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4-18 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You can you can't. It shows remove obstacles that army said it made sure that B Daffy -- -- that was Bugs Bunny -- -- body allowing in the mix though. Well low boxes will furrier than that he's obviously there at all he's also -- -- yes yeah. I don't know what that is from 1940 -- Easter yanks Easter eggs Easter you exit which blogs. Takes over for very exhausted eastern on Aaron well I can conceive. Do you have any big box office knows -- -- Bob yes indeed Captain America had another. Big weekend at the box office 41 million dollars. It's done 159. Million here in the US in just ten days over -- it's doing even better. 317. Million dollars overseas. And number two Rio to this was the sequel to the -- call flick from from 2011. It did 39 million dollars which is the exact. Same opening numbers that the first one did which generally is not meant that usually the sequels perform better. But light the last one. This is the bigger hit overseas and it is here it did a 127. Million dollars with four and audiences. At number three populist big twelve million dollars. Horror movie that -- had a strong opening here about the audience poll grades worked bearable the people who sell. Hated it issued trade very quickly. And number four and Kevin Costner's latest comeback film draft day eight. Did ten million dollars in the third. Ho hum opening he really hasn't caught fire in a big way. You shouldn't do should do very well on video but it's not going to be a big one at the box office. And number five no. Continues to do fairly well here another eight million dollars it's now at 84 million. It's that a 162. Million overseas. And we'll take a look at number seven also -- not dead. The faith based film about the big debate between a college student and the professor. It did another six million dollars it is now at 41 million dollars with no TV advertising no print advertise here. If you're aware of a movie about god do you need advertise. What did you physically drawn into the theater. Well all you've seen Cecil B. -- didn't feel that way we did a lot of advertising for ten commandments as and it paid off. A -- But job. That was done with a two million dollar bought just tremendously. Tremendously successful all and if I did get you. NA Cecil B. DeMille ten commandments -- mood -- ABC will be showing it this Saturday night as they have been for. Years and years and years or you'll get to see Edward G. Robinson and smear whereas -- -- it's. I am. When Jim Moses. Ran a. All right if you haven't IQ question for yes I reduce our Dan. Made his first appearance in the issue of action comics released on this date in 1938. Which of the following actors. Was not. Offered the role of Superman. In the 1978. Film who was not offered the role. Was an aide Robert Redford beat Warren Beatty or seat Sylvester Stallone. And the -- is a movie that's what should I -- some bitter valid through May 26 when a 1425. Dollar certificate to -- is pizza pub and grill. 43 dollars. General content rules apply call 6449875. Now. The disabilities. Film festival tell us about that -- Now we've got actually true film festivals that are kicking off next Friday here in buffalo gonna talk first about to -- disabilities film festival. The museum of disability. Put this one together and their showing a film called raising -- Christiane. I mean it is a about a little boy who was born in in Massachusetts. Without full Adams. Or tong and the parents were just absolutely overwhelmed when he was born weren't sure they were up to watch. The task of raising this kid. Just a remarkable. Remarkable kid very athletic got extraordinarily. Involved with. Swimming baseball basketball. Rationally and he had surgery which allowed him to speak. Slowed him down and if you go on the museum's website or the disability film fest dot org web site. You can get some information about this movie -- trailer on YouTube very upbeat. Look at this just amazing kids life. They're showing this movie that to dips in Amherst. Next Friday they're gonna show at 3 o'clock and 7 o'clock and between the two showings. They're gonna have by the director and producers to answer questions from the audiences and talk. Also next Friday is the start of the buffalo Niagara film festival. And that's gonna go on for ten days there's gonna be all sorts of events. And film showings -- debt if you go to the and at -- dot com. You can get the full breakdown of everything. All one of the big events for this film -- Is this film festival is can be built around the documentaries it's going to be debuting. It is the thirtieth anniversary. The natural. And now -- -- got a new documentary. That breaks down the filming out of here. The people that got involved in this area the the local places. That were utilized. I know. A lot of local people worked on that particular film and the the cardboard people. I used. And fill up the rock pile in the natural. Oh my gosh you would see those sticking out of windows and -- for for years all over the area I don't see him as much used do but -- other guy -- I -- -- -- cardboard. Yeah I'm surprised I'm surprised I thought they would have had longer lives than that but that's also definitely worth checking out a lot of cool movie stuff happening. Well before video break let's say movie etiquette questions Superman made his first appearance in the issue of action comics released on this date in 1938. Which of the following actors was not offered the -- Superman in the 1978. Film Redford -- or Stallone. Stallone Stallone was not offered -- -- offered it to Robert Redford they offered it Warren Beatty both of whom I. I gotta say I think would have been just awful just I can't I Superman. Still alone. Desperately wanted the role he campaigned. For it like crazy. He thought it would be just you know just the great Italian American thing I can not picture at all. Stallone. In the you know in the suit with a for Dora Robert glass is staying. Do some fluid job for -- blue -- And just their affairs students and. Bullet I cannot picture while low while Bob -- -- -- Italians Tony why don't we take a break under greater and a third. Which dukes up WVG and that is the movie show us in a lobotomy sandy beach. Read some of Obama's reviews on FaceBook listened to the -- sure online anytime on the man at WB and -- come. Big movies hitting the big screen today Johnny debts and town with a movie called Tran. And sentence yes this is the first film. By Wally and that's Wally -- wall before Easter. But he has been the cinematographer for Christopher Nolan for many many years Dark Knight Manto all the band and films inception. And -- the first time he's working as a director. This is a a science fiction film that has an interesting concept. A terrific cast but has been getting. Absolutely. Terrible reviews most of people that are writing about this. Are saying it has -- somewhat interesting concept but everything just kind of falls apart. Pretty darn quickly. Johnny Depp is playing the world's leading expert on artificial intelligence. And he is married to -- Rebecca Hall terrific -- us. And she also it is working. With them on this concept here. The movie apparently takes place five years in the -- Her -- so. And there in Berkeley California yes and there is a group. But anti technology terrorist ago yes and do this that I know they wanna get rid of all. Internet and computers and -- is taking over. So they attacked. Pretty much all of the experts in the leading people. Who are working on artificial intelligence on the same day. And Johnny Depp is one of these people shot. And paralyzed blocked. He the bullet that they -- with. I guess plutonium in some sort of radiation. Show expensive by probably probably. Support Tony and yes I don't think you can get him the same place you get -- -- date. So. He -- serve and game. But he'd they realize he's gonna die within a few weeks. Makes no sense to me whatsoever because if we've learned anything from the Marvel Comics movies. It injected with any sort of radiation. You will become a superhero but apparently in this film knowledge elements sought and all that doesn't make a better attachment so he decides. When I want you to do. These -- upload. My my brain my mind to a computer. And then I can would have gone in cyberspace. And oh yes so they do this. And you know he he denies and like oh my gosh you were in the and they hear that. The -- kicking on and northern mule there are no no I guess it did sound a little like Francis the talking and -- there. But Donald O'Connor is nowhere to be asleep in this particular picture although he he could've helped it on so he's he's disembodied head. It's kind of floating there are now. On on the computer and I finally whereas somebody who doesn't. -- -- who doesn't so he is. The first thing he does. Is he decides gee I'm gonna need a lot of money if I'm gonna live my life properly as a disembodied head slowly melts. -- and in the stock mark of course he's got a computer can figure stuff -- he -- -- all this money and not. He has them move him out to the desert he buys up like -- -- own. And it's like an underground bunker. Filled with all these computers and hard drives off even more powerful. You've got all these people around him saying I don't know this is right Morgan Freeman. Plays a colleague and the voice of reason. And apparently at one point some penguins walk across this idea and he narrates what's happening with well. Johnny gaps starts. Doing things online starts healing people. People that are blind and disabled he's able to heal them online. And but the problem is today they are now cured. But they now become part in his zombie army you know light the that terrorists and he's starting to act. As if he were a god. All my goodness he must be stopped now. If you've seen I don't any old episode of Star Trek you Lou understand this sort of plot you've seen it sole many times before. It does not -- I mean that the movie her way into the com. Except. A a computer identity. Being able to -- Develop and expand much faster. Then the people it is getting involved in this film starts off with that concept -- kind of spins off the rails Johnny Depp is. You know sometimes the sale of a film -- Dispersants just kind of owning it and in this movie he's Skyping it and you you pretty much just see his face throughout fell. Odd part -- it's building. Towards a pretty big showed. It seems like it's going to be heading towards a huge showdown between that anti. Technology terrorists and Johnny Depp in the people that are not sure they should try to protect them or not. And then it just kind of fizzles out is just kind of stops. Goes nowhere and takes about two hours to get there. Like. Like a situation that you have with with many films where cinematographer. Becomes a director you end up with a film that. Looks pretty good. It's it's somewhat intriguing in the effects are done nicely but. In terms of dramatic. Impact and the characters. Just. It just kind of falls down. Me in once to be somewhere between ghost. And 2001 -- space Odyssey. But it ends up. It just kind of going absolutely nowhere. There right now on the rotten tomatoes website it's 18%. That's it that is Brit -- darn -- are those are nastier it. Oh like Johnny -- love Johnny Depp but the Lone Ranger was a Turkey and sounds like this is a Turkey should -- be more careful -- his roles -- he's just taking anything. Well. I think this one might have been a little hard to refuse not this this is the first film by this cinematographer. And Christopher Nolan is on board as executive producers -- that probably helps some people want to get involved. Johnny -- -- for this particular film. Twenty million dollar -- plots. 15%. Of the gross wow yeah hundred sell it -- of that glow well groceries weren't so that's the harder one to walk away from because -- you not only have all bad but they let you know. And you also aren't just going to be sitting there and we only need to fill your head. For a majority of the -- talked about the easiest paycheck you're gonna come across from all of this is the situation that Johnny Depp is getting into that for for awhile there it seemed just about every film. That he was picking -- turning out to be pretty strong. Box office wise. And. He has not had that kind of block it always take a quirky roles yeah not afraid to take our challenge he does a shot at for quite a while there. -- the quirky Nash did not seem to to be a problem but for about the last two years. People are being a bit more selective. I don't know whether this means he'll be looking to do another pirates of the Caribbean flick soon and others talk about an Alice in Wonderland sequel which was. Such as hugely successful bill which just amazing because of that movie was pretty much. And watchable but men made a lot of money whether it will also be successful as a sequel weather lightning strike again there. I don't know but I think. I I would be surprised if Johnny Depp is able to continue. Requesting this sort of payday when he keeps doing lots. -- -- plus a percentage of a growth percent yeah X. Okay. Will be back with more of the movie show after the news break on the Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon -- three news radio 9:30 AM. WD and. And it is the only show -- cinema Bob's ultimately said he big big movies haven't been scream Bob told you about transcendence when Johnny -- about -- excellent call under the skin. Yeah this is a very. Bizarre. Scifi flick starring Scarlett Johansson. This is filmed in Scotland and I tell you reaction to this has been absolutely. Divided either people. Are just lauding it finding very compelling hypnotic. Or they're saying this movie is so bill so slow that's enough and there are I can't stand this picture. The situation is. Scarlett Johansson. Is an alien. Who has taken the form. They female human in her twenties. She's in Scotland she's driving around in -- -- She is very emotionless. Very robotic almost. She's almost like a computer -- turned off she's just kind of sitting there very -- she drives along. But then when she sees -- -- and you can see are actually kind of switch on. -- girl she gets them to come into the man. Even better takes them to aid deserted old mansion don't easily and I don't she's mayor Bob. She takes them into a very dark room what happens. She takes her clothes off and she gets them to take their clothes off I'm seeing this movie and then has now walked towards shirt and as they walked -- -- shirt off. They kind of disappear into a black who's. A black boots and then they are never seen again August -- she then goes out for more -- she needs more rose yes yes that is usually watch is looking for. There is nudity. Here or more hope on Johansson as part. But this is rather disturbing. Dark sinister. Nudity. That makes you go. Cigarette under the squandered her check this game is in my my -- -- those. Tell me why is. I would say it's it's somewhat similar. If you saw. David -- we in -- the man who fell to earth. Which was made in 1976. Very good film but also very dry. Another movie where things are not explain every used to scifi movies -- stories like on Star Trek where it's all confusing. And then Spock suddenly says well what's happening captain is and that everything's a -- here. That does not happen in this film. They tried to get as much. A Vietnam. You warfare. Realistic feel to it as they can and one of the things that they did. Was they even -- I did some guerrilla filmmaking. In which Johansson is on the street. Approaching people. Trying to get them to come to her. In scenes where they didn't know they were filming the movie are really secretly filmed. So it's it's very. Many scenes. Are quite disturbing. There's one person that she brings to the mansion. Who has the elephant man disease and is quite disfigured. There's another scene. Where she comes across. A rather upsetting scene that is happened at a beach in which a a baby. Is kind of left on its. Owl yeah they're they're -- there. Just like. All war mono not sell I mean in movies like a racer had -- -- If creepy disturbing film that if you don't blink promoted by most fascinating. It's worth checking out but like I said just as many people who love this film despise it. One down one line here from one critical erected up they said -- on the film frustrating. But brilliant. But frustrating. -- All right next up is drama Hemingway's. Bottle of -- yeah. And Jude Law. For years has been. You know very talented actor and very much. A pretty boy he's one of those you know incredibly good looking guys. And he's getting a bit older. His hair starting to get a little bit thinner. And it looks like he's try to go the Matthew McConaughey route of trying to latch onto some meteor roles that don't call for him to the quite as dashing or as good looking. This is done by written and directed by Richard Shepard who did done the matador. With Pierce Brosnan and Greg can you are terrific picture like this movie. Has Jude Law playing a notorious safe cracker. Who is finishing up twelve years in prison he has kept his -- shocked. And he is back on the street trying to get the money that is owed to him. And Jude Law apparently put on about 35 pounds reduced role. He did it with the Coca-Cola diet. He drank ten cans of regular Coke holiday home. In lucky and get tired yeah. During the course of that but he does look and he does not Wear any sort of -- peso pair piece for this. So his say hair is a lot thinner and he looks a bit upon cheer and -- year. The film. It's it's very much are rated. And Grady it is vulgar and rough edge this is not your usual. Hugh Grant type I mean Jude Law type brawl. The movie opens. With. And Tom Hemingway. Delivering pay any monologue. He's in prison and he's. Kind of delivering an ode to a a body part. Which is in the process of being. Tended to. And the good to team how do you and the theme of the model auction it is with lip service being -- you could tell that program. I just -- the theme of the monologue his size matters. Mom. So this is this is not a film for. Folks who like their movies genteel or polite. He. Drinks a lot swears a lot to the reviews of the loan. Have been giving very good right that's very good response to his role. In the film but the actual movie itself. Many seem to feel it's not as interesting as it's his character. But definitely if you're fan of his very interesting characterization issued. Good point as actors. Change in their parents or whatever we always think of actors as having big egos. But when those casting calls go while they're brutally frank what they're looking for now and you have to just say OK well I'm sitting in the mirror is not exactly whether or department. Here I'm willing to play upon -- my hair is is going middle aged guy that they have to do. This this is the decision that you have too many weather and it's a it's a problem that a lot of -- is running into where rather than starting to play older. Characters and move into -- on ideology and they'll try to -- on -- on -- and I'll get plastic surgery we all this sort of stuff. And they end up in situations where. They look obviously too old to play beyond she -- anymore. But because of all the plastic surgery. Or not right for older characters as well. Faye Dunaway got to all right where she wasn't right now for -- -- because she didn't look like I'll need. Proper age at -- What that stronger -- that -- and pop fly on that oh man. Yeah actually the -- implied that one bill should have more like Clyde. Yes and we're talking about Clyde from the police -- kids anyway you can add an average weather -- well. Take a break out of -- show is about me sandy beach it's the movie show some of obstacles and enemies and the beach big movies hitting the big screen. You've heard about transcendence under the skin and drama and Hemingway now heaven is for real. Yes this is he the third. Faith based film release in as many months we've had the son of god and God's not both of which did very nicely at the box office. This one is a little than usual and that you've got to. A much stronger casts the and you usually get for a faith based films and a director who's got a very good track record Randall Wallace's director. He did a secretariat we were soldiers. And now the film stars -- Greg Kinnear Kelly Reilly marble -- dale Thomas Haden Church. It's based on a true story. A book written by a pastor. Named Todd -- -- his. For me which Eagles number I don't know do you is what The Marx Brothers. Very few pastors are under I'll have to research that and yes I well. His four year old. Had appendicitis. And it took in the hospital he ended up having to have surgery. After the surgery. This and tells us father that he took -- -- happened during surgery. Com he tells his dad that he met Jesus. That he -- his grandfather up there he talks about meeting an older child. Who said that she was the baby. That his mother had -- carried several years before. And the -- also. Apparently talked about several things that happened during the surgery. That the father. Knew there is no way the kid could have known about. So he was somewhat. Struggling. With the idea of whether -- Whether or not he believed. I mean and if he did. You know as a pastor. He should. Be able to to believe these things and they of course Matt a lot of people who who didn't agree with -- -- decide how much he wanted to share. His story. This film. I've got -- -- Has done. Not so great reviews for the most part which is not unusual at all from -- faced based. Films one complaint from a lot of the reviewers is they thought the scenes and haven't. Seemed somewhat faults and and corny. I would say though if you find the. No well this is true this is drunk yeah I know you would know but they they aren't exactly how good good day. The -- is no way of knowing. I would say if you read the book if you find the the story compelling or intrigue and odds are you very well might like it. I mean that if my one on went on rotten tomatoes and critically the movie is that 51%. Positive right now. But reaction of people who see the film. 81% positive so I would -- odds are you're interested in this film if you're looking for our. Movie to take -- family to over the Easter weekend is that this would probably be pretty good choice. I can hear the horns out there I think they're stealing Tony's car. Let's say big -- -- -- big -- on -- -- who. With some familiar name. You ask yes marlin way ends. If you're call Marlon -- was an actor in the the original scary and very moving back in the late ninety's which was a big big hit. But keep in mind that his older brother. Keenan ivory Wayne's. Roll that. Marlin writes this as well as starring in it and writing he's not as strong writer. As as -- is this is those parodies. That. Basically. It doesn't even do much satire or parody it's pretty much just saying see this. This is just like that thing in that other movies all of -- and authentic. And it is very specific in its references. You're not gonna get the references unless you've seen the most recent paranormal activity film. The conjuring sinister insidious the possession let's all those plots are fresh in your mind you're gonna see a lot of these jokes and they'll. -- The first haunted house did forty million dollars if you saw it. And thought it was funny. Odds are you'll enjoy this. Most. People that have seen the film. Have complained that it is fairly racist sexist -- and homophobic. If you find. -- being shot in the head on this is your movie you know if you think jokes. That suggests that well all re probably deserved to be beat up like Chris Brown if you think that's funny then there's going to be a lot in this room. That will crack you up I I wouldn't go near this movie with a ten foot pole myself. Oh don't bring one now this next I don't spoil -- -- By about seeing bears -- -- -- -- those major document or some does that really doing it and tell me it sucks right this is the best reviewed movie. Of colonial I'd go. -- -- -- -- Rotten tomatoes it's pretty much at 100%. Positive follow. This is from the Disney nature series. And they did they -- it to earth. And now oceans and then they did -- African cats and chimpanzees. And Andy till they basically do mom and holidays and filmed these animals in the natural habitat. They take a fairly light hearted approach to it John C. Reilly. Does the narration here. They fabricate a story slightly at times they give them names and they say well the Baird did know what to think he was brought a game they don't know what to their respect and but they felt they they play fast and loose a little bit there but it's not like they're staging footage. Or doing anything that atmosphere -- there's nobody in a bear suit. And whereas in chimpanzees they were complaints that they got too cutesy not so much in -- in this one there are moments. Danger in which you know you've got basically a mother and two -- you followed him for a year. They have to deal with predators in the form of -- wolf. And as well as. Two adult bears apparently the cubs are in danger from other adult bears at times which. For very young kids are that could be scary and somewhat disturbing. Of course there's you know there's certain amount of natural. Comedy. I -- noted AM there. There is nudity and done. There there is a lot of breastfeeding. That does there is a lot of that if that makes you nervous a lot of mother bear does not have a little blanket but she puts Obama say -- ages ago I -- them at -- yes you do get of course a lot of fishing by the -- you get one -- -- where a salmon slaps a bare back in the face. A closed -- is no I was caught in the clam shell and I don't think it turns and -- -- Curley didn't three student is -- -- can be frustrating. One of the cool things in the film. And and credits -- -- the on credit. Because. They show you. How they got a lot of the footage they debuts hello I have a look at some Mexico. And many people have been. Absolutely amazed at how close the cameraman words of those grizzly bears. And also this weekend a portion of the proceeds will go to the national. Foundation to cool thing to that about wraps up the show over over today Tom but it is going to be driven as I've seen him slap a similar -- -- You can bet most of you at 9 o'clock on Monday on -- -- -- we are WB. We'll -- much they never had to these --