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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Ford's Mustang Is 50 - Jim Sandoro

Ford's Mustang Is 50 - Jim Sandoro

Apr 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

America's iconic muscle car the mustang does turned fifty today it was April 17 1964. When the first one was unveiled. And it really has been exciting fans and collectors ever cents one of them. James Santoro. At the buffalo transportation -- Serra museum he's with us now on the WB and live like good morning sir -- Do you have on. A hole I hit a number of them probably had five different months over the years. Why are they so special. Well they just were. It was very cool Europe the early sixties haven't lived through it in buffalo and when those came out the it was a drop down from the bigger -- these buffaloes really more Chevrolet tell on the the fort down. But Chevrolet didn't have over the Corvette and have something that. You could buy a nice little convertible for you know 2800 dollars or something and they just were then need terror. Do you have a mustang on display of the museum right now Jim. Always told as a matter of fact but we do have is 67 -- which is really a hybrid must thing of sorts the launch of a stroke -- from the Frankel state. That 23000 original miles. Force beat GT 390. Just the magnificent original car with it in the same but excel of course is is the most. Are you surprised that it's inspiring the kind of passion that people are driving to events all over the country to observe the fiftieth today. No I think they've been chipped in at the bit to get you know for this university can come up. And it's it's it's it's amazing we get calls all the time for for folks wanna come with their clubs to the museum to visit. In their really got to altogether mean they're really -- altogether. Jim tell our listeners about the museum -- why you founded many years ago how the collection grew. Well there's a young boy -- next door hit it appears -- I don't turn it was two years old and in one of the -- don't defenders and this appears heroin. The grandfather got upset with me and or to keep me quiet and happy would give me a little buttons and pins and I found that was a great record to go around everybody's grandfather -- did you work appears there or Thomas flyer they give me things. So by the time I was nine the -- -- -- -- -- says what do you do with all this stuff for two or whatever -- museum. What -- -- nine year old and took these fifty years to do it but. It's turned out magnificent for the old folks have never been there and now. With a record like -- right Frank Lloyd Wright filling station is just about ready to open in this thick yet display. We do a sneak preview now it's it's. I can't tell you how unbelievable that turned out. And that is a reproduction based on his original designs for buffalo. But despite this for Michigan and cherry and buffalo never built it in we built -- -- absolute full size. Copper roof and gravity -- tanks and lawyer placed under the thousand gallon tank and just everything that he designed for 1920s. So when do anticipate the grand openings are everywhere and I'll sleep. Late the late June will be the formal green but right now people even though -- still a construction site we're taking people through. The first sneak preview what they comfort general admission even though. One quick one here before we go to kind of ties the mustang into the museum. Do you think buffalo -- a cart town. Oh absolutely it's what they have people from around the country's -- how lucky I was to have been born in buffalo. And mean it it is generated all the income for the first third of the century -- the biggest employer Western New York. The auto mode of treatment and Chevrolet and Ford in the assembly plants were all here. You know like you coroner for hours with but you know where we are still are a great great Turco. And the collectors -- a strong year to. Very strong because we have long winter so a lot of time to work on -- errors. Makes perfect sense. Thanks for joining us you're welcome thank you James Santoro is the owner and operator of the buffalo transportation pierce -- museum.

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