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4-17 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How Apolo is region company is Andy -- job filling the today I am feeling good today because -- a few minutes we're going to be going to have a New York auto show. As you know I eat sleep and -- automobiles lots crews stopped going on with four wheels to wheels everywhere else. A new name plates and the guy in the marketplace will be talking Lauren fix. There it is BH and company. Chris I don't I sound on this microphone this is not normally my microphone this is the microphone belonging to. The lovely Susan rose and it's in this broadcast position. So I'm I'm using the queen's microphone no Susan rose all the Al OK so I'm getting to use the queen's micro bottle I sound. Like the other microphone -- solid between now -- -- Feeling good you know why because Lauren fix is on the line hello -- Lauren fix. -- couldn't be. A good. Regular -- You're at the New York auto show a lot of a lot of news coming out of the auto show even before it opened. And among the things mustang is fifty years old and they they you know they brought one up and pieces and reassembled it at the Empire State Building what you think that. I think person like they had in particular Ford Mustang I think we are -- Shelby Shelby. Right behind report -- future -- -- -- -- well yesterday we went up the Empire State Building. They -- journalists separately -- via Fox News -- -- and it was kind of cool that that we had opportunity eagle been brought back are in. -- -- -- Just like it in 1964 because they're for the world's fair. Al that it is being flushing -- you were able -- for the world spirit air bring out. Now. All the mustang club -- there -- Charlotte today for a lot bigger. And I am I met with the Charlotte from here to all -- -- things then it is I gather them together. Now it says Adobe 19164. -- the year came -- limited edition cars available later this year. Those are Shelby -- are they they have won just an anniversary model I was gonna have a hot engine -- what do you hear about it. You're said the same question has Arabic and -- well a lot. I think no one out of -- or -- -- -- angle in the weight or political. Options. -- but -- liter engine. And now when do anything about it also worked in part of forces that are well we're right in the prime -- That will be aired in the rear of the gas app is going to be special if you ever streets. And chrome -- -- around me you know our rear taillight lenses just like it did in me out and the results sixty's cars. Oh that's cool or. The other five the five liter is the five leaders are true I tried and true engine I've had a couple five winner must things and it's and it's got its isn't Scott. Yeah what you're really like it into the ex Soviet performed very well supported really really cannot -- I've been told what your budget -- -- you mind blowing. All around the world. In Beijing in Iraq now in Berlin and literally all over the world everywhere and celebrate it in a mustang no matter where they are. And I understand show of the biggest as a selling namely for car for a while it's been Camry and Toyota's re doing it are they going to are showing at the New York auto show has -- as -- -- -- -- floor yet. You know the first lunch yesterday. And if you if you are -- for -- it looked a little updated ball inside out but you know we like it real. -- -- -- -- That aren't yet Victoria camp and it looks it looks. Like now at salt and apparently that it can forget -- log on to tell about it and only. Now what are brands and hasn't been here in a long time -- -- for a -- they're coming back. And they usually have decent styling -- they're like most Italians a little temperamental from time to time but have you seen any elbows on the. -- actually -- to help a lot of war are a force C I didn't want Obama. I haven't lately you fall into it very much like a loaded police -- don't like you really get into the car the very cool like carbon fiber very lightweight. Tonight -- it -- look at me you have to love help from Canada is -- -- -- that if you bought out from now you'll be your garage. And now they're a partnership of diapers so they're bringing our. We don't have an exact date yet. But we are aware that you know you're going to be in your carbon fiber per car construction Turbo charged yet and and it's really nice contract really got to look at. Well -- Record let's if you agree with mainstream media because -- are real car person and you are an accredited. Technician and all of -- I -- -- CBS reporter earlier. And I don't believe from a reporter was the buzz about the New York auto show is the driver was car. Is that the buzz or is this just another network not knowing whether it's argument. You know they're talking about there -- -- here. In the we -- big. Well see there what they're really nice Mercedes AMG. He's sixty -- it was Jack -- and it was the apple are playing that school. But they show everybody what can -- spot -- -- school app that you like. Just let your iPad iPad mini. In years and -- -- so it's really really cool I would think that would be bought. The corporate convertible is really really hot. And out. I mean I been consolidated garment was probably what he did 883. And outfit which is good news sports packet well trot for which. -- electric cart girl like less than 3% of the total market. Well in reality that's not the real -- what -- but -- we want some people. Were. More. How -- -- you Gaza a lot of -- renegade as the smallest. Ever do as to show up. And and I'm. -- A lot in new Grand Cherokee but the new I don't know -- -- that we would call -- like that -- -- sort of stop underground at a public. And he thought it looked -- I don't I'm not really thrilled that with the appearance -- that specific are. I mean and a lot of other cars -- out the jaguar after it ark who yes. -- an awful lot. Have you have you. That day have you heard the big engine and the -- -- I mean. -- -- 10. Yeah now. Are. Big. Now. It's like. If I lost fifty pounds I go back him by one because I can't literally I tried I can literally fit and it but this sounds like a race car when they fired that thing up it's cool and beautiful. Now what what else says it. What else is -- dry India because because we always like your opinion because -- and -- is not just the reporter -- a reporter who was also. And those is what has caught your eye on the floor. The BMW it -- a certain degree I accept. It for real in here. They're all sold out if you want it going to be out there ever do it deputy -- and now. They wondered -- and allocation. -- it is collector carbon debt that aspect and as to take you really looking under very similar it's important for birdies. -- -- In the past. Also we've -- -- -- -- pooled restaurants I by accident in Europe at Augusta what -- There it is. Evil -- -- picture. And the Bentley EGB convertible. 'cause -- in my catalog the Porsche McCann is already out but to doesn't look good dear I'm. It's like a smaller price I would say it's pretty public to be cute we would stay out -- have here. Opted that smaller suvs but hey it's coming Turbo engine or right here the engine. They are critical about would be futile and gently ink and a huge deal. All of course Porsche had their bank working here are -- younger than the original race car and I think that it. -- that was really well that was the first Knight Ridder and jaguar is the new discovery general lag or whoever -- partnership right at their partnership where. Virgin galactic that we executed first virgin galactic commercials they -- Wait a minute this is their day our company named top top puts on a virgin model. Are. Virgins from -- I like I like that that that's very nice now and I always ask you this question whatever -- an auto show OK you're not gonna get a payment book they just -- assign an -- what car have you seen on the floor that you like to put your garage. It's only on the floor lap. On the floor the app and Martin DB and I agree that appeared to appreciate them for the -- sure. But there's one on the lord that it has. Rate carpet which highlighted yellow detailed in I'll pick our jasmine. Like that for me for a pat -- or nine dollars I'll predict in. -- appreciate it. Would you reply on and the winner be good for us for snow. I -- -- always a pleasure to talk to you and thank you for your time appreciate it. -- I want to fix -- the New York auto show what's going on a measure of the auto show. In New York obviously that's where they have the New York social will be back -- -- BJ company on newsreader and I'm thirty W via. I get to Tony came and double a double time and him and in jays -- my microphone. And there's nothing more personal Florida -- air personality then. Headphones and microphones those of the two things you get used to and if anything's different even I was using. The Susan rose commemorative microphone I like this woman so there are backed -- I don't sound like the queen anymore nor myself -- pretty manly. Britain and museum Mandalay talking cars and stuff like that that's how -- rules that's that's that's the way we roll we couldn't be more masculine no we wanted to I have to. I'd donate testosterone. To lesser talk show host did you know that I just fighting for too much test -- sometimes you know I can't send it out fast enough. That's all I think it's my obligation. To work to send it out to to those in -- in on him you know like to reach out it's the caring thing to do it in the and here's a good thing to do to be -- Jenny McCarthy. Donnie Wahlberg is now engaged to Jenny McCarthy. -- Jenny McCarthy now is on the view which you probably familiar with Jenny -- -- -- -- two and a -- men and and a become very famous person and very. Attractive I mean there's not much question about that. And she's engaged in Donnie Wahlberg. He's 44 she's 41. -- and it is the second marriage for both. They're gonna give it another try and she says I feel like the luckiest girl in the world he's so wonderful says. Is that -- I'm tearing up over that but anyway that's that in the Wahlberg of course used to be and New Kids On The Block. And -- -- man I remember when Howard what -- true New Kids On The Block were super hot. And the rumor was out that we were gonna interview moments ago connect we never set up an an element that never but the real work. Was that it was gonna happen. I get to work at 4:30 in the morning as usual starts at 50 -- 4:30 in the morning there are kids out in the parking lot waiting for the but obviously they weren't there and I'm I'm surprised they get they got there that's on because none of them were old enough to drive. I don't know public transportation's open at that time of the day but. We didn't start the -- by the way we have nothing to do -- vote we did not interviewed New Kids On The Block meanwhile other embarrassed in Phoenix Arizona on. Because the Phoenix police department says they're conducting an internal investigation. Apparently. -- off duty police officers were in one patrol car -- each had their own car. And then they were found in one car now I know don't let your imagination go crazy now this isn't that. There were found playing cards. They were discovered playing cards. Sargent Trent Crump positive for name Trent Crump. Sargent Trent Crump said the officers have been reassigned. Until the investigation is complete I mean. Isn't that the average. So office are you know -- and but to. I'm. Base oh but and souls and -- saying you got any threes. -- go and -- Oh I'd do that you don't want to at all. In Sturgis. Indian motorcycles. Or opening a permanent dealership. More than 75 years ago riders of Indians launched these small gathering that later exploded into the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally. Now if you Sturges most of the -- you're gonna see there follow them but mostly going to be Harley's. You'll see some Indians that is not a lot of Indians out there. Four -- it's though it was a companion bike one when it when they came out real classic classic in India you know the Indian bike is a is a classic motorcycle. But now they're gonna actually have a via a dealership there and the surge of some courses where you want to be. If it and -- buffalo chip campground is where you wanna be appearance Sturgis and moved -- and that's it Tony celebrates over that. Now when I was in Milwaukee. Are hurt call. Rule as a as a senator when I was in Milwaukee on the Milwaukee Bucks. He bottom in 1985 and he paid eighteen million. -- okay 181000004. Per call I was senator. And his family owns the cold the department stores on an -- job at -- bottom for eighteen dollars. Made a brilliant I eighteen million a little bit of -- -- just sold them for. 550. Million. -- now over half a billion dollars. He bottle for eighteen million sold of a 550 -- I mean that there's a little little profit margin right there. Also all -- glad to see that Wisconsin is straightening out their active -- you know they're kind of a rugged frontier outdoor. State there's a lot of hunting and fishing and four Wheeling. And rubber duck races will now be legal. Under Governor Walker seem signature Republican lawmakers introduced the bill after the state Justice Department want in the village. That its annual rubber duck race amounts to Italy. Go gambling in using getting busted for rubber duck racing. Eric testosterone is involved with bats. I don't think so between the cops playing fish in the cruiser and in and rubber -- gambling. How well but. You -- anywhere Bob manly man win -- I think that was a vacation from America is shining through Aaliyah. Eight point eight YouTube you have a gambling. Problem go to Robert. Asked that. You put ten dollars and -- -- cracking finish up upon. That rubber duck yeah or though why aren't -- the big bad time lots by actually used to saying now my daughter and -- would watch. It. Yeah if you're an adult you watch Sesame Street got to have a kid would you just in case somebody drops by and if the equipment. I would -- -- -- and great today. -- that team -- ready to go to do fabulous radio -- whining and moaning and complaining just hear about deal Ed Dunn -- will be back after the news hang -- there. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays knew until straight news radio 9:30 AM WD EA and. -- -- back where the -- got -- M sandy beach. Out Tony Chris army were all on different generations but -- up -- the wrong time because. When we're looking for things to do and fun to have. There was some basic categories cards. Girls certainly poker sports -- -- generally that's the bag right. I heard -- Howard stern show -- yesterday. And he had an idea person -- -- he knows. Though who went to this event because he was curious about it. These -- there were like fifty or sixty young people. That spend the weekend in the woods there's a name for them as a it's a -- name and I don't recall but this weekend in the woods in costume. Speaking. In the costume of which there wearing. And they use the example of a girl who said she was a treaty and for the whole weekend. She pretended to be a tree. And -- Howard was talking to this -- and guys that. Yeah I tried to talk to -- But she wouldn't talk to him in regular language and regular English or any other language she would talk. Like a tree would talk making sounds and things like that. And he said that he and there are curiosity. But after I was there while he scared because in taking these people are no jobs they are really certifiable nut jobs now they're all young kids. Oh hole I apparently have some kind of deal going. We have though with the forest and dressing up in costume and and sleeping on the grounds and stuff on the weekend now at some -- If somebody when I was about fifteen or sixteen years olds that hey his we're gonna do gonna go into the woods. And dress up in costumes and talk and strange voices. And we can all assume different identities the -- I heard happened to these girls that she was tree girl bug. There are other things that they become. Is that -- -- or watch -- the pond who feet. -- we looked at things for good time -- -- go to Lancaster or Friday night -- drag racing now yeah I what do you think Chris yeah it's weird you used to be just the people who watch Star Wars now -- up when they would wait in line for movie and it seems to be extended to all these other bizarre things and the Internet is great as it is has made it's a much worse because people see this and I think -- except Arianna joined more groups and rob awards and but there is and there's a thing I like furries and address of his animals they have these are. I've heard that on starters. All it -- and we did that -- -- our younger and we look for for is on the weekend when we you know we did absolutely and that much -- and avoid -- -- is searching what you are willing to go at seven days a week if only we'd get the lucky you know -- the -- lucky so and -- suggested and I loved it he said. Can you imagine a movie of this where one of the -- isn't actually with the group is wearing masks and costumes it's up. As serial killer that would be gone that we'll have a movie and I'm thinking that that's not far out of the realm of other movies we've seen where that kind of of a backdrop where somebody who's not part of the main group. Is -- is a loony tune. And know what happens is that. And that was somebody dies then they have to OO GG. That we thought they were crazy like wait we thought maybe just six trick what do you want from us. But when stern suggested that yet it was on yesterday had known. I thought it was -- I was make a great movie. That's just some -- stuff yeah and if you had a kid that age. And your kid -- and these -- boys and girls by the way not just guys boys and girls. And they said mom dad and I would of my friends I'm wearing this costume I'm going to speak in an in a language that is unknown to any human being. And I'm gonna sleep on the ground and I'll be back in three days I mean would you say I have a good time money here's a launch now you'd say what are you nuts. So that's what we're getting I think that I would like to know more about this I tried to look it up. Today on Yahoo!. But I didn't have antilock because I could not remember the acronym which describes the name of the group. And so I don't know but it was them there was interest did you look under weird people. Yahoo! I did and I'd I'd looked around here that look under. Teens in the woods on the weekends. And Erica we'll let you lead you to a different site you've got caught in. It the more words you put in a search engine the better chance you have got something coming out of this right. But there was a lot of -- goof balls that nothing nothing and even remotely interest thing. That's that. And we got this fixation on my little pony. I mean we we know about that a lot of vote -- pony originally with the kids the right right. And now look you know kids that are in their teens or whatever. Are hooked on my little pony. And Gordon no I don't think I will look back -- more would be to and company undergrad at 930 we are WB yeah. Now -- as I mentioned his group I thought it was like no are. And they RPI couldn't find it whatever however -- cracks. I never take no for an answer and Chris you found the group call lark LA RP tell me what you see on there. Job on their website -- marketing dot org it is a live action role playing make college collaborative make believe where they general understanding of the limitations of the exercise of -- -- Most notable forms are medieval fantasy scifi parlor and nordic. While I I don't that they were talking on the stern show. About the dressing and in armor and stuff like that so that it was a -- was -- so you go in there are new we -- -- most things I guess in your role Plano and it's like they took dungeons and dragons and took it to him a little bit of history you actually sell armor and stuff on his website they sell -- Hamlet. Follow -- out -- well. I'll just ride horses. And ahead horses for twenty years and I could not figure out how the nights that or armor -- ride horses. -- on the horse wearing wearing a full suit of armor are you kidding me. And if you've ever seen jousting just fun. I'd never done and I wish I had but nobody a nobody offered that but they do that and then like a Renaissance fair. Where the horses are coming opposite each other and they are wearing the people are wearing full sets of armor and they try and knock the other gap with his giant Q tip. As a restaurant just over the border that -- that will be able times got a big guys that's a -- as a restaurant that you would your hands yeah but I'm not sure which one it is I think you'll still be. In Niagara on the lake I think it's moved to Niagara Falls off a numbness that you were you know you could eat like Henry the eight room temperature hand in the -- details. Google -- man these -- drug. The fund so one doesn't give any -- you have to bump be a member of the pay dues as say anything element I think week hinges Abaya and unfortunately am looking at this this whole lot armour set the kind quite odd kind quest warcraft and -- set. 878 dollars unfortunately lost out walk out well this is probably a big demand for it don't you think it's Easter. And everybody wants there Easter armor sure 870. You know I'm surprised that they sell out but doesn't surprise me at cost that much imagine wearing it or or -- making it up. You gotta take a little off the NC mom think -- that a little cries -- going to be and Knight who's singled out you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We bias that -- be fun to come to work and it'll be kind of difficult to do our job in all right let's also reiterated his call Leo -- LE RPA in case you want your gonna have a lot of odds so if you wanna do in nordic I think you -- -- -- medieval -- for eighteen dollars to do all kinds of its. Oh I'm as scary it really as it has ever and we're rope line. I'm nothing wrong with fantasy there when you voter what does school -- -- for radio television and theater. The a -- part was interesting because they trying to get you to lose your inhibitions. Things you would be if you had no experience and acting. You're probably a little uptight about letting yourself -- you know and acting which you really do have to get into the character like yourself ago. And so they would have us do exercises. That if we -- doing them in our home you know back home we will be laughed out of town but when you're aware of everybody else doing the same exercises its all right. Like one of my jobs once was here but mine have always been a big guys 64 always -- 64. I had do be an egg in a frying pan OK so I had to sizzle. And I had to spread myself out. And I had to make present myself like an -- in a program which is not easy if you're not used to doing that now once you're in a theater training pretty easy but they do that to break down your inhibitions so that you view -- ago. Yet one point -- and I were taken a voice acting classes. A -- annual Tony saw very. Very very good and we headed to a lot of that stuff where you had to push herself as something else and your or some sort of character and you have to read in you really have to let go in at first it was very difficult but once you are able to. Let yourself free it's a lot of -- -- When you when you learned to do this then you see it on the screen either television are remote restraint princess of things it's hard to do than you think. It think it's pretty easy okay. A piece of business you're eating a sandwich and walking and delivering dialogue. You would think that's pretty easily you probably thought -- done this a million times tried doing stuff like that everyone's a lot it's not easy not to make it recognizable as these -- license was and do I do I swallow that last bite of the sandwich or do I deliver my line for a summit. There's -- compartment all kinds of things like that. But it's interesting and anybody who -- who was inhibited. Or who shy. I suggest acting lessons. Because it's great to get you it gets you into another dimension you're playing a character that not you. And you can let yourself go and what they teach you and acting school. Is that it's easier to goal overboard and then Paula back to where it has to be. Then to drag it out a little bit of time. And so of if people and if you notice of people who were in theatre especially a very broad though you know. Gestures things like that. Because that's that's how we get into the character that's how they card communicate with the audience. And they don't they don't you know hold and then they let -- go and that's good it's good. I found that you know you've read lots of copy what you record commercials. We had a -- commercial and found at that it was easier for me to read commercials as a character that as ours as well as me. And some of the things you -- -- make though words sound like what they mean if you if you're saying the word exciting make it sound exciting. Exciting because it's really exciting and Summers in Gaza it is day three extra inning. Now all of sudden you you know people's attention you feel -- so maybe we should sign up and go out and a lot of these traps. What do you think guys is there -- V. Our Chris why if we need to remind -- device and scampered some looking at 70 OK I don't have any at home 86 bucks a pop off. If I -- all the stuff we need for the three of us they're going awards for two in this on this -- thing. We think about going -- around here. We have received there is a let's get to know what's out outlined a final local -- block are you can just type in bubble on -- -- -- collect and argues that decided -- must be high demand were to withdraw from Iraq. -- well I -- now. I think you'll be fun to do because we could have our own little click -- -- we consider how a lot of those parks and it might they be fun. -- Woolsey maybe chainsaw and a man has -- A real change them as a building and those cardboard thing going -- -- you can really fire one. You get your house aren't going -- Illinois. -- or -- tosses folks -- if there's an -- -- here I mean there should be I bet I bet they're in the Adirondacks fresh can I make a southern here. And there I I. From our work if of this ever worked would be in the UP in the upper peninsula compartment while strange people Americans -- -- that. Think it possible that type of costumes sort of things along that line we don't have my brain all of -- for as I may be made Marion what do you think. I'm Natalie maybe Kevin Whitner and she's running for a million Cubans but should be fun you know has made -- what do you think. -- -- -- -- for the goodies and owls rank where this average in the swords. And the armor and all that stuff waited more importantly about the food or yoga philosophy and every catered. And Federer because there has to be a time when you're not in character when -- slog he got to come out of character eventually. It looks like there's one in Albany. All money -- -- -- legislative movement is always legislators there are always go for. Punishment. Traditionally has been limited to a certain types of punishment. Well one is one thing that is not allowed is cruel and unusual punishment. And a you know a sentence was handed out. To a person in Ohio and south you would that some people might think was definitely. Unusual. And in some way may have maybe a little bit cruel. I don't think so I think it's the ideal thing I think what we need is this type of punishment available on a wide scale. Because -- could be it could be useful the only problem I have is the -- that made useful in the past because it has been done in the past. Doesn't necessarily. Exists now. So I'm not really sure. If if if we are back you know a century or two I would tell you yes it will work. Now I'm not really sure I don't think it's a good idea if that's not a -- I don't know what is so while he said as she walked by the window a will be will be back with more with beach and company under Israeli and I'm thirty WV.

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