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4-16 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES yeah. Wolves down upon the he would rate -- I think. You go to the hole looked out my husband -- and -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm glad I protest that was it because -- guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got help after -- it. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our belief I don't know how to put this. -- People know when it's live. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet I'd quit net news radio yeah. -- -- -- Is power lay on his radio -- -- WVM thank you very much up for being with us and that. And anyway this is joining us and I was fortunate. -- -- alien into the buffalo dental group today one of our sponsors -- -- legitimate sponsors the program and Erica for many many years. In their right dentist oddly enough when I say I go to them for my dental work I really go to that provide dental work. But anyway. The I never quite understood. The pain of an -- to. I get it now that it if I hit. Oh look there's a lot worse things in life there are believed. By the best way to describe it -- -- complain. It's just like this giant pressure pocket in your -- Is what you would do anything just to be able to a squeeze it like a pimple to just get it out. Unfortunately the gums don't work that way so. Anyway that's that was the beginning of my -- but at least it is that it did not quite happy ending but a good beginning. And I did have a chance to meet a world working better walking and I put something up on FaceBook that like I you know I just wrote it. May be an hour ago and people seem to really like what I wrote. And the only point that I was trying to make when I put that on my FaceBook is when you in your life. Run in two World War II veterans as I did today leaving the buffalo dental group. Never be afraid to thank them for their service in World War II. I would have been kicking myself in the head. If I did not take this gentleman for his service. When I was leaving the offers those of who don't have access to FaceBook right now when I was leaving the buffalo dental group. This older gentleman was moving very slowly -- walker coming and he had a companion within. And I stood aside smiled at him and let him have the sidewalk and especially look at me he said I'm sorry I'm moving so slow. And I got a smile back guys that you take all the targeted search and I saw this embroidery and his jacket it's in World War II veteran. And as I was walking by him I've smiled and said -- by the way thank you for your service in world were to that it looked at me. And just said thank you. And your welcome. In his presence was so command and he has such a bearing about him. And such a a dignity. Some people just throw off an era that commands respect. Well this guy threw off exactly. -- or. Now people who know me know that I'm not the most patient person in the world sometimes. But. I was not any particular hurry. And when I saw this guy who needed the sidewalk a hell of a lot more than I needed it. Com I'm glad I could make his life a little bit easier but than when I saw the whole World War II veteran thing is like wow. So if you have kids. -- this is going. If you have kids or maybe ten years older so and they've expressed an interest in history. Where they've watched Saving Private Ryan which you were band of Brothers or whatever. You know. When you see these gentlemen were still around with -- us and we're losing more and more every day. It would be the worst thing in your life to have. Your son or daughter. Go up to one of these veterans and thank them for their service in World War II. Because there will come a time when there -- World War II veterans around just like there's no war World War I veterans around. Where civil war veterans around time marches not. And I really feel frankly blast that was in the presence of of greatness -- I don't care whether he was in the battle of the bulge whether he was in Okinawa. Or whether he was. In the occupation forces of Berlin. Or whether he was it to Fort Riley. Doesn't matter he served any served at a point when America was in the ballots. And -- that deserves respect it commands respect. 030930. We're doing today. -- topic which you had better respect because it involves you and your body and the worst pain in the you've ever suffered. What was the worst pain do you not want what was called the talk about childbirth not want. Much birth was supposed to be the worst thing ever for a woman in terms of -- I guess it's not registering with my audience to your -- or I have women whose lady parts are made of steel. Thought it was just in my personal dignity. All right 803 I thirty start 3180616. WB EM okay what is lady parts sound even worse than saying vagina. This state you know. Let's get -- it. General found that very funny that was a funny line you know three all right thirty is the a phone number on WBBM. And it all all all real quickly. -- save a topic until either tomorrow or Friday that I've done once before. Have you ever either gotten or received a text. That was very embarrassing. That was intended for someone else. I won't go into the details now but I will tell you that I have the ladies. At the sunshine cafe here and you know led. In the hysterical. Laughing today what I went into my monologue. About when it happened to me. When I got a text from the woman who just left my house. Who had intended to text her other boyfriend I didn't -- but instead texted me. And I want it to this minute long monologue and once you start laughing at a monologue I keep -- I figure all right I'm making somebody's life better and making them laugh. Keep going and going and going until finally I have to go get my lucky to get ready for the Chicago. But. -- do that show. Up put up with the topic and FaceBook to give us that it can get a jumpstart out of but that topic I loved that topic it's like but dialing somebody you weren't trying to but I'll. And they listen in a conversation. You really didn't want them to hear. At all -- that capital more than a few people I know. Are back to the calls and this is the most unusual call we've had so far on this subject. What is the worst thing you've ever felt and what caused that here's -- Mike in Rochester on WB and Mike talk to me. And it stopped to Ghana got a pretty a pretty high dollar and up at the birdies period they're period. -- the worst I've heard personally Agilent the last I was a little bit reserve bank. The shallow blah. Not -- might ordered it got hit by a -- earth ever side I don't know how big it was in in the world and it made. Incredibly larger as you look in an amateur. Over the next hour. The -- bill bill. Pride about five or six hour ordeal though it was -- On Eric Milledge are cheering I I don't know what I would -- at duke probably. How do you I was just error that you say you didn't see how -- it was -- you know -- logs. I have some dozen other surfers look at that they say they say yeah you got it with a staggering. Yeah I. Well liked if you -- -- an appendage all the way just a little -- Yeah ever since I turned fifty hasn't moved. -- -- Slick hard. Times it was just thought that -- heartbeat. What are you every time your -- robbed the wounds robbed. -- but -- do it my leg. But Mike. How long did it take you to seek medical attention Steve Irwin. And all it you'll like it. All the people you talked to say yes nothing says I'm qualified physician like a surfer dude on the beach tell you don't need medical attention not. Exactly all the water actually it didn't look that bad but whatever -- backers -- aspire to that number toxins and added it's great both. I can imagine that -- meant to work our grand Cayman. I'll be your little Jimmy Buffett. That reminded via the most. The -- all the church here or ever heard. Well that -- but unless it's yours I. I don't wanna -- at the reason I ask is because there's a place there and it's called stingray and here's a stingray city and basically you pay money to -- on a -- And the idea is you basically -- in the water and the sting rays -- up to you and you feed them dead pieces of other fish. I understand they're pretty -- global need to stop bottom it's just that the bounce back -- them. -- like and I can well imagine but I think they're awfully cool looking animals personally but when -- -- one thanks very much. Baker are right does sting rays yes stingray city are gonna program where that is I think it's it's came -- grand Cayman I forget. By the way caimans. You talk about expensive. Thank goodness the cruise ship only stayed there for about two hours 'cause otherwise I think it would been broke like for the next ten years. Here is. Exaggeration but it made a point here is Hugh in Amherst on WB have you talked to me. Closer. I'm gonna sort I'd need drop this situation. I was in the navy band -- on the staff. In the navy I was there from my last seven years or retired. And we did it children's concert the third Thursday of every August. The last few years I was there we didn't even have to advertise that they -- get distracting entities -- people there at the concert. And it was the mobile unknown. Chapters on memorial. Which has a waterway behind that her face is that on the west side. The children's concert that particular year we were doing -- called -- -- she trained and there as the train loop through the the amphitheater. Is brought in different. Stops which were acts that were we were doing. Are no hold on just a moment I have to break for traffic plus he's a fantasy train in my mind is going in the direction it really shouldn't be going in right now so just to stand by for 12 here's Alan Harris were traffic. And actors AccuWeather in a nutshell tonight. Are you freaking kidding me cold. Then tomorrow we should be up to about 58 degrees on news radio 938 is 36 degrees at WB ER let's get the -- in Amherst. Our Washington the the mall in Washington DC. He's playing in the navy band. It's eight children's concert. And what happens. Well the temperature -- immediate difference so that as part of their and it's trying to beat the train would stop them and somebody would do it an actor whatever they were doing. This particular year. We had secretary -- maybe maybe it was -- -- He -- -- an -- to be musician and he had written in this march. That the -- -- -- finished out -- and they did you know he just provide the morality but anyhow it was a bear costume. And the children Charlotte -- was protester was going the way we built that -- there was two towers on each side of the bandstand. And we covered those were scenery and -- and -- several hours to fill -- -- helium filled bullets which were released at the end of the show. That -- accidentally put the -- on one side there was. Which is capsule. From the wizard of odd type thing. And I had made but we cults smoke pot there were flat spots. Would play well though. Being achieved and not having a lot of money. What I did it straight up several poem using. Shelves which is. They didn't let the switch and they would go off well when I went anti bilked them they were made -- a book -- age where buckle -- And it and -- sugar in it and you just -- Couple strains -- branch wire between an ailment that -- when you to switch on that they would go up people smoke. And worst injury part come into -- Well secretary written -- senate -- perfectly okay for the kids to get backstage and watch what was going on. But the switch -- senate -- that were set up at the bottom of the hour. And I was at the top of the tower baking out where these flat spots. And I poured the powder in that thing in these flash paper and everything I'd put him and I that was hooking the wires. Well one nailed to the other I MI based there -- at both -- And somebody. Flipped a switch all know he will just to see what would happen. Oh yes I lost my eyebrows like -- -- hands. I was thinking about jumping in the water it was so painful -- -- just there's gonna get me out how I get out but I -- But does make a long story short -- -- I'm sorry. I'd I was moaning in a frankly. M -- think agony. But I appreciate that town anyhow made a long story short they took music from airport space to the medics and and they. Dot MySpace for my eyebrows and they and they managed -- both ends. I had to drum sticks when they get done and I told had to hurry -- support for her at an aggregate racquet -- a couple. He should they -- are gonna do any they would beat drums you're you're you're you're -- And great painful. I can well imagine and all I will say about when you break an arm both arms -- when your hands are bandage. I just want you to think about the basic necessities. Of life. And how difficult they become much when you can't move your hands and that's as much as I want us to. -- -- -- -- I'm so glad you call -- you know what actually it was necessary that you set up the story the way you did well told sir well told I'm glad that I was patient thank you. Our events -- a lot of the stuff ever -- as secretary of the navy Gideon Welles. Remembered. It was entry was Lincoln's secretary of the navy and the guy we thought it was interesting because to me he always looked like the god of the -- Neptune. And his name was Gideon Welles he was secretary of our maybe. Always thought that was more than a coincidence. Again it would be the first and I've been wrong. I'm voting for Donald Trump for governor. -- -- significance -- play in my life you know. The first. Had no experience were the first time you hear a song no matter what the song was. It it absolutely. Positively. Spoke to what you were going through at that exact moment. Yeah that's what what what that's all Whitney and I got to tell you that as -- or radio talk show host it's always gratifying. When I hear from you guys. And you tell -- Tom. You have no idea. How weird it wise when I was listening to you turn on the radio. And at the exact moment I turned it on you said something. That was absolutely spot on dead center what I was going through in my life at that time. Sometimes radio has that words synchronicity. And I always value those phone calls a lot so thank you and now believe it's a two way street. It's eight to wait bond that we have and that I thank you for your trust and thanks for making me part of your life and you know it's not like we're close personal friends it's a radio friendship. Which was -- really hot I mean. I don't wanna major 08030930. Is via phone number now -- know Jones -- You know 30 -- thirty start I'm 3180616. WB yeah right the worst pain. You have. -- experience we're on your body was what's the worst -- -- -- to the pain back pain neck pain is it. Joint pain. All the way. Just to show you how relative things. Did I had my best sector. I remember you guys calling in saying. Are you sure you've got a lot of recent picture you put the piece in the refrigerator. All it's gonna hurt your broken -- beautiful oak. And rather proud of the fact that like two hours after the stitches were put in I was in our company Christmas party having a great time and I was that worked and Tuesday. I had 00. Pain or pretty close to zero name for you guys build me up for Nutten. I'm a manly man. Know Tom it simply means you have no testicles. Are president of legal. Oh -- oh here's Richard I want to. Which. Area. The primary for us at best it has to be the ultimate and it's only be one ultimate. It well that's what it was it was a good one that's what is where I got my very -- shot from the incidents. I -- was about 56 front and around in their backyard and somebody forgot to put away one of those very course. Rakes and I stepped on it and they'll keep went right for my flight. When you say course you're not talk about a plastic -- rate you're talking about like a metal -- that people might use in soil to break it up. Like the worst of what it's there. And there. That are. More game now. Question. How many stitches and how much permanent damage did you do. I don't know I was too young to know how many stitches. Permanent damage. I don't think I have any. I don't have any Internet bush. I -- and told what I don't think it's due to. To -- -- is -- this is powered group. -- I eight don't even know what. To say have you missed all meet your full. It is loaded with tendons ligaments and of course bold and you've got more bones in your early -- you're one bone in your foot you don't you're always are complex. Welter of bones your feet are complex arrangements of bones. I don't know how I met and am quite a lot of things that maybe about. It will recover from her. That. -- my very first number one. Day gain. Here my friend you have my sympathy the and you have my deep appreciation for your phone call and the fact that your addressing us in a voice that is not hot. It could have been much worse thank you very much. 803 -- thirty worst pain you have ever had. Let's see let's some haven't been on hold for a long time women waiting for me. Rarely happens here's GG buffalo on WB and hello GG. And -- I will try to tell my story is delicately as -- camps. I'm that you probably know all it's not uncommon for a pregnant woman to develop category. -- -- -- They're called husbands. The familiar. Later. In an outward from work and were. Actors. The caller. 00. Well hopefully yet in the opening. And. There. -- Like this since it is. Here he said. You know. They are are rumored. To right here. -- -- All. Her. Okay now and I can only imagine the shall we say it paying you must have experienced every yet not that women do that that it must have been horrible. And -- To perform surgery in the office. If you. Think. It -- everything. And you said are you gonna be here. Again in it for very. -- what -- like it all the all without going to the embassy. And over -- start where. Now knows the -- and -- the picture. Of the call. -- that and tired of my doctor. But she is illegal workers from it shouldn't. -- Got into. Evening and grabbing her car. And for her. Because the and what we can't a couple of hours. -- -- Like really conservative. In the car and open a couple of hours later to get. 10. Colleague of mine. And reining in grade. And she. One and I -- The 13. Not -- It yeah. That one comment that you want -- or later. I. -- I. -- -- so it about -- and you might -- so early -- that she but it was like I should ever be released Orkut but don't drink or any of efforts are well. You know you experience and outlook and I think I'm glad you brought this up because I've talked about this one and -- wish my shows on addictions and the fact it is that we have to be honest with people the reason people get hooked on pain pills is. -- field and they give you a sense of euphoria. And it's a studio euphoria to pseudo happiness but you know the that we did what it was supposed to do it got rid of your pain in the ass literally. You you finish that with your divorce and sure but. Oh but it also major -- The difference like that but between four and let me screaming literally. And then the. Another candidate and it and it. And that my -- -- -- mean he had made of that likes it cracking and you know they're good luck lately or something. Got -- -- fortunately for me the best way. I was much much much better and I didn't think it was felt that bad actually. -- Richard did make. -- I was gonna say it -- can't it would be wrong. Should it well you know without a word. I -- I would rather go through childbirth actually -- yep so you blah blah -- But there's sufficient -- feeling. -- outnumber. You had to interview with -- undergo periodic. You know I bet you within -- not exaggerating when you talk about hemorrhoids unfamiliar with somebody who has a very high pain threshold I mean it. Nothing. Gets to this person. When this person went to the doctor. And had a rubber band -- tied around the android two do away with it. This individual who has a pain tolerance far superior even to mine passed out. I can believe ethnic and that's the feeling that you need actual elected leader -- well -- You can't even read as kind of like. It's like -- there's sufficient market turning and that's the you know it's worth it -- -- America aside in thirty seconds later -- start over again. I was able -- -- but a lot of -- -- episode and not been beaten or could speak less certain are the screaming would start out well. While well I I'm glad you called I'm glad that issue was -- -- all and I'm sure that your our coverage are now filled with fiber one bars and about a fiber. I'm sure you -- I can't -- borderline TM line but kind of funny thank you. RE GG 8030930. And news radio 930 WBE. And -- on -- women she actually that was kind of fiction because women do not do that bodily function you know that your right. OK Jon your aware of that OK good. Let's go to separate fact from fiction on shows like there's. Good to have him mature attitude toward. You're as a little kids in the London on WBM live is the worst pain you have ever felt in your life we're in your body was -- what caused. Tom never -- a migraine. I have had I have -- and got on the childbirth. I don't lose open the bones I have a motorcycle accident fractured my -- less structured where -- -- I've done who. -- problems you name it. Nothing has been debilitating migraine. -- -- No role of noise and it's. Leave me alone go away. I -- That is. Beyond me trying to under can continue. How I relate ask your question came to describe to us for those who don't know. Exactly. What a migraine feels like to the un initiated. While it's starts out a little white flecks in putting your eyes -- -- -- common sometimes it from a lot of friends over a couple of them. -- him for thirty years. Is there really it's a vascular. Headache but it's. Just controls your whole problem it's like it's putting so much pressure on your entire brain. Yeah. Any noise. Sounds as if both sides of -- cancer. And up adding little tiny bit of light. -- -- Like the worst of the cheaper like almost like welding torch -- much. Younger. From being exposed -- From around insulation. In the house and -- And I became a model so you may carry out fights. In wine. Which never hit four and then a lot of that are not here back to. You're speak and I just got into a discussion about there's about. How nobody ever believes me when I talk about barometric pressure having a correlation with the joint pain and headaches. -- also play your -- it's gonna ring. -- On the lol. Okay that's. Already been. -- -- -- -- And I. But not. -- It. Well you know people -- -- I described by headaches. To my doctor and of course I have to do it my. My own unique way -- before they knew what was going out what my brain I said okay. I -- imagined something roughly the size of a walnut. Imagine that about three inches underneath the ox a little program to currents which is that big bump with a back your head. -- I'd imagine it's about three inches -- under that. And then. After you've had that for awhile the tentacles reach out and go into the temporal lobes this height of your head and up to the arrival region. And that I explain to them the night did go to the university of Google medical school bus to learn the terminology. And they finally did it. And that's and we'll tell you the president's own story some other good. Welcome to migrate. Creeps up the back of my knack and that over the my cat and -- behind my eyes my temple. And it's -- In your boarding your nerves and control from your whole body and they shut -- you are so stupid in -- Now I -- and well you know what else to a surprise nobody -- called it with a sinus infection being the worst pain they've ever experienced because you wanna talk about headaches and pressure makes it feel like that is gonna blow. It. Now let's hear thank you for calling I have to break and I've got other people wanna call and tell me about their pains as well. -- thank you. Only -- dear all. So thrilled -- thirty WB and its hourly 649. The worst -- ever experienced on your body where your body of what caused it this has been fascinating is. My fellow graduates of university of Google medical. I'll -- do a lot of all right man I wish I had more time today because this is really I have to say something. Buried. Interest -- in my humble opinion. Let's go to Rory and -- in Alden on WB EM Randy I have roughly one minute for your story of pain that terrorism. All right my -- army quick. That put the -- that you yourself throw me Hannity Beck or five days later. Set me up root canal. Drill that I got forehand manipulation. I feel I smell smoke at slate put the fire out. They go away on the total paid for 23 days. Okay. That's August. Of work a -- bitch. Blog story sure I had -- are now 1230. They've got a couch in a fetal position for four months. And then obtain proud never sensed that type fires the most painful and more people -- -- out of the way -- -- and I can go what the root canal. Because you do not want to deal with sciatica nerve. Yeah. Tree they stayed big type it and just for grins and -- February 16 I'm blown up front that may Grumman abatement. I think you quarter drill bit -- up my share them going right through my paired down out of Baghdad. Low. Well I I should not admit this. Why -- -- -- on a lot of time -- -- thank you thank you very much I should not admit this but there have been times during the whole headache thing where I have thought about going into the basement and doing a self happening with a very small gauge real optimistic give the fluid out of my -- I'd I had actually thought about it I haven't. To John there's a difference between thought indeed. Yeah all right anyway. Three gangster squad Mickey -- -- noted. You have to see the movie to understand the significance thank you to Joseph Lieberman did his job as always John Sherman kisses spring has not wrong. And ladies and gentlemen actually view with two very important words if you do this you'll save yourself a lot of misery of life. -- -- --

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