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Broadway Market Ebb & Flow - Dave Franczyk

Apr 18, 2014|

Part I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk about the Broadway market our guest on the WB and live line is David fronts -- Davis the Fillmore district representative on the buffalo common cultural. He has the council's former president good morning -- thanks for taking the time to join us. After the unhappy starting out telling gave a little while ago that you've been -- of the Fillmore represented of their for god knows how long. How many years is abandoned. I think probably probably need that he would know that you know did you succeed at least 28 year 28 years. Did you succeed your cousin -- there was some of -- between. While Scott was my own little -- -- caller who was a great tennis star. And he retired in the late 1970s. And I started around 1985. You know and we'll remember uncle Augusta -- I work with him to. When you know there's anybody around here who knows about the history of the broader market to it's few -- I'll bet does this market. Actually go and I remember my dad telling me when all the little guys the the Broadway full more shopping district. During its heyday it was the biggest neighborhood shopping district in the country. Oh it sure wasn't the siege who was the NC for the kick off of this great Easter season unite or chatting about it. And the market goes back to the old same stance while church. 1888. The church was founded in the 1872. And the trustees of the church say -- community is growing and we need to develop a market for the area and believe or not that was at this time. When and how old were actually walking down Fillmore avenue which wasn't paid yet but they're thinking of developing a market in the neighborhood. But these days it seems like it's really only -- Christmas and Easter kind of attraction. Talk about the decline. Yeah that's always the case you know liquid has -- of the cities in the 1950s and sixties we all lol well that. You didn't have the density you know one time the broadway's Fillmore neighborhood had over 50000. People with nine churches just in that area. Now there is under 101000 people and at times you don't have the density used you used to have. So outside of these you know great nostalgia people coming back for Easter the market is trying to develop ideas to get people in the rest of the year. We know we keep hearing about trying to develop ideas to get people to come back. But we never get to see any of these ideas they don't become fruitful -- of such a tough nut to crack. Well actually you know I should state myself more clearly they are doing things to bring bring people into the weekend and a lot of people do a man primarily in the weekend in all. Like just the month coming up they've got a master gardener workshop. They've got -- children's brunch for mothers on Mother's Day they've got to barbecuing our show coming up speaking actually got a golf tourney. Trained shoulders they the pace with the market wind fat. And this is like into the work you've got a woman that that Kathy Peterson who's the director. -- be helped by a lot of volunteers who are very very dedicated group of friends of the broadly market. You know the young -- works in my office ideal by she's been helping out a lot this week there's a lot of people that loved the market. And -- are are moving heaven and -- Cooking demonstration that this kind of assumed that he funding to develop a kitchen for cooking demonstrations. Brought -- markets throughout the country are skating you know very interesting for people again and and there are there are things that they are putting forth. There are getting people must some people are only got to see once a year that's. We will be have to live with I see some folks there. In fact it's so crowded on Good Friday today it's likely you'll Yogi Berra line. You'll keep paralyzing people crowded nobody closer anymore we want to keep people -- -- -- there in the -- -- -- Events are one thing Dave vendors are another talk about the vacancy rate and the decline they've seen in that regard. Well you know I remember and they as a kid you know there are so many vendors -- -- had a density of people so that is an issue that is. A problem -- they're working very hard they are getting some new vendors which -- seeing. During Easter you'll see. It's primarily an old polish market what it used to be borrow on land it about. You know and everything else plot sex. And directly or you're seeing a different kind of vendors you know vendors from -- -- African countries. UCL Bartley dashing guy in the middle following his oil -- slices and these places and sold the idea of showing the whole he's got a lot of Vietnamese moving into the neighborhood. You're seeing reflections. -- becoming possible in in this century not the infantry of the market was founded and so we've got to capitalize more on that. Is it chicken and -- more and more people if they have more vendors for more vendors that they have people. What I think it is. If you get different kinds of shoppers you've got people that live in the neighborhood that go to the marketer we days that are dependent on the -- -- what you know they always into the food desert. So there's no food deserts and some of these core values that are that great you know that. So yes people that -- -- that I see there I go there today you know I pick up my paper in the morning and walk around. I go downtown and I and I see the regulars you know. All the regulars that come up to me you know all the night people is that it's also a senior citizens releases the middle victory he would not solve the world's problems. And I know peaceful and so when I going marketed these are trying to look at these people idle -- recognize him. I'm I'm I'm glad to see them there and I wished he'd come back more often let you also have weak Anders were more. You know urban night with the farm -- table revolution. We're looking for artisan products coffees and you know various. Products that wind there's wineries there that's what -- wind -- And pleased that folks that are more you know urban sophisticated. Type people that are looking for that and it would experience.