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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

4-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I walked down upon you with great. If you go to the hole -- -- more -- -- and -- -- And welcome to the New York City. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No. And flew. His ball club. Tom hourly. Column. Went up to. Now what about how my backpack and I could have got covered up right and welcome. It's live its local capital. Full moon. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly I'd like you. You have woes. Like voters. And 930 W yeah. -- credit for happy ending yet. Yeah I'm not. Now I'm not ready for a happy ending yeah well well well Chris there's another topic. That I'm stealing it from the WB -- up FaceBook page that struck me. And it's just the obvious segue. And let's hope you guys feel the same way it does point to the start kill me again. I. -- Is it wrong to borrow one of your kids syringes she uses for diabetes and try to stick it between your -- to get the -- that's out is is that wrong. Probably probably but I don't -- at this point -- I don't like John and Joseph punch me in the face tomorrow there's -- doesn't feel better knock him out. Just. -- All right now. This was at the WB -- FaceBook page. And I read it I re read it and I says that you have got to be kidding and he. And it ties so nicely. In to what we've been talking about as an adult. Have you had to use physical force or god forbid deadly physical force to protect yourself. And what are the stories or one of the things that I find it. Well very disturbing. And unfortunately. Increasingly typical. Is the propensity. Of the bad guys. To attack in groups one person. Very rarely is it a one on one flight. You know when you go on line and you see these fight videos. Generally speaking what are you -- You're looking at like 567. Guys go after one person. Fights. Well fights. You call that a -- That's -- That's an act of war. Well. This is from the WB and FaceBook page and oddly enough. It involves bullies. Now before I go any further. I know what some of you are thinking because I happened to be thinking the same thing. I am sick of the word bully. I'm sick of the phrase bullying. Because it has been appropriated. Now for all kinds of political. Purposes. Call me old that. But today a bully. Is somebody who picks on others who really can't defend themselves. And who takes great belief in doing so that to me is a -- And generally we're talking about eight school situation. Or a childhood situation although there can be bullies at work. I don't know -- ever worked with a bully on the job. Ever anybody who bullies you are right well this is from the Lincoln Nebraska. School district. Excuse me Lincoln Nebraska. I'm thinking Charles stark winners who is Whitney was -- from Lincoln Nebraska the movie badlands. Joseph looked this up players I believe Charles stark whether. And his -- girlfriend Nancy few -- I believe they were from Lincoln Nebraska. But I suppose that's neither here and there because. The I want to get your thoughts on whether the Lincoln Nebraska school district here is teaching the right lesson when it comes to so called. Bullies. Here is a rule about dealing with the eleven -- read them to your. And I'm gonna see if you become increasingly angrier the more into this list I don't. -- -- well one of the Lincoln Nebraska schools on dealing with bullies. Refuse. To get mad. Anger is -- feeling we have toward our enemies. Not our bodies. When you get angry. You were treating them. Like they are an enemy besides. If a bully finds out he or she can get you angry. You become their puppet. And the bully controls -- Okay so don't get angry. At a -- You doubt what that don't get angry with a bully. Now. On a site top level that has merit. Trust via -- On a psychological. Operations level I think there is some merit to not getting angry if you ever -- the art of war. There's a little sentence there that is well worth it and it goes something like there's. If your enemy is of a color. Disposition. Do things that make him angry. Irritate him. If your enemy is of Michael Eric this position. Irritate him. It's I can't argue too much with the thesis there don't get angry. And the other reason you don't wanna get angry is. Anger clouds rationality. The angry you become the less rational you become. When you were thinking rationally you make better decisions on how to deal with things whether it's a bully or something else. Let me get out -- -- will ever get through this -- however two of the Lincoln Nebraska school district and dealing with bullies and. I don't know what your thoughts on these rules as we progress roll over to. Treat the person who is being means. As if they are trying to help you. I'm sorry come again. Treat the person who is being mean that as if they are trying to help you. Why. No matter how insulting or mean that they may sound it. He grateful. And think they really care about you. This does not mean you have to believe what they tell you heard it this is pure unadulterated. Poppycock. And I don't like to insult poppycock like that but it is pure and unadulterated. Here's rolled over three from Lincoln Nebraska school I'm dealing with bullies do not be afraid fear is something we feel toward. Enemies not buddies. When you're afraid you work treating the bully like an enemy if you are afraid you're automatically. Putting the bully. In the stronger position and you automatically lose. Insists the bully wants to keep winning. They'll continue doing things that make you feel afraid. Okay here's my response to -- what planet are they living on. Because it's not the one that I can have it wrong lever for Lincoln Nebraska schools dealing with -- bullies do not verbally defend yourself. We defend ourselves for enemies. So we're training the other person as an enemy not a friend. When one person attacks and the other person is the defender the attacker isn't a stronger position. So the defender is automatically the loser if we defended we let loose. Okay now I have to tell you I've started -- angry what kind of bald this generation are they tried to bring up our public schools. Seriously treat the -- like he's your friend. Deal with the bully like the bully is your friend are you giving. This is preposterous. This reflects such a gross miss understanding of not only human psychology but -- Child psychology. -- to be. Egregiously. Lacking in common cents. By the way as I go through this list I think you're getting is angry is side. But I have to remember to treat the lake and schools like -- my buddy not my enemy. Here's the number to call I've only got a couple more rules to get through. Do you think that these are good ineffective rules or do you think we're simply get a raise a generation of spineless wimpy men. Look. You know what they're there are times I don't mind saying I'm spineless. And without backbone. Who isn't. We all have things of which we are afraid. I don't -- are you know what -- are. But I sure as hell not gonna put up with this. Bat is over the line. Now rule number five for dealing with bullies according to the Lincoln Nebraska schools. We attack -- -- not a -- We attack enemies not friends if I attacked you back. I am treating you like an enemy. So will the bully. Okay that the pre is too small here for me to read our FaceBook page I can't make it out so our rule over five do not attack. Rolled over six. If someone physically virtue. Just show you are -- do not get angry. Are you kidding me if someone hurt you. You want them. To feel sorry and apologize. If you get angry they won't feel sorry. Ladies and gentlemen I have never seen. A more worthless and pathetic bit of advice. Have these people ever watched Animal Planet. Do these people not understand the that the weakest one in her as the one that is attacked. Do these people not understand that when sharks smell blood in the water they don't say law are you. Feel so bad -- hurt you. My -- sharks. Have a meeting friends are bad. -- This is just nauseating to this that this would make me puke. -- walk over 7 August agree well I got books I find myself now becoming obsolete furious. With the Lincoln Nebraska schools and the rules they put out on bullies now you got to telling local school put out a similar bit of information. Because if so I have an open up is because this is asinine. Let's find out about traffic right now here is mr. Allen Harris. And as far as AccuWeather is concerned it will be partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 37. Tomorrow some sunshine giving way to clouds and shower in the area late in the afternoon at 58 and right now we're looking at. 56 news radio 930 WB -- we're going over the Lincoln Nebraska. Rules for dealing with bullies which I happen to think are insane. If if if the goal here is to stop a bully from being able -- All of these suggestions. Are absolute. Failures. All right you understand that all of these failures are guarantees. Guarantees. To make more bullying. Come down upon you every single one that sent. Number seven do not tell on bullies. I guess this is the Lincoln Nebraska schools way -- saying don't snitch snitches get stitches. -- raw number seven do not tell on bullies. The number one reason bullies hate their victims is because the victims tell on them. Telling it makes the bully wanna retaliated. Tell at a ball only -- a real injury work cry. Like the theft of something valuable has occurred. When we keep our friends if -- adult on them. -- you understand you're there calling bullies your friends. This is orwellian bought and this is orwellian be yes to the nth degree. World number -- don't be a sore loser. Likes a sore loser. Would you like to play with someone who gets all upset when they lose lose gracefully. And be a good sport. Well liked you better. OK I. I am. I am now officially lacking the words. To describe my disgust. With Lincoln Nebraska and at schools and finally -- the final rule. Learned to laugh at yourself. And not get hooked by put downs make a joke out of it or agree with the -- down for example. If you think I'm ugly you should see my sister. Your right and it's going to get worse. I've -- that for a long time. Thanks for noticing. If you think it looked like -- -- you should see my debt. OK folks that's all got. I have nothing more because at this point I have to terrier. I believe that shortly classic Anglo Saxon. Swear words will suffice and I can't use those words on the radio. Folks. Do these rules makes cents. What do you tell what do you tell your kids about dealing with bullies and -- We have to differentiate folks we're talking about bullying in school here are right. The -- word bullies. Has been appropriated by the political class. To described conservatives and Republicans. Okay you're officially now a bowl it's -- actor -- how some people think. You're a racist if you break Obama as a big liar. I mean this is this is kind of doublespeak that I would expect of -- Orwell essay as he wrote in jest. All right don't go anywhere your calls coming up people are. 803 all right thirty -- 3180616. WBE. I'm not ready yet for my happy ending to this story needs to be covered actually -- league would you be EM website and FaceBook page and I I can't go to all the rules again gives that I break for news and that we in this vicious cycle. Bottom line is the Lincoln Nebraska schools have put out. It's not. Rules. At -- that interest thing in itself not suggestions. Rules. For dealing with volleys and basically the onus is on the victims. Very are basically victimizing. Victims again. By taking the bullies side. I mean this whole idea that the police is gonna change his ways or her ways. Once you stop looking at them as an enemy and start looking at them as a friend that. Is baloney. Absolute. Ball Loney. Anybody who believes that has no business and education in fact I think that they ought to be. Shall we say re educated. Then I'll put it that way let's get to the calls do you agree with these rules. Which basically in my opinion. Victimize. The victim again. But offerings. Support by the schools to a victim of bullies and as much as I know that bullies is an overused word right now. This is. A medal or a list of rules on dealing with -- bullies and I gotta tell you something. This is written by morons. With general understanding of human beings and even less understanding of immature human beings. This one even working radio GO. Here is -- Grand Island on WBE MAR rob. Lincoln Nebraska did you enjoy that little list of -- rules on bullies. Credence -- In the glory now I can't believe -- it'd be in the leadership of our country. Just that being -- -- The producer. I would believe all the way through up until eight cores my mother taught me right just -- people on network 90% of the people -- there. Five when kindness doesn't work and you're getting bullied the absolute only way to stop it is to put them there. And it's exactly what I had to do from eight tonight's great. I went through an entire summer weightlifting. Judo Karate. Kid and seeing people that word after an -- middle school. Came after me in high school I have not lost -- fight yet I have not started one yet. And I had not been voluntary. Well I have to ask you what happened the very first time you put yourself defense. Into practice was in high school. -- what happened and how did you destroy the opposition. Smaller and inquire -- -- says I'm taking you -- after our class. They've walked major by that time quite ascended ever producing no woes going to be happening. He walked me -- across all into the gym. Andy came after me -- -- -- wanna -- don't wanna play he took a swing and I laid him out and I kept hitting into the bloody although. I was not gonna stop it's a 200 people called me up I kept -- -- I don't want -- fight the entire time as to. I love it Turkey that in itself as orwellian as you say with blood spurting out of his those I don't wanna fight notified. -- -- You're -- and you're like Joseph -- -- like Joseph Pesci and casino hey you get a little girl hates you in that little girl what happened at a tough guy call my friend -- -- But I say what that seemed. Everybody's respect Eric I had to fight every one of them that call me all the weaker middle. -- it away and electric after they saw -- after they saw. What you did to their friend Dave wanted the peace have you know. Well it wasn't their friends and neighbors the other people that work a little bit dated some of them seniors and and I had to do the same thing over and over about seven -- All all right okay now I have to ask us. Every one of them respected me. Afterward and then they that they apologized for their actions. Course I apologize because should take their chances. -- I don't think they did to other people at that point either. I don't recall one of several falling another person. Well good for you I am so happy I mean I'm unhappy that you did it the way I mean look the common sense you showed -- If that's the way the world works not -- whatever dream world. Lincoln Nebraska school officials are living in -- kids. It turned those kids -- somebody who's gonna go up there and do something stupid bet and your other people. That is not the way to do it can't let them build up the anchor -- got a ticket out of -- -- is -- -- the anger towards. And it got to stand up for them so that's absolutely true. -- do nothing's gonna change. Now what if and I have this really what if scenario or cared because. In in our junior high school we have principles who would not tolerate bullying. And there was one in particular who would sit people down and say if you called this person. A name again you're gonna come down to my office you're gonna call me that name and you're gonna see what happens next and you know what that put an end -- things. I never get out of our school at the turn. So he had graduated many many years ago but that was nothing network news even discussed in a school record. Well I and grateful for the phone call. I think it's a great story and frankly I. It's a learning experience because see that's the real world stuff. All right. Yeah you'll learn how to fight you took on your enemies you destroyed your enemies. I am kind of surprised though that you had to keep on proving yourself because you know after the first time you break somebody's nose where the second time. Early word should travel kind of fast. Our -- I'm glad you called thank you so much. Up at night and by the way. Now let's get -- more calls I've done two hours talking and my tooth hurts. Let's go to Obama in one on WB and Donna what do you think of Lincoln Nebraska and its rules on not not suggestions but its rules on dealing with bullies which I think were written by a bunch of absolutely incompetent bureaucrats. Greens here I think interior and on TP what does that come. A volley in. They're out -- out. All of -- and you're gonna grow in itself. From -- -- that. Net same thing that you running and police and tell you need to learn boundaries and there are -- and he really caring adult partner. -- Incurring in effect making all. For that to happen. You know what. That's it if these are the rules in the Lincoln Nebraska schools. I would love to know what some of the other policies are in the schools and I'd love development cops and Lincoln Nebraska had to say about this because. This is -- this is a textbook. For deep bawling people. And the best way to be a victim is not the fight back. They're right yes. Absolutely you have to stand up and everybody needs to know that they have the right to speak up and then their belts and -- you're in the school situation. -- -- always always be courage to go to somebody you trust in Taliban and urged the court there. And then you say that there is not you should not how it should it won't go to Chris I have ever heard. I mean OK I can't imagine are right if up. OK I don't see your and I think this is very telling. If let's just use this as they -- -- What if some kid got called. A name because of his race. Or one of some kid got called a name because of his perceived sexual orientation you know and you know the words fruit and -- all the other ones that we grew up with. Com. Where's their defense but who's who's gonna stick up for these people. You know well how come how come they. Don't have any outlet here to go and complain to have. At all about what is happening to them because the bullet the the memo from the school says don't tell on bullies that is preposterous. That is absolutely preposterous if I had a kid in Lincoln Nebraska. And he was being insulted because of his race or perceived sexual orientation I gotta tell you assign them a I would want to -- to complain to me B I want to get the complaint to the school CI. I would damn well expect something to be done to the bully not my kid to be victimized. They -- I think that the parents should do something about cultural that the patient. Go to the school are terrible everything you because you are kept at politics changed. Well I do know this much and knowing the buffalo public schools whoever wrote these schools in -- or whoever wrote the policies and Lincoln Nebraska and Nebraska is no doubt gonna end up. At a very high six figure job in the buffalo schools at some point. And I thank you thank you very much and I'm glad to see you think this is absurd. I don't think double overreact. -- not at all I work with a lot of domestic violence victims out there and now. And they they're papacy situations and -- they've stayed in. Situations like bad and has has stemmed from. Early adolescent stuff and they learn any these advisory force -- and -- it. It's time but you know what it's not archaic this is progressive visit. This this is the progressive minds that I guess of dealing with both ladies and -- it if if you got let me let me think of an example here -- -- If you got a black it. Who's -- mostly white school. Who is being called it all kinds of names. What is that like it's supposed to do just sit there and take it and not fight back that's baloney. And the same thing you've got a white kid who's being insulted by a bunch of black kids is he's opposed to just sit there and they kept. This is not -- There -- Not. Yeah this about it you continued action and -- Yeah they must these these roles must've been written by Neville Chamberlain. The one time prime minister of England notoriously known for -- we have -- time. The immunity agreement -- signed within himself and -- -- Yeah who is also by the way you bully they genuine bully and he genocide it'll mania thank you. Know you're gonna say something else go ahead. Well all right I'll try to -- thank you very much. Aren't these rules and Lincoln Nebraska and the schools they're not suggestions their rules I have to think you're absolutely preposterous. If I were apparent in Lincoln Nebraska. I would be absolutely outraged you know what else I would do I would make it real clear to school that if any of my kid because of the rules they have put. That in place that favor the Bali and do nothing to help the victim the Bible each and every one of them personally legally responsible if something happened my child. Who's with him. 8030930. And is ready in my thirty WBE. And but it really AccuWeather forecast for tonight partly cloudy overnight low of 37 and tomorrow the sun. Is gonna give way to clouds maybe a shower later and the high temperature of 58 right now 56. All editors radio at thirty WB -- -- Did you find it important or not. -- Well I don't have just got to play the audio. But and don't don't don't about a Jones you'll be too late. There's a scene in the movie casino which is absolutely perfect example of why Lincoln Nebraska schools don't get it. There's this guy. If you see the movie you know the scenes but all this I'll try to set it up as quickly as I can't. Robert De Niro in the movie plays eighth ace Rothstein. Who is a muscle he's a brain guy he's a gambling wizard. So the mob bosses and this little guy. Who happen to be incredible streak -- out to Vegas to have aces back so. One night. Case and the little guys are at a bar. And space walks in and says hello to a young lady. And the young ladies as well hey pace -- -- one. And the guy the young lady was where was pretty upset that ace says hello to his woman. Oh yeah you know like he committed some horrible crime. And -- Robert De Niro ace Rossi looked down at the bar that he sees a pattern. And he says to this guy. Our excuse me is this your -- Because. He saw and didn't want to get lost him the idiot at the bar says. It's my blanking hand. Why. And de Janeiro based Rothstein says well it's a MySpace and I didn't wanna -- And the guy says you can take this and you blanking blank and shove it up your blank. Well the little guy joke she picks up the -- And stabs the guy I mean multiple times just as the living daylights out of and at the end of the day the big guy who just insult that ace Rothstein. Is on the ground crying. And that's where joked that she's character says -- what happened at a tough guy. And that is exactly what the link and schools are trying to do. They're trying to turn everybody into the -- Roth's the character. Okay who doesn't fight. Now obviously you don't wanna be the Joseph -- character either as he didn't fair too well at the end of the movie or for that matter in real life is neighbors at the peaceful -- goes a look at up. But. The point of the matter it is. Funny is this tasteful OK street fights mostly are stupid. You know I know but. These rules. And there are suggestions there -- holes by the Lincoln Nebraska schools. Are guaranteed. To get you beaten up. Every single. Every single day. And there is no support whatsoever. Expressed for the victim now choice. Would you rather be everybody's seen them because it. Would you rather be at the bar. Ace Rothstein. Or his body. Well. Most guys I know what they're gonna say. It is 555. At news radio 930 WB. The end.

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