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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Presidential Race: Hillary Vs the GOP - Dr Bruce Bryski

Presidential Race: Hillary Vs the GOP - Dr Bruce Bryski

Apr 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Presidential politics could we be headed to another bush Clinton match up. A new Marist poll says Hillary Clinton is the front runner and Chris Christie isn't doing as bad as he once did. But it said Republicans real preference right now either Mike Huckabee or Jeb Bush. The same poll says Clinton would beat everybody in the worst she'd do as against Paul Ryan which would still win. Let's talk about all of this now with professor Bruce -- Bruschi from SUNY buffalo state. He joins us now on the that would be you know violent more members. What do you see in this it's surprises me that Jeb is at least right now. At the capitalist for the Republicans. Yeah it is I mean but you know what it's it's the for the Republicans it's the usual suspects and honestly in and we all know that up poll this early is nothing more than snapshot in time. But you know give -- his name is gonna come up either way you know he's got these I -- many people would say he did a very good job as governor of Florida -- Been quick to criticize. Obama and so forth over the years but -- so not a surprise is that if it's the people who. Who are not doing as well against the a potential Hillary run that -- are kind of interesting people like Ted Cruz at Texas. 4%. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana 4%. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania 3%. John Kasich governor of Ohio less than 1% and even Marco Rubio are from Florida which is 7%. So if there's a lot surprises in this. You mentioned. And Jeb Bush being on top of one Paul. Our WBM dot com web poll while all these Republicans the possibilities for 26 in. Has Jeb Bush getting only 7% he's at the very very bottom here in Western New York among our listeners. The -- is Todd Paul Ryan for just 7%. I think I think part of it got to the I think the American people maybe bush doubt you know you already had two -- in the White House and you know by any standard I -- both of their presidencies -- average so. You know I I I'm not surprised to death but but again I I think the real contender is is it's still going to be -- Iran at all. I think what we're seeing here with Chris Christie he's starting to make a comeback from those. Alleged scandals and so forth. And Paul Ryan from Wisconsin he's just so good with. The economy and budget and so forth but I think he's going to be a front runner. Let me throw another name him McClatchy Marist right now says. Amongst Republicans Jeb Bush 13% also Mike Huckabee 13%. What Huckabee he's done this before and then of course after he ran for the presidency and withdrew. He had his own show on fox. So he's got a lot of visibility days but again I you know I just don't see him being your real strong candidate and and if you really want to know the truth. I don't see anybody in the Republican side being elected president. For some time I just don't think the demographics are there I just I don't see where they're gonna get the votes. Let me ask you this group's everybody's talking about Hillary Clinton number one on top she's going to get the nomination humility even close. Are we at the point in our country's political history where maybe the power brokers. Are saying look give this to mrs. Clinton this time it needs to be done could that be happening. Absolutely I think it's been happening for some time now you know -- And here's the -- the thing to John you know Hillary has already started raising money. She's already started organizing and all her people are waiting for right now is for her to. I think is the the okay fine and they're gonna really picking up a notch so. I mean she's got so much going for right now and again that she had baggage absolutely Ben Ghazi. Are some of her comments that were made as secretary secretary of state. But you know she's she's certainly the prohibitive front runner. And there are no doubts in your mind that she would run. I don't I don't see how she's not going to -- I think what happened was is. We all thought she was issue in last time he ran and then some guy named Obama came by. And it took it away from our I don't think nobody likes to lose and I think she's gonna go all full speed ahead this time. All right very good Bruce thanks for joining us. That's professor Bruce risky at SUNY buffalo state.

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