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4-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WBA. And. How about you would write the benefit. Yeah hold -- And the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threats facing America's use of Russia. And al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling that's for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to. Recoup. Destroy -- silent. That was adamant -- Tom hourly and even though this. I think it right back -- it's live it's local girl is the it's Tom -- -- -- cool whip complete and cool whip who lived there and on news radio 930. Oh my goodness I give us. Sorry if you're just joining us -- ordinarily I'd like to set aside some time at the other show for up what I'd like to call right happy ending. And that have been doing so long time before another FM station use that expression. Jokingly of -- In other cities and casino so I think it's a perfect exit apple. Love the difference between the real world would end of the world of academia. Between the egg heads and reality. And it's. I love. What the ace Rothstein character played by Robert pinheiro said. After watching his buddy. Beat the hell out of a guy who just called them all kinds of names 'cause he was trying to help. Make sure didn't get lost. And this encapsulates. Beautifully. The difference between a victim mentality. And the mentality of somebody who will not be tread upon. And I -- is Robert De Niro playing Sam ace Rothstein in casino to very quick work. While most -- the outline looks when you say. Heat in them. Do you. Exactly. Back. I have clear that one more time I have I'm sorry I I have to mom's from the line -- listening and keep them. Yeah and I just -- perfect perfect. Perfect by the by the way I wanted to -- by. -- -- my homosexual listeners whom I've always adored and loved for allowing the latitude with language you might not. You might not extend other people who don't like Q. Or who don't well commutes are there show thank you and you know use that example as an example of hateful language. In that movie but that thanks for getting. No nobody complained but you know what that's a beautiful part about the bond we have I don't worry about stuff like that. I welcome everybody to Visio. I don't care if you're gay by transgender straight Christian Jew Muslim and a pure -- -- short tall fat. I don't care what -- If you are a patriot and you'll love the constitution. And you were willing to defend other people's rights as you would your own then your Mike -- people. And that's the bond we have. And though that is still considered a bad word there was a time when -- watts. But I have to tell -- one of the funniest things ever. And as much as I don't like now -- again please just understand I I can't stand the gay lobby because of the gay lobby is frauds. Or are a bunch of frauds -- -- listeners are cool because they're conservative. They just happen to be -- sexual buyer transgender whatever. I'm not ashamed at all to say I love them. But there was a word quicker. And -- one funny thing the gay lobby did back when it actually had a sense of humor back in the eighties. They started a chant at -- we're here we're queer we're fabulous. I'll never forget that the first time I heard I was working at an extremely conservative radio station in the midwest. And I started just uncontrollably. Laughing. Because I thought it was brilliant. I really did they talk a word that was intended to be an insult and turned it into a cheer. Which are not alike. Now that is somewhat. Out and -- I don't -- contradicting myself that is somewhat what the Lincoln Nebraska school says you should do. When it comes to bully but here's here's the again here's the thing. Lincoln Nebraska schools are encouraging. Bullies and they're not do an odd thing to help victims of bullies. Big difference. And it. There's a big difference between grownups. Who are savvy politically and otherwise. And children. Okay. And I can't read everywhere they -- go to my FaceBook page of your home. Or go to the WB and FaceBook page it doesn't matter but you'll find out what the Lincoln Nebraska schools had to say their rules about bullying. I'm I'm not gonna read every word in this but I'm just gonna quickly say the rules. Rule number one refuse to get mad -- lever to treat the person who is being mean. As if they are trying to help you. Okay they have got to have some seriously awesome -- in Lincoln Nebraska. Will -- three do not be afraid. Oh really do not be afraid. Fear is a human emotion and sometimes. It's a very natural motion. Rule number four do not verbally defend yourself are you kidding me wrong number five duke it out attacked wrong -- sex if someone. Physically hurt you. Just show you are hurt to not get angry. World number seven do not tell on bullies world number eight don't be a sore loser -- number nine learned to laugh at yourself. And not get hooked by put downs in short folks. This is a recipe for your child if your kid went to school in Lincoln Nebraska to be a lifelong victim of bullies. And I don't like that one little bit. Let's I get back to the calls on the WBE and who is next it is Chris on a cell phone hey Chris what do you make of this. Chicken -- it wasn't that we know was parity had had it in my head what I want to -- it and I'll just. I'm fired up here. I can't imagine having it did in in my audience -- at school. It is because obviously my personality what I would wanna teach my kids that are -- -- -- my personal well what do you like it would not work with his administrators obviously. I've obviously from what you've been saying all time on the show you understand as well I'd muted that -- -- -- don't want real life and I think it. From what you're saying that the tell that you experience. From the same thing that I have I think it was the explores but it must -- yourself. You're going to be of the white and and -- I got to tell you what this what scares me the most about this. Is this just -- like the big picture of what's happening quote contrary now. There's a term that you use all the time -- most of vacation that I'm pretty sure you know what I do your -- -- -- different so a different letter if you laud the letter. Well I've also used on -- the word -- bolt. Yeah yeah well yes we were on the same war on the freeways like the and inept it's not a joke it's really -- it's it's. It's unbelievable outcome of the culmination I mean I don't wanna get to -- creepy and you know on this sport. It's it's it's stated this program this citizenship and you know good there except entitlements could. It's it's detecting that such an amount that -- -- coal -- -- accepted being. -- -- -- Paying. David -- the winning statement I've been waiting for that thank you. Thank you I've been waiting for somebody brilliant to say that and use her I don't have a prize thank you get your but you're absolutely right this is. This is all I can say you work so spot on. This is part of training people not to get offended. When Jack booted thugs continue to shred the constitution. That is what ultimately this is about. Thank you for getting that oh my god brilliance it's the hourly show and it's a caller accurately actually to win today. -- well thank you I appreciate that comment let's continue with your show and I don't want to do well you are you're more than welcome yeah. Is it is my pleasure thank you. Yeah I don't like to see anybody -- Democrats as I've said this a million times people ball believe it that's fine that's totally cool. I will defend Christians when Christians are being bullied and I happen to think they are the most bullied group in America right now. I will defend Muslims if they're being bullied Jews if they are being bullied homosexuals if they are being bullied. I will defend anybody who is being how the Fed keeping -- if they're being bullied. Why because that is what it means to be an American. You know it's it's an overly used cliche expression. And I hate even use it because it is -- but it's the old. I may disagree with what you say but I'll defend -- my dad you're right to say that I don't know whatever happened to that way of thinking in America. But that's part of my psychological make up accurately wanna know I don't like seeing people bullied and -- with a bit the news. Because mob violence is always stupid. Read your Shakespeare. I'm so in other -- set up a -- -- says. Are here is Andrea in the buffalo on WBM Andrea doesn't make you wanna pack up and move the Lincoln Nebraska. Well I don't agree or at their roles and so I also seeing that there needs the education to light. Bullies are the way they are I don't think that violence in the hands or by any means I don't think promoting his. The good thing. So what would you do that OK your kid consult your kid comes home with a black -- And your kids says mom. I was called all kinds of names they say it's -- really on nice things about you. And they beat me up what what we -- tell your kid to do. Here's the thing. I would -- on all throughout school. What would you tell I'm asking you what you tell your kid -- -- I have a kid from the time -- my daughter extra night from the time that she's back in school. I've always told her Howell to you know hole. Defend herself and I look different so. Her friends are at some point probably in the east that when -- go to school and they know I'm her mother because I can't catch you are at. Future. I'd I have to break they're gonna get trapped again but I'm gonna ask you one more time exactly what you tell your -- -- because. That's important to me and this phone call. Let's go to traffic right now Alan Harris. That's -- -- try to tell my dates that don't believe me at your weather for today. -- be partly cloudy tonight overnight low thirty's Ellen port tomorrow. It'll be our sunny early -- clouds tomorrow. Some rain late in the afternoon high 58. Well of course it wouldn't you good ride right now are too many potholes on the road which does get your mind into the -- seriously. It's not a good -- I would look. -- boom boom boom. All all. I thought my new least favorite -- -- all we're words that I see it always gonna come to me. Not in division but it will come to me. -- get back to Andrea. Well Andrea but seriously we were talking about these rules in Lincoln Nebraska all right which I think our rules. To be victimized by it and you -- will violence isn't the answer to which I always say well. Sometimes it is the answer and it's the only answer because. Come to defining yourself app obviously that you need to defend yourself but. That's you know actually came home like that I'm that I -- back at school liquor and there's something done about it but. You know not go tell her gold backing you know I actually because they eat -- a black guy. I mean it's not okay but there's a reason that -- -- backing away they're acting. So wow what would you tell your kid to do then. 'cause it's only gonna escalate I have to tell you all -- gonna do is not my personal opinion were. Or are gonna do -- you're you're gonna say your own child up for an escalation of the violence against poor. You know it won't happen atrocities. OK well I'll I'll I'll -- ago has we're not gonna get any work with a call I mean. It's gonna happen I don't know what this. If your kid comes home from school the black guys in your kid doesn't do a damn thing about it next week your kid's gonna come home from school with another black. And then at some point is gonna come home with a broken our. And a broken leg. -- Our Tom settled down settled our current your current. Old and. All quick listen George Harrison set our music. Will do them at 630 OK let's let's do within you that -- -- musical bump up that phone call I either need Valium or George Harrison. And at this point it's got to be George Harrison to get a drive. All right let's go to. It. Let's go to love living in buffalo and I hope my English -- a common sense trained Lydia you're on WB and hot. -- -- You know I understand that vote actually. But they're they're the ballot. -- -- to. Final. Not all the pit stop so -- cool -- -- in order to jump -- -- more about. These are rules the search suggestions their rules. If it's on the I've paid my dear it says will argue LE lastly check it says. It did not -- suggestion because you always kept all the yourself. They knew that you can -- the -- You want. Are you going I'm just keep Donovan to an echo. Go ahead. I turn my -- up I don't wanna talk will be go ahead. You yeah. I -- when you're surrounded by a fight are you happy to find yourself I would have been more. You know but they you know I'm I'm I'm totally -- -- -- you know on the street and you know I've been -- point. And you know have to hold them up and you have a long put them. And in as well I don't know what it is Asian. Ballot terror bulletin Laver. They're there at the captain that. Be trying to at a home and lie about that an awful -- All right thank you thank your. I'm happy called. A practice which she just told me do I'm not gonna get angry and I'm not gonna get drawn into a shouting match. I'll simply say thank you for calling and in my brain I'm thinking other words that I won't -- -- how's that. It's 625. Bad news radio 930. WB yet look you can pray for your enemies. Which also got to stand up for yourself. -- It's. Are facing now that's why. Side -- my brain on the subject of bullying and how to deal with it. That's the nifty side of my brain from the movie casino at the bar with ace Rothstein and the pen used as a weapon. But then after that last phone call. The other side of my brain. Is the more. Shall we Saturday. Spiritual. Side. That really does believe. Which goes around comes around. And that if only. If only we were treating -- enemies as if they were friends. And at peace with ourselves through the magic of the Sattar. Well it would be moment. There's -- Orioles. It's 635 news radio I'm thirty WB -- -- -- joining us -- I really enjoyed doing happy endings. -- I do. All but Tutsi here here's the thing this Lincoln Nebraska story. Merges proffered. In the my topic that I started up the issue with that it which ones have you ever had the use physical ports -- god forbid. Deadly physical worse in real life. As a because the list of rules and this was on the WBE and FaceBook page and I've shared it with my FaceBook page. The Lincoln Nebraska schools in a nutshell basically say to victims of bullies. Be nice to the bully. Be nice to the bully treat the bully like a friend. Don't get mad at. Pretend they're trying to help you treat the person who is bullying you like they're trying to help you. Verbally defend yourself either. And don't tell I'm bullies. OK guys. -- -- -- I have to believe. That the administrators of the Lincoln Nebraska schools. May very well surpass the buffalo public schools in dump. Let's hit back to the calls. To take kids about dealing with -- -- That if you don't tell a grown up -- really. I am stunned. And the best analysis I've gotten so far from a caller. I would expect that on my program. This is only the beginning of tried to train. The new generation to. Except. Bullies because who will ultimately be the biggest bully you've ever dealt with. The government your own government. Coleman -- I don't really care. Asked the Bundy ranch in the bottom. Now let's go back to the calls on WB EM. Here's pat in that -- want to pat you were on an -- Like. Fired up about. Wired up so. I went to. At 100. Due. To get Abdul somebody you've earned a lot of -- Actually I went to -- quite a few George -- I I could name them -- One of them actually did the doctor. An honorary Republican yeah. I kid -- not. That's off them well anyways Baghdad -- -- -- always throw all the way from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I would avoid all the way up until my freshman airport school. -- -- Where -- -- about where you all real bullet because -- Jewish. And not to be a jerk here how do that though it was because you were Jewish enough because of some other reason than they used the anti Semitic language. Well that's wonderful. Are we out out that I reported it multiple site. Nothing happened nothing happened nothing happened. I'm sorry I'm already here that. I finally by freshman year high school -- he's got -- good to me right after my grandmother on my dad's side had passed away about the Holocaust. On the dole fired up. I'm a small guy. I got so mad and that kid who is towering over me I jumped in the air clocked in the states watney never voted -- -- and nobody to that they've done an intimate. Whoa. OK okay. I love the fighting technique. Of jumping up -- given to somebody space. But it is you're gonna jump up and go for the face go for the throat and stick in the real world apps are added not just say that -- that sorry I didn't just say that out not a -- disregard what I just said. Okay so you put up put it you. -- kind of affects if it had on new. And when I read this list of what Lincoln Nebraska schools suggest people do if they're being bullied. What did that do to you inside I'm curious. It certainly emotional. Certainly emotional I would -- and I would basically cried out there. And say what do I do I'd I'd candlelight thing in my idea would be elected got they got their -- nobody does it review of the data and your own -- You know meeting -- holiday that they had their -- the it did get the best. -- -- Under it and may need said he got the governor felt nobody gonna do it might get the bad guy now so you would you -- -- people -- but we might. Okay that's archer RMR Lansky I'm glad you called. Yeah I mean it it's emotionally draining. I can well imagine have you ever read the book by Rich Cohen. Tough Jews. Are you serious. I Casey this is one of those very special hourly moments what are the chances this guy would this that this is not a setup called by the way I don't do. Now what are the chances that is he's talking I'm thinking to myself you know there's a book tough Jews this guy ought to read that book. And you're reading it right now I'll be dams. Yeah I I'd better let this elevated to about that that -- -- -- I would like I don't get that. OK now. You know can you familiar with the story and look at. And not equating Jews with crime any more than -- equating Italians with crime. But are you familiar with pal Meyer Lansky got to be lucky Luciano. You know that story. OK for a while for those who don't know -- Meyer Lansky. Was a very small Jewish kid. He saw his father get pushed around Meyer Lansky was walking to school. In I think whose. The it was a lower east side by Manhattan and it what he's walking to school. He runs in this gang of Italian kids. -- Italian kids this is like 1950 whatever these Italian kid said did you givers your lunch money. And Meyer Lansky said -- like yourself. So they'd beat them up and they took as much money second day. He's walking to school to get same Italian kids give us your -- give us your lunch money. Don't like yourself they beat a lot of -- took as much money third today. They asked Meyer Lansky to joined again. Because he stood up for himself and he showed how tough he could be. And I'm not saying you should aspire to a career a founding organized crime in America. But what I am saying is people even. Violent criminals. Will respect somebody who stands up for themselves. True like that though -- noted that it today. -- -- -- -- Sorry. To get it. Recorded exactly. All right well look I am I'm so here so you to graduated I graduated in the 1981. You graduated went. Now the kids that you had the dealings where because I gotta be honest with you that I went through like a six month period when I was a teenager where I was anti Semitic. Don't ask me why it was absolutely irrational. And I gotta be honest with Eric. I believe the -- I -- long outgrown that just so you know but I wanna be honest with that and I am shocked. And and an after that ironically the girls and I would date almost invariably Jewish go figured itself. I am shocked that that was tolerated in the Canton schools because I assure you when I went to school it was not. Yeah there was a lot of stuff Saturday night. Band aid really never took care of it the -- they did with civic detention space with what he touching -- Well you know what hopefully pat I would like to believe that as people get older. And as they get wiser they think back on their youth is I have done on many occasions and I regret. With every fiber of might be some of these stupid things I did when I was a teenager. I I try to think about the nice things I did in the good things I did but I also do a lot of stupid things and that's why. You know I tried to extend forgiveness to other people because god knows I've been the recipient of much forgiveness. I think that it the exit and come out we have partnered urban that they -- And I got -- well you know -- there. You know be accepting I gotta tell -- sometimes when you accept somebody's apologies. It makes you it does something for you hit it -- you hit it. Sit clintons as you because you into anything wrong. But is it elevates yourself and your sense of spirituality. Your sense of humanity if we're not talking about the materials are -- -- I'm so glad you called that I'm really happy that you. Sorted the bastard out. Armament thank you very much I -- thank you yeah and that's that's why by the way you know what I'll do shows on on races. And in particular. That lady who got in trouble because she admitted to seeing the -- were all quality. To me that was the -- the the media lynching of Paula dean I thought was one of the most disgusting episodes in American Media apology is a white woman 60s70s. If she admitted to using the N word. And I I went on the air during that controversy. And we did a group hug on the radio if you will remember this I said look. I have also used the N word I'm not out of it argues that all. I'm not proud of it I trying to at the use it anymore. I've tried to expunge it from my vocabulary. And I have asked for forgiveness. For stupid things I've said. And in in reciprocity by the way. I've also told those of you who our who were black. If you grew up with a chip and look -- were fifty years old guys if you grew up with a chip on your shoulder against white people. You know and you said kill Whitey or you know what a cracker you know what. I forgive you we can't live in the past. You can embrace hatred. If you so choose to do. You know you can -- that. But as we get older and wiser and we have more experiences with more people for more background hopefully we gain wisdom and hopefully we gain maturity from that. And that's why I took it upon myself. As a mostly white guy. To offer forgiveness. To blacks. Who said bad things about -- back in the sixties and seventies when they were teenagers. Because. Again. Most people not everybody look at that idiot in Kansas City but most people as they grow up. Lose. Irrational hatred of other people. And I think Harvard -- human beings -- is when somebody recognizes the errors of their youth. They admit them. And they want forgiveness. To offer. That forgiveness. 'cause -- last I checked. There ain't nobody perfect in this world. We on the same page. And that's why the place up and when I say that I have done more. To promote harmony between people on my stupid radio show in Buffalo, New York. Then our president of the United States has with his policies of division. I mean. And you'll notice that I talked about this before and I'm not credible pat myself on the back. But. Receivers. I'm not trying to pat myself on the back. But those of you who have listened attentively. To the program. You know and my FaceBook page I've intentionally used the language of inclusion. Because I don't wanna be one of those radio talk show hosts were people hear my name and they think. He doesn't like black people all he doesn't like homosexuals. -- he doesn't like Muslims or Jews or Catholics or Christians or whomever. Why try to be inclusive. And I am very very proud and happy with my own personal transformation. And realization that words -- infect their power. And one can use language and once communication skills were good. Or four deal. And I'm trying to use mine for good for all of us. I'm never gonna please everybody and there will be people who just thrive on hate. And you can't let those people dictate -- you view humanity. So while long and short of it is that attitude. And that approach could not work without you guys. -- I'm not perfect you are not perfect. And I think we make a pretty good team. -- page or 649 a WB. And up by the way I would imagine that they Meyer Lansky the most of you probably already noticed but that he actually was the model for the Hyman Roth's character. In god father to. And he actually did say according to legend. Which and it was witnessed by multiple people. We have bigger than US steel. Back when the US and driving steel industry of which buffalo by the way it was a huge part. -- well in Meyer Lansky. In fact. Well the real life Meyer Lansky. Actually called the actor who played him in -- bothered to. To commend him on his performance. -- you -- well it was about him I don't think you might he might not like the ending of ago. It. Let's go to I'm a retired investor living out of venture. All right here is. Well. -- Fallen WB and -- what do you make of these Lincoln Nebraska rules for put up for pussy cats. Yeah I'll definitely ridiculous and I can't believe they're allowing people. Who care they're encouraging parents. Until they can't just to pay out down and take that mean that I'm dealing with something like under the private school. You can eighth grade. He was getting pushed around on the playground pushed and pushed the other kid threw a -- of Kitna on my son retaliated. Put it hit the ball or. And I found out that my son is now. Going to have to serve one day suspension. For fighting back up and protecting. Okay this is idiocy. Idiocy does not stop in the public schools it can extend to the private schools as well now I have a question was this an ongoing situation or was -- one of those things that took -- -- It -- -- -- really got. That's one. Of their boy. In the end I -- incorporate I'm not wild about -- -- -- -- picture or reuse them what you've been at a picture. And my friends never really played with -- never really got along you know it kind of gone after my form a little bit because like some big in the typical. So it took it to kind of built up in doha just before the eastern great moral. Then the game that they are getting -- I was told about the suspension. And I think it is extending my plan for. The spending well. Did your son have witnesses to back up his story. Many because when I happen. But it was -- prince. That's unfortunate I wish I had more times at -- but it is so he did have witnesses one more question did the bully did the instigator also get suspended. She will not mean it's. And eating and she will. Opted greet my Dieter sent me an email when you look at how it works out Tom at WB EN dot com. All right thank you I wish I had time to take work calls. You know guys I really wanted to give you a happy ending today but frankly the material which is good content I could walk away from it. Thank you Joseph beamer and thank you John Sherman and by the way Gary thanks for another great show holy week and sometimes -- yet radio talk show host is everybody's busy. Out of -- or two words no yourself. --

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