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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dyngus Day Doings - Bernadette Pawlak

Dyngus Day Doings - Bernadette Pawlak

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Today is Good Friday tomorrow's Easter Saturday big -- -- announced Sunday of course was Easter. And Monday is -- -- stay and that's Bernadette -- -- in studio she's a coordinator of the bingo day parade. And this year is going to be bigger than ever. Yes it is over a hundred entries so far and people still calling thing can we be part of and how many entries. That he had in past years it started with -- -- Money. And only eight years old old rate and only eight years old saw it's it has grown. Talk about the room where it's at same spot it's always been always in starts in front of the but and sorry insight in front of Corpus Christi church Superman corners Clark Kent. The priest blessed that they are but the best viewing is probably along. -- -- on the market -- -- think stands lots of viewing there it's a little crowded around memorial drive where the parties are -- are happening. Got to tell folks who lineup to see those paraded. To bring their cameras no I brought my camera a couple of years ago and I wanted to take a lot of pictures and it was pouring. But these entries are very very colorful and are going to be pictures of you wondering you wanna take him as a remembrance. As well at one of the requirements is regardless of what ethnicity you are what nationality you are one of the occurrences. You have to celebrate. Without captain celebrates spring and you have to sell they break polish pride so. No matter who we are you got the little red white and pussy willows and flowers and stuff on your. -- your entry and I am shocked shocked to hear you say the other parties that are part of this. -- -- Now -- it and it's -- it probably has a party attached to it wins the parade when's the party. -- Harding starts all day and stuff going on from early in the morning and it's in our little thing is that guys that are available over Western New York wegmans by market everyplace you go but anyway on. Parties all day long all over the town prayed -- 5 o'clock and then after that more. All that is also available from some of the vendors it's a lot of the vendors broader market as vendors all wegmans stores are there they are our official sponsor they felt the same teachers that I have on nineteenth the bad and the radio but. But there is stuff all over the place you can find and on loves stores in the south towns -- Ramallah they how they all have like. Ethnic teachers and you say that. It's gonna start very very early on Monday -- early and waddle waddle -- we see we get down there like at 11 o'clock in the morning well there's there are family friendly venues in the afternoon on starting I think at 11:12 o'clock I don't have -- Dates in front of me but armed. Corpus Christi church I know has family friendly events noticing has emerged bring your kids they have activities for kids for discussing the bowling Alley. In all and and there's stuff so good so you don't -- the kids and bring them if you. A lot of talk about that -- it's large red polish felt in the words -- just over the top day over the bottom. And the right across the senator says buffalo sustained estate buffalo. Our city is really bigger on this than a lot of other place. All we did things they capital of the world they don't even do what we do and -- and so this is awesome other cities trying to replicate us. But they're not -- to out of Baghdad and either way even if they do we still want to punt the ball well this is like. This is like Mardi Gras in New Orleans you come to buffalo for things you can have it in your city. But it's not going to be anything like what we hope you know the Russians question. What is doing is mean. -- assuming this is my something my mother always used to -- -- -- kids into the brazen. To be out of it and it just it it it's something if there's a derivative I'm sure it's apparently died here but -- And the other connection to dangerous squirt guns it's worked on that pussy -- know that on that one was the EU rites of spring and Paul you know if you like -- part of the opposite sex either. Squirted them back then -- use cheaper fuel we just use water. Are the pussy willows are heard that also needs to throw Crocker re your significant other high. That's nonsense I don't know. Torture but that's a good idea not my wife who basically just -- -- are gonna seed Nadia a born and -- this is days he did actually line. Up. Just went to our our vast resources and I think the inducement as they say is wet Monday -- -- ties and Arabia and pussy willows in the water. And the squirt guns and yet every everything ties into it to the right of the the rite of spring that the post went in celebration because viewers. You -- so -- that this that this week fasting during the Clinton did depriving ourselves of this was like. Let loose and have a great all time added another -- as the weather's all I'm thrilled I'm throughout last year we had hail the year before we -- pouring rain. The before that wasn't great either but we. The lord lord said he would be the -- if someone wants to know more get the schedules figure out the locations where do they go what did they -- mom. Our website WWW acting as -- buffalo dot com has all the information picked up whenever. Ending Tuesday buffalo doctor number -- John I have to ask you are you bringing mr. sharp with you to the things if that's the shot you know -- -- And I can glean -- -- mrs. bush rocked to the radio station right next week when -- get back from a three day -- look at patients and and for the adrenaline of being I'm going to bring mrs. act on that stupid thing that's. For those -- following that's the big stuff to -- him and you have an. Inflatable work and not inflatable but it's like -- polish ladies at from the market. The because. Good luck on Monday Andrea engage in Korea for coming and that's a -- -- -- public coordinator of the biggest paper it Monday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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