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4-18 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello what is region governor and I've said -- while there are no deposit levels in the studio. I know Bernard Pollard came in -- left some. For our morning -- payment they took a more of them so -- -- real hard if you are married do. Either of those guys they're gonna come home with -- -- trouble couldn't sue to get just stands ready. What fans think his days. -- Hero little bummed out today it's Tony and I Chris because so get emails. That occasionally say so and so. Is leaving. -- okay and they're going -- writing the book they're spending time with their family there. They're going to the Caribbean are various reasons whatever and usually it's oh yeah. But we have though -- -- -- one of our sales managers they put out an email yesterday and he he ever and I know that -- waving that we really like him. Don't want to see somebody we really like leave the building that's not right no it's not that -- so yeah when he was tired and he has the name Rick Steele. We made fun of it because that's -- whatever everybody as though correction show all. Got a lot of California less chatter more lateral the -- -- show notes wells. This -- -- and I hate people use fake names on the radio. And let me out and as Muslim we liked him as a very likable guy. And I especially of bond -- women because his brother. Played guitar for John Prine on tour. And John Prine is on my absolute favorite artists of all times -- been a John -- -- is John prime put out his first us on. So low we wish is so trivial we wish him well but we really do yeah ethics and -- -- it's -- bit of -- deal. Ever knocks on your door -- -- okay you'll never regret it that's the best thing we can say salute and a really good guy. Now meanwhile. Of your devise a game yesterday. But there's -- you know we. We really like to again out after a tough winter and and kind of push some -- little bit. Well there's a picture on the picture page witches of the back of a section one in the buffalo knows. Of some guys at the buys and gamers they're playing what looks very. Now first of all there's a couples sitting in in a row about two rows in front of these guys. And there are finally got sunglasses on again hats on and they look like they're enjoying the game. These two guys know shirts OK so immediately you think I see them and cops. No shirts they got shorts on. And which. I don't know if the boorda helped might wanna come and inject those -- For various reasons. -- -- And their bare feet though I -- -- right. His bare feet or about eight inches away from a woman in front of them and they and she's two -- and -- I keep picture yeah that knowledge that if if Mike butch tells me I'd have this erased from the permanent files via what do you think -- -- not a good image at all all right god. And though neither one of them have a buys its hat on one -- president and Oakland -- that. The other looks like looks like -- I don't know if that's Georgia what it is red and a -- anyway. If if I go to a game I'm going to ask where they're sitting and I wanna be on the other sideline and I -- the other side -- the yikes. All right meanwhile -- a little the president is simply because he found out that Barbie sales are plummeting -- know I'm sorry you know you want a -- for your daughter she's only a year a little past the year. And Barbie sales are way down. Mattel says weak sales of Barbie and markdowns they're marking Barbie down I can't believe that to clear out excess inventory of a left over from a sluggish holiday season led to an unexpected first quarter loss so Barbie has legs as you know. And other stuff but she's been popular forever and ever and ever and no matter what happens. In the end in culture for kids she's always prevailed but -- wrong and what would happen Barbie. As a this year is I used to like it when Barbie said. Is tired. -- it is now two dollars that's Joseph -- works and Leo you know I don't expect that activity for the rest of the -- Damon got his bottle. It's empty brings that would among mr. Paul Z at the bottle. And he didn't need a wide mouth one -- I could need to -- -- bottle. But anyways so hard if you're gonna get a Barbie isn't it time ago. Go get one because there and mark so far my daughter is not Dell's. -- not bush who should be visual -- A visual radio -- -- obviously it was you wouldn't allow no it would not allow it that's that's not -- -- -- use what is the -- steam shovels and bulldozers and mentally toys. Yet he likes that he likes electronic teams. Anything to do with spelling and in math he likes. I was ahead of my time and I'll tell you -- when I was a -- my mother tells me. The thing I like to play with the most all the time pots and hands. I would take the pots and pans out from where the pots and -- work. And pretend to cook meals and I would serve them imaginary emails and now of course celebrity chefs make big money. And they have their own show as I could have kind of celebrity -- Yes yes you know it's -- permit an imaginary food you can the only one. And I used to take a wooden spoon. She tells me and I'd stir something in the pot even though there was nothing in the -- okay. It it was weird because I was stirring the pot that was coming in the pot. And I began to -- treason which were showing up and in my eyes and it was like scary for me -- you let your imagination go wild and nobody could have been a celebrity chefs. I was and in laws poking a little bit IE burned down the kitchen did you burn down again you have -- partner there real hard. The only problem I would have with cooking I I think I could cook and would like to cook as long as I had someone assigned to cleanup. 'cause the cleanup I don't care how good the meal -- if you're eating I don't care with a five star gourmet meal. If the dishes in the -- in the -- piled up waiting for you to finish that mail so you can do those I'd rather have a -- on the way home -- that's just the way it is a -- you -- that claim numbers and it -- But when I was before I got married. And I made I did some cooking and I headed down to the fact that by the time I said at the table. All of these things used to prepare that may or -- put away -- yesterday to sit down and really and just enjoy. The moment we'll something you can't I mean yeah -- with the hot hand out there. The way -- that's -- know I understand okay we get some more things talk about including a new discovery. If you like music the way I like music and I love country music especially okay. What do you hear what they've just discovered because. With music they're always discovering new things this was nothing recorded yesterday I can tell you that but it's exciting. And would get along we return on news radio 930 WB -- -- here's -- exciting goes and it really has. They've discovered. Some Hank Williams performances that were totally lost the Hank Williams. Well one would say Jimmie Rodgers really started country music but Hank Williams really brought an end to end of a cross over mainstream. And he wrote. Practically every song or heard of -- was written by Hank Williams he probably has the biggest catalog in natural maybe outside Harlan Howard. And a lot of the sergeant -- covered by everybody from Tony Bennett and Jerry Lee Lewis everybody. Well previously unreleased recordings. Of Hank Williams performing songs and a 1950 radio show -- is going to be released next month for download and on vinyl. The garden spot programs 1950. Featured 24 songs and jingles from the tapes show that aired. On on an early country station WS I'd be in crest in Iowa. They're the only ones that save that the other is the other is that but that of a I put the broadcast on the air didn't save it takes they did and they were just discovered. They were remastered. For release on the Sunday by on the war records which means we eat everything and on the war. And jet Williams who is that I -- williams' daughter. Said in a written statement that no one knew that these recordings where there Noah Adams of died at 29. And his legend is still there today and of course is is son as a major a major hit to. But the bottom line is. -- -- a lot of a -- and he did a lot of performances. And does some things that they saved a lot of things it -- because they didn't know he was going to be the legend I mean he would be the man I guess. A ball. A country singers but that that's pretty good and I will get that way and it is out. Let's say our guys have a record our -- ever get around vinyl. Or just download it digitally. -- -- -- That might be cool and Hank Williams whoa I'll -- remote. I'm a big beat of -- job and Williams is in town leaders. It's needed here yet and Hank who were so happy that that we're gonna have some new recordings by you recorded 1950 anchor -- to voice that. So this is gonna be really good for the listeners are gonna just loads and your good old. You yes and later I'll join you for a cup of coffee and a invest in the -- in the agreement of course who we -- elements in the line. Not random movement an incredible simulation. Never forget the time I had ramble on my show and you did that imitation while he was listening to and who knows I -- He's actually come and -- -- working its super. Now to show you like usually adults. Make some decisions. Because there are afraid to violate some memo that they had gotten. They don't realize you gotta use some common sense when everything here's an example. In Lewiston Maine. A bright yellow. Bright yellow squirt gun lead of the suspension. Of a high school of the storm in and Lewiston Maine. The sun journal said he was suspended for ten days after the bright yellow squirt gun fell out of his back. Maybe was going to you know that some kind of -- work and convention Islamic. A -- hit a bright yellow squirt gun is not going to be confused. By anybody by and any body now there are play Gaza looked very real. That I would I dare you to tell me that you knew they were fake. -- but the bottom line is a yellow bright yelled let's work on it -- the like. Later they had super smokers but when I was a kid. Demolishing -- as -- -- pistols with enough water to get like -- -- yeah those leaked out -- they went out of because -- -- -- in the quality control of its work on factory and coaches my sister around scorer in the last look at me yeah -- exactly but then I I think I did have if I'm not mistaken. The -- enjoy how bush -- still had it. A Thompson submachine guns ala Tommy -- I had a tonic on water gone. And it had the you know it looked like a finger at -- of the FBI carried it during you know -- machine gun Kelly days body you can put a lot of water. And that was cool so you throw that thing up once that day. And of course it was heavy but it that was good as opposed of the others where people get away and how you strap a taker -- to your bad acting you've got compressor what -- high pressure all we get out thing four or honestly I think it was camp good days. When I was a 104 and Susan hunt goes on with me and Dan Everett junior. Who was there and Reagan ESCO and -- from now and they shut down Niagara square for us and it was a water fight. It's what -- drama water -- so -- shows up with I'm not making it up. A water tanker the kind of truck they used to drive into the forest and put out -- put out fires okay. Now I'm on the ground channel -- there because of their 12 o'clock noses on -- cover and they're gonna interview me okay. On the ground says -- at the what what would be called little big gun position. And chief -- Azam muck it up better she fires that tanker truck nozzle. Into my throat. And now I can barely breathe I can't see a barely breathe and I'm standing there next to Bob called who's about to feel me. And I can't talk and I was somebody's had a video -- an almost no I mean -- reported tampered of the fund raiser aspirin at least a real one of but it was a very successfully they closed down Niagara square for so we can do it and we have military vehicle that. But it's funny that you mention Susan hunt I just solved that you the other day most of the peace program she I am -- -- I am unhappy about him buffalo and she was golden to -- and observes in his PMS McGuire yeah. A candy store -- hurdle and who she was so young yet to be her young one he's very -- one acts very talented woman -- -- -- my toes all the time because you do not let down. If you arouses a lot of it best broadcast towns that have worked just about. That night trying to kill me during the fund -- outside of that. Anyway welcome back we -- talk about today cluttering. How to say no. In other women I dated didn't have problems that apparently a lot of people do will talk about that we come back on his regular thirty WP. WB and wherever you go with a WBM iPhone app. Powered by the final out left. The best in fence railings index. -- I had a vision thing column -- no -- that news to -- anyway yeah. Agree Hank Williams. You know he's written almost every sign your return -- that. -- -- vote then it's on me. Day said goodbye. Today. I would not days. Yeah I -- all the words. Then there's usually a singer Bono is obviously in debt and. Pays such a beautiful thing. I'd like that thank you very much. -- they discovered some new Hank Williams recordings that big did not know existed from way via a radio show that he would on the league the rest of them. And disappear but there was one hopped up the league but he clean them up and they don't go up for sale jumped. -- I I -- brought a list of songs that he's written. You would not believe he's been covered by everybody. You know Ray Charles. Moderate side of the country and western which came out in the like 1961. A true. Ray Charles did a whole country album at that time it was unheard of for an artist like Ray Charles who do country music but he did the whole album was country was a huge yet. And day if you listen to it it's still holds up it's great the production values are great and of course -- material is fabulous. So a lot of the stuff on the Ray Charles modern sounds in country and western -- would be a way so that's that's really good. Jimmie Rodgers was the railroad guy and he sang about railroads or whatever but when he was recording. Oddly technology wasn't that good okay -- and Leo late forties early fifties Hank Williams showed up. And the recorder with a lot better and if you if you remember from a few years ago. Hank junior put a video together with -- his dad on there's a tear in my beer. And a -- they did a really good job as if they were singing together obviously weren't. But I sing that with local bands when I would be maybe a balancing -- that your -- It's it's grates on me just -- -- -- I thank you add nice nice pleasant surprise -- Tony. City. Asked to do a lot of things I think anybody in the public -- gets tested to a thanks. And no we certainly wanna do our share and we want to contribute and and not seen as a stick in the mud or somebody who doesn't care about anything. But let me tell you something there are times. When you just have to -- now. And it is so hard to do it is really really hard to say no and especially if Europe people pleaser. I have an article here and it's called the right answer is no there are times when no is the right answer. And I think I ran -- that several times before proms and mine via high school days. Where will you go to the probably know oh okay restaurants and your remarks. I I appreciate the at the correct answer and you're on -- state. There are times when it's not a good good -- to say yes but the way you say no especially if you want to be a person that pleases another person. Is vary vary you got to really work out. All right so as I said we're asked to do a lot of things some things we do some things we don't. And it depends on on what's going on what you laws that do in and whatever we like to help out. But if if you said yes to everything you're asked to do and in Europe public figures on the radio or TV or politician or whatever you know being home plain and simple you'd never ever be home. So this article says it may be uncomfortable. Especially for people blazers ways to master the art of saying no and this is from the Wall Street Journal. A couple of months ago actually. And not that long march 11. Of this month and -- so when people comment you and they and they have a suggestion or requests. Can you say -- are you gonna sing now Tony. Yes -- no. Yes are no well -- the goodness and no funny yeah sometimes is why picks it up we're going solo what do you think Chris okay and it I would rather just look means that nobody asked me anything. But yeah yeah I hit you get vibes your way but I'll -- all the time I mean how do you know which women to approach Wednesday and we go out for coffee sometime. And which ones don't it's it's the -- you put out you can do that yeah I just not approaching Chris -- you to know I can see jumping on your lap and asking for toys of Christmas. When are you going to shave that beard. Why why 'cause I have to go look at it every day that's why five days a week. You know when -- in this studio and I look through the glass -- what's in the studio. I have to be able to -- met by top level and there are distractions. Limited what manager I don't get this thing as of right now. -- Greg radio wouldn't let us. -- O'Leary's and I would ask you -- your big year I do I have to come in their cutter myself. Yeah well I'm glad you like it that's one vote. Chris -- denies that argument I haven't discussed that we -- -- I. When he blocks the -- it and that's not enough one what kind of number -- we talking. Well was it James Harden. Recently said that negotiations for shaving his beard. You can start talking to him above five million. Five million and well that's gonna happen Tony yeah. I'll just have to look at about the right things that these blinders on. So I just loaded -- or does settle for that go. You do understand. As a broadcast professional. Clear. Vision and I didn't I don't distractions -- what happened. I'm trying to think of something to say look him. There you are with a beard just throws me off place I am in this very long ago -- argument break I'm sure I'll get a memo we've been in this business sense. -- called me. God. Take a regular come back we'll go over the article and find out I want you to think about it. Find out if you're good at saying no and maybe your creative it's a no. The most creek eight person I've ever heard as saying -- was JFK's secretary at WK BW. Via Barbara -- Billups she was magnificent man. When she said no it was almost like she said yes that's how I -- she was that it. And when people wanna Jeff gave us -- or do something. -- and says she knew that it's not anything -- would be interested and she was magnificent. This will be -- more with Beijing company on -- -- -- thirty we are WB yeah it is based company and I have. An article from a Wall Street Journal. Dated Tuesday march 11 of this year the right answer is no and it's how to say no when people ask you to do things that you don't wanna do. Let's get into of the article. One tiny word -- by Elizabeth Bernstein. One tiny word can be very hard -- today. When asked to help Oliver -- favor whether it's food donate money to a charity for a lot of question there are a lot of stranger used a cell phone. Many people say yes it's it's almost like the knee jerk reaction. Our research shows simply because saying no would make them even more uncomfortable. So be it via the reaction as I'd like to say no. But it's going to be uncomfortable it's going to be you know on -- you know so it's easier to say yes but sometimes regret that. This is especially true when people have to give their answer face to face rather them by email come out we've all done this seven point. We've all done this somebody left does voicemail and ask us to do something more ask for something that requires. A yacht a yes answer and you have a no answer. So what do you do if there was voicemail you column back at a time. You know answer. You know it's a voicemail 'cause it's easier to say -- voicemail but it is person personal person wherever you guys done that. Have you done that yet yes can I certainly don't this is like as I go and sin no more equipment. Up where evolved on that we really have. And when people do say no they become more likely to say yes the subsequent requests so it's almost like and this is a mistake people make. I'm you don't wanna do that should definitely don't wanna do this and you gotta say no and you don't say no materially below what Orleans say. No I can't but next time. And what they say in this article is the clock is ticking as soon as you say maybe next time because they will get all of you next time and then you'll oldham one. Before you could've said no because that yes but after you've already said no one's now I gotta say it again. The worst thing that somebody can do to meet -- yes that they are going to do something. And on topic and not -- that Europe my list for -- if you say yes you'll do what you gotta do. I mean analysts on some room for buses on the but basically if you say yes you gotta do what you gonna keep reward. But the key is not to say yes aren't. Aren't -- is that they feel so guilty about saying no that they feel they need to salvage the relationship. These words of Vanessa ball deal wage and as assistant professor of management sciences at the University of Waterloo. In Ontario. People even agreed to an ethical requests rather than risk the discomfort of saying -- -- While that would bother me if it was unethical like ages ago period -- as best that you know. In one of four studies published earlier this year in the journal of personnel this physical journal I don't get it should subscribe to -- the journal personality and social psychology bulletin. The doctor and her team had 25 college students ask a 108 strangers. Two vandalized a library book by writing the word pickle in it in ink on one of the pages. While many of the strangest protested. -- students to take responsibility for any repercussions. More than half of them agreed to -- the book. And -- so that because it wanna say no but they were arrested something was wrong that's not right. If loving you was wrong -- be right about anyway so that's the kind of predicament here and when you have to make a decision like this. They have some know not now or ever some people cannot stop themselves from agreeing to every request. Whether it's feeding their neighbors burden. Well I. -- -- bird from a neighbor's cat. Is getting just joking -- some emails just. Two assigning a stranger's petition. You know I've had that happen I've had people show up at my door. And say oh we would like to sign this petition. And I said no it's Iowa operas I asked what was obviously there was nothing I was interest and -- felt. Absolutely no obligation aside and adults or so ago ago thank you for the opportunity. I've got other things to do. Buying cookies that this is one thing that I do do I have to admit this sometimes I I can say no. And sometimes I just can't. When the neighborhood kids come to the door and their raising money for. Their sports team their trip to Washington and a whatever it is I try them by. Something even if I don't like what they're selling as you gotta do I gotta support the neighbor kids luckily for me the neighbor gets the ball up. And left -- But where there were kids when -- moved down. And I believe I was there at sixteen here. Yeah so that our kids that and now -- off. -- as as as adults and that's a good thing but it when -- camera Girl Scout Cookies and you know this fund raiser that I always. I was I can't. He has some tips for people who need help saying well number one. Rehearsed no I had time so it won't cave at the last second to practice for. -- hope it doesn't come up when somebody I should -- you know I'd like you to marry me you're my entire world. World -- isn't worth living without you the sun can shrivel up and blow away for all I care. I'd love you at every every facet of my being with you marry me now. Okay. You know that's that's the first six or rehearsing rehearsing now. Number 20 -- version of think about it at the ready in case the request takes you by surprise now. As a radio interviewer can tell you one thing. When the question is repeated do. The answer you know alike because they're thinking of the answer and they're killing time I'm and that's the way it works. Those are they'll say and this is all man I hate this. That's a good question. Usually followed by the word Tom. That's a good question. -- Yeah you are talking about that is as phony as a seven dollar bill meant. When somebody says that -- you you know it it's just the alarm bells go off when they say that's a good question. Certainly your brain is going OK that's not a question what can I say I don't like get out of this it's -- but at least I said it was a good questions though don't think even a vice they know that I'm not disparaging the question. I mean that's exactly what they do. It's easy to figure out number three time as your friend delaying the answer raises the possibility of no Everett high school after the promise that the girl. Can we have coffee. She said yes the next century looks good I I have an opening in the heat in the 22 century so it kind of gave me hope the army. The last thing here softened their tone of voice so you're no long hurt the other person as much. -- ask me any question Tony I don't see if I can say no properly. Sandy you had a cheeseburger. No don't thank you thank eucharist. Asked me if I want to -- the notes due dividends next thing you know I don't I think we'd rather have a real -- person that would than me but thank you very much although I -- -- it was a before going into that. I once called the archbishop of Saint Louis I can't anyway. But they never asked me to do them again. We'll be back after this.

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