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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

4-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And the. -- -- That. Hold to look at the end. The few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing Americans of Russia. The al-Qaeda. That rush. In the 1980s are now. Calling to ask for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can fix that without legislation to expand opportunity for more American family that's what I'm gonna do. These people to hold themselves out. The patriots. Are not nothing more than domestic cash. Tom hourly I don't even know this. Sure I think it right back bathing it's live it's local good. It's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who lived here and -- news radio 930. I'll stop -- saying. Sorry -- again tonight yell out -- meant Fraser's. Actually it was Jesus on the -- On Good Friday my god my god -- -- I can make except seek Jesus did it because a lot of well he was crucified. I'm saying it because I haven't impacted too. Different I guess but all -- about the impact they're cute I bet it hurts more than crucifixion. Right that's pretty much where I'm at right now. Back anyway I don't -- Joseph and John I think we're the only people working on the drive network today. How many looking like it usually about noon somewhere around here I've. Guys it was like afternoon drive getting into work today. And I think the main street Williams bill Jay walking while he was walking his dog. The reality well thanks for Jay walking while walking your dog. And then making it look like you're gonna walk right in front of my Jeep like I can't support got -- a black. Our it. And I really appreciate that Janet walked. -- very bad mood today under is warning you essentially. I gotta say this story I got to Tokyo argue. It I have to know is this just me. Because I've made the comment earlier this week. With electronics. Derrick could be tough policy and television sets in a store. Also okay I'll pay me -- one. I'll take all of that will be the television set that is the lemon OK we've established that in previous shows. Electronics and I do not get along I always pick the lemon. Now dealing with pharmacies. I -- apoplectic. Right now. Is it just your humble host. Or is your pharmacy also all. Not stocking enough of what you need so you have to make two trips instead of one. Because the cynic in me. The cynic in me says. Their purposefully short stocking the pharmacy so that we have to go back to the pharmacy twice and then they hope will make it impulse buy of something else like I'm going to -- you know I have to go back and get my second. Out of antibiotics because they're supposed to give me thirty they gave me 58. -- oppose holder well all know. Can't it be enough lawn -- I wonder if this is part of some marketing strategy either one of these wizards of Smart like you have a guy who invented branding as a concept gave up. May I have an idea seat in the pharmacy department -- short stock stuff the people -- that we get -- back to come to the store twice now. Here's where my apoplectic -- apple apoplectic -- that's not even a word. Well it Paladino embedded on intimidate people actually invented and I think the longstanding work. Yet here here's here's why I'm I'm I'm furious right now. I'm furious Joseph Joseph and John have already heard this story. Because I've I've told you guys I have an abscess on a mole rat and it's no. It's one of those things. She role might have missed wrote the script. For antibiotics. I've never had this antibiotic before I don't know how it's going to work we -- Well it doesn't work we meet different body chemistry different antibiotics right. Sorrow I I call my dentist and am like period the antibiotic you gotta give me something else because with me usually after the first. Dose or two of antibiotics I I I instantly get relief for whatever is infecting whatever is infected on my body. Don't go there are right so. He was nice enough to call the pharmacy to order. The antibiotic that always works for me double take care any infection. And I mean any affection I have. So. Something must happen in the computer system because they told byte that is -- that will he ever picked up the antibiotic that you prescribed ball blank. I've got a bottle right at all. So special opt for basically calling me a liar to -- -- thanks a lot. I'm I'm furious right now absolutely furious but was there no note in the computer that they didn't have enough of what I needed. So then what might might -- calls it another prescription at it it seems like I was just waiting for one that was going to be the one I want to. It's just yet folks sent me an email. Because note don't -- have pharmacies argued that name pharmacies I do not -- doctors well beat everybody knows who my dentist is but. It. I'm just I'm -- apoplectic right now because it's Good Friday. I don't even know if any pharmacy passed a few which will be in completely located for -- are even going to be open when I get off work. And certainly down at Easter Sunday. Right stroll. I I'm throwing my hands up in the air right now like you've got to be kidding it's bad enough you didn't have enough of what I needed. Then you tell my -- that I never picked it up when in fact I did so now he says that that -- give me a script for the other antibiotic that I need really. Thanks a lot it's brilliant for me it's not even like yeah morphine. Is not like a painkiller it's up forget -- it. Well I'm furious. It is this just me it's got to be just me Joseph this is this happening to you I don't know how many drugs you'd think. I mean how many prescriptions are written warrior I got a couple of -- antibiotics and stuff John doesn't ever happen to you you're young in the -- of health. All right good good for you good for you. All right well I just wanna thank them for basically calling me a liar for my dentist banks thanks a lot. Are right now. He can send me an email saying what's going on -- that -- -- -- pregnant -- your prescription really. Would you like to see the bottle at my house all I've I'd do all. Not real happy right now not. Well no it's not just. See it it's the totality of the circumstances. And I'm sure you could relate to this because nobody ever. This stuff doesn't it. Always happen on a holiday. Or at the worst most inopportune times in your life right. -- -- I'm gonna bother my dentist over Easter weekend I don't think so ago. I felt -- -- calling on Good Friday because he's very devout Catholic I. I don't like disturbing a very devout Catholic during noon to three on the on Good Friday because he is no doubt deeply in prayer was deeply in prayer and meditation. During the passion of the Christ. Which always is what Christians don't celebrate but remember on this date. From noon until three and I realized there's a time zone difference in everything I got you there. But. Oh my gosh. So sending an email is just might just be because if it wasn't just me my -- to be lighting up like Christmas trees apparently it is just -- -- I am the only one affected by pharmacy -- pharmacies lately only have a half of the prescribed medication I need. It doesn't matter what the medication is for. Brain inflammation. Whatever it doesn't matter. You -- to come back twice. What you ultimatum like baby wipes to let me what's -- killer. My email Thomas WB ENN dot com. Tom at WB and that -- Barack Obama got that off my chest I hope you can relate in some way shape perform. Get everybody's got a tale of -- tell about the health care system in some way shape or form. And I can't say anything bad about my doctors or dentists at all. And before today -- all I noticed for the past couple of months that the pharmacy has been slackened. Well we can give you a harsh fulfillment embryo can partially -- script but you have to come back for the arrest. That's not a good sign. Now now I wonder if this is just the marketing ploy let's get him back he's gonna play garden no watch c'mon -- we're gonna get by garden no one really. All right anyway thanks Caribbean -- this we're the only people working to -- and hopefully more than just three of us are listening today. Traffic is not for a pleasant outside I don't know if you are aware of that. But a round up the major. The no they did not give me narcotics and fortunately but. Now see if they're gonna doubles give they're gonna get -- double or something at least give me something -- complete audio. Of that really came out wrong no it didn't arm but. If you are around a shopping area where people buy food today. My hitters have already got a ton of email Imus you know what the major grocery stores are around these here parts right okay. There there are ungodly which I -- ungodly on Good Friday perceived to be oxy moronic. There there on the holy. There on the holy masses today on Good Friday everybody is up getting butter butter lambs eggs. And whatever it is you're gonna have for Easter land a lot to show him land. -- and I will do a five hour monologue to myself before I do ham or lamb is a topic I won't do. There are some related topics however -- can do the kind of -- Easter player to them -- well. Joseph. Just just so you know all right. I think that probably by about 6 o'clock tonight. I would pick a fight with you. Art what do you bench you bachelor 20220. I'm -- somewhere other sure and what do you bench maybe 25 pounds OK so. I guess in that yes yes. All right Joseph. Other to see if I can't -- that free shop there because I swear if this -- does not lighten up over the weekend I pulled myself. At my -- They're good for them it's a it's a nice give Friday joked I'm well thank you drop. Anyway. -- -- -- go to my FaceBook page somebody spotted something in the sky is. Over Texas and now over I was Kansas. And it looks like a giant. Well you figure it out now what else do we have going on so it. So John did that call that came in did that have anything to do with pharmacies not stocking enough medicine these days kind of Qaeda because they see this is just once this is bit like about five different times in the past month or Porsche ago. Where all we're gonna have to fill a partial. Why. And every seriously why would -- talk about some exotic vacation work outs really basic your. Marketing. Jim -- I'm drawing increasingly skeptical. It's a growing increasingly skeptical of anything that has anything to do with health care these days. Remember ladies and gentlemen and I think we've established -- you have to be your own best advocate for health care. And is a graduate of the university of Google medical school and the university of Google dental school I know what I'm speaking. He says sarcastically. Now. -- -- there are probably people listening who think that there actually is the university of Google medical school or university of Google dental school that I actually went there out of actually a physician and the dentist. Now animal lawyer too sure out of a gynecologist. I went I went to the university of Google school of gynecology. Or maybe that was. I don't know I can't say that given it a camps -- Are right anyway. Guys. -- I've worked good Fridays before. Serious work and today just seeing how. Serious is not gonna work. Nobody is that a serious -- Should I try serious. He really wanted to try serious. Because there is something I think I wanna talk about but I just don't know that anybody else really gives a damn about it. Joseph is more via mail like dirt don't do that don't say you're gonna -- evidence they're gonna do something serious. -- got it. Well let me try. -- detritus and analysts able works if not I am so million and today. It and I'll admit that a million and the -- that'll be good seat when I'm relative I'm still better than 99.9 99% of the people in this field anyway. So I I can do -- showed drunk stole it I can do this show like after a bottle of OxyContin and I'd be fine you never even. I'd still be better than -- than anybody else on the radio except maybe a couple. So I -- Usually Harry Reid had to say. Harry Reid. You know who Harry Reid is right okay Hariri is a corrupt politician any Democrat. Not that the two are necessarily. Always tied together but it's -- start. Did you hear. What he had to say about the protesters at the -- the ranch. Folks. I cannot believe the synchronicity. Of this program and the rest of the world out there. Because just this week. We talked about eight an American law. Which gave your president the power to basically determine who is eight terrorist threat to America. And to detain them indefinitely. And it is called the national defense authorization. Act. Harry Reid called the protesters. At the bunny ranch. Domestic terrorists. Do you think that those words were just words. Not spoken up for a specific reason. If you do. You are so freaking naive you ought to go back and listen this show we did about the real American history and the real America that nobody talks about that show are brought up Serpico. And how stupid war on drugs is okay. Harry Reid. Does anybody think this just some random string of words he put together to talk about the guys -- rifles and the cowboys two courses at the bunny ranch and calling of American terrorist domestic terrorist. Poll although I pity you I pity you because you let critical thinking skills but I don't. I don't know even with like us in my head I can still out think the -- of well. Most of the best to view some will get the better meet today I don't doubt that -- news radio in my thirty WB. -- -- -- Doesn't work -- -- very it's. I'll try anything. If you want. Here -- not to hurt. I don't know I mean I could go to Toronto conservator of the mayor by way -- beautiful thing about the United States. -- tell them they are smokes crack. United States Obama voters smoke crack. -- ball. Anyway it is at 333. Partners Kool. 0333. News radio 930 WBE and anyway thanks a lot for being with me and if traffic is an ungodly mess where you are right now like they've -- were were food is sold. I'd like to know. And it all we'll get through today now will look at through. Hey here's a Norma in that tunnel under a WBA and -- and Ed you know does stuff more and more you go to the pharmacy and they say well we can only fill -- -- or you have to come back for the other half. -- right now my our daughter is going through a bit bad. Here's one of our national changed a little. And do not name names even I Latin names -- named names because I love. I love the people who worked there but something it has something is change -- last couple months because more and more all we can Philip partially and start to feel like I'm living at the pharmacy like you're gonna start charging rent. I have been with parents unfortunately it hit the -- in its order and respect for what or narcotic. You know democratic. Is in the work they work at -- registry -- weren't factors -- -- -- In his computer it automatically registered with little -- states that the person he got its grip on this stage it -- -- notes that diplomatic -- And that way if she ever gets a pistol permit they can go back and look at that violator Hitler and taker permanent way. Why so if you go for the aren't in part at least sell. Well they sent out we might have a three hours a day so she late they don't panic don't panic and while we might have -- in today's. Or rule out what happened in the six state before they actually got all. There when you get a -- and and it only partially failed you we'll have 48 hours and to finish back or shall fail. I didn't know that you with the narcotics. Out well. You know -- forgive my interruption. By. Here's here's something else to -- say usually depending on the cut you said your daughter has a chronic condition. So if she tried another pharmacy. The doctor might actually blow your daughter from his or her practice because the doctor might think that your daughter is. It is pharmacy shopping to get more Mets. One of travel live with a computer that -- -- -- out to write another script. Give him because he cannot -- right in nondescript regardless. And so she was that the iron. -- she is isn't this isn't this idiotic war on pain pills and he is a real win win for everybody you talk about unintended consequences ever sorry your kid got hooked on pain guilt and died but to know what they help an awful lot of people to. And people overdosed on aspirin. -- -- player in the wheelchair as are so great yeah and why I'm so sucks but the problem is now honoring our state candidate. She got out oh well what she did and he can get in the opening our state and try to get sent to get back -- -- They're. Easter weekend another -- over Easter weekend. And making our way out hunger aid but not -- -- and had our anger. And what he called war I and it's about -- state is now at eight at. Well I gotta tell you about it -- pharmacy can not -- old and order for pain pills. Overnight. You'd need a different pharmacy you cannot listen to well the trucks gonna commit on Thursday. There's an African wheelchair she needs and kill up and killers well. I go to my nice little independently owned and if they have a grip that they don't and then not only eleven currently in line and I are gonna get -- ever ever happen. Relevant -- let me just say one of the unintended consequences of the war on legitimate use of painkillers and noted there's. It would be easier right now for me and her daughter to get relief by getting heroin on the street that it would be to get it from a pharmacist. And your your apple right and even get work for her ticket is going through an incredibly he divorced and her husband -- -- in. -- in the CPS saying you know beauty -- her prescribes. Medications. So -- yet. We had to go to court. In the end up getting a judge who used to be a drug court job and he looked at her medication. Medicaid -- -- her back there over engineers. Have worked found out what works best for her but there's more than just one match. And -- that blocked street staple director at I don't like it's. Faking it or stretch out -- be filing a plea. Okay what it asks. OK okay that guy is practicing outside the scope of his expertise he's afflicted lawyer he's not a position in my correct. He needs to be brought up an ethics charges I -- I would tell him you're gonna bring him up and ethics charges. Now -- is is this guy a lawyer or social worker. OK but is -- a lawyer to. Well I would I would bring him up on ethics charges he has no business practicing medicine without a license and that's exactly what he did. Well and and they sent her food drug free and fishy civil Air France I day -- week that the ballot and agency general insurance. And career on the -- aren't sure cocaine heroin crack at a because. Doesn't making bad people brag. Got a guy in the White House it was through college on Coke go Louisiana. They take a crap. You want a positive that our little island and what she ought to be. Well again today this is what happens again this and what happens when people like the Buffalo News and the media. When they pick up a cause. And on. Intended consequence is people like your daughter end up in agony and now in right you have. Because now some half ass lawyer judge practicing outside of the scope of his expertise decides he's gonna play doctor what's next is he gonna play gynecologist. This you that you need to report this guy to the ethics board of the new York state bar association has as far as I'm concerned he got -- -- legal -- and he got to face charges himself for practicing medicine without a license. Yet even it even be out of rehab that rehab place -- care deeply skeptical they actually took her -- -- in a long time and lower ninety gear that. Aren't well look I think I'm started it normalcy now on pissed off about you. Not you but about you and what your daughter is going through because I've. -- this is it's ridiculous but again folks this is what happens when you let government control your life. More laws more laws more laws more on drugs and painkillers this is what happens. Real people get hurt. I was only person with a stolen and to actually question the war on painkillers like are you serious. You're you're really you're really wanna make this. Dirty yet. Because you know what the consequence was going to be. Do you know. And I don't think I'm telling tales out of school here let's just -- For people who do autopsy is for a living locally. You know what they're averaging right now for heroin overdoses. One of the autopsy a week young people heroin overdoses. You know what it overdose on heroine because they don't know what's in the heroin they don't know the potency they don't know what it's been cup where. They're -- one a week one young person a week is dying from heroin overdoses in our area. Because it's easier to get heroin that it is painkillers on intended consequences -- addicted to anything. And being booked on any thing is not do it we can all agree there. All right. But if you're gonna get hooked on something would you like to know it's at least pure. -- we can do the whole drug -- again I just don't feel like doing. Anyway all let's go to like dairy in Williams bill because I brought something up before the news break. I just wasn't expecting normal to be such a good phone caller because people with the -- -- cell Lamar but. Little Joseph entered guides they're not laughing in the next room right. I think they're lamenting the sabres season that was Harry Reid. Has called -- the people who showed up at the bunny ranch in Nevada. Domestic terrorist and I happen to believe that his choice of words was absolutely. Positively. Intentional. As a choice of words because under the national defense authorization act and DJ hey guess what ladies and gentlemen. I and I put this up on my FaceBook page you can read it myself unfortunately it goes to the Forbes web site. And if you ever -- of the Forbes web site you know you got to click on about a million different. Exes before they let you read the article you wanna read and of course my computer has died. It is 342 news radio 930 WB EM I need to reboot the computers like you do my show stay with us. Oh Harry Reid and sensing that they're domestic terrorists but do. Even here -- bet I'm sorry thank you I'm brain dead today sorry about that you know what I don't feel like my pharmacist I partially filled my brain. Before I came into work today -- -- back two days later and finished filling my brain and maybe that -- the hole as caddie a bag Eminem's an African -- no. Anyway yeah let me get back to our caller I'm so -- my computer to reboot I've -- -- this guy's name again. Gary Gary how welcome WBUR -- domestic terror terrorist thank you holdings or I can't think without my computer and it buys all the time what's up. Earlier about your computer issues. -- like that what can they really read the issue from a larger perspective. It includes following mr. Reid is all over the past couple of years. All the things that would put them under other circumstances. And to me except mental is now population pocket. I want some other. Noted congress people out there where you've been -- keep you go to all of then a public official removal from office due to Mac -- Actually all boy. I'm gonna give you a yes and no answer on bet. Damn circles. Dance circles was an American congressman. Dance circles kill this son of the guy who wrote the star spangled banner because. His name was Barton keys. Because. Barton key was paying in circles -- wife. Are right. Six goals shot Barton -- to death his lawyer. Edward Stanton who later would become Defense Secretary or a jury secretary of war. Actually got him off. On a temporary insanity. Play. That is his he he was -- unsound mind that at the moment he shot. Barton key but I think sick goals kept his congressional seat in fact the funny thing is he later. Was named commander of the third corps. Of the army of the Potomac and totally disobeyed orders on day two of Gettysburg and basically cost of thousands of guys whose -- -- their lives. Although -- six goals to his credit. Lost a leg game in shelling on day two of Gettysburg. And I got to hand it to the guy he either was crazy or he had balls as big as as biggest when he found shells because he. In full -- over his troops he took got a cigar lit it up. And was gracefully -- got a cigar being led off the field of battle bleeding profusely from his dangling leg. You gotta admire somebody like that but if your question directly I don't know if anybody's been removed because of mental disease or defect. From a position of public office at least as high as the office of congress whether it be the house or the senate. Oh and I think he -- -- commodity gimme some -- -- points for park McKee. I know very cute. -- I needed I needed that little ego affirmations and thank you. In that only occurred and when will it. -- -- -- true -- and they won that. Under any other circumstances shouldn't have been removed that -- and different going to make me highly unpopular. Get a big -- and Ted Kennedy. -- I -- OK now give birds. I -- you know what. I'm not gonna say anything that's a no win situation I'm not going there Ted Kennedy now. Are we talking Ted Kennedy pre brain tumor or post brain tumor. Quote wait until we're at both of them were -- -- up until all the data resides it was a daily die. Bought. Well you know what I I have to tell you IA I'm not gonna comment on something because I haven't had a chance to think about it I know that they're all kinds of brain tumors some affect cognitive function. Others do not and I'm gonna withhold comment on America we just stick with what Harry Reid said about American patriots. It do you think it's a coincidence. That Harry Reid. Called the protesters at the -- ranch domestic terrorists and that is exactly the kind of language which would allow Obama or any American president to lock up the guys on the cowboy horses with the flags and the rifles as threats and enemies to the state. I'm not sure who didn't mental capacity left in the area Greek debt but also -- to -- our. Well I understand that but but aren't you see your putting your putting into place. Paula because I understand what you're saying but I want -- -- remember something that liberals and progressives think that we. Just end and by the way that's why a lot of people who were born in Russia. The whole idea of psychiatry. Because that's what the state into the Soviet Union all you believe in capitalism. You don't believe in the state our collective -- here OC doctor so and so clearly you're mentally defective. Let's go to traffic right now with Alan heroes Allen. Now as quick -- know -- a lot of traffic yeah around our local food Emporia. So do you see any major delays or hold -- a majority it was a call I don't think they have traffic cams set up outside Broadway marketer outside most wegmans but they should. -- The traffic hotline is 80303218030321. -- you guys already -- in a better moved. Then again I want to thank the gave brought that a crackdown of the station AOK but he thank you. A shower in spots early this evening otherwise. Clouds breaking tonight overnight low of 33. Sunny tomorrow 52 and Easter Sunday resurrection day off I'll call them both. Warmer a beautiful day 65. And you know I says something really stupid earlier this week. But I sits up and particularly stupid. And ill informed usually I have to watch myself because I say hey and it's Easter Sunday except for people who celebrate the Easter right. Well guess what. This is a year. And it happens every down again. This is a year -- -- the western like the Roman Catholics as well as the the eastern church celebrates Easter on the same day. So thank you to -- a FaceBook page for pointing that out I do appreciate the correction I always wanna be accurate and that actual. And of course something else said from the new testament Thursday punches pilot to Jesus Christ in Latin. Quote asked Veritas what is truth. I thought it was a brilliant question. Brilliant actually. You guys are looking at me as -- I'm speaking in tongues all right let's -- to break a 54. Are at 55 a -- gutless. Let's get back here. So let's just I think Harry Reid right now. -- you understand why the little hesitant to call people who disagree with me and you. Politically. As being mental patients because that's really in the eye of the be holder. I'm looking at -- and -- party I'm trying to be a universal and it's like effective at least half a dozen people in congress and senate today. But I seriously doubt whether they could pass for the -- the past. So why are they allowed to make rules for seeing people. Well again. Dementia test is one thing. IQ tests is something else I've got to tell you I think there are some people in congress with IQ's. -- a rhesus monkeys could could do better. I'm serious I there are some real armies in congress how they get elected is beyond me. On -- effort -- the American voters on crack silly. -- -- -- So much what he says is so me. And meant to be volatile. Hurt all destructive. Bullion he's noted is it's a war on women it's a war -- conservative women who showed up at the -- rant it'll hold up we're gonna have some -- -- the next hour okay. Because you sell your fine for now you've already got in a better mood so I don't use some time. All right now you see this is your perfect for me it's totally got my mind off the fact that. Wait a minute now I want to work -- -- I brought it down during the last break from my tooth spent ten minutes now I gotta have more what's up with that. I'm suddenly not a good vote. That's a public service announcement on the right where seed to public service announcements like that then people would listen not bad stuff the popular -- -- -- I never and I wouldn't. You -- like that no not even a Jamaican never -- all right. Be serious be real. All right yell yeah because that Ted Elliott focus because that's good for my heart got out of the cardiologists would love to hear that sure. It has hourly for nature's law. You know -- I have a green -- I have a green thumb. I really -- but if I spent energy in my garden. I want blooms. I want worse I want. Hi -- ranges. I want -- This disease and I want huge cargo flowers. Are right. The bigger the better what I rotary to burst forth with a mushroom out of blooms and every branch. My grass and I like to edge it like to -- it but as far as I'm concerned nature's lawn can handle that for me. Nature has -- wants to be your lawn service they're not like the other lawn services if you want nature's -- will go all organic warrior. Now what I do is I start out with all organic. Okay. And they make sure that my lawn has the nutrients it needs so that good that great looking grass actually has what -- needs to grow on my law. Oh and my neighbors and people just walking by they always have noticed even -- to their ads on the I told you about is people say mister -- or -- crazy guy who does your lawn and I was able nature's law. And as long as you watered them as directed. You're gonna have a great look at law that's all I can tell you there I I would never think using anybody else nature's law. And you call six they won 7796. Ask about your free soil test or visit nature's long dot com.

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