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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Fight Begins For Gabryszak Assembly Seat - Nick Langworthy

Fight Begins For Gabryszak Assembly Seat - Nick Langworthy

Apr 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In Cheektowaga and Angela Wozniak is the only Republican on the Cheektowaga town board. And she -- choice of the -- local Republican Party to run for the state assembly seat. Recently vacated by -- cameras. Let's talk about it or just on the line line is an Atlanta were -- the chairman of the Erie county Republican Party not good morning thanks for joining us. Because Angela was able to get herself elected to the sound board despite the odds. Against a Republican going anywhere and Cheektowaga where she is the obvious choice nick was anybody -- interest and. That she really was obvious choice from the outset John it is you know angels performance on the ballot 2011. In -- it's gonna be very very long time since there was a Republican council member. In atomic Cheektowaga heavily democratic county but the voters -- shows across Seattle and -- -- what was the -- -- I'm only five year old go. Lady that we're running out of reform message -- the same kind of message you can take this race there. They clean up -- she too much corruption. In because of corruption we're gonna have a seat here in Western New York where the people of Lancaster Cheektowaga if they had no voice in the state legislature. For calendar year in their crime against the taxpayers. How steep is the -- she has to climb what's the split registrations -- blogger in the district even. -- I don't have the specific body it's it's a very uphill climb in its. It is -- where you're down nearly 20000 volts but. You know she also find all those -- tall odds to become a councilman in Cheektowaga. End I believe the message an annual it will run around which is. Basically the Iraq -- style message you have probably more in the -- I'm Mickey Kearns. I'm going into. Taking -- Shelly silver in in changing the culture in Albany. You know I think the voters of all parties combined. We extended an invitation. Next to Jeremy zone of the Democratic Party chairman but our call was not returned. Let me ask you listen you've got to be thinking about it you have to be I -- those are reasonable Democrats are waiting before it naming a candidate to they're going to endorse what do you think. Our I know there's a lot of turmoil in in -- toward politics straight now expression democratic. Age councilman. Leno was one of the rumored candidates for the seat. Would resign in disgrace after you know pleading guilty to accepting. You know unemployment benefits you want and -- You know Angela is fought very hard to clean up the government Cheektowaga. Unfortunately she had no willing partners -- -- -- I achieved in the lone voice on many many purple there including a Mormon -- -- changes to weigh in in the removal of nepotism and government. And you know she she is going to be a -- interest -- I can't speak Democrats recruitment efforts but. I know they've got a lot of. Is on we've got here nick there's something else happening today that we have to ask you a little bit about two. I'm Marist polls says Hillary Clinton has the edge over all the likely Republican candidates running in 2016 for president. That same poll also says that the front runners at least right now amongst Republicans. Our Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee what do you think. Well I think if if Hillary Clinton runs for president she's obviously going to be the nominee of the Democratic Party and it goes without saying. In any -- hard pressed to find a Democrat that discrete. In the Republican field is wide -- in the year and she people rise in all of these holes security Al. You know rewind the clock. You know it you saw how many different candidate. It toppled poll before eventually the party nominee Mitt Romney I mean we had. We -- rumored candidates like Huckabee we shared in you know you know people like Rick Santorum it was one time was the front runner Newt Gingrich. I mean this there's an awful 100 owners a lot of speculation. As of right now we have no declared candidates others. It's really just political intrigue. Well you know who cloture both know who whose name and flows to the top of Midland where these house. Well I gotta tell you look at some of the talent is at the gubernatorial level across this country in the east peace and the people like this Scott Walker at Wisconsin I think he got a -- Reelection this year -- yet to get through before he could think about two. Presidential pulpit and he got an incredible gap in the seed Wisconsin. You know Sudan Martinez the governor -- New Mexico is your name becomes like someone that would. You know certainly be a TrailBlazer in the Republican Party. He there's a lot of others right now but it went to -- John Kasich Ohio. And there maybe you're reformed their governments they've gotten out of the -- and run some governments and I think you're going to see. He real bumper crop of presidential candidates come out of the editorial. Well you were mentioning names that morning and on our list this morning good talking -- -- -- thank you. -- Need to -- -- chairman of the Erie county Republican Party.

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