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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

4-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. And with the benefit. Yeah hold -- -- For a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia. Not al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to it. Gary -- Destroy all silent. It was an amendment. Tom hourly. Even though this. I think it right back bathing in -- and its local girl is. It's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who lived there. On news radio 930. It's about leave Israel at thirty WBM great to be with you it -- -- I believe we it was doesn't sunshine today and a that's highly unusual. Thank you very much for being with us by the way president. -- -- President Reagan -- what's up premature senility. President Obama is unexpectedly. Answering. Contrived questions. In the latest dead dog and pony show otherwise known as they White House news briefing I've decided not to carry it live in its entirety. Because I must tell you that every time his lips move he lies. And even during the Reagan well that's because your racist not well of course. But even during the Reagan era. Yes I've been around and do in this that law. Very rarely carried Ronald Reagan's full news conferences. And even after Reagan's news conferences and state of the union speeches you know back when we had a man in the White House. People did not respond seriously. So. Please don't play here it's only well. I'm not a fan of Obama. Despite his flaws Ronald Reagan was my favorite president during my living lifetime. That being said he was not perfect he had warts. But he was the best in my life say that much this guy has done what I thought would never read them. Barack Obama he is out -- he's out worst than Jimmy Carter and that took some that took some doing. And even Jimmy Carter this in this is the best example I can give ladies and gentlemen of this even Jimmy Carter. Former president of the United States apparently he must be paranoid and delusional to. Because Jimmy Carter said he believes his computer. Is being monitored. By NSA CIA. Intelligence. And if he wants to communicate with the world leader he doesn't do it on the phone he won't do it on the computer because he thinks he's being monitored by the Obama administration. So what he wants to send a letter to a foreign leader and this is Jimmy Carter Democrat former president of the US he sends snail mail. Somebody should cannot tell also that snail mail has been known to be intercepted and read. Back during the Cold War every letter that was sent to the Soviet Union. Well almost every letter which steamed open before -- went overseas to make sure somebody wasn't reticent secrets overseas to the Russians seriously. I'm making that step up that's public record. But of course your paranoid and delusional if you believe the government. Does that kind of thing because we are in the United States after all. Anyway it is up for their team is ready at 930 WBE end well ladies and gentlemen -- to bring up to speak for those you got to work at 4 o'clock. If you see any traffic problems and I mean major problems. They don't 30321. As the phone number 8030321. Of the phone number now. I told you yesterday about a pizza delivery guy who fought off a game. Would be robbers. One of these scum bag bastards have been ahead with a hammer. Which could kill them because of incapacitated him for why it could have seriously brain damaged for life. Some wow the guy -- just been beaten in the head with a hammer. Was able to pull out his gun and fire at the guy who -- them with a hammer. Unfortunately. The shops were not immediately lethal. And the rest of his. Gaggle of gangsters. Or wannabes. Basically. Fled like cockroaches in the light. Once they would be victim turned in choose somebody who leveled the playing field with a gun. And I'm kind of rooting for gangrene to set in for the -- You don't screw somebody's brain so you don't it's a mile African head with amber. Let him find out what agonies like. You know make -- -- -- could just damages nervous system the to the point where he can't walk anymore. So maybe can relate to what it's like to have a severe brain injury. Sorry guys I violent criminals. Oddly enough really upset me. And my topic today is. As a grown up have you ever had to defend yourself. Know a lot of people listen to this program whoever. Guns you carry your guns you do it legally and we of people who know how to use their first and a lot of it. And it unfortunately we also have people who. Don't have guns and who don't know how to fight. And who learned all too late in life that. They really should have done something to prepare for the worst possible scenario of being attacked. By the way that's another part of this question you -- being in the situation. Where you have been attacked and you don't wish you'd been -- you wish you knew how to fight. And before -- get back to nor I just wanna say one quick thing about martial arts and bad as certain techniques. Please don't think you need to go through decades and decades of training. To learn some really dirty tricks. Folks street fights where you're going or when you're trying to save your life. There is no such thing as dirty fight. Feel free to kick him on the ball in the gun nuts. If he's Kerry beat cons. Because he'll be upset usual scare all over the place and he just paid good money -- feel free to kick him in the most sensitive spots. Feel free that it usually heal the break is what. There are things you can do and learn how to do without a lot of expense were training. But you gotta be willing to do. And you got to be fast enough to do with the right way. And again I don't preach violence. I also don't want you to be a victim. And part of the issue with having those skills. If you do you know what I'm talking about. You realize. That it is always better to walk away if you can safely do. Walking away does not make you a -- It simply means. You kept your head in what could have been a bad situation. Because bar fights are just no win that situations. As work presiding. Seriously ask him. Seventy -- he was just trying to be the peacemaker. 803 dollars and thirty start at 3180616. WB -- so anyway this is back in the 1960s when we had racial issues. In the city of buffalo and elsewhere in the United States before President Obama as the first half black president was able to heal all of the racial wounds in America. And bring us altogether singing -- by you know this was the free Obama era when black people white people didn't like each other and of course we just adore each other as as races of people. Thanks to Obama. But anyway he was attacked. By. Some scum bags and he used some very basic self. Defense tactics including. Dropping his life knowing that the bad guy was gonna drop down to pick it up in what he did the elbow would be imperfect alignment with his face so after he did that -- took off for the -- And -- what happened what you at the box. Well I got to be under perhaps. You know and I was close to where to door where we're riddled truck I figured. The turnaround to what we should do well and after we understand that there are still. And so -- yelled out so I just took her and they held back he. You know what you have word you you're crazy. And then they took off the other way by. Pedal got to the action I would open doors and the -- got all the at least one of whom I know some of the guys to come doubt -- facts. And good in the hand. Yeah I know I I saw that -- and boardwalk empire. A very similar situation involving the accident involving the mob and as some workers at a certain plants. That that did not and very well for frank appalled although that was a fictional account of his death. Anyway -- I'm glad you escaped that situation. And I applaud you on your smarts with street fighting because there -- any rules and street -- your job is to survive and get the hell out. -- Well appeared called my friend and let it go -- Those guys are listening I wonder if they are still alive if they're listening and I wonder if they feel like real courage over how they used to be a what are they changed. I don't know I don't know some people never do -- -- gotten any better after that I carried a gun. So they never came back ground. Well I gotta tell it -- being called crazy. By a gang of people that it just tried to rob you and beats you up to me that's a great compliment I word that like a badge of honor. -- All right -- they -- right thank you thank you very much -- really appreciated. It will accomplish and the target. If I can run or after walking quickly away from a situation that's exactly what I'm gonna do because it is not worth it. His aide I could get my ass kicked. Beat that's that's the most likely scenario be. And I might end up doing something very bad to somebody. And see even if I win the fight I'm gonna get sued. And my name will get dragged through the mud again. It ain't worth I'd rather walk away. And plus. I've been known to pay people in bars to have my back anywhere anyway let's go to let traffic here's Alan Harris. AccuWeather for tonight it will be partly cloudy. Up 37. Degrees and tomorrow we're gonna see some sunshine. It's gonna give way to clouds and maybe a shot work late in the afternoon or sharp Friday just as you're -- -- work on Good Friday just. The rain comes. -- -- -- And Saturday. It is going to be sunny with some clouds but the high only 51. And I do not have your resurrection day forecast and the yet. Do it as you call it resurrection day or Easter Sunday I forgot to put that up on FaceBook. Because. Easter has nothing to do -- bunnies. And Easter is a pagan term anyway. If it's look at up all right let's go to AM in San born on WB -- and let. You on the I got a story we're just got a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where -- and -- apartment and at Oakland or -- -- People pull out. Gaining a girl go -- in the parking space but I'm married right there are so a tribute to get it. Well Lynn I -- get on my track. I'm gonna structure care advocate she opened my truck she was. And polish and I go to get out of my car or black curls jump out of their car. And -- -- Want the army or in combat -- -- I just don't let urgent -- I want. I just looked like wow I. She may well you know my daughter was about a foot solidly. While just a hole I just for a moment -- I just. I just want to thank President Obama for -- is you know the attitude of some people he totally reversed their attitude. And he really did bring a healing ball. And and we really are are well let's just call like it is were really seeing who the real races are American our way. The racial divide it worse than I've ever seen an -- -- your -- well. I'd I'd I'd warrant that was -- they -- out -- -- but I try to -- -- -- Obama won their four I guess I'm justified in that beating you up -- continued. Shall what they don't know my daughter's apparent shooters teachings of -- you know I've I've been EXP. -- That what I wouldn't want to change about my trucks they don't she needs but -- -- yeah I've. So what do -- bit I'm young I've got my hands up now I used to be a boxer and I yelled at all the Brothers. Well she I put my hand up like okay wanna bet on me. I'm ready to -- I put my hand up and -- like you can't take swing as I remember one hit in the back at. The other we're -- and I. How usual -- -- you can say that there were several of there were several attackers and just one person being -- act that someone usual that never happens. Four against one. That's our real fair fight hey I got to hear what your daughter did but I've got to break for the news Q would you be able to hold on because I've got to hear the exciting conclusion to this story -- Yes and I I really I do want to thank. The president for using his office for good instead of four deal really. He has single handedly. Meant. Basically make everybody feel included in America. And really the racial bridge is built between people. Frankly I -- little sniffling thinking about it. I honestly tell you I have done more. To bring people together in Western New York in this president. Were few other people have. And -- one of those dreaded conservative Terry and radio talk show hosts are proud of what I've done. -- what are zero concede the same. It was that it's news. And -- that some songs to sound really really good on certain days that song just hit me as being a great solid today thank you Joseph Bieber is awesome well -- Joseph beaver and master control John Germany's call screener I only yesterday about the pizza delivery guy. Who probed once again bad. The one good thing. That we can always look forward to. Is one good guy with a gun. Shooting. One bad guy with a hammer. And getting his gang of friends to disperse. I do find myself rooting for gangrene right now descendent but that's just. Eight -- some guy in the head with a hammer don't expect me to have a lot of sympathy where you expect me. Despite my attempts to be a better person. Two expect it or to hope that bacteria has its way with do you like it did with the martians in. War of the worlds with Tom Cruise. Don't thrilled at thirty starlet 3180616. WB you know so anyway and -- born. In this around Christmas a season she's polling and it was a parking spot now here's before we get into the story about how you. Am were attacked by a three or forward teenage girls. We're three or four. For a change of computer doctors and keeps victory. All right so for teenage girls now where they also try to get into the same spot that they think that you had a particular spot from them. Now in retrospect I believe that they just wanted to start trouble because I was party -- admirably current they came around the courtroom really quick in the parking lot got -- -- pitcher's spot. Trouble by the universal rules of parking that is your spot. All right so they had you on the ground it. I you know how to box so you get your hands up. And then because it was a fair for on one fight what is the one of these old one of these women I hate the use -- woman one of these Amazon's. Decked you in the head you mention a couple of times your daughter is a tall girl like six feet -- what happens next. Well where -- I don't truck and the one girl into impact had a should be forward but not quite in the back of which. So now we're actually in full view of everybody in the parking lot arm in between this -- I see -- the -- my export policy. -- mom and looks to be a mom and her daughter walk up and shark while they are running back -- it's something at some sort. At the same time another cop was walking and their last. And my daughter yelled call 911 -- to people which are probably at its image or -- one couple. What I call the police -- -- and now the mob as in miracle on the hysterical about it where it was the -- my daughter jumps on her cheekbone while the other side. She start pulling people off you know by other I'll I don't. But I'm so now we're rolling out all -- bust because they appreciate collect all. Well you know not be Mercury being put the worst thing to pull out of -- we. Well -- -- one thing I grabbed at least -- has tumbled -- -- reactions to beat her on Balladur ever. -- -- the girl off the seat that was on top of me. And that we're actually going quite well what I died late Quebec over she -- I called the republic when there are under way. The girls jump back and there are. And -- smile at the same time from what I understand what the police shudders a normal route back about float on air curse. The people causing trouble normally take what their equity officer -- so when they can't get down -- Bailey avenue the police are waiting right there and pull them over immediately. So why this happened I'm confused where did this happen. Other -- Amherst in the parking lot of Joann fabrics. But I can write to me that means nothing I don't buy fabrics on the boulevard. -- ever on a year what I'd tell him your best bet there's almost like 1990 crunch still on the bulls are -- So -- we you don't HA -- Albania. And you know not content with for the current allow -- -- I -- -- I. I was kinda like a little bit more shocked I was funny and now. Well there and you know I think our common clearer and I explained simply happened they immediately the people on the -- Iran and Al barely happening. Com they pulled apparel from what their story is totally different of course. Totally opposite of mine of course my daughter being that are now we ever been trouble now trying to -- out in the next abolish. -- -- And I and I'm not speaking badly but I think priorities are -- one girl is not seventeen or eighteen years old. What are you doing beauty of the terror fighting -- what she got a baby at home. Another girl as a student. The other girl come to find out we buy out is on an eight CD and -- like -- record -- fix Iraq. -- -- The other -- she didn't have a record but obviously you know you are what you -- was so she probably just got out of -- I'm -- So I'm. We want to go to our quote those DA context -- the police contact the economic reports. Albeit -- Amherst police were a Beijing honestly there really good to me and my daughter. So. Long story short these girls' roundup the one that -- CD she had -- I'd well they were all wrapped and they all had to do we kept in jail. They I think two out of the four got community service and I think the other one actually did get a month in jail. There are just a quick question you -- let me down and because. Like three times you've talked about how big your daughter was word she enter into the story she is set they're want to get beat up. She came -- on the back of the -- and she pulled every single girl out. So it wasn't okay I thought it was that maybe it wasn't listening enough but it wasn't the bystander who came -- Okay your daughter got out of the truck into. Oh yeah. The bystander get -- thank. No I it was called the police and I'm Obama's the ladies' side as a state trooper's. Wife. And that was her daughter. That was the only thing. Actually one police shots -- was wishy -- while they're at once started are getting harder if it were to get forward. Until that trooper like stop stop and filed. This is what happened and I didn't have -- -- yet not -- telling you this is what happened and that's Pollyanna giving -- itself. Long story short my daughter is. A medical student has not been in trouble I'd never about a tribal. We look online to strip excess average I think we looked on line. This girls' pictures on there the woman that I mean she looked like she was after world war three. All of a chat with someone McClatchy a broken nose guy and I'm not quite well too little white girl out of the car. Because it's four black girls stopped that they were gonna beat up old tree basically to -- a little bit older now. And it didn't work out that way so not only to go luster -- which was probably. I would say have a hundred dollars and they -- all their time and they probably got a problem this under somebody's car got -- it for the weekend. Any curled up hits to go to mom it's what is the counseling that they fund to go work on guilt people into and if something also that. So those girls giving up to her you know although apiece for he'd have to go through the paperwork I want treated paperwork I want hospital did what I had to do and -- worse -- -- -- Turner I love it I absolutely love this story and all I can say is thank you very much for the call I am glad things worked out for you wrote and that nice job -- so was your punches that did the number or was -- your daughters. For you. Yes but my go to other Turkey -- my back that's what they say what you they have actually do it. And I -- well if I where you are buyer a brand new -- jeepers I'm gonna go to college -- been in medical school. Good night while they take you very much for a have you ever. Have you ever had to use physical force as this lady did and obviously according to her side of the story was justifiable physical force. Were deadly physical force. Against an assailant or dare I say I assailants. In the plural. I'm not talking about high school I'm talking about elementary school I -- on the streets. Of the real world. And edit this girl I used the term loosely actually said your just mad that Obama won. I better not comment any further on that does not get myself and do have severe trouble I will however tell you. A -- shameful moment in my life widget like would you like to your shameful moment in my pocket. This is something I wish I had to do over again because if I had it to do over again I would have done it totally differently. I was at a local. Taco restaurants. -- and forced evident this goes back 2530 years ago. AA and there's this black guy. And this white guy. Called him a boy. Well another white guy came up to the first white guy punched him. And knock them down and bloodied his notes. Now the black guy it was about my age at the time early twenties. The last thing the black -- wanted. Was trouble. He was not looking for trouble. He was absolutely. He was in terror he was in fear. He asked me in this is where I wish I had it to do over again he asked me if I can give him a lift. Poll. And I said well. Because I did not want to get involved. And I didn't know this guy was and I'm not in the habit of giving rides to strangers black light. You know mom always said don't pick up checkers. But I wish that I had been. If I had to do all over again. I wish I would have given him a ride home. Because he was not the person looking for trouble the fight was started by a white guy calling them boy. Now another white guy did that the first white guy but the black guy he is wanna -- all he wanted out of and I wish at a given on the -- but I didn't and that's. It's one of those things or remember and I. Adult like myself -- much thinking back on that particular story from that particular night because they did not do the right thing which -- ahead. It is up for 45 at news radio 930 WB EM it has -- with you on a Thursday have you as a grown up ever had to use physical force or deadly physical force to defend yourself a lot you carry guns I know that from doing one or two shows on the gun issue. But how many -- you have actually had to use all those years of self the frustrating to. All those karate lessons or whatever it is that we shore up martial art of choice. And remember folks I don't care what they say. If you are in a street fight there's no such thing as here fighting testicles are fair game. Breaking legs is fair game and it's not that hard to do sorry but I'll do that heartbeat if I can't walk away I would rather walk away. Hell I will run away from a fight rather than fight but if I have to. There are any rules at that point George you concur with that are right John do you think selling less of a man. Now because I would much rather run away it's a lot easier. And by the way to. Win you do we have guts. Even having a permit but not having a gun what do you. It makes walking away or running away a lot easier on your ego. Knowing that if you -- the attitude you're gonna kill a person. Then your ego doesn't have to be affected by the fact that you walked away if you can smile to yourself bowling there. I could've done that I didn't. Just say you know guys have a psychological process that we will never understand -- -- three and thirty -- radio led thirty WB yeah. All right gang as far as AccuWeather is concerned and I'll try to make this is gentle as can this lonely hurt following that allow. Four tonight partly cloudy the overnight low 37. And right now five David -- cult fans are hoping I do the next versed in rain -- Mostly cloudy the tomorrow afternoon we're gonna start with some -- but that cloud -- -- for the afternoon yet just as I haven't worked but clouds come. I am the bearer of yet yet the black clouds while a follow me everywhere in life not. It's showers late tomorrow afternoon Good Friday the high temperature 58. I do have a forecast yet for AccuWeather for Easter Sunday slash resurrection I don't have it. You know I put that question up on my FaceBook page people or even angry at me for asking the question which is real simple. Friends should I refer to Sunday as Easter Sunday or resurrection day. The other -- background to this story. I do actually know one or two people. Who do call it resurrection today and not Easter Sunday because Easter if you looked this up on line. Is a -- a terror. Or just I'm just. Let's get back to the closers bill in Niagara Falls -- you're kind of a situation where you could use. Well physical torture deadly physical ports god forbid. Well I have and I personally did not but I heard you talking and we were only about all digital delivery guys get mugged a ditch. At first sector that most of you usually -- and I felt literature -- like to admire all within this. Yours actually you know what it was longer than five years ago believe it or not it was like. Right here. Yeah it was it was more like ten years ago is that -- call -- I was doing mow the day we did that show because of high school. The school allowed a memorial at the kids locker and I'm thinking to myself wait a minute this kid got killed. And he would kill the pizza delivery guy and you're gonna make you -- a lot of them really. When they looked at travelers who -- that -- actually yeah this story and to some people who listen to warrant a little bit. The guy -- deliver pizza in the all England. He didn't set up by reminders. Sure sure to be -- because he deliver that is dead neighborhood and you know. Walking back to a pizza box in the dark. And actually elite club and the beckoned ahead. Well then goes down. This guy and spectacular piece he comes up with a gun and killed. One of the -- Feel that once he. So will this mugger as a big question to get there -- fiscal and they promote it and I thought yeah. The Dutch student population that it wouldn't the -- and that exporters as it should certain group of veterans. -- I can actually go to that school the world America delusional anti romantic you remembered it. I remember definitely a big -- -- -- better remembered vividly how my objection was that -- -- Aden basically a memorial set up at this criminals locker and I would just. I was awestruck and as you put it up he's brought it up -- them is one way to put it. Yeah actually idiots who you write it and and there's been graduates from that sort of high school have been killed in battle which. Rightly -- flag as -- are. Child whose. Who would be to gradually immediately at a military serve this country so like that so that's right. Limited to honor our objective. But -- again it's not somebody. There isn't it -- it was you can get it. Didn't hurt at our guys -- cracked open and I'd rather reflect every day. I thank you very much will serve serve well put. I have nothing to -- you have said it all armor that story vividly -- will be absolutely outraged at the time. It has hourly under Israeli airline thirty WB EN. We are with -- 803 on -- thirty starlet 3180616. WB and as a grownup if he ever had to -- defend yourself with a guy alone or with their fists. 803 over a thirty hour.

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