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4-17 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're back revision -- a sandy beach here's the deal. Were asking about a new it's not no that's the whole point it's as an old type of punishment. And whether you think it is cruel and unusual which is prohibited we were not allowed to dole out cruel and unusual punishment. But a judge and a south -- led to. Ohio has found a way to try and deal -- problem of bullying. Okay good as the buzz word people wanna know everything about bullying. Some boy Osama climate misses blowing in the right it is blowing some issues award because he gets everybody's attention. Yes -- I used the word bullying I'll get all the newspaper headlines and people a lesson to me because nobody wants a bully around. But that's what this case was about let me go into it for -- and -- if you think this type of punishment. Is appropriate. And if you think it's effective. And some of the Oakland this is an AP story a man accused of harassing a neighbor. And her disabled children for the past fifteen years. Set on a street corner Sunday morning with a sign. Declaring that he's a bully. A requirement of the Senate's. Municipal court judge Gail Williams ordered -- of these 62 years old to display the signed for five hours Sunday. So he had to Wear a sign that says I am a bully I pick on children that are disable. And I'm intolerant of those that are different from myself. My actions do not reflect an appreciation for the reverse itself -- Oakland community. That I limit so today I remember in the early days of our country one of the -- one of the ways that people were -- was. -- she game. And that's what this is supposed to do this 62 year old guy who is convicted of of bullying his neighbor and her disabled children. It was supposed to feel should -- by having a hole that sign. And that's that's the question in the early days of our country we put people in stocks. You will be down at the town square. And your head in your arms might be through these through these wooden stocks. And people would look at joy and laughter and joy and that it would not be a good thing. Because people who were serving greed of the assailants were shamed. But here's the kitty. This only works if people are capable of being -- While I'm going over the notes for today's show I'm while watching a game show on on the on the TV monitor. There's a woman. I'm not make in this up. Dressed as a check and who is jump. Up and down she has exceptionally large breasts so when you do that -- are required to jump up and down she's trying to win. A washer dryer. You can't make this stuff up okay this around longtime let's make a deal Monty -- stuff like that. And there -- other people in the audience all dressed up and goofy costumes. Trying to win appliances. So it is a shame there whatever you have to do it again in a washer dryer. And I don't think and if you think shame is still alive while go to a mall sometime. -- Yeah things that you'll in the past would be should look at this that. No nobody is ashamed of anything anymore. You Wear what you want to look what you want your guts hanging out gut thing and counsel I've been annoyed about that kind of attitude. Via the media group in northeast Ohio report that he arrived at the corner just before 9 AM placing the hand lettered cardboard sign next to him. As he sat in the chair. Within a couple of minutes a passing motorists honked the horn. Court records show he pleaded no contest in February to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge his attorney didn't return calls and no wonder why. He I get this he feuded with his neighbor Sandra pru. For the past fifteen years. The most recent case stemmed from him being angered from a smell coming from her dryer. From the event part of her dryer when she did laundry according to a court records. He hooked up kerosene. To a fan and -- kerosene voters across the property line in to her house. This is some kind neighbor. -- has two adult adopted children -- developmental disabilities. Cerebral palsy and epilepsy. A husband with dementia and a paralyzed son. And this jerk next door is is -- kerosene fumes indoor house. I'm very concerned for the safety of a family she wrote a letter to the court on his sentencing. The judge also ordered him to serve fifteen days and regular jail. And to undergo anger management classes and counseling. He also had to submit an apology letter to pro auto express my sincere apology for acting irrationally toward your house. And the safety of your children I understand my actions could have harmed harm them but at the same time I was not really thinking about it while you think. You think you husband when he about it. So big question I have is shaming is that a good alternative punishment in today's society. First of all I don't think that would go under the heading of role may be unusual but not unusual and a dramatic sense. And I'd I'd definitely over -- scroll. But some unusual maybe. So well if if asked would you say that's all that's an okay punishment I think it's an okay punishment. I think I think this -- getting off pretty easy to be honestly if you Wear a sign first of all let's. Put it like this from what I just described he was convicted of do you think this guy super into what his images in the community I don't think so when will you remember. In the news a few years back we had somebody it was a -- TV ER. They had to Wear neon sign this and I stole. That's right now and there have been cases where. Parents have have put their kids are on the front lawn or something aside yes and people get angry that because -- kids this guy's not a -- six -- two years old whose -- days are over. All right I have no I have no problem was this a punishment at all but the second question I have is is there any shame left in America. Think of things in the past that used to be considered shameful nothing shameful anymore basically assure a serial killer. You've taken a human life. But nothing no behavioral. Attack be beyond a homicide. Seems to -- shame anymore. He used to be. And I remember this is a kid we had we came PriceSmart times. And you shameful to be on food stamps or to receive government help in our remember -- you know you'll tell anybody. -- out and it now has Bonner oh yeah if you go one on shelves this. Yeah this. Is I got my -- off wrong I do this that are going to it's almost in a brag it Ochoa a setting now. Of what you can get like that and there's no shame at all not at all and they were saying that. For instance if you have something physically that would keep you from working that's one thing. But if you don't and is still collecting. All that kind of a benefit from the government. There's no shame in people is that I'm doing it because I can and I saw a commercial on TV said. They can get the money I do is there. For whatever happens and if I fall down I got money that is -- If I if I if they run out of white bread when I go to -- car. -- -- the money they deserve -- the emotional trauma it's brought me I mean it's amazing that lawyers appeared trolling for clients saying that. -- make up for -- shame by by a big a big payoff. So I'm asking basically if you think it works shaming as a punishment. I don't think that the kind of people who will be subjected to shaming perhaps don't have that much of a shame -- So I don't know how effective -- I think what most people. It would be very effective. I mean how many cases do we have now and UC -- -- time of people who work for local churches. And handle money. And they usually civilians. That a scam some off the top I think that would be ideal because of you presented yourself as a church person. Bond value of skimming part of a pro seasons -- the go to run the church and hopefully help the people in the now I think -- shaming would be a very effective thing to do. Would you before it would you be against that it's not a solid clips and a well and shaving your first big answer. We'll do marble rye or white which is your favorite. And jobs are wegmans. A Coke -- -- -- -- -- any shame left and -- if there's any shame left in America I don't know where it is to be honest review their hiding it pretty well you know 3093010616926. -- not forget the day after Easter. Is dangerous day traditionally the day after Easter. In which is a huge celebration and the State's celebration and buffalo is the biggest country -- -- yes other cities have been contacting local people associated -- -- Tuesday. And asking how you do it because it's it's enormously successful. And that will be talking -- on on the morning of -- there will be talking to Bernadette Pollack. Who is the accord coordinator for the parade on the show but I think shall be in the -- talk to John and they. I was kind of get give you an idea. I know there's a record number of entries in the parade this year what separates our 2:5 o'clock five yes -- -- like I don't have a rude in front of me. But it's lot of -- -- you know the whole thing is they celebration as one. With food and music in the parade -- -- it's up it's it's really a community celebration. So view him wanna learn more check your check in with the John and Dave tomorrow. And that will talk to her on them the day of the event now Leo bully has been sentenced to public shaming. This guy who is. Who -- is disgusting and his behavior. Was a holds who was held to weigh a standard which says that we're going to shame you that's going to be part of your punishment. You'll have to go here in the public square and say that your bully and say why majora -- to this developmentally disabled children. And whatever this guy has no excuse and so I'm thinking the judge also gave him some other punishment but of this was part of it. And I think it's important for us to think about the effective ways to -- able. You see this as. Right now in today's society. As soon as somebody does something wrong our first thought isn't to punish our first thought is to assign blame to someone else. Let's see. He did that dastardly deed because they'll in the blanks he didn't have a home life. His mother had too many uncles and stayed over. He was deserted as a child he didn't have putting one day when they -- Abbas arrived early I mean there's all kinds of reasons. That you want to assign. To somebody. Because of what they did punishment does not seem to be involved. -- -- may. I think that those kinds of things because you'll see that people have chance after chance after chance. Really effective they really aren't on how many. Drug drivers do we do we -- who've had like seven rate Pryor's. And those -- seminary that they are caught and convicted on. God knows how many there actually did before they are caught again there is there's no shame there. So what that's what they do people skim from the church a lot of people like slobs of the ball so. They don't pay their bills itself but as Tony mentioned though at times have changed maybe there were things in the past. That or shameful that shouldn't have been shameful. For instance not having a lot of -- lot of money. There's no reason for that to be shameful at all. But it was a one time and of the boards they don't don't say this we're getting some government assistance and you know we and its grounds and the limits feature whatever. Keep it to ourselves you know line because people had pride. Pride when you give up pride then you don't care what Al do things. I don't care what people now I don't care what people saying just give me what I want blah blah blah blah and yet to shame people like that. The only people you can shame are people who do have pride they have some sense of of -- some sense of yeah I'm a decent human -- -- ever run into some tough times are made up a bad decision or two but I'm still a decent person when they have bad up. Then there's no chance of punishing them and also you might as we'll do what's most effective for the rest of society. It seems that what used to be considered shameful that we thought we were younger is now bench. Out of hey look at me look at. We scam yeah that's exactly the way as we talked about a something's. My mother used to use -- term. And when I'd ask when I was Kim why my father was always working it was a over the road driver and and we see a lot of me it was working all the time in a fabulous work ethic and it was going its -- -- to give us a decent life. I would I would ask my mother. You know why we never -- my father and and shoots it because we don't want to end up in the poor house. That was an expression that was used. And obviously. People work very hard to make something of their of their lives make something of what they do for a living and to try to provide for their family. Now nobody tries to do that I don't know but he you know what I use these expressions I don't mean every single person. But now it's just expected that the government will take Jeremy. What a story about this little pour house safety net my god we get -- fifteen safety nets. It used to be there -- safety nets and they were used exactly for that now it's well. The mayor of vote to block zeal of New York says hey let's get these individual ID cards made so that people are here illegally. Can get their benefits faster. That's on sound like what I'm talking about now. Doesn't sound like somebody who's full of pride does that somebody would wanna be in here make their own living -- -- -- coming your arm with their hands out. So -- ask you -- that up punishment. Given by via the judge in Ohio having Amanda -- lacquered in the town square saying that. -- that he is a bully is cruel and unusual punishment are you alright with that I'm definitely all right well. But as I said the guy doesn't have a conscience and doesn't have any pride. I don't know if before. If bush shame is gonna work. Is there any shame left in America IA I think you'd have to look hard and fast and high and -- to find. Eight Austria on 301806169236. Start I'm thirty. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Now we're back -- governor love talking to Lauren fix this morning issue is that the -- New York auto show she's still there and a talk about cars. And the sun's out and Wentz has gone in the snows melted now -- now we get to enjoy our vehicles this bully was sentenced the public shaming. Out of the Oakland Ohio. We used to do it usability in the early days of our country we used to put people in stocks. I wish we Oprah and -- You're -- out in the house RNC it was in trouble. And they would have either of their head and arms of a stocks sometimes they would be sitting down and have their legs. And head and arm through the stocks and he would come by -- obviously ridiculed him. And that was a form of punishment now but he you know and I suppose they have cruel and unusual punishment in this country I I think it is unusual. Who sent in somebody's shame but I don't think it's rule by any manner mean usually I think you'll find that the reason there was and it's is a crawler. Then actually. Having to Wear a sign. Municipal judge Gail Williams ordered Edmund of these is 62 years old and you -- To display it aside for five hours Sunday. The judge ordered designed to say I am a bully and that's in caps -- and as you know the word bully as a a buzz word now is very you use it whenever you can. You want to get somebody's attention -- -- line isn't moving fast and of his natively. Clerk oh what you bullying -- airlines going through slander and -- legal experts. Just use the word bullying okay. It's as I am a bully I -- on children that are disable. And I am intolerant of those that are different from myself my actions do not reflect an appreciation. For the -- south youth -- community. That I live -- So here is if you look at what he jumped. What he was accused of doing and and convicted of was and not not great not not good neighbors stuff he funeral of his neighbor -- repeal. For the past fifteen years so this is an ongoing thing. Court records show that the the most recent case. The stem from him being annoyed by a smell coming from her dryer vent so what he did. He hooked up kerosene to a fan. -- a smile on her property. She has two adult adopted children with developmental disabilities. She. Is also dealing with the so herbal palsy because they have that epilepsy a husband would dementia. In a paralyzed son. So she certainly doesn't need this grief from this moron who lives next door door. So the moron has to be -- has to go through punishment that is shameful. And I think that's a good idea are you okay -- this are you okay it would public shame I I have I have no problem overall -- is there any shame left in America because. If there's no -- left in America this punishment would not work let's go to my friend Don and Pennsylvania dog her on WB yen. Don't good morning dollar about shame as a punishment is -- effective do we have any of pride left that would go make -- mine effective punishment. I think pride has taken a backseat to common sense. You see a definite increase in crime and a definite lack of punishment. On the big advocate of corporal punishment. And I just see it go on the way and -- west. If you can motivate somebody. To have a better life after their punishment is over I think that's a good idea. And if you think about it shame is there a way to do it because in -- for -- to work you have to re prioritize. Your life it did was it worth doing what I did in order to. Is have everybody see me in the public square holding a sign saying I'm a bully. And then maybe you might have some. Some positive results just locking people up doesn't always workers are used to. That's exactly right IE I definitely like what. Yet judge stated in Ohio I think there should be a lot more of that type of behavior what people are. Exhibited put on. Display. Or something they've gone wrong. I think that would be very useful and helpful it in this. In end of the proverbial. -- current day thing king. People are so sensitive to the sensitivities. Of the bad guy and forget about the victims they're really doing this case it's impossible to forget about the victims because the victims were developmentally disabled -- -- palsy paralyzed. I mean there has to be a great deal of sympathy and empathy for these people so I think that's the reason it works. I have a -- drove by. And saw that sign I would think it would be a beneficial and -- by especially by -- The guy that was holding the sign if I knew him it would make it even more effective. There would be definitely more effective -- especially if he's if he's going -- it his -- -- down where were you would know people that. That would go by. All on. Minute -- minute. You know be -- won't earn high school it was a town square and everybody went by. So if any of the three of us were you know pulling up shameful signs people incident. No question about it before hanging up by just wanna leave you with one thought for the day -- Days. I don't think I've ever seen anything. As pretty as a -- OK guys that you love trees. Beautiful. A little Joyce Kilmer I remember she was beautiful I don't -- Take non -- -- a megabyte of trees. -- doing we're talking about that that group partner interests and and the one that cools off into the forest and expert and the different you know everyone album that they interview did an interview with the media. They told about she called herself the tree lady. And she was off for the weekend in costume. And spoke only as a tree would speak she never broke Carriker. So she was there for two days. Two -- In -- and talked as a tree would talk about birds landing on her and providing shade and all kinds of stuff. No I don't know. If this is a fun thing and now it seems like it's psychotic. What -- what kind of tree -- you weeping willow did she cry. Your birch I'm not really sure. As -- made -- -- exactly so these kids go out and other -- the lark bride LA our people our group. -- they go out there on the weekends and they you know they were medieval armor some of them. And they pretend their other things non human. And and that's what they do for fun on the weekend it's it's. Kind of -- Let me know when in the Star Wars you know you hear people adults criticized that a fail lie because they're so afraid of being labeled or you're just -- fashion. Doesn't everybody on the way to bring a suit of armor and talk to treat your goalie in the -- -- -- them we are bullying no walks. What do you think. Involve -- are being bullied. I mean that that psychological. Counseling target rich environment conflict and if -- talk about. And we go back -- plain old English audio nuts. That show instead -- always walking on eggshells well that's not PCI the idea out in the woods. Wearing a suit of armor for the weekend and talk only like a tree would talk. You've got a major problem will -- it will be back with more. Sacks in the game. -- tiger right error that we know well yeah they've -- business and it is observers saw anyway so I mean of course. You were full suit of armor is sex really practical. You know goal I don't think -- make -- that I -- Things that. -- will be back with more after this. Solar or asking about this a story out of New -- led Ohio. Of the a judge the municipal court judge Gail Williams ordering a man bullying his next door neighbor. The next door neighbor lady is taking care of two adult developmentally disabled. People. All solved. Several palsy epilepsy suffered by those two husband -- dementia and a paralyzed son and this guy is just bomb making her life miserable. So the judge says we're going to do this and part of the sentence was shaming. Then he would have to sit in the it's basically. On the main street their. With a sign that says I'm a bully and explains exactly what is going on five hours he would -- on Sunday five -- something that's good idea. I think shaming is an effective way. To punish because as I said earlier it seems like. No one wants to be punitive anymore. Everybody wants to be rehab. Oh if only we can understand somebody while maybe they do it because they just are not good people maybe they do it because something's missing. That that decency -- how could you. How could you harass anybody -- somebody who has a family take care of as this woman has. So I think he deserved it and -- deserved it or more but I think it's good idea what do you think. Our shaming as punishment instead of always thinking rehab -- thinking punitive every once in awhile but idea. It 03 on -- 30180616. Nights of the six are -- thirty Chris we have some of FaceBook post why don't we go through a couple. Is that comes from pat. He says I love this is like a modern version of the stocks just bring up the tomatoes in judging by the pictures that he's trying to hide his face behind the side so it looks like it's working. Yeah -- the other that they -- more fun with tomatoes cream -- -- -- revising might lick. Now might be good tomatoes in regard I'd like that but no where we're tool. Advance -- who genteel. We don't we don't believe him punitive we believe in rehab there had to be a reason this guy turned out to be in the let's get to the bottom of -- please. And so sick that people would rap sheet a mile long -- another chance another chance another chance a little shame goes a long way and maybe if this guy has a decent if he has an ounce of decency will be affected maybe his mother should try to panel when he was yeah not a bad idea what else we -- Chris this one that comes from -- system they punish him. By doing the same things they judged him wrong for doing. They've just sucked his level so he wins the judge's worst in the old man and this -- Omar. Call Mark Lee is. Did mark did not I hear the part where rub of the of the woman has all of these people who look after. Where heat and -- the center of kerosene. Indoor house. You think that's the same thing is having all the sign him mark relate and see that's the kind of months that -- about. Where anything is just beneath us. This time we stop -- that we don't wanna be you know for -- people. But we have to be effective and -- the only thought you ever have his rehab and no thoughts of a punitive action -- now your gonna have lawless society before you know. So -- I think you deserve that a lot more that's certainly isn't anywhere near the level of and he was harassing them for watch violence marked fifteen years. Fifth -- -- look at all the sting that was put up. How could we possibly torture enemies of this country Ohio 44 vital information that may save American lives remember at at gitmo when they had the original batch of prisoners. There were people along. Who were worried. That those prisoners. May not have air conditioning remember that air conditioning the terrorist suspects now. Gitmo is a very Cuba is going ninety miles outside of Florida. Have you ever heard any that's like here -- -- OK have you ever heard anybody -- about whether all the residents of Florida have air conditioning but that was the mindset. That was the mindset how well I hope you have American their own hoping -- conditioning I hope they don't. I was broken I hope they call us that we can't get to a till October. I mean that's but that's the mindset that mindset like the last post there. This isn't nearly as bad of a -- is nearly as bad as fifteen years of harassment. To get that thing about what it was okay. OK the most recent case stem from him being annoyed at the smell coming from the ladies -- And so in retaliation. He hooked up kerosene to a fan. Emblem the smell onto the property and into her house according to the records. So that's nice he has developmentally disabled people in there. She has. One -- cerebral palsy. She has somebody else with epilepsy. Her husband has dementia. And she has a paralyzed and so I guess that sounds pretty even don't you think. A sign for of that I think he got off easily. To be honest with another on ways. Okay. -- on he's on the phone the getting another one gas so now what we're talking about is basically. If she is to work. You have to have pride. If you black pride -- won't work it -- matter doesn't matter what you do doesn't matter what you what you a spouse doesn't matter what you look like it's if you don't have some amount of pride some amount of dignity should aim is gonna work another Chris this is from Jack he says come -- do you think this punishment is going to affect this guy he's a maniac this is just a slap on the -- for somebody like him I think he needs more jail time. Are thinking is that absolutely. I think he could use. A neighbor who didn't have all these problems and find out what he can get away -- which would be a lot less. So he goes after a woman with a a house full of people with disabilities. And and I think he got off easy. All right well we come back a different or change of pace. Wouldn't it be nice if how many times have we heard politicians say that yes we made these decisions years ago we didn't contemplate this. Wouldn't it be nice fifth on news radio I'm thirty WB yeah.

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