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4-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would write -- thing. India the hole looked. More than pensions and. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans -- -- -- protest it was a because the guys out for a walk when -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put. -- People know and it's live. -- local time. It's Tom how early. Away at a white women that good news radio. I thought about it got to be on and I thought about. Not being here today. But then I thought I'd be letting you down number one and number two I feel like I've been letting my -- down and laboratory. Just because I'm working debt is not going to make the abscess -- any better. -- Well at state. Arts and day day after day. Tried to jury sent abstinence from said -- Because we're taking ultra conservative approach migrants. Now some of news today well just get a -- now just get it now well here's the problem. The problem ladies and gentlemen. -- -- yesterday after it got -- and -- apparently likeness. In the early fan. There is. Eight G-8 GE ND. That. You -- -- world. And it basically says this your teeth will suck. You're temptation will be awful no matter how much you brush floss. -- You were going to end up with -- BT. -- play at 8888 but I thought the ball I faced that all but I -- wait for this hour. I don't a bigger -- -- I hope you can't partly hope and and a particle content. My my brother my brother there is that old he's a couple years older and I. And let's just say he's at about six root canals. Six root canals now granted they were done by my dentist. But he's at six root canals how many -- -- you think have failed out in my Brothers -- out of six. Anybody want to guess all six of them failed every single one of them so my thought is well why go through. It. -- -- So audience that the Jon Sharon to Joseph -- You know guys Michael today and it by the antibiotic soak -- in by tomorrow tomorrow Joseph. John. I am gonna start a fight with -- Now I'm a certified it's going to be a fistfight. And let my guard down. And you're both right -- that I've observed. I'm gonna let my guard down and you are going to decked me on the right side of my face in the lower jaw. The idea being that you will so loosen the tooth that I will be it would get it out myself and save some money. Who whose -- they that are. John you you want to hit that shot OK as long as you know it's -- Right and as long as I can say to somebody well you know John and Joseph and I we had a little misunderstanding things got out of hand them. You know it was a fight and I lost what else is new. And on the -- break -- and use those techniques to do anything bad you. -- -- you'll get a free shot I would allow anybody else that you get free shots so just think about guys what you should work in. -- you have a free shot at my -- draw the market. And it area welcome to the program it -- -- -- today. If I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes. This is holy week. Easter is coming up on Sunday. We have the Easter Bunny here this morning at the radio station. -- It's supposedly -- -- left here we're on the radio station except here you know it's interesting because at Entercom. Now our little things are little different when you open up a plastic eggs it says. You're services are no longer needed due to budget cuts. So wherever is that I understand aggregates that egg is really a -- rude surprise and we wish him well. That's well justice act but anyway it. So things that. I brought this up earlier this week and this is definitely showed topic. Is I'm not really that desperate for topics believe me but. Is that he's a buddy a man Juan. Q is your body male female. Because -- confess something this is the first I think I've admitted this earlier. I have always believed the Easter Bunny was a check. I believe the Easter Bunny was female. I bet I thought the Easter Bunny was now. Actually put this up on FaceBook and somebody said well Peter -- here comes Peter cotton -- well that's a mailed it. But to me the Easter Bunny has always been a metaphor for sporting regeneration. Reproduction. Which is kind of a female thing. So to me the Easter Bunny has always been there but this -- the Easter Bunny has always been in jail. Don't wanna take calls of it is that might prove to be one of the windows topics actually sometimes its commitment from being honest topix of all time. But we'll go to the top but. In your own mind just think about what you think the Easter Bunny is male or female and already some people are getting angry that yet but owners think Tom Tom. Easter Bunny what are you talking about Easter Bunny for yes I know for Christians it is Easter Sunday. It actually is resurrection that. It is not Easter Easter is actually a term taken from it has any right of -- back in the pre Christian -- A lot of Christians get upset by the -- -- Easter because it is so close to -- -- term. So if you prefer call resurrection Sunday I'm down without. Just because right. Just because I am not a believer does not mean I do not respect you -- -- -- -- capital corporate -- as wreck I resurrection Sunday and packed. You know what that I put up on my FaceBook page. Would you prefer that I call it Easter Sunday or resurrection Sunday. I think that's a great Nazi bat is a great. That is a terrific topic. And it's kind of better than is Easter Bunny a mailer veto because the body really have nothing to do with that the reason why we have Easter. Why Christians celebrate Easter and again those of -- of the orthodox Christian faith. I know you you guys operate under different calendars so no disrespect is intended by inference or implication. To those who view of the eastern right. I'm talking here about the you know the Easter Sunday that is commemorated by. Most of the Christians in Western New York while respecting the traditions of those in view of the eastern philosophy and I know we have many in the area. And I think you by the way for way -- over the year. Years we have so many things in two which I would like to jail this morning -- WBBM. Let's see I hardly even -- -- again because -- are silly things to get -- to I have up posted a note. That has been sent to me by blood Schroeder who is still very active with the shooters committee on political education AK eight scope and its website of course is scope. NY. Dot org scope. And wired dot org that's the website. And I haven't posted on my FaceBook page and I screwed something up when I was logging you. So unfortunately it's gonna take your second get -- -- that report and you and stammering. I don't wanna tell you one of the topics that I wanna get to this hour right off the bat and it's kind of a heavy topic yesterday at this time. I commander of a reporter for the Buffalo News for being a reporter and not being an opinion guy. For actually saying Hulu block where win if not the wide. -- great from the Buffalo News now folks I would not read the Buffalo News if I didn't have a radio show to do. I read it actually you know what I skim through it. Because most of the stuff in there is stuff I already know most of the stuff in there is twelve or eighteen hours old so really isn't news it's history. But I did learn. Yesterday about a shooting that I hadn't heard about before and it was because of a piece written by Matt greater of the Buffalo News and I -- met. That I have got wrecked your career or your reputation in the newsroom at the Buffalo News by giving you credit and kudos on the buy hourly show. And again full disclosure I went to school with a member of -- greatest family who is a great guy. Terrific guy. But that in no way shape or form has anything to do with my opinion. I'm -- greatest piece yesterday where he talked about the pizza delivery guy shooting. One of the scum bag terps who tried to rob him sent by the way just try to rob all right say. There is no honor there is no class. There is -- old. Sense. Gentlemen Robert hood anymore in the world. I know I'm I'm glamorizing. The good old days right yeah I am. -- thugs have always been thugs whether they were in the forests of England -- during England's lawless period. Or whether they were in the wild west bad guys have always been -- complete game. All right they have no class. No sense of honor no sense of dignity. Well art some of them didn't like black part the poet the guy he used to leave rhymes when he would Robin stage coach of -- great. It they're considers dumping folks. I want to consider the lethal weapon known as a hammer. Now I have actually is a tool. The guy. Who uses the hammer to bash in somebody's head mix the hammer a weapon. You can turn anything into a weapon. All right now sometimes I do interchangeably say weapon for gun I know some of the purist object in my doing. I'll try to avoid that I can't guarantee that I'm going to be able to pull off and change fifty years of -- Because I think you know -- ardent supporter of the Second Amendment and -- had no. -- nothing to -- on that front whatsoever but you just imagine the said the injury. Somebody who. Takes a hammer. It is it. And uses it to pop somebody. On the the head. Folks. Have you heard about brain damage. Had you heard about brain death. Had you heard about murder have you heard about blunt force trauma. Folks more people died. From blunt force trauma -- two from so called assault weapons. And among weapons used to inflict blunt force trauma. Our hammers. Baseball bats led lights crow bars and a few little -- I won't tell you. But the sever injury the humanity of somebody. To rob somebody but shortly after they hit them in the head with a hammer really pisses me off. OK it's like the murder that was never solved. And I brought this up periodically. Of a guy named John shops who is making a nighttime deposit on Bailey avenue he gave up the money he gave up. You know they give me your money -- it's shorts you know all your money and they shot and killed anyway. There is a special place in hell for whoever did that who is still walking the streets and by the way you know did it snitch drop a dime. Drop a dime. I'm just not that that's ever happened but I like to put out there but. What happened over the weekend in this attempted pizza robbery. A few days ago. Is one of the bad guys. All it was a gang abuse by the way it was just a one on one fight -- that would be fair. It was a pack of bucks a pack of units that tried rip off this pizza delivery guys. One of use -- one of the utes. Hit the guy in the head with a hammer. I don't know about you I probably would have gone unconscious with the first blow. All right given the brain situation that is pre existing anyway I probably would have been knocked out this guy was not knocked out. He pulled his pistol. And he fired unfortunately he didn't hit the bastard in the heart of their head so we're not talking about a funeral forum. I am rooting for gangrene to set in for the purple oh is that wrong. Is it wrong to hold brief feverish lingering death. For the guy who would hit another human being in the head with a hammer and think nothing of destroying the man's brain his wife his future his family. Screw him. Go gang Green Day gangrene girl. EC MC if you were suddenly run out of whatever -- -- -- you use these days to treat gangrene only for that one patient. I recall that I'm just. But. My question to you. Which shows about guns. Some say yeah that's why you talk about -- determination house. Maybe you may have a point I can't argue with that if everything is relative. As you well. Are people every -- Every single talk show host and America get emails like how come you're not doing a show on blank why are you doing -- show on blank. Like I said he tried taking my FaceBook page at what they're nice people it is just that. Sometimes when people try to hijack something -- I get a little -- all right how come you're not doing your show on the Bundy ranch in Nevada. Responses because at this point the standoff is over. I linked a whole bunch of articles on the Bundy standoff on my FaceBook page I did discuss that I didn't do a full show on it. But I did discuss that and I think rather intelligently answer is simply. Moved on to something else. Now if the feds come back to the -- ranch. And if it is gonna be turned into a Waco branch Davidian situation. You have my word I will definitely visited and do shows on it and if I can talk Erica that a flying out to Nevada hell I'll be at the rich. I have no wish it would go into the ranch to beat myself up whatever they want. All pay for my own airfare and accommodations. That's how much like to be -- if it escalates again. Turkish I think the same agent. So I -- note today. At least at the beginning of the show because I can't get this pizza delivery guy out of my head and the hell he went through. You think he's not going through some PD -- right now. I don't wanna go into details on this. And I'm simply going to say I know a lot more about PT SD that I let -- All of us. But I will tell you that this individual. He's never going to be the -- He is going to be jumping. He is well he's not going to be this have you had to use physical force or deadly physical force on the streets of the US. Now I'd love cop worse stories. -- I like to hear from civilians. Because after all the anti gun people think civilians shouldn't BR have you ever had the use physical force or deadly physical force out there in the streets of America as a grown up. What happened. 803. All 930 is the phone number 8030930. Start on thirty and 180616. WB -- Thank you ever be your friends it is hourly on the radio until seven. With -- -- Joseph Bieber master control and John Sherman your call screener and usually holy week is a dead week for radio nobody ever calls in the shows usually -- for most talk show host but on this radio station sandy beach and I we have been on fire it's been a great week and a lot of it goes to you thank you for being here. So we play that song is I can bring about some semblance of summer I I just want to know -- I just all right. It is at 334 and is ready at 930 WB EM. Idea I have to admit I woke up rather on the late side. This morning's weighted average of viewers much diversity breaches that ordinarily would like to -- But the last fifteen minutes or so I heard -- talking about I've always done the show before and cracks me up when he dives. About the idea of turning the 33. In to a park. Give that that was first proposed and that putting a tunnel underneath the 33 instead of having a surface roadway. And I believe I was kind of groggy. I woke up but I believe what sandy said was if you put it anywhere. Where the sky highway is located now. Amen amen amen and eight it -- given that one. That makes so much more sense. Because as sandy said this morning. How many times in the wintertime that this guy -- close and it's not just the skyway closing guys it's all of the shall we say. Snowballing. And effects that that has all the rest of traffic. Because how many -- does that happen where they closed this way. And then we start getting calls from South Park avenue that we start getting calls from Bailey and restore it as everybody tries to those back ways. So it's a brilliant idea. And that. Kudos to sandy beach work. Again speaking the obvious and I wish -- politicians as much common cents. The -- no longer serves a purpose it really does not. There was a reason it was built the way it was -- that reason due to the saint Lawrence Seaway is no longer a consideration. Therefore. If you're gonna tear down a road and build a new one instead of putting a -- on the 33 important unaware instead. All -- the skyway is now in the wintertime. Our lives will be so much easier. And if what you're seeing these full comments from today's show would be during the 11 o'clock hour if you go to WBM's. Audio vault. We have all of our shows up on line. Now I have to -- -- via -- sometimes we do like any other business we have technical glitches and sometimes we miss an hour or two here in the year. It's not part of some grand conspiracy. It's not cover up is just sometimes like any other business. Art equipment screws so that's what we don't have everything up on line. How can you guys are smiling you know something I don't. What do you guys purposely erased the hours right -- Is that which is that what is that that what I'm getting from you guys Joseph and John and thanks for -- I think it adds I think you've been spoon feeding -- apple I want -- error. Now I feel like less of a -- I. Don't they all right guys up if you seem like as he's walking down the street would you please bring them back thank you. Our leaders at 336 news radio 930 WB yet so if you're just joining us. And again those of you last time I reference this article or -- reporter because I don't wanna. It's one thing to try to take the high road it's another thing to be a soccer. And I do. Wanted to thank. And offer kudos. To -- good right now. Of the Buffalo News for his piece yesterday. On -- pizza delivery man who fought. For his life. -- a lawfully possessed -- And who is able to get one of the bad guys and sent the others scurrying. Like the cock roaches they are and what the -- Cats -- car. Because. They don't like it when victims don't act like nice little complacent victims. Perhaps they like it that that's that's what they liked. What they don't like is when somebody actually has the balls the fight back. And say oh yeah. Six that you wanted to date. Well let's equal the playing field shall we so thank you Matt and Greta for an actual news story. In a newspaper that long ago. Became more of a propaganda rag and an unethical one at bat were the progressive movement. Mac credit you deserve my kudos and I hope I don't wreck your career by singling you out for predators but that's what a news story should be like. Moving on and using that story is kind of my starting point. As an adult I'm not talking about schoolyard fights. As an adult. Have you ever had to use physical force or deadly physical force. To save your -- Look every single one of us are almost every single one of us as guys. Got in the fist fights in elementary school junior high school. And sometimes high school -- right I'd say what 50% of the guy. -- I graduated high school in 1981 I'm not sure what the statistics now would be but let's put it this way public power. And if I got and a half a dozen fist fights. Somebody else probably gonna help a lot more. Now my question to you is what happens. Were you attacked. You attacked from behind. Which you attacked by a whole bunch of people thinking that you're vulnerable because there was only one a view. And by the way. Do not ever under estimate now you as you know I have a great fondness affection for guns. But I also have a healthy respect for martial arts. Now some people use judo some people are in two -- rocked the and you name it and people are into various fighting. Techniques. I know quite a few black belts. And actually have received some training from some of them in what I like to call modified probably got. And it's like I don't have a belt. Nobody gave the white belt for green belt or brown belt. By I did have my personal one on one sessions and I have to tell you and I will not good details. Bet on three occasions they have proven to be extremely effective techniques. I don't go looking for problems. I will walk away from my problem. I absolutely. Does it's it's not worth. It is that worth their guys. And ladies. The minute you get into a fight let's say it cholesterol especially a bar. The minute you get into a physical altercation even if you were simply defending yourself. If you have a pistol permit guess what. Here's a chance it may be revoked because they will -- you even if you were simply a victim. Delbert arduous somehow unstable. Because you got into a fight in -- -- And I'm I'm deadly serious about this -- how many people lost their pistol permits over that. But I know that it has in fact happen. -- -- go to we have access to the audio here. We do President Obama is at the White House and he's going to be speaking and I don't know about what he's going to be speaking Joseph do we have a -- let's put -- -- -- -- its what's gonna. Arcade the Don Don Cindy I can't listen to it I'm sorry guys -- you know what. If I listen to him pimping this abortion. Of a lot of legislation. I will probably say words are able regret and I may very well be in need of affordable here myself. Now he's got to take questions after -- -- pimping the Affordable Care Act Joseph I think we should. Leave ourselves an option. Of going in and out of it is that listening to his propaganda about the so called Affordable Care Act which all I know folks is. You know I don't a lot of people who are conservative Orleans who. Are really struggling right now what I -- right now I mean as they listened to my show and one of the biggest. Concerns there habit. And what are the biggest hardships. Imposed on all of them some of the biggest hardships have been because of this so called. Affordable Care Act. And I'll play -- something. Sometimes I wonder. If it just makes more sense. To go on SSI. And disability. And Medicaid. Then it goes to work full time. Because then. I don't have to worry about nothing. You guys can support my -- -- it. But that's just not my character I don't think I can do that unless I really really really really at their credit -- -- -- now. Well I'd like to know I'd like to know if questions come up about potent. Or anything interest. I'd like to -- but I do know this don't expect anybody ask well maybe maybe we'll find out what they have to say about the Bundy ranch I hope that question comes up to the federal government try to overreach with the Bundy. -- ranch. Joseph we can record that off the air right and they go back to it if we need to. Go figure out a way to joke Guilford -- away here's your Smart. All right ladies and gentlemen I I was not trying to wonder I hope you'll forgive what might have sounded like rambling but I was not expecting the president to come out and any speak and then -- say he'd be available for questions. So please understand that kind of hit me blind sided me. But there are certain questions. About which I think you would have a special interest and when those questions come up as long as I know. Oh I won't put them on the here the question and the response in fact what guys realizes some review process for an idea. Houses for using multiple platforms to do -- radio show. I have an idea unlike FaceBook page. I am going to put a little section. What question and answer do you want to play from the Obama news conference. And that you guys can tell me in -- quite agree. We'll see if we can't get -- -- during the show today is that fair is that interrupting the entire momentum of what I'm doing with what is basically BS and rehearsed questions answered anyway. All right let's use -- and total I'll put that up on FaceBook. Used my noodle what about this week. Our latest -- and I do need to break and we'll be back if you're just joining us. Don't worry are given up on FaceBook can talk and type at the same time sometimes I can't chew gum and walk at the same time. They used to say that about Gerald Ford set -- president for it was actually true but. There anyway. My topic is as a grown have you ever had to defend yourself on the streets. 8030930. Start at 930 at 180616. WB EN Georgia should have cops call and because I kind of like here with civilians say but. I -- also a sucker for cop worse stories. The problem is that I've said this before and WB yen. The guys and ladies that I knew best -- the guys whose houses I was many years ago many many times. There are no longer with us they were tired in the and they die within five years. And unfortunately. Many of my best friends from my twenties and early thirties -- that used to hang -- with people that a lot older than guy. And one of the nice things as I think I got a lot of wisdom from them one of the bad things is they're no longer with me. And us so. What upset top stories to. I don't wanna get too jammed up with the brass but if -- officer of the law and you wanna tell us what it's like being up there on the streets. Where you don't. Of the obligation to retreat in -- your obligation is to stand your ground. Why not. Shouldn't exclude cops from this but remember you got superior officers about views are making calls to -- On a roll. -- -- -- -- I forgot all about the abscess -- No three all right thirty start -- thirty 180616. WB and others worries I don't wanna carry Obama's news conference live and in full. Because basically everything he says he African lies. Alright gang -- -- we will do will carry updates from CBS on zeros question and answer session with the press. And then on my FaceBook page I put little question up there for those of you were watching the news conference if there's a question and answer you would like -- to play on the error. Will listen to author and will decide whether or not there we're gonna play it right now here's CBS. CBS news special report I'm Dan roe V8 million people covered by health reform. President Obama speaking at the White House right now on at least two topics. He apparently wanted to tell the nation how many people have been ruled in health insurance last we heard it had reached seven and a half million. As part of health reform. As more data that comes then we now know. That the number of Americans who signed up for private insurance in the marketplaces. Has grown to eight million people. Eight million people. Also how many are young Americans visitors to the White House who saw the president today suggested he seemed pleased with this number 35%. Of people who would roll through the federal marketplace. Are under the age of 35 he wanted young people to sign up late in the process the president also stated the growth of health care spending. Is slowing down in the White House briefing room then started taking questions in the first was about Ukraine. Secretary of state John Kerry in the Russian foreign minister love rove. Reached some agreements today in Geneva Switzerland the president gave -- a reserved welcome. I think there is the possibility the prospect. That diplomacy may be escalate the situation. And we may be able to. Move forth what has always been our goal which is what the ukrainians make their own decisions about their own -- -- Note that the deal in Geneva does for instance call for disarming all militia groups. The US hopes that will happen in eastern Ukraine CBS news special report I'm Dan reprieve. And right now. Now let's split out of the drive all the -- are going as pleasantly as it looks outside and I present you the hardest working man in buffalo radio we works mornings and afternoons here's Alan Harris. And take a look at AccuWeather right now. For tonight partly cloudy the overnight low 37. -- tomorrow. We will see some sunshine early but then clouds and a shower late in the afternoon tomorrow. With a high temperature of 58 degrees and right now it is. 56. -- news radio 930 W. Be the end -- right gangs -- if you're monitoring President Obama is news lies conference. We -- a lot of see what you guys want me to play. When it's over with and if I can I well it will listen to an author and see if there's something there but. Generally speaking. When he moves his mouth you can't really trust what he says anyways so what's the point it would be like Mike caring you know the worst of the worst used car salesman life. -- -- let's go to in -- in buffalo the first time we've had norm on the show in quite some time Norman and welcome to the program. So -- long term. But it student. Okay one that we were released during the term revenue racial riots. And I was going. To work on the they had to approach on the -- So we'll push Angola news site political Robert Byrd. -- -- Black guys current liabilities. And essential industry. And that -- -- -- block to the other side street and their -- and colored and you know among older shall this continue in Iowa. And well I had arrived and it turned into the wrist action that I know which carrier where they can't packet. In the water trying but it Michael. And as important organizations. Initial version that'll spoke -- A quarter should I don't have any change which would lose to the reaction. And we will what will probably what about side of me and literally. Everyone at the right. And an exciting news or parked cars or could definitely. And one guy behind me as well which it's kicked in yet what their point Terry Jewish automatically. Although polite well how about the -- years liberating -- Guys playing football and well my -- Well I just took toward. Put them down to the ground. And my mind and put a lot of Netflix has dropped invites gogel after that they grow up tonight as she went after it. I took will help my left elbow got to I -- left and got the guy differently approach change. And that I initially went to a very scared and as -- to learn from and has crossed in the dark with a bit -- people -- My -- I wanna hear the conclusion of this story I really do but I've got to take a break OP I think I hung up on accidentally I do call back if you want -- finished the story but my god I I I gotta tell you that. My my male parts got a little excited.

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