -- I mean I'm sure that the people who do Shakespeare at the park. Who -- great job by the way I'm sure that there's times they get like a summer flew. But the minute the endorphins kick in sudden late. And they feel like a million bucks and right after the performance. They they go back to go back to the stage into their guts out. All right it is eleven minutes after four news radio 930 WB the end. All right Dan let me every Q with a computer and we're talking a boats. That was for my friends in Toronto were talking about Harry Reid. And I was very concerned and I thought wow this is some incredible synchronicity. Because heat in an interview with Joseph Bieber actually is which kind of -- to get the senate seat. Talk about mind meld. Joseph Bieber new one of the Harry Reid's town before I knew I wanted to Harry -- out. This -- a senator from Nevada folks he's a big shot in the United States. Okay and he is so dirty it's not funny. And he refers to the patriots who showed up to say up yours federal government as domestic terrorists. These people who hold themselves out. The patriots. Are not. Nothing more than domestic terrorists we live in a country that people follow the law. And what went out and mesquite is not very good and we created what went on there -- domestic terrorism. Payout Gary Reid what did you bite me. Here -- rate we live in the country where people follow the law you mean like your -- president. Who is not going to enforce immigration law like your attorney general who will prosecute his people with the black Panthers really. We live in a country a loss since. We let the countries or will your president said whenever possible. But -- congress to figure out there -- -- people. Don't forget about the law we follow yet Jewish bag I'm sorry I don't Good Friday it had to be sent. I mean that the B word out trying to use it again -- Good Friday but Harry Harry -- just brings out the worst in me. Now let me get back to Gary in bill. Gary your original question was has anybody ever been removed from office because of mental issues and -- when Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States a lot of people believe that his wife was actually the de facto president of the United States while he was in his collection. I don't. I would have to look it up bond. The university of Google. To figure out if anybody's ever been removed from office to the highest level at which somebody's been removed from office because it either mental incompetency due to senility or organic diseases or possibly a mental illness were -- or behavior. -- you remember that time when Harry Reid said he could smell the visitors to the White House. Up not off hand I you know basically went when Harry Reid Hillary Clinton say things. I generally would rather listen to cats making a lot. Well society has a tendency to whatever you have an elected official in front of you. So these -- the -- at the heart of the super natural. And nothing can be farther than they are perfect that all of that but they're just human beings. I met -- -- I have during the course in my lifetime. Visited relatives in nursing homes and I've seen people strapped in those PPC cheers. And -- so wrapped up. And they say things that are more coaches that Harry Reid. She succeed is the only -- it. Deliberately all the and the person you see on TV called Harry Reid. Oh well executed advertising campaign. Well. There's a great scene in the TV showed deadwood never watched deadwood. Well it it's a while since I've referenced deadwood did a lot of references today. There's a great scene where a gentleman named Hurst comes into town. I won't win too yes that Hearst but he comes in to deadwood. And the -- basically he starts acting like a maniac. And -- in a little EB -- space EB part of this mostly looking hotel operator. And that EB -- says a -- A man of lesser means would be in restraints. And I think you might make the argument it sounds like Gary of saying the same thing about Harry Reid. But I also have to say and this goes for liberals progressives conservatives Republicans. Conservative areas we have to be very careful. Very very careful. Not to statement ties the mentally ill by making them seem like politicians. I thank you very much for the call. Thank you very much. And I do have a great empathy and sympathy. For the mentally ill of -- many shows on it and as I always say at the beginning of the show despite what you may have read. I have never been diagnosed with nor do I have any mental illness or. And those who won a state. But I do can. Pretty much bite me. Yeah Betsy this sit down and spin. A teacher wife refused thanks here's Alex in Rochester on WBN -- -- And I can tell you're laughing at my last line. -- -- -- -- you're -- hysterical laughter but but go ahead. I really wanted to do you work on the -- should we don't and clarity. Or as well why proper balance here. All of them. As far as -- rainbow. I think you know diabolical opportunist. And I had my body I am saying what he. About calling up. -- the patriots. Domestic terrorists are I think you declaring war on the American people. And use those who. All -- on your own without trial and take away their weapons he was out all the. You know Alex. I just I just have to point something out okay. When he called the -- when he called the patriots. At the ranch. Domestic terrorists you know what I thought I thought to myself. I've heard these words before national defense authorization act I looked it up I put the link up on my FaceBook page. -- I have. And I. I use -- -- guy who already knows this if the president of the United States designate you as a domestic terrorist -- possible domestic terrorist you can be put. In two prisons. Without any charges whatsoever without your relatives knowing where you are you can be held incommunicado. In short it is unconstitutional. And frankly in most countries people who would sign that kind of legislation would be put up against the wall and exterminated. -- and about what such -- radical governments always bloody. You're damn right that's what they do that if I don't think this country is is in a fascist state right now you don't know you don't understand what's happening. What they want ear oh I'll also look -- will have an -- the but they do return man took a -- -- -- got the same thing what with -- say don't you get it folks the larger picture Alex I mean you know I don't care who thinks I'm crazy I. I really I don't give a damn anymore. If you don't see that the American people. Are dead asleep -- bread and circus is give them the -- sustenance and the circuses entertain them with Super Bowls in hockey games and boxing matches and wrestling while the government becomes fascist and takes away your freedom and destroys your constitution and uses it as -- white if you can't see what's happening in this country there is no hope for you in that there aren't enough of -- to speak up then there's no hope the United States of America -- -- be the first and last -- -- -- government of the people by the people and for the people on planet -- That's what about archery that our civic duty to stand up against -- And we won our young group of America that have seen a forward upon the ranch. -- native American. Well probably that think that there all day right by the bill and about change that they'll make -- on -- and slowly -- spoke with. Well this I didn't make me very happy with the local events that make media Berea popular guy with the local ukrainians but that's exactly what I said when Portland was talking about Ukraine in Crimea. -- is the same thing the United States did with the Indians and the fort -- treaty of 1869. Manifest destiny and the Monroe doctor it's exactly the same. It's it's no different than what we did as a nation. And don't forget what happened it will give me. Well I did. It there let's let's face -- the United States government in our name. Lied cheated and stole and screwed. The Indians now that war's over we're not gonna give me that we. I mean our generation is not gonna give it back there's been into marriage -- that were were so commingled right now. Eric -- I mean you know you've got Elizabeth Warren claiming that she's an Indian for guts. Well I agree with Cuba -- problem as soon I hope YE LP and first generation American or German and Serbian. When my mother always thought you order a war on June rape and me both -- the government. The government power wants power and the only way to get out the power they get you. -- 11 quick question for you June 14 1914. Worked -- what about what will want. -- -- And there's a holiday a Serbia holiday that begins with the letter V. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Somebody's gonna have bad for -- I wanted to get your pronunciation over because they don't know how to say it. I'm alleged call my friend thank you so much for being alert and alive and awake we've met the enemy it's an. Al-Qaeda. I do and I still do thank you very much. Well and a delightful Easter to you sir I hope you enjoy it and I hope that those of you work Christian at least. You know pace of homage and tribute to the fact that it is that they -- celebrate the resurrection not that they celebrate chocolate. Let's go to Allan Harris -- traffic mr. Harris. All right and ladies and gentlemen I do some good news. I do have some good news at least -- reason not in his twenties. So there's -- But a shower in spots early this morning. Otherwise clouds will break tonight but to those those clouds break we get that radiation cooling so it's popularly as the war. Tomorrows sunshine 52. And Easter Sunday resurrection day warmer with sunshine and patchy clouds and high temperature of 65 degrees right now it is. 5757. Degrees -- news radio 930 W. You beat each end so you know it's interesting folks because I was kind of worried about the ratio because they realize driving into work that. Two week we heard that immediately that's actually work in the day -- I don't think there's any cops on patrol I think everybody melded in today in fact don't have a fired the makers. And I think the fire departments working very I think bond street as the day job he probably put the Cotter at the bottom of the seat just to get a day off. Where it's only three of us work. On -- the sabres are busy getting ready for their playoff. Young. Anyway. Harry Reid called the people at the -- ranchers showed up to confront the federal thugs. As domestic terrorists I say if they'd be domestic terrorists we need more of them. And suddenly disappear. Start asking questions about in the 888. Could happen to you could happen and it could happen anybody original -- the law says that -- now. Thanks to George Bush and thanks to Barack Obama. Obama pushed. All right let's goat -- actually I'd like to to break Joe's given me the look. Yeah just give me the evil I it is not even Sicilian stay -- -- under his radio 930 WB Ian. Okay. No way. I thought our place and civil war era music because. You know folks. We don't know puppet Downey that your doctor -- potty upland Hawkins. I think about the -- well. Your magic in -- But. At the Davis. College of beavers -- -- and control. And John -- as your calls -- and by the way John is also really really. Ugly guy because. You know what are the things I hate asking people to do when I work with them. Is to run into the water cooler for me and give me water because I I think it's demeaning. But John. Understands -- on to -- like start researching something and -- literally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But thank you John I appreciate that. Anyway it is Good Friday. And I try to behave myself and having a very bad and hard time doing that Harry Reid is a big -- with the United States senate and by the way. Davis come up and lots. In this -- in each situation. That almost came to blows earlier this week. I I presume that you're familiar enough with it at all I really have to say is. Just like they did at Waco and just like they did ruby ridge. Under I don't know what I mean Bill Clinton. And the attorney general -- Janet Reno white people by the way com. Although Bill Clinton was really the first black president of how quickly we forget. But anyway -- them. The federal government ladies and gentlemen. Is becoming. Exactly. What the self feared -- -- become even as early as the 1860s. End on the four. And of numerous government. And a quite frankly -- pesticides. And fascist government. That grows bigger and bigger and bigger and the states become less and less and less significant. Now I feel like I have to do this disclaimer every time but I I I do. -- To my black Brothers and sisters and anybody listening also with half a degree of common sense. Slavery is evil I would never be a slave I would never own a slave I think it's evil whether the slave is black or white. It back to me that goes without saying. I wish the south have freed the slaves. And then declared independence. That would -- awesome. But anyway the -- in the short of it folks -- trying to explain this to people and sometimes they don't. Quite understand where I'm coming from and it boils down to the tenth amendment of the constitution. Which basically says look unless the constitution says this is the federal government's role consider the well. Yes that's exactly the -- All right I'm taking liberties with modern day language. But it in any event ladies and gentlemen. Before constitution. The emphasis was on the states. The united the states of America. The that was the emphasis put that in all caps cap locks on the -- states the United States of America. After the civil war. United States. Of America. Cap -- and united and states. In other words the balance of power shifted from the states. To the all powerful federal government. Now. An argument can be made. I should -- office. An argument can be made that the south because of its own -- test station. -- -- central authority in the confederate government led by Jefferson Davis. Cooked its own ghosts. Because. I believe it was the governor of Georgia said hey. I didn't trade. I didn't trade a master in Washington. For a master in Richmond Virginia. And some people say that these south its unwillingness to surrender state sovereignty to -- over. Writing national authority is part of what cost the south the war now they may have a point. But somewhere folks there's got to be a balance. At least as I understand the founding fathers between states. And the federal government or right now and for as long as the United States last in the charade it now operates under. Up. It is all about Washington. It's all about 8 central government in Washington DC and diminishing power of the states. And I hit the -- his folks there's no other word to properly describe what's happening in America today but fascism. And I'm sorry if that makes one comfortable. I'm sorry if that makes you feel. -- I'm I'm some kind of unpatriotic fool. But that's the word when government starts taking over everything. That's the work -- government. Gives itself the power. To put you in jail without charges without any crime having been committed. But at its own arbitrary whim and caprice. Because it designates you eight domestic terrorist that's fascism. That's totalitarianism. It state -- Folks. Don't think that these people who've called my show over the years to bitch about and the AA the national defense authorization act if you think they're crazy. You credit you undertake any reality test my friends you had best take a reality test and when Harry rate. From Nevada. Claims that the protesters at the bunny ranch who stood up to this overreaching. Federal eagle. We just turned into a Turkey vulture. When they showed up at that rich I thought it was a great moment in America are really do. It may very well prove to be a seminal moment. In the movement to take our country back from the radicals the progressives and the people quite frankly who we just a suit every conservative -- Who said that by the way Bill Ayers. Who said we might have to kill twenty million Americans to make this country right. And he wasn't talking about people on the left. And it kind of scares me that a guy with that mentality. Is good friends with the guy who's president of the United States. But you wanted to black guys president no matter what he said no matter what he thought. You guys want to -- symbolism of a black guy to prove -- not some racist. Who fun. We wanted to change America congratulations you got your wish. I wish -- waited for Ben Carson or Thomas all. But I also think you should be considered with doctor -- -- -- about a man being judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. Now bear was a great American he got it. Are Hillary go to traffic right now and Alan Harris or don't know about -- and -- right now -- our area why do that I just you know what for some reason I thought that. I thought we'd have traffic report around wegmans for a bit. And because it's Good Friday. Are my friends 8030930. Is the phone number I got to play the show's turned into something a little heavier than I wanted to do today. But the I think it's. I'm OK with that at least you know giving this a meat before I get into the -- It -- it flop okay so. Harry -- Harry -- Is this statement. Indication. That. But do you agree with the statement that's the simplest simplest way to put it do you agree that the protesters at the bunny ranch in Nevada. Who stood up to the bureau of land management and the government by the way what are -- answers the question as to why the government was buying so much ammunition. It's -- body bags and shipping military equipment all over the country for no apparent reason. This somehow ties together all of course it wouldn't because that would be that would be as a kind of whacked out conspiracy theory that only -- mentally -- person would all forgive me. But this is what Harry Reid had to say do you agree or disagree. These people who hold themselves out. The patriots are not. Nothing more than domestic terrorists we live in -- country -- its people follow the law and what went up and asking. There's not very good and we created what went on there -- domestic terrorism. And Harry Reid you can kiss my -- acts. What went out there is domestic terrorism. Sir what went on the -- was short fascist over reaching over weaning government trying to stamp down and stop down on an individual for your game and your son's game. And patriotic Americans standing up as they did at Lexington and Concord and like Paul were Beers said. Before -- Revere. And his source liberty. I don't know if you noticed but Russia is a kids book out now. And he also -- -- I know it isn't talker he's he's got a book out for kids to books operatives and other you know that. All right 803 I love rush on -- but I've -- I'm having good natured fun with mr. Limbaugh. Eight because I think it's counterproductive for people on our side to attack each other real I truly do I I think it's. I think it's stupid I think it's possible to respect Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity Michael Savage. -- beach me. I think it's I think is possible to respect people who fundamentally. Get it even if you don't agree with everything they say or do. And we've we've covered that ground before once or twice on the show. Not even married people agree 100% of the time you know I feel about rest Thompson. I think Ross Thompson is a great American and I think he's a tremendous patriot so we don't agree on 100% of the issues that you we agree on 70% you know -- I don't doubt his bona -- whatsoever I know the man loves America. He served his country is many of you have his wife serve this country has many of you ladies have as well but Ross understands that our country. Is supposed to be different. Our country is not supposed to be like some European. Status. Democracy. It's our country is not supposed to emerge from the Obama years as some post constitutional. -- -- Our country was supposed to be different. And it all started well before Obama folks. If you think that I only gonna blame Barack Obama you don't know what you're talking about and you don't listen to the show enough usual you should try to listen more. This started a long time ago. Obama is just the latest figure head. And it happens to be a great figurehead. Because he's half black. And that is the race with which identifies himself most closely. He is beyond criticism. Because anything you say. Well again we we've covered background before our right he's a great frontman. Terrific front man. Again we get back to the movie casino. Like this -- -- I knew he was just a real estate he was here's Arizona real estate hustler who and everybody had money. To put gas in his -- to come pick up is checked it today that's that Obama is he's a front man. -- -- -- -- He's a -- -- men. Are right. He's the key is the green at the Philip Green from casino. Of the United States of America. And he's going to be followed I'm afraid. By the soon to be grandmother Hillary Clinton. You know thanks -- You don't think she's going to be elected who yeah what do Republicans got to run Donald Trump don't make me laugh. The odds are if I were a betting man today I would bet Hillary Clinton is going to be your next president. Or shall I say she's gonna be elected in 2060. After that. Will have the first. Hispanic president. Because after all know he's gonna be able to criticize Hillary because. She has of these. Then we'll have the first Hispanic president. You can't criticize him because that's gonna make you a racist as well. Then we're gonna have the first openly gay president and you're not going to be able to say anything about that because obviously are all ball. And then I think the cap off the end of the United States of America. Will have the first. Openly illegal immigrant president of the United States that's -- in this country going I wish I was joking but I'm not. I hate that I wish I could be more positive but I'm not. I never thought I would say this but all I can say is I'm glad I was born in 1963. Because I'm not gonna see what's gonna happen fifty years from now in the United States goes in it going to be pretty if it's even fifty years from now. Stay with us on WB -- -- it's not. Really when -- by the way just won an election elbows were listening earlier acknowledged not -- X. On -- landscaping is good male waxing. I think we need to talk -- as far as AccuWeather. Four. Well let's just say a tree always looks bigger when you -- aggressive about it you know what I mean always taller. Rush hour in spots early this evening. Am it'll be. Will partially. Clearing skies tonight the overnight low thirty through the sometimes we hear me pause like that you just know that there's something I'm thinking of saying. And then I'm wrestling with myself what John Belushi in animal house with the Angel in the gavel. I decided the Angel had to win that one. As far as tomorrow mostly sunny 52 Easter Sunday warmer with sunshine patchy clouds and sixty. Vagaries right now what is it that -- 57 degrees still -- news radio 930 WB -- well it isn't again -- That's for sure how serious you guys wanna beat all of those it you sent an email about this in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Which by the way along with Santa -- I think Albuquerque. Is Albuquerque Santa -- are the two most overrated places in the west. Over rated absolutely. Totally I'm glad I went I would never go back. Just I'm sorry but it just kind of things not my -- baby anyway. Wells Fargo bank and to think that one of the original founders of the Wells Fargo company it was a buffalo guided you know that one time mayor buffalo. Look it up. Anyway of what street -- about resilient now. Actually he didn't live there but there. What are -- gonna say. This week it was reported that an Albuquerque. -- they lost Buddhist New Mexico percent accurate -- -- New Mexico. Branch of the Wells Fargo Bank took down a flag of display because it'd received complaints. From people that the American flag hanging inside an American bank was offensive. To whom would it be offensive. To the illegal invaders who come into this country to suck it's -- and apps dry maybe. I don't know people who think the treaty of Guadalupe pay it I'll -- it was no good. And that's what ended the Mexican American war by the way. And in part what won the west for the United States and it sort of break the news you spokesman most countries on this earth. Are one or were won by conquest. You can win a war politically you can win -- war by conquest it's still way of the world folks of often set. If the apaches and had 810 wart hogs. This would be an Apache nation. I'm sorry but wars are won with by the people with a better weapons. And you win wars by conquest -- the fruits of winning a war is often territory. The way of the world. Anyway. They put the flag back up at Wells Fargo. And we're trying to finessed their way out of it now saying oh really took it down because it was hanging in correctly. The Mariah.

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