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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Latest On South Korea Ferry Sinking - Don Kirk

Latest On South Korea Ferry Sinking - Don Kirk

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live to Seoul South Korea CBS correspondent Don Kirk is watching the activity after that ferryboat sank with. 300 or more people aboard the rescue and recovery efforts are underway this investigation as well Don what's the latest. Although it is very silently the vice principal of this school. Whose kids that world that vote has taken his own life he's he was he was on the boat with a kid he was rescued. And he says he's to blame he felt he was to blame. For that failure many of the kids to get off so he took his own life another. Another victim of via. -- this and nausea and carried at the same time. Three. Members of the crew including the captain have been charged with negligence. As the investigation goes on and how they committed going of course. Hit a rock or read for a show. And then and then. So big and able to help the kids helped more than kids get off this ship. We understand the captain may have been among the first people to go off the ship is that true. Oh well I'll -- threw them on the very first but he's certainly got off the ship but most of the crew. And apparently when he figured that it was time to abandon ship he abandoned ship. Meanwhile. You know. Several hundred people were still on this ship some of them got off some of them jumped off. Right 270 are on this ship I assume no longer to be alive and putting eight people have -- already so. You know he immediately prematurely eat. He had a responsibility to stay there would be. With the passengers many -- and he did. He did not live up to that basic -- rule of seem fair. Are any of the authorities looking at that thinking of the Costa Concordia. Cruise ship that went down over off the coast of Italy. And saying there's a parallel that maybe he left the ship because he felt he was responsible is is that a factor that's even out there yet. -- ever you know everybody has talked about that I don't know that the authorities to think about that the authority of focusing on know what's going on. Right right where they are. This abuse so a lot of people of drawing that parallel with the Costa Concordia. The fact that these skipper left the ship really well people still aren't where people people were still a dangerous to work. This case actually appears. Far more extreme than that because -- recorded that ship did not think more than thirty people died is there a cost. From that ship that stupid that they -- it was not a tragedy of this -- dimension. We heard one other reports saying that. It's possible that cargo in this case may have shifted. And may have caused the ship to capsized. What kind of cargo would they be talking about -- is that the basic staples needed on a cruise ship like food and other items to service passengers. Know a lot more than that -- -- ensure that stuff houses cargo a day at a hooters and eighty motor vehicles on trucks cars. Plus the thousand containers. Packed there'll be -- bottom decked you know people. Drive their cars onto the ship and then that go to the upper decks in the -- overnight some. Get over their car there were also commercial trucks Alicia -- that that there were a thousand that cargo containers. It's believed that's another issue which of these investigations. It's believed that this stuff was not. Tied down as it should have been that when they shipped. It whatever it hit. Is -- to the cargo shifted. Dramatically. And and fatally. The words they use sometimes indicate a lot. Are they still calling this -- rescuers are pretty much recovery now. I think they're going to recovery I think we can go to recovery some people may call other rescue until. Is the befuddled. You know extraction. But I think we can pretty well call that a recovery. I guess we really shouldn't referred to as a crew shifts and shall do so who was carrying. A lot of of the current legacy automobiles and a thousand. -- cargo containers you know this cargo containers were loaded the products ever going somewhere. Well they could have been they were gonna we're going to judge you these two results out of the they -- Korea. And they you know there are a lot of commercial products and have to go -- -- you. Hold stop and sold wholesale stores. Building materials. A range of products. That it that -- large city would need -- it was a fairly large city. Have to live people who budget you Ireland. Probably a typical range of commercial cargo. You know -- is -- -- of some of the content is probably the way more than others but it was a it was a heavily it was pretty have ownership after that whether you could call it a cruise ship. Well it is it is a cruise ship with a sense that people take that -- about to enjoy their crews instead of flying. Did. These shipments of amenities. Nice cafeteria dining room and all the those -- and so forth. To think diamonds -- big commercial cargo capacity. All right -- the story is certainly unfolding a lot more to tell what we are at a time for now thanks for joining us very you'll. That's CBS correspondent Don Kirk in Seoul South Korea.

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