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Broadway Market Ebb & Flow - Dave Franczyk

Apr 18, 2014|

Part II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're continuing to look at the big Easter week this nation on Buffalo's east side. On the WBM live line now let's bring back Fillmore district councilman David project to talk about the decline of the market and some of the neighborhood. Councilman thanks for being backwards again. In our chat earlier this hour I think you. Chronicle's pretty well the decline of the market let's broaden and now to talk about the neighborhood to what degree. Are the troubles that the market really a symptom of things like white flight -- the decline of Buffalo's east side in general. -- don't think they talked about the decline of the market I think I talked about market changes that we want to pool. You have to have a good core of about twenty solid -- were there year around so even in the months words you don't have the thousands of people. They're there for the community. We have to build on the core you know one of the interesting things. Is that there's young people are getting into the trade of becoming -- again I was reading in the one of the local supermarket. Got rid of their individualized -- -- -- we focus on those kinds of things. The market can attract you know all those percentages of people like you talked about that everybody's got to be somewhere and we'd like to try to get them to reintroduce themselves the broad market. But now revitalizing. The Broadway Fillmore district itself. We're wondering if it is possible for example take the Catholic -- there's magnificent edifice is almost on every block in that area. And they're virtually empty on Sunday -- as a possible to revitalize this area. Well you're not going to save everything but these are places that are worth caring about just stuff. Couple weeks ago I think China can't be church on broadly not just the market. You had would be called a massive -- that's just the one time event which released to raising the consciousness is that these are places were caring well. And you know people are so mobile you can drive anywhere you want solution encouragement -- if you want to belong to a church. You can belong to your church we'll lose but also want to belong to one of these great building that you cannot replicate anymore. So I -- you have yet again you have certain solutions here that are are cool. You've got heaters the oldest continuous -- in the city of off what was the shadow -- broad market and if it's lively and dramatic circle but they also equate our. You've got twenty somethings are we looking at the neighborhood and we've got to build for the future and immigrants are not afraid to come this they've got a lot of immigrants coming. You know people from all over the world that's possible assault follows this you know the one time. That neighborhood over 75% came to gulf island now the neighborhood is probably very high percentage of The Who -- the newcomers the last you know -- In your answer there you spoke about immigrants not being afraid to come to the neighborhood do you think that suburbanites are afraid to come to the neighborhood. Well some might be you know I mean it's been you know although. You know talk about when you can only cities are the places that are a little more. You know. Real in the sense that. Not always pleasant but -- you know he could walk out of the store you know in the city buffalo might have a panhandle. You might hear about the drug shootings which are really. You know very minor part of it liberated the core -- -- the market neighborhood of ten minute walk away. And you know behavior issues but you're beautiful isn't all that parkway you're beautiful homes and for and we generally had no problems than. He can be robbed anywhere but I mean this thing is is that these are problems that are you know endemic to every city sees a little more -- places and they always have an eagle on anybody. To be picked in the -- that meant that the job of the cities to try to proposals that. They would you the principles of the broader market developers ever consider moving yet. To another growing location in the city may be downtown buffalo. Some markets like Cleveland market which is 1912. -- which have a market like the great western market in the city of Detroit which is not sound balance on the periphery. Of Detroit and -- it. Talk about an Urban Renewal every like there's nothing around that market because you know there shall we demolitions we've had a lot of demolitions here. We're two and a half miles from downtown -- like they were. Also about who you know what don't -- was due to thrive where we were planted. I think you'd be seen as an abandonment by those people war has stayed loyal to the community. And I think that's probably. Something that for you know probably wouldn't happen. I get to your booster but what do you think is the biggest obstacle. To Urban Renewal in neighborhoods like the Broadway market. Well is our main thing has been demolition -- torn down all these dilapidated properties but now here's an opportunity. If you wanna take a beautiful house when I -- outside Fillmore avenue and bought three lots of demolished houses next to the united got. I've got a huge field for my dogs can run in that sense that that you know you have a little have been. Farm basically in fact they mentioned farms in the whole -- history is that the farm the Stevens family came in the planting -- It is that kind of product you know this smells like the -- the excitement can. The broader market can tap in all that these these these these pure food in the whole foods in the farm to table -- people lines in the artisans things plus although good stand by them through about. You know water land and everything else I think the market can be a place that people might take a second look at. All right David thanks very much for joining us -- to let you respond more time with us this hour to. That's David project Fillmore district council member in the city of buffalo.