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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment - Dan Nevearth, Jr

Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment - Dan Nevearth, Jr

Apr 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Erie county emergency services coordinator Dan never it's junior with us now on the WB and live line to talk about a problem they've had recruiting firefighters. -- welcome thanks for joining us. Well it's great to me -- and and and night I should probably add to that we've we've got a tremendous amount that the recruiting especially in Erie county area of New York. -- the last few years 700 -- -- but that's not to say that there were were out looking for more we're still trying to reach those core demographic that can help the there are -- How many do you need vs how many you have. We've had over 700 that join the ranks and Erie county in the last couple years. We continue to pursue that that goal and an Avian and we will we will match in the past that the tremendous success we that we we also have areas they beat that that of being 1015 or so firefighters. And that might be thought towns or villages and and local park apartment that I haven't really. Etiquette at all from. From any of those gains -- to count the recruitment process because. -- I'm a volunteer firefighter I'm not getting any younger we eat that turtle or we need that. We need to continue to recruit people so it's it's really. Today and and over the next couple weeks. A celebration of our success -- we ban but also the opportunity out there for. A lot of people are looking for something to do for -- that ability to be able to make a commitment to your community and -- contribution. It's it's it's to recruit you to confines of a right to Alter our fighting -- that. We're damn why hasn't been so different called lately together young men and women interest in volunteer firefighting. You know that it was in the good old days. What's going to be one of the things we found getting to the court -- that we used to have. They have three ships. Three different -- of people working in the region when -- the glory days of the steel plants and and all the different factories we've we've become content now maybe two. Possibly one one ship. So what happened that was people are working nine to five. We don't have that we don't have that ability to grab somebody maybe that was working the overnight shipped to also help older today. So we're looking or that that that bland that makes. And and younger folks today have more opportunities due to go on and advance their education so they graduate they might -- a -- service and ET. And then took three more months later hat off to school and only have the opportunity to be involved. The -- when they're when they're not actually. -- -- -- the return whole holiday thing like that so. It is that we we have much more opportunity out there now for people. And I think about that we need to get out there is what. You'll can afford to is he or local out here -- company. The demands are not that rigorous you'd get out of that what you put into it. And they are just tremendous opportunities you you don't have to be -- individuals who. Rule one candle burning building their other opportunities their support of people that want and the burning building their -- maps. There's any number of different things in the education that go on what that is invaluable. You spoke about youth what about male female do you need both. You don't want an. I'm probably say that that that the mix now within our service we've we've we've achieved about a 50% next depending on what companies are -- We've got men and women. We we've got younger women we've got younger. And we also you know that have been necessarily just a young man game. We we've got individuals that are coming in all eight. The map back a couple of years ago we put through our our order -- definitely kept an individual who has it was sixty plot. So you know it depends on what you feel you can give. You know we obviously great -- physically fit or you can book or look -- we do all the training. And no bloody example Iowa abuse when it comes to the park service. That that training. That's paid for and need the additional training in the things which can do the opportunities are great to keep it managed to take media former media personnel -- forced me into what I. Very quickly than how'd they get more information. As their website or phone number you can share. While you can check you can check the Erie county web site with regards to a lot of the activities that are going not eerie dot gov and that impacts -- -- All right that's though will work. As a media guy you know the clock where we're out of time we appreciate the time you've spent though thanks Erie county emergency services coordinated and -- with junior.

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