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4-16 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. With. The -- look. And welcome to the new. If they are -- street and conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. And flew. New ball club. Tom hourly. Column you don't know whether to. Now with everybody mountain range and kind of like -- welcome. It's live its local capital got to start. Walton. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. The American WW. I don't make it real clear there -- the -- Radio show happy endings. I was doing that before Jack FM okay does it make their real clear in this respect of my friends and the -- side of the dialogue carry. It is it is -- ten minutes after five and bad news radio 930 WB yet up. Wrote does that very quick aside. Which might or might not mean anything to you look at it radio stations we share our audiences are right. I'm aware very much over the fact that people can be a fan of mine and BofA and the people of other radio stations and I'll call it that. You know local radio stations. Had a chance to beat. JP from one of our -- than competitors. Friday night at the cock Robin and all star band project show. And very nice guy very engaging and a true gentleman and that after all the majors are listening to -- finally had a chance to. -- -- -- -- And for those of you -- kids in the business I would laugh. At the attitude about some of the young as some of the youngsters in a radio you know have been doing it for five years and McCain -- -- -- even ten years they think they know everything. What are things you have to realize is that when I meet a guy like JP. Or. AJ walker. Where Larry Norton you know what we get together I see Tom type theory. We don't go after each other. There is a respect. That we had. And I respect all those guys and I think they respect me I hope they respect me. Because we have a long jab -- the factors are right we've -- through the roller coasters we -- through the crucible. You know we've proven ourselves any very tough career. And -- ever know who you're gonna run into or -- you're gonna run into them. And I gotta -- Don't burn bridges. Don't burn bridges and don't make enemies where you don't have to make enemies. And JP it was a true gentleman. Offered to -- drinks over and I respectfully. Turned them down because just about to take off. I tried -- drinks over to him but he too was about the takeoff sell again. I guess I'm just talking to. My whole audience all of you guys in just saying look I know that there are some of us in buffalo radio been around for awhile. And I had the true professionals. The true professionals are the guys to realize -- compete on the year. And when you can you try to help each other. And then off the year you don't bring to be in a pots off the year you don't bring it to there you don't know. I love reading Brian. When I was competing against a lot. From the country station I had a chance to meet him. Do you think that we what do you think we took turns insulting each other. He's in general he's approach always a professional I Jordan and so. Again if you're in this business and you know you thrive on just attacking other people in the business. All I'm gonna tell you is karma is gonna bite you in the -- one of these days. And I'm very I'm very happy. Quite frankly that a month I think I'm on good terms with that the veterans whom I respect in this business in buffalo. I don't care where do you work if you work some where in this industry for 25 years you have earned my respect as a broadcaster I hope I -- yours. All right we're doing a show that I started off with on Monday and I promise you I'd bring it back. And that show is the worst paid you have ever felt. Is when you hurt your blank. Now there is Peyton. And there is super -- Super pain is the kind of pain that is almost so -- gonna pass out. Except passing out would do away with the pain casualty and I'm just let me get back to Robin Williams bill who lets see he was moving apartments he was in the same building. But he was moving from one apartment to another apartment and I guess dropped just like most of us do it instead -- -- like steel toed boots or work -- to do the move he decided to do it in bare feet. A certain piece of furniture had industrial sized staples. In it. One of which was nice enough to shall we say dissident bowel your toenail. Improper use of the word to some bowel but effective even if grammatically incorrect. Right I mean you know -- eye opening so why not. You look at putting a lot of carpeting guy give me bigger floors hardwood floors. All fought and act and well how. Did you drop that would of which were did you drop -- period. Aria yeah and most of my neighbors probably heard a lot of mean languages -- truck. Their hearts and minds and it and it looked like. All and everything. I have fun -- time which edit edit. All right looked like Charles Manson was on parole I can't top that one how long did pay list. It was a lengthy and they added that one guy who could remember the drug. Mike -- a lot and that was pretty nice. Will it does act quickly but like any other -- magic got to be careful with. But -- you know like -- hospital and it. They had a stitch up the court does but it sort out this game in the back so yes sir yes. Yeah and there -- no -- I was awful work ever because it was. Almost a month just to get that that again. Shaq out of my goal. And foreign help. And so I would sure a lot -- I mean it was quote just try to pull out off. Every two days because if you stop look and whether it was just miserable. You realize that certain parts of my body are clenching right now you know that right. Okay I'm -- everywhere I can clinch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's not a real Freddy is but it's perfect it's -- think this script -- It's edited it and it was a banner day for me when I can actually touch and go well -- -- hurt so much. -- All right so it's safe to say that there were some bad words said when you did use -- I Nigeria I definitely hear it -- you know rob I'll leave you with this thought it was your big twelve. Well but you know you know that the wimpy as I've ever felt and believe me there have been many times in my life I've done something cowardly or I felt like a total wimp. In and at least I'm. Up to admitting when I've been a coward and a wimp but. Which breaking my little toe last summer. I did not realize how much you used your little hole until it was crushed and it took for ever to -- And I can relate to what you're saying sometimes putting it -- on was painful and god forbid I accidentally bumping against something or that cat stepson at. And I don't know if that would -- so -- at a different told but you know I learned real quick but that. Balance I just thought -- -- walking out -- the net toe into the ground. I mean it was just it was horrible that. I probably shouldn't that this rob I probably should admit this but. The few occasions last summer shortly after right it was like you're crushing break of -- tell her a few times were actually put the hedge tremors in my hand. I was tempted to just lop it off like why do I need this tell I don't need bestow. I talked myself out of it I was close. A magical world. Hey thank god it wasn't circumcision that went bad all right thank cool thank thank you it was figure along time ago. It is about ninety minutes after five editors -- too much information yet TM line there. You know by the way that's also a great show. That's a big controversy with parents to circumcised or not circumcised for nonreligious. Reasons. It is what it's a perennial topic and -- depending on what year you were born due either are or not. -- It is -- nineteen minutes after five at news radio 930 WBE. And asked a pediatrician to. Its hourly. This is a phenomenal show they always are what is the worst pain you have ever experienced what you hurt blank. Yeah felt like you're going to the moon on a rocket ship of agony. Channel seven had a shot like that today its rocket ship agony on channel seven. You're hearing news radio 930 WB. And before we go any further. Let's find out what's happening at traffic on the drive home here's calendars. It and -- Forward today it'll be clear it will recall tonight overnight low 28 you're going to the -- game dress like you're going to hockey game which are not going into the arena. Tomorrow it'll be sunny to partly cloudy and breezy and milder and 58 were holding a 33 degrees and today's buffalo -- deal. Today's deal of the day from my buffalo purchase another great one weld -- our purse department it is 810 dollars or -- they get for ice cream. And frozen treats at Brando's pizza and ice cream stand in Lancaster for just. Five dollars and -- ice cream cones milk shakes -- is candy hurricanes and more. Go to WB on that -- and click on the in my buffalo perks logo. People loved Brando's in Lancaster. Just so you know it's like an institution. People are fanatical about it alright it is -- 21 minutes after five hourly. The worst pain ever head was one would you her what on your body and so far you know ladies get sick and what we -- -- sausage fast. And I just want to remind you that the most -- call on Monday came from a woman. With a certain bicycle accident the details of which I don't feel like going into again but let let me simply say that that woman. Showed so much cartridge in calling in to tell us the story of the -- less metal handle bar basically. Costing her her virginity. And IE just I felt bad about that all night long I mean seriously. That that. Look -- a great sense of humor I'm not a -- this has nothing to do with humor or sex it was an injury. To a very delicate part of her body early parts and I felt bad about their -- all day long. Let's go to -- next 20 go on WB Ian Joseph hole. The worst pain you've ever had as what you -- watch. And I was tightrope walking on offense to boot chain link fence and personal barbs that are. We're also receive -- gold -- And it was about four feet tall so and I slipped off and so straight double murder global locked. Both bones about my -- just snapped. You need the both bones of your arm. He what the radius -- the all the. -- the June. All we should not -- But I looked at my -- looked and looked at my friend and I saw his face and -- here backed out of me and I just put my left about my record amount -- came across and swung decidedly good. And just. Smacked -- percent of back in the place. -- -- Because if they were broken it wasn't like there were dislocated. No they were completely like three inches like. Below where my bones that are. But you do see an orthopedic surgeon not a chiropractor. I am I correct an -- Should it. How do you explain that to mom and dad that's your first you know that's the first or -- your kid is not oh my god this hurts like hell it helps explain -- -- did this to my dad. Well I got scared about that -- so. It's a -- I was only a block away and it took me about a house for a walk on my watch so slow just told that know what I got in there was nobody around my -- was -- home portion was home but I actually -- laundry. And I just put an expanded drone of the slayings. Took some aspirin which you came up to those would you do it sort of spring my -- And I just looked bad. Did you ever see a doctor. No so the whole summer I just. You know would vote for a week I was just stay in the house. If you broke the radius and the all of that you were how old. So it wouldn't have been -- green stick fracture a little bit dude don't you have like lingering problems to this day. None whatsoever -- can't believe that. And when I was older I a -- thirties or so I. Got an instructional a couple of that -- my parents' complaints about the had to do and are traded in Hawaii. I have the abduction and they -- sliver later and so limited actuary I seductive to -- my wishes of the broken and in usually the -- goes. You know later these two bombs you could see the and you could still feel like little discoloration. Yeah but why would go for broke him soon you -- that you were actually able to basically set them more or less properly. You should thank your lucky stars different. Boy do I do -- wow I want you one might -- UN my team is my trainer. Arcandor. Out. Election. -- -- I hear that thank you so much unbelievable call backs. Well. -- that would ever do. Let's walk in tight rope pertinent now are cut off at 546 you're hearing news radio 930 WB EM. The worst pain you've ever helped you've ever had was when what on your body hurt could be an injury could be an infection. Could be like -- -- issue. Like my Moeller on which apparently I'm going to need a root canal at some point in the not too distant future. What's up setting up a day off. -- -- I mention that because that when I started up this direction that I had a chance to -- your sponsors at the buffalo dental group today and what -- -- longtime sponsors in the show like make you guys know that. And correct and that anyway which it which might not know about doctor birdie Colbert all right. He is a huge. Parrot head he loves. Jimmy Buffett. And I do despite the -- Issues that I'm having which -- guys it's no big deal I mean some of you are dealing with cancer radiation and chemo right now. Sell and nocturnal whine about a -- a -- Sox but it ain't into the world. But anyway -- in the dental sheer. Which I don't like being and anyway even though I loved Bernie and I loved the buffalo -- group so under the dental cheer and I knew it was going to be great session you know like. I'm in the dentist's chair and guess what song starts playing. Think of vintage Joseph real quickly think of my favorite songs lately the song that I absolutely love lately. Southern cross. Southern for us. And it plays the -- CSN version of southern cross eyed smile and I started singing along in the dental office. I believe they were attempted to call. Museums the only but they didn't do that. And and I told doctor -- over I said you know what you have the best music in this office. I almost hope I have to have all of my teeth filled just like he listens and great -- and he laughed. But. Something else that I wanna tell you. Because. I think it's important and I hope we you don't mean for two minutes because this is a story about me it's a story about you. And something and people I think you need to appreciate if you don't already. Because. Ladies and gentlemen I don't know if you noticed that. Little by little we are losing. Why attrition by the natural process of age and that we are losing our World War II veterans. And I'm not ashamed. If I start to get a little emotional wanna tell you the story about leaving the dental office. -- -- -- was walking out and I go to the water main and pole in Williams -- I was leaving the office -- courted one. And there was an older gentleman. With the companion. And he was walking very slowly he were loser shuffling along the sidewalk with his walker. And he was almost to the door but not so close that I had that awkward moment of -- are open the door former don't -- I didn't open the door because it would have frozen the people inside the office for longer -- I really wanted to do any at a companion with a minute. So long story short. I stood aside. And all I saw was old gentleman. Distinguished looking gentlemen shuffling along in his walker. And his companion. And I smiled. I smile that. And a smile and his companions. And he looked up but he said I'm sorry. I'm moving so slow. And heads. Then I noticed on his jacket. If -- but I was still smiling I wasn't frustrated I was not in a hurry at all it did -- that never entered my mind. On his jacket I saw. Embroidery. World War II. Veteran. I saw that and I looked at him -- smile even more. Message setter. You move as slowly as you want to move. And he looked at me he smiled and then I walked by him and put my hand -- a shoulder. And I said thank you very much for serving in World War II. And he looked at me. And he smiled. And he said. Thank you. And your welcome. And again I don't -- overplayed the long hair thing could have gotten long hair and people make stereotypical assumptions about guys belong here. But the look of genuine appreciation. In this man's eyes. Seven the odd years. Later. At being thanked. For his service in World War II. I just I I feel old now as I felt a few hours ago. Like I was absolutely positively in the presence of greatness. And I just feel so honored that I was just able to. May be. You know just add a little brightness Tuesday. By thanking him for something that he had done twenty odd years before I was even born. And if you see somebody in your life is I wanna make this relevant to you. When you see somebody like Paris. And this is why I had a real hard time and -- I refused to get angry at that bad driver the other day of whom I spoke. I'd I didn't wanna get angry. But -- when you see our surviving World War II veterans. It might have been decades since they've even fit into their old uniform. You would be surprised at how many of them have never heard the words. Thank you for serving. From somebody today or ever since they got out of whatever branch it was in which they served. So while I just wanna say out of -- -- listening or his family is listening but I really felt so humbled. To be in the presence. Of this man. And I never gonna forget the smile on his face. After I said. And thank you for serving in World War II as he said thank you and your welcome. It was just like what are those moments -- which you're put in a bottle and an open that bottle whatever haven't released bad day. Anyway. Thank you for listening to that thank you for indulging me. No no I I always tell people do not put these guys on pedestals they don't like that it was a very human exchange. Intergenerational. Human exchange. And I really feel honored that I was able to take part in it because there's gonna come a time in our lives when there -- any more World War II veterans around. Our let's get back to the calls on the WB EM. We're talking about the worst pain you have ever hurt -- you've ever felt Wear on your body was it. What's the worst possible -- areas as a human being. No no -- no. -- Let me go to Maria in west Seneca I have to -- run of the sausage fest -- -- of estrogen and Maria you're a WB and welcome to the -- show. Noted. Out. Out I I. Was it about -- I'm not a lot of people -- -- nobody thought I. I mean why I was calling it cop caught up I'm like oh. Well bad -- bad. They were great they. I'd -- put it about. Lock out. -- a lot. Not. I didn't microwave. I've got -- far and it. Went out. Okay. The judge no no you go on -- year goal line. I thought I I -- out and I -- a little bit in the microwave. Our and that I proceeded to put on the power now. And I opened the bat. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not so bad. I never. Thought I'd call it would not saying that it could happen I mean dot com well. But I was somewhat and the. Stop -- I read about it being so quiet I. That quote a lot. And a whole lot of weight or -- and -- did not go away at a lot like that I -- I thought -- I. -- I love what I -- paying would not go away it was it was about. And for how long did it last Ryder. Wrap it would not stay up there that night it woke up I haven't got any way. I slap my hand -- what I went up. There it was it was early -- Did you take. Timeout timeout did you take did you take anything like Ibuprofen to me because of idea and inflammation. Yeah out I want I wasn't -- on -- I don't. -- I know did that did you lose the skin of the thumb eventually. Op Ed let are now up that we it was you know it is. It did well lately on the ballot is -- I don't buy other crops are not but I it. On the change I would not ripping it without them but I've got a whole new. Empathy for current pick them up I -- -- can't even ask what they -- Well I -- you know everything that you described. You know holding ice holding ice cubes. Resting your hand elevating your hand in ice those are the things I do and I also takes Ibuprofen because. Has it that a guy who's supposed to be a brilliant talk show host with -- amazing IQ rumor has it. That that -- right when he was on vacation a couple of months ago grabbed. A a curling iron -- flattening iron that was plugged them. On the heated and it. Where does that that that individual named Tom buy hourly. Grabbed it in his hand and immediately yelled out an Anglo Saxon expletive beginning with the letter -- And then ran down the hall in search of the ice machine. Well I thought I thought why you. Straighten out Eric. All it wasn't. It's not my baby that's sort of things not my bag. Didn't make it. There really wasn't that thank you thank you for the call I am glad to hear from you. Thank you I will never live that down by the way ever let's go to ritzy. All Jack in the Youngstown I think Jack and I. Well Jack. What's -- with you because you and I do have something in common apparently welcomed the program a WB yeah. Thank you. Yeah I have Serb war hero just. -- this is the worst you don't get several avenues it's the worst. Thought I was going to. So sort of by -- over here we go of the worst. Was they have access to that was shall tender. In her issues. But when I when I went to the dentist it was hidden. Partial bridge where. And he was going to remove -- with and in fact poll -- okay. Right on they have access to okay. Okay well. In fact polar bear down it includes of this site is vitamin. -- and younger cried. Urges that all about how good things eventually worked out. He finally gave up and drove through the hurtful and immediately. When he captured via access portion. There was really. Thank you. Thank you. Did you you know I was gonna say I think the perfect analogy and I know this because right now I have an abscess to right now most people wouldn't even be working today but I have to be a man -- oh my kitty everybody were to -- But well went went when doctor birdie -- today the when he went to relieve. The the pressure. He said Tom I'm not even gonna have to numb you up as a lot. He said because the nerve is dead you're not going to feel any thing I said promise he said I promise. I didn't feel. And I said you know what Bernie I said. Decomposing when you're still alive does have its advantages. They laughed and I got a chance to use the word neck ties and very -- to use and you're right there's that immediate feeling of relief once you get that pocket and that pressure is it starts to drain. And not to be -- but it's it's just like you know it's like when you get that zipped into pop but it's like thank god. Just I was told me saying things. It's freezing would do no good. Where did you get the antibiotics as well after the abscess was drained. Yes. Yes after it was. -- nothing previews. -- well I just I felt good because my logical deduction having seen the X ray -- they did what ever root canal. And because I happen to be ultra conservative which is why the buffalo dental group by the way is my dentist are also Alter conservative. I said that doctor Colbert to me it would seem the best thing to do is to alleviate the pressure number one. Number two antibiotics to bring down the bacteria he said that's funny Tom that's exactly what we're going to do. And I said doc I know these things because I went to the university of Google dental school medical school. They laughed. Well as. And of -- security and him -- -- are my bread. And it's. -- you are able that I loved the line by the way I'm gonna steal there at some point thanks a lot glad -- called. Yet abscess -- ladies and gentlemen and in my family legacy you wanna talk about genetic defects. Teeth in my family so much for children my four kids. Yet the -- really -- awful it's 548 meters race. I was gonna make a tongue joked and I just realized how inappropriate that would be on WB. And if you are gonna league ball game tonight the buffalo -- taken on the real writers in the first purchased 605 basically. Dress like you address if you're going to a hockey game that was played outside in January. All right dress warmly for baseball season in buffalo. Otherwise tonight all the stereo up to address don't Wear gloves and patent. Parker and you know like that wars and double layers and stuff -- -- and the overnight low 28 I'm using hyperbole to make a point. Tomorrow sunny to partly cloudy breezy and milder 58 right now always 36 we went up well make a liar Biggio. 36 and who's ready at 930 WB yeah. -- what part of your body when you heard it has caused you the most. Game. We've all had injuries and others are another story but everybody's got that one that is transcendent. The one that just like set you up into the ceiling. All of agony. That's great calls today here's candy and Orchard Park on WB Ian Kennedy thanks for all the what happened to you. -- Well I had to expand my lung collapsed on the island at top of it like. Champagne bottle. I am able to escape then. The Palin. I waited 24 hours and it might LT ET -- C Greg app and that on Salmonella at a complete egg roll myself. But when they -- a bit. To make it on top. That they do is not your -- and indeed LPL four and that was the most painful experience I ever yet. They went in and register your side today. Yes they did. -- I guess -- up bomblets a white why we should just hang up honestly there. I mean did she do it intentionally Jesus. Don't Malia it hurts like hell and you're right they only do is give you -- topical and -- They put bet there that there's a name for and I know the name but it's escaping right now for what great -- to re inflate your logs the use of Latin trauma. And what's -- name it. Yet it'll come to be at 701 tonight here is. Actually -- breakdown yes I need to break you know we have another hour coming up and you guys are big in this topic and it's like -- soldier. Some talk show -- think it's all about politics. I honestly. With all due respect to those guys and ladies there's so much mortal like Limbaugh spoke of your politics are important. Issues are important sometimes -- when there's not one overriding issue that I feel like need to talk about are gonna solid and a blundering idiot. Don't say -- -- no matter what you say you're absolutely obliterate it up but. I I love talking to you guys about real life. You know the big -- the most excruciating hey you've ever experienced and and what caused. These calls have been -- you keep track of this joke have you had anything similar. No 555 WB --

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