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4-17 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're back with -- vision got sandy beach sort of turn the page of a big deal Tony's been tempting me with a story. And how did you get the story Tony because it's very unusual obviously social media social media which is stories where these stories come from. Yeah I don't think this will be on the front page of -- goes. Give me the story don't MIC -- William May have details of Andre Johnson who was named Andre Johnson asks Leo I'm like -- Andre Johnson the rapper who was work with the Wu tang clan get out yes he is I know it's shocking he did work with them but apparently. He is caught offices. Who cut something off because there's communication little thing on and no we caught something else off topic is eating sweets during though prevalent in all know pick something really painful being cut that off all the cutting off -- -- at his own. Yes he cut his zone. Off off. Why would he do that. And I don't know and then he tried to jump off a building in an attempt. To commit suicide wow well if you are going to jump off a building why do you need to cut anything off -- question I don't think is necessary. So you know I could never understand that how should overcome. I'll cut mine off. I I don't get that -- it's like hunger strikes I don't get hunger strikes not are now I don't like what you're doing and until you change it I'm not going to eat. OK okay I'll take that come yeah eight. -- Mac and he's my favorite. So he cut his own you know water off yet why didn't -- just call Lorena Bobbitt never visit among conjugal visit day limit on that first -- going to be. RB joke here 'cause it's or too graphic because it's almost launch time. -- do that which used like garden shears. -- think they don't see what. And then. Comment and they don't say how we did it. It attempts to -- -- an act she tried to put it back on himself the doctors did but audited more all the while he I mean is. I'd. This. May give me very nervous to me oh we should do a public service announcement were pleased. No matter what are you feeling today don't -- your -- what to call off well you'll want to do that may feel different tomorrow. And that you might have to -- on the side at an angle looks what was I thinking you know if a man. And every once in awhile you've got to wonder you've got to wonder now. Where are going to change gears we -- community and that in the past have made some decisions. Regarding -- flow of traffic. Regarding -- to get in and out of -- buffalo. That I have been questioned later on at that time they seemed okay people voted for -- they came in and get the funding was -- and -- people use them even mind there's not a lot of ways to get in and out of buffalo. They're truly isn't and the ways that we didn't have are pretty well traveled although we certainly have no traffic problems like. This is one of the best traffic cities in the world to drive around and you don't know traffic jam is around here no matter what's happened a short of a big huge accident we have a very easy commute. And over the past several years people have have been lamenting different things. -- remember was not that long ago when one of a councilman said you know lot. The Kensington expressway. Goes through a historic neighborhood. And they cut that neighborhood in half when they built the cat when they built via the Kensington. And because of that we think they should make the Kensington into a tunnel. And -- over the top of that we have earth and make a park. So this was actually a proposal and it was made at the time where the stage of the the city had no money money at all. And this person said let's but those may be Kensington into a tunnel. Fill it up a raw deal with -- dirt and flowers and stuff from people compared -- there I mean it was in my -- insane. Absolutely and every time you drive and against Daniel getting -- he imagined what the cost would be to make this into it into a tunnel. And then people have said including from some of politicians certainly the skyway is ugly. Which isn't. Bad they're characterization of that we should dump the sky away. Keep in mind to cities that I worked and did about it take waterfront so obstructions and get rid of them. One was Milwaukee Milwaukee had a highway going right along the front of it. And a -- rid of that and the other was San Francisco -- of partially it was made for them the decision because -- earthquake. But also has something blocking via the bay. And they took care of that now there's been talk about the skyway being torn now for a long long time. If they did it makes insensitive but if they did they should put a tunnel and without question though the latest thing was not something brand new. With the -- jewel -- column is something that Tony. To him as a yellow when he was mayor. Suggested this ended up it didn't get any traction. He suggested taking these -- Jack what do which is the 19 DA. And forget that forget the floor Traficant has now. But lowering the speed limit and making it a a low speed parkway kind of thing. And a bit of the funding wasn't there and it was one of those camera wouldn't show on it sounds like one of those things that they discuss a cocktail parties. And it's -- wouldn't it be nice if kind of subject. And it didn't it didn't go anywhere because of the funding -- again wasn't there. And be one idea for those of -- is the I was mr. Jack -- Illinois. For those of you who are fairly new to town keep in -- two of the major roads. Are -- 33 which is a Kensington. And and they won ninety which witches. That goes along the water. The main way to get between those two locations. Is the 198 discourage Aqua that's the main way. There may be otherwise but that's the main way. And they wanna shut that down to the kind of traffic it has now and and make sure there's a bigger. Bigger accessed through the of the park in more green space or whatever would no concern apparently as to what it would do to traffic fall. Because of people who say wouldn't it be nice -- don't wanna be bothered with those kinds of trivial things I mean. So wide if you can get to work in the morning this is a grand idea and we started at right here. Our -- come back I'll log over Denise -- -- article which was in the bubble in those couple of days ago it's a commentary. And talking about the right fix for the 19 DA. It'll be one of those cocktail party type things and -- I characterize that you know when people are gathered in small groups have a cocktail party. They throw out little bits of conversation. And you have to worry about getting from the 19 -- to the 33 are getting from the 33198. Wouldn't it be nice if and that's will be talking about it on news radio I'm thirty way RWB -- Now here's the deal as we said though when you think about some of the decisions were made along time ago on buffalo. To fit the needs at the time. They're probably weren't a lot of options. If you think about it the examples that I give you this -- Jack what do the skyway the Kensington aren't at the Arabic Kensington. If you think about what you would do with the 33 Warren there. The alternate routes around the Kensington are all urban -- all houses anymore. So I think that they're going that route might have been the yeah the best way to go and might still be the way -- ago. Regardless of what you think it should be made into a tunnel. This could Jack what are the one I did which will be talking about what Denise eulogies -- column here. They don't like that. What if you notice of the city think about going either from the 33 to the 190s or the 19 needs of the 33. Which are route you take. Is going to is going to cut through either road green space of parks base. Or homes or whatever there's no easy way around that. And it's the same thing would via the -- the sky way -- at least you have the option of doing a tunnel the skyway. It would be more costly but I figured you more effective especially bad weather. And would and no longer predict present an obstacle looking at the city's skyline so. Let's see what their Denise Jewell gee has upper sleeve. This is from her recent column. We perfected the art of getting nowhere very slowly. People for decades have viewed this good Jack what do as they scar. That marred Delaware park and split the city's grandest park in through. I mean -- -- -- throw one idea of a million times I never thought of as a scar. The park is there okay. But this is her opinion we've asked ourselves who bills and expressway in the middle of a 350. Acre historic park. Well I think yeah -- gotta ask yourself what other options are there. We've come except the answer the same region the cut off buffalo from its waterfront and build the highway on the edge of Niagara Falls. Like the Robert Moses parkway in the falls the disfigurement left by this could Jack -- his construction seems at times impossible Leo. My ideal. Of -- drama queen on this and think about -- so far. Our years of planning by the Department of Transportation has produced a proposal that has yet to satisfy residents there's little to love above the 19 the -- OK I say that if you're trying to get from a 33. To the 19 -- is a lot a lot about the one idea I was not the about the easiest road to traverse. -- 41 thing when Iran that there are wrote telephone pole not tolerable -- -- right excellent wrote. That's not a great idea on the -- in the slightest. Slippery road condition you slide a little bit your your gonna slide in oils balls I -- guns they want to put him so close. To grow and they do their lifetimes ago by cedar -- yeah they're down I mean they do -- time. There's little love about the one idea aside from the missiles have club you're part of as a western new Yorker who knows how to pronounce his name. So it's one of the first to clog an icy weather. Well we told you that it's not an easy road to drive an icy wet weather because there are things right on the side. The auto off ramps or mess. Every -- -- one -- brake light away from disaster. But a plan to downgrade the road to a forty mile an hour boulevard. Where -- tree line media and misses a chance to undo. One of the city's devastating blunders. Ball bubbles on a path of righting a past wrong traffic is returning block by block two main street. Well whatever. That the city is reconnect thing what is waterfront. The city's progress has raised speculation people no longer want to settle for simply better. They want what's best. And they seen what can happen you can gussy up highway -- -- many trees and -- styles straight lenses July. But unless people have a way to safely cross without pedestrian bridges -- little to reconnect the fractured Delaware park first at all. Where's the great outcry. The people are not satisfied with the Delaware park. Have you have you heard anybody bitching and moaning about that now if -- this -- know if this well was -- here. I could be they air on the other side of this -- I've never heard complain that. I mean maybe if your thoughtful when you're having -- you're overlooking from their balcony or something you think what if OK it's OK to LaGuardia but it's not overstate the subject of this is that a natural disaster. The good noses -- getting larger problem. Good news is that the DOJ is was is listening. Uh oh last week. They brought together residence and engineers to again look at artist renderings. Well. On June oh that's what we do best. If you wanna start a new business and -- policy from out of town. And you wanna know what kind of business the start it's going to guarantee. Successful. Go into the artist's rendering. A business because we have more artist rendering we could have a museum of artist rendering. You know he could fill up with just the whole I don't know of these weigh proposals. And how about that PH bridge proposals we a lot of proposals. Minimize my comment. Buffalo is where good ideas go to die and that's exactly what happens now I'm not sure this is a good idea. A look at artists renderings and engineering proposals for the highway she's talking about the stood there. But -- engineers have ruled out what many residents think would be best converting the highway back to erode. With workable cross walks bike pass and a thirty mile an hour speed limit. -- -- Come on your sound excellent leaders aren't you how many people use that road to get to work in the morning and get the work -- gonna come home one night. One other alternatives if if they suddenly shut that road down you'll be complaining because they're driving through neighborhoods so there's always something to complain about. You're bypass I'm sorry I it's nice to have the bypass there is an up bypass there. I you don't need to change the road down to a road with a thirty mile -- -- -- -- do you imagine that during rush hour news. But there again this is the same mindset as the dawn as men who never wants to have ever a parking ramp bill. No not ever I think the folks who think like this go to work on their bicycles. Or their electric. Roller skates or whatever but they certainly don't represent the numbers of people have to use that wrote for practical purpose. Engineers say it's a problem of congestion. Well you know. Slowdown dispute Jack would it even more in the traffic clogged but. It's pointed out that the 3.3 mile stretch of the road and increased travel time boils down just a few minutes. -- you know that's why. It's way up pizza awake. And he's out while that work in Orchard Park. It's only a few minutes longer. We want to take mr. Jack booted out of thirty miles an hour and if you stop while people are peddling their -- bikes across there and may do a little picnic basket lunch. I'll please give me a break we come back Google over more of her thoughts and we'll get your thoughts on her thoughts. I don't know kind of put it together quite -- -- are really. Why not eliminate cars totally beneath. Other awful lot of coaches as well as we have -- battery cars that would be -- would -- be horses would be nice. And the -- it reminds we could make more green space. And save on the fertilizer bill what do you think of that myopic thought it was a good idea -- back after this. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WB ENN that call us now an 80309. Series how calls are free and -- 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. What have been nice if and that's the name of this segment. As people discuss would've been nice if it's it's cocktail hour conversation. Would've been nice if these could Jack would was this with a denies that the skyway was this. When to beat guys at the Kensington was there is what a nice the peace bridge was this. All right and this column by. The these two OJ talking about this -- -- -- 19 the eight. It is the main connection point between the 33 in the 19 and he goes through Delaware park in this is her -- her gripe is because it does. She said there are mistakes where there will never get a chance the effects. Frank Lloyd Wright's Larkin administration building is gone forever which stark for the foreseeable future with a threw away their cuts off large sections of the west side. And Riverside from the water the metro rail may never travel more than six point four miles the -- Jack what do could be one of the exceptions. If you have a chance to right or wrong. Why not do it right so you say what issue wanna do -- to -- what do. Most seems to me like this year is suggesting that the thing the engineers don't wanna do would be the best and she's not suggesting she says that. Engineers. Have rolled out what many residents would Doug called the best. Joyce converting the highway back to a road. We have workable cross walks. Bike paths and a thirty mile an hour limit now if you dole. A long dispute Jack what do. You'll see that indeed that would really slow down traffic but it would really also can just traffic. So if you think about it there is there a certain compromises that are always made how important is the person going to work. Not very important we're lucky we have people going oh -- and that's a good thing that's a plus thing. Hopefully what are people going to work and that we even better aren't but to make it more difficult for those people go to work. -- doesn't make much sense. To me the same are going home and especially when we have bad weather things like that we don't have a lot of ways in and out of the city so I'm thinking. The that's fine ideally should be greater Delaware park will was an island somewhere we gives his drive over there and enjoy it but it's not and I've not heard now maybe -- touch because have been sent and maybe if I lived almost a Jack what do I might have heard somebody say. I wish this -- -- road. As you know I'll cross when my bicycle. And at all of a French -- I wanna sit under that trillion and then and have poetry coming out of my idea and I you know. Please. Outside. Was he the last eight years living in Niagara Falls when you're live in Las Vegas my whole life has been spent in north buffalo. Where this -- equity is sure nobody is. Ever brought up then he should be a slow down traffic court now thirty miles and -- role Java Tony Ozzie LO suggests that it during his administration. Didn't get any traction -- at the time we said the sentencing now that's cocktail hour conversation. A what if what if what if it's looking at the facts of if we didn't build it that way here's how we should have -- it. But these things were all done according to what was right for the times of -- best weakened. Ascertain. And what's right for the times now is not to have make that a thirty mile an hour road -- bicycle cross walks or whatever there's plenty of vote. Claudia Parker hair to enjoy yourself so I'd like to know from you. Will if you would favor that would you favor converting -- -- Jack what do I guess demands nominees Roger ride you drive on an. If your going to work on it chances are your network now and it won't be calling and if you're going home you wanna get home. One way or the other if you wanna get from a 190s it was 33 during much faster away than the middle 198 even though it's not perfect. Would you like to see it converted to wait thirty mile an hour road with -- bike paths. And our cross walks that's basically what she said she would like to do. Eight Austria on 930180616. Nights if you're six start I'm thirty let's go to Eric on Grand Island thanks for calling Eric you're on WB yeah. I think the idea and not what to DOT anymore but I will critical forty years and I were offended by just. And what are the biggest thing those people and truck traffic which you don't hear about anymore. Probably they wanted to trucks top available -- the -- -- -- -- -- to -- about our local trucks for local delivery time. Delaware Al what do federal. So that's not an issue. But the problem that we had and I would put with that it had to make that would be 30000 -- would have cut it would cost billions. Because you have to put roundabout at every you know change. All traffic down wall wall guy and around abouts can be effective under certain circumstances but. Somebody trying to get to work or trying to get home of facing a delays that that would cause so be expensive and it would be a delay. Exactly and that's that's cute that the commuter route and it's inevitable changes the artist's rendition that he killed in the paper and other news. They have like a twelve foot median between the four lanes. Where where she got to keep it -- and that's -- there's a four -- media they're now forced to blame for -- to -- -- sparkling you've got to take. He got its it did it seemed very rational of the first summer hurdler Tony -- -- suggest that it and it doesn't seem that way now and it you've seen an up close and personal so they have to gain eight feet of space. At least while. Are and what we configure the -- everything and we were talking a hundred tons of money into our greatest targeted. Yup I hear a loud -- -- -- I'm glad Jewish shed that light though it's information we didn't have thank you Eric Abbott could go on about that. It after the game that part plans are to take which would be true. Have to gain eight feet if there's a twelve -- medium there right now it's only four feet. So that would take out the tennis courts of more than likely. And we may have to dip into where the towers are an apostate. And you notice what he said about their local trucks on -- what do Delaware court in Delaware two of our most vital streets. We have lots of businesses on them and homes off of the main part of that. So it did that was slowdown with the the delivery process too so that this is one of those proposals that doesn't give much thought to. The real honest to goodness use of the highway and how -- how -- that helps the citizens this is one of those pie in the sky things. Which I I don't know these people the strength of their goods and services get to where they need him automatically that nobody -- travel over road nobody address that park or stop or anything. Tempted to turn it into that he's -- efforts will be very expensive where's the money come from for first because it's not -- Los Angeles say. We have to get rid of this college pressing. Is -- pressing. Have you heard anybody complain about it Ambac sixteen years and I've heard two things about this one was my -- LO suggestion and as -- and his best. In sixteen heiress Paris I don't think it's pressing. There may be a time when you're on your bike in Delaware park going. Wish I could be on the other side of this road but I can't because there's a road there. Well let's just stop this whole insanity now I must get my climb bike on the other side. It it it. Isn't solely just -- that it will be back with more after this idea as I look at this list. -- Jack what skyway Kensington look at the peace bridge for instance now here's something of course is more complicated but here's something. This started off with a very legitimate purpose and you've seen how long it's been. I think we will we will get bass pro before you get the new Pittsburgh and just say and because different. A different authorities were involved perhaps a more complex problem but you can see that everybody has an idea. Everybody's idea takes time and study and renderings and financing and bickering back and forth and so you have that and that's not a of that project that has some purpose to it. When you talk about. Are cutting this -- Jack put it down to thirty miles an hour it doesn't have the same immediacy it doesn't have the same purpose -- can ride your bicycle across whoever roadless. -- mean is that really the reason. Why -- thirty miles an hour. I'm alive and I don't get it I don't get it was a former DOT guys just told us that. They have to do they have to take eight feet above according to the latest proposal eight feet of park land to make it a twelve foot. Senator it's only four feet now they wanna make -- twelve feet that would cut down part of the park. And I keep my when he said the trucks that use that are mainly local trucks Ford deliveries to Delaware and alma. Wanted to think of the of the commerce it's done on Delaware and -- what it's a lot okay. And so if these look at it like this if these trucks. Couldn't conveniently use this road whereas with the ago when they have to go local neighborhood streets. Would you like that. I don't think so. That you know some people get -- if they -- like a local I don't know appliance truck parked outside their house. And days they think you know something's wrong here I can imagine evolving appliance -- had to go on local streets in the Delaware park area. I'm just thinking it's best to keep mama's got Jack what are Wear -- -- people I mean that's just basically yeah sounds not a bank. So if you're looking at the a -- the what if less would that be nice if I'm thinking the one that makes the most sense to me is not the -- Jack what do but the skyway. It and that this is something that Higgins is been pounding for a long time. The -- out of all of those is perhaps I think the first one I would tackle. If if we -- get the funding reverend paint it. Campaign at the color of the sky and nobody almost there but rather than do that I think that if you can get the funding. I would think that a tunnel that's the place you put a tunnel. Okay because in the winter the skyway is very dangerous and now -- we have gates at the end of it to keep people from going over when the weather gets bad. But how many times with a close this year several times OK so when it's snowing -- I -- it's bad. Plus it's it gets in the way of the view of the city as you're coming up from the south down so I would think that if US may. And nobody did but if you ask me the skyway who will be my first project because it would it would at a lot. It's a -- would be -- ability for traffic to get in and out of a city. Especially what's right there hockey arena right now it in and out boom boom -- get that done. But the Kensington. You can forget that as far as as far as making it back into a park. To put a tunnel in the Kensington I thought that was insane then and I think it's insane now. For a lot so people can picnic and you've got to beat me. That was the original proposal so -- you could have a picnic area over the Kensington. But there again do you feel of the people who live near the 33. Have been clamoring for a picnic area I haven't heard that either. So. They're trying to fight a picnic spot when duke who. I know tonight I want to Batavia. And there was one they lost one and -- -- big table laughter amazed they've Orioles and yet you know are talking about. -- was it was a long time this -- using it had great stamina that's all I can that idea and then who wanted to use that -- able. Idea and I'd I brought a flame through or something in my view is it now but out. -- nobody's talking like that. So what you get you get people who think they have a brilliant idea and don't care who's inconvenienced by it they don't care how much it costs. They don't care how much the common sense quotient says what what do you think about. So I'm thinking the of the skyway it would be my first project and that will be worthwhile. The stage aqueduct and the Kensington and let him battle over the peace bridge because. You know a good part is every time we get a new generation it's been -- well I -- generation. And guys not that those all drawings -- good way hey how about this and it lowers the us can fly through the guy wires this is no problem and the sky. Is there and -- -- community meanwhile what the hell's happened nothing. Basically. So that's Richard. It's nice too nice to think about improvements we should always do that. But rather than think about improvements that might affect 1% of the people think about the other people who would be also impacted. To a lesser degree -- it to a major degree. Including deliveries to Delaware Delaware now. Yes -- think about this though sandy if you if you are able to turn the 198 into a rolled. At thirty miles thirty miles an hour this would allow Byron brown to have cameras set -- catch speeders people going through stop signs that's a great revenue generator for this. Can you can paint the you can -- the cameras the color of plants and and people think they've they've planted new plants and instead they'll get tickets yet thank. That's another way we can get money from people coming into the city -- well. But they they come up this stub every once in awhile I'm surprised that they've rejuvenated this one because -- it doesn't have legs. She says Denise -- Agee says that. The engineers have ruled out what many residents think would be best. Yeah -- well first of all about effort statement but many residents think would be best over it was their survey governments that haven't seen. Did the news publisher. I'd like to know what many residents would think that if US many residents that probably say don't have the road there at all. A but. But if US of people who use the road to go to work. To vote to any kind of event or anything they need to do or sometimes -- it to get to an alternate wrote. When the 33 is -- got some big major jam up you could use it to go over the 190 or vice Versa. It and it's we should never stop thinking of ways to improve I I totally believe that. But this is the same old chestnut that they've been talking about for a long time so -- -- just leave it alone. If you wanna do the skyway that would have I think a major plus for the city. That that does make sense to me. We wouldn't have the -- that during winner because you have access under. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's that's good thing about -- problems they've been that would tow trucks getting up there. So I think that one might make some sense the rest of not so much. I -- about wraps it up a fabulous show today a really showed and you know why. With all of these ideas Tony we're bringing people together and that's my main job that's how the paycheck. I don't care about the Ferrari never -- the house in the country my job is that bring people together and that's what I do. Usually I take one head and then another -- and I got there that's what I do. That's how I rule. We'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under his record and I'm thirty WB. -- Which they never have to -- these.

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