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4-16 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Wolves down upon the U with great bit -- -- and India the whole movie. -- -- -- -- And you don't have food and. And. It's easy to clear my name but the central. We've -- and now this -- Tom hourly barreling back in lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced but that it's Tom hourly you may well I would get out. Our news radio 930 WVU. All right baby it is well. -- -- news radio 930 WBP. And Ambac didn't believe that it is already Wednesday midweek and can you believe it was as cold as it was outside as an. From outside of -- there are about 9:10 o'clock. I IA. Let's just say if you. Stepped outside last night about 9 o'clock. I guess that you were not a particularly. Happy camper when you realized it was the middle of April. Man -- EU which started out with a 44 Magnum and went back inside with a Beringer design. All right it is that has whenever and wherever possible use -- references for my audience so I look you can it's. Right anyway glad that you could be -- -- today and -- well -- -- that Donald Trump story. I don't wanna talk about it. I started talking about this the last hour and I know that by talking about it I'm talking about it but. To me it's. Not a topic I feel like doing and I don't feel like doing it because I've learned something with Donald Trump. Unless he signs a document. Any thing he says he might like to do has got to be taken with a grain of salt. Are right. What if I famous. Fight a national show I was like rush rush daughter Michael Savage and I said it all out. And really like to -- and a date with Angelina Jolie. Yeah that's about as seriously. As you should take anything Donald Trump says at this point unless it deals with his TV show his casinos -- his development empire. And all I can tell you folks is. If you think that the reason he didn't -- run for governor of New York is because he didn't want to hurt his so called. -- and it if he lost. I think you were trying to find excuses. For him. Seriously guys. Why would he want to associate himself with -- perennially losing football team. That will never won a Super Bowl because smoking man in the X-Files. Make sure that would never happen Joseph Bieber you have verified that correct. You do it looked it up on Google correct OK good I'm glad I could teach us something today about those creature rose -- many years ago for many many many moons ago. All right and I've giving us some good news about jobs and the guy using a gun in self defense. Well done and I also -- wanna thank you guys yesterday. You were absolutely. Magnificent in fact. -- tell you every day this week. My callers have been freaking amazing. Really I mean I'm talking on the spot well. One guy today was not but. He I guess I'll get a pass but everybody's been really really really really -- so you've kind of made the job easier. It is mid week. We did to the I hope I explain what happened today with and -- it's safe to you I don't wanna do another NYC show today because frankly. I don't think today's news story merits -- show any more than Donald Trump expressing an interest in buying the Buffalo Bills Bentley. At that mattered what Donald Trump expresses a wish to do at this point which says he might do at some point honestly I couldn't care less. And I do take it personally as a recipient and nasty email here's why I take it personally folks. Because. I happen to believe. And if you doubt my ability. To do map. That's a good thing but if you doubt my ability to assess a situation. And make logical. Conclusions. From. Available information. May I simply point out to you that your humble host here in buffalo. Got beat 2012. Election more accurate. Than all but one pollster I can think. All of the talking head to C on fox and CNN and anywhere else. None of them came close. To my accuracy with the 2012 election. And I'll tell you why because I did do demand. And I methodically went through the states that absolutely were gonna go around eight that absolutely were gonna go Obama. Then I looked at the ones who were in question. And I -- did a lot of research on it. And that's why I was as accurate as I was and that's why by the way that's one of those shows where I got a lot of you angry with me. -- a lot of people. You know for some reason you thought that might telling the truth about basic numbers somehow influence the election. That's poppycock. What influence the election the most. Was quite frankly an establishment Republican candidate who did not generate enthusiasm. And that's obvious. It takes a lot. To underwhelmed people more than John McCain. But somehow Mitt Romney pulled off. See you all know the often quoted statistic. That if all of the people who showed up to vote for John McCain and always had voted Romney in 22012 -- today would be talking about president Mitt Romney. -- I took that into consideration when I was doing my calculations and look that was guesswork that was destination on my part. But. As much as it pains me to say this folks. Donald Trump. Had a chance. At beating. Andrew global impact I'm gonna tell you I've believed it would have been close to a landslide. For Donald Trump. And the people who were the political experts. Who called me out of this at all you don't know what you're talking about where you know what. How close were you -- the 2012 presidential election does all of my records speak for itself. I know this stuff. And Donald Trump would have beaten. I will say without equivocation Donald Trump would have beaten Andrew Cuomo. And I suspect it probably would have been by what we would consider to be a landslide. In the reason I have this. What I call it anger. What I call this trust. You know what I call I'll call it an unpleasant taste in my mouth about Donald Trump. Is that in my opinion. He let us down. To restrict federal. It was the it was think it well you know what. -- you know you're not gonna go out with somebody and you string them along like you are maybe someday. That's cool. If you know you're not gonna go out with them just say. I have somebody in my life I don't see the situation changing but thank you very much for offering. That's all Donald Trump had to say. But I get the feeling and I don't think it's based on emotion I think is based on logic and fact that mr. trump strongest all along. And all he had to say was hey let's not have these meetings I don't wanna waste your time I don't wanna waste my time. And in the final analysis and again folks this might be -- them that's gonna make enemies out of summary -- A guy that comes with the territory in the final analysis Donald Trump is all about Donald for. And this -- governorship thing was just his way of getting his name out there even more keeping his name forefront. And this Buffalo -- story. -- Rush Limbaugh started talking about Donald Trump and he. Now rush also mentioned Donald earlier what he did the the radio body does every year because trump made it 25000 dollar donation. Trump was driving around listening to rush. Instantly gave -- -- -- 5000 dollar check. And I know some of you were thinking welcome what was about 25 million dollar Jack looked people's money is their money to give or not give as they see fit. Done end of story. So -- Because I don't see any real interest. In a tangible way. Nor do I believe we will see any real interest in a tangible way. In Donald Trump owning the Buffalo Bills until such point as he actually makes an offer I can't see doing a show about it. I'd be to me I'd be wasting your time I'd be wasted my time I'd rather talk about something else. Which is exactly what I'm gonna do. -- I bet you didn't see that one -- eighty miles away. All right ladies and gentlemen I started a topic. On Monday. And it was one of those topics where I promised you I would bring it back because I didn't -- is gonna work I'd never done it before. If I had done it before it was so long ago I don't call having done it before. It's brain damage but. List does a great excuse joked I got target. You know yup yup it -- it the cerebral vascular it is I gotta tell you I am not above playing in that cart. All I'm sorry I missed the meeting you know -- -- lightest thing. It's -- the chronic tissue in my arteries in my brain it's like the get out of jail free card journal just trust me. So -- Sunday when I walked down Columbia drive naked that will be my get out of jail free card I'm sorry officer I have a brain condition. You see -- used these things. And -- Anyway I am having fun I hope you guys realize when I'm being sarcastic and having fun good I think you do we've known each other long enough. I mean I'll even break wind in front of you that's how that's how intimate we are coming up I've got a great topic and get introduced to after traffic. All right well that's another great topic do you break wind in front of your significant other. I can't do that I -- now no I can't do -- as jokers that's something the FCC would frowned upon because people at the FCC did not break wind. Little known fact let's go to -- traffic right now ladies and gentlemen I present to you mr. Allen Harris. Are ready Allen and -- is played -- game tonight 605 against these Scranton Wilkes perera. Rail riders percent of new name for that team yet because it doesn't it's not rolling off the -- like he usually does. And and that comes from somebody who actually says a pocket the way it's supposed to be set is not -- pocket it's the market. The things you can learn from watching family go. It mainly clear and cold tonight the overnight low 28 and tomorrow cool whip whip cool whip. All right sunny to partly cloudy breezy and milder and 58 right now it is that -- market like this birdie. Three. 33. -- news -- 930. WB and Joseph that I regular rider on 33 okay you're looking at me yeah I know I don't like either thank you very much. By the way funny audio in the news today before I get to my topic. Look politically -- Knight and day I'm a sucker however for anybody with a sense of humor. And county executive mark Poland cars made me laugh today. And it was a -- I laugh at great gales of laughter when I heard this audio when -- Puckett played it in the newscast. I would just like to congratulate. Mark -- I cannot believe I'm saying this. I would like to -- to congratulate mark Poland cars the Erie county executive. And they progressive by the way up for having a sense of humor. That made me laugh when he was talking about issuing a pardon for a buffalo tradition. It is my pleasure out of after the people very -- starting new tradition. Which is the pardoning of of butter -- Okay I'm sorry that's funny. Now did we get the part where he goes on the talk about the temporary pardon because there'll be a lot of bogeys that are gonna need to be buttered on biggest very. That's not necessary but well played mark -- cars I don't know if you're using Jay leno's writers now but that was funny. Ladies and gentlemen let's get down to brass tacks here because. As much as I enjoy monologue in with you and hopefully there's some content that make you laugh and educate you at the same time that's the name of the game. I started talking about something earlier this week and I said oh my gosh we've got to do this as a topic. The worst -- You have ever experienced. Was when your blank hurts. When you hurt your blank. When -- blank got infected. The worst game. You have ever felt MJ's laugh and MJ and air traffic department. MJ I'm sorry but I think familiar sense if you were in that impish and devilish grin that you have. And I know that you got a sense of humor and all of our -- exactly I know educate the bottled up that worked as your professional obviously I'm not. I don't have that filter you'd have -- but MJ for our traffic reporter I know that she is a great story and if you send me an anonymous email. Yeah thank you -- not asking -- now I won't reveal it. All right. So when you hurt your blank it was the worst pain that you have ever experienced in your entire life and folks. The answers we got the other day. I was not expecting at ball. Today is gonna be no exception the phone number 8030 my third start thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WB. The end. Some -- to. If you fall season. -- -- There. Yeah. Here at this point what is building had. Got to have to have to damn net. I love this sound. I don't think pedal steel I think it was a -- -- with a slide on a regular guitar a lot littered scattered. But that sound it. Joey just Q can you cue that up again just that. If -- the sound in the background -- the free bird sound from scattered on the second play opening. Iron well there -- mariner that one there that the sound for which I was looking. That's beautiful sound. Beautiful -- love it. All right it is up 34. Our Afghan its hourly I know you love topics like this edit your new listener to the show before I take calls please understand center. As a radio talk show host. I have decided. A long time ago to plow my own field. To roll my own canoe if you will I don't do politics every day. I don't -- guns every day. I don't do Obama every day work Cuomo. And there's a real simple reason for that. I want as many listeners for as long as possible. And if there is not some compelling story that has to be addressed. I want to talk about other stuff. And I've often used this when I speak with potential employers. I'll say to them but there what it gives a lot of employers who don't know a lot about Clark radio but think -- -- Wrote some let let's start with some of the political shows you like to do my responses always -- way in politics is only one part of life. And I said go up to people you know at parties. And asked ten people at the same party what they think -- John Boehner. And look at the blank stares you get. Then asked ten people at the same party. About but most agony they ever felt hurting themselves everybody's got a story. Or ask them about ghosts everybody's got a story. So that's my approach to talk radio. It's not going to change. Not every talk show. I do is going to be the issue issue issue issue issue. If I had to do that. I -- would rather dig ditches for an oil company in the Dakotas. In December. Seriously. All right. Gives -- is this is life baby. All right let's go to Dennis in Lancaster first up but that is. The most severe pain and agony you've ever felt I can only imagine. What you went through based on what a caller the other day said but let's have the man's perspective Dennis what happened -- what caused -- the worst agony ever. Our kidney stones. Are got a pretty good morning have a cup of coffee was feeling -- Salma went off to work. In about a half or later. Based orient -- our spiritual girl all. Year the kids -- -- base. Toppled over true up. Photo credit I. -- Where was the -- I mean if you had to save the source of the pain let's pretend it was your doctor where does it hurt tennis tell me where it hurts. Well lower -- Aaron the web site. Our rights are unilateral left side lower back did you immediately put two and two together spy flick it. I don't. Know. Because I never experienced anything even close to that before. But I called. You know you know over emergency room. Now -- -- before we go any further further rest of the callers I like to keep names out of the show. It's okay should I told you before it's my -- go ahead. I spoke to. Opel and where I -- reverse pinch that they could be thrown out. Yes to welcome you better get it. So you know big critic double. Fault when -- -- Hook it back and to beat. You or -- -- Did release some drugs -- that was good oil. And there are so my doctor if he says. You have coffee filters and hope. -- yes it's -- well. Try to appeal to the coffee filters from the extra. -- and kicked whatever problems so right. I've been detected it. And that was it upping the -- was. Wrote short lived. Okay well I guess the question everybody would be interest did that did York coffee filter and -- into bear fruit as it work. It did as an -- It was up -- and -- an inch in diameter. Doesn't sound like a -- would you consider the tender tissues of the your -- throw off. Our -- -- -- are -- your ritual which aren't it was going to be. We eat and eat a little bit just to repeat the. -- -- All my goodness well I have a real quick question Dennis. Do you have any idea what medications they gave you at the hospital that basically wiped out to pain immediately. Interest. And well you know what good for you I'm happy that they were at least -- we give some relief from the pain. Dennis good way to start out nothing nothing makes my -- were completed on the first scolding about kidney stones. Thank you my friend. They -- thrilled I'm 38 the worst pain you've ever experienced was when you hurt you or blank. By the way here's a little trivia about your humble host. I can deal with a lot of pain. And my considered to have a plan when it comes to -- because I wasn't in my twenties it was a total coward I've adjusted to life game. But you give the gastrointestinal. Intestinal pain. That one of those times over the winter when I called in sick to work after I got back from the Dominican Republic. My stomach was literally social hour -- in test lines were so tender. And and so agonized it literally took me like fifteen or twenty minutes to crawl on my hands and knees up the stairs. That's a lot in the ones seriously. Yes of course I didn't call the doctor why do such a thing I've got it out. Now that's food -- as -- -- let's go to let David in Lancaster on WB Ian dale that I thought your call -- little bit sooner because. There is nothing. I've heard more common -- how much pain it is to damage a certain parts of the protected event. Features. Of your body David what happened to you and where does happen on -- -- Yeah. There the working I ever thought I. I -- three in my red. Black and -- down and I would I can't work and work out. Where you -- to launch inning on the add to that stock and it was about. Eight feet -- With the bumpers -- that some articles and backwards and whatnot and I flipped. And I get the bumper. In a -- -- -- -- actually not you know for a ball. Three minute by -- -- fight my -- my speech I couldn't believe. Am when I got to drop my wife was waiting for me and parking lot picnic lunch and sort of on -- once I went to the hospital and dot. The -- the -- lancet were I would say two months. -- you got off lucky that only two months usually ribs and I've broken ribs last a long time as far as the residual analyst your body just adjusted to. -- yeah. Here are are tough guy here here is bad is I am. Oh OK now did any other damage you've done to your internal organs from your ribs being broken off. -- you order a talker but that the with a lot of routing within our internal. Com I I didn't puncture a bit easier -- a lot I didn't puncture or are a long or anything like that I'd short could've been a lot war. All underdog and and an an outsider would break my rip it blank -- up there it would be extreme the worst thing that after your -- I don't want anything I wouldn't work any of that on my my does anybody. What do you remember David and I bet you do because once you heard a certain part of your body like your ribs and thank god I've never had an issue with a broken ribs or anything like that. But do you remember when Lindy -- when Lindy Ruff was coaching the sabres and he ran into somebody on the ice and he broke his rips you remember that story. Yeah actually you brought up and I'm memory you'd get a topic on the. Okay and what I said Lindy -- He was trying to be a tough guy he had -- lead disease trying to pretend he was a lot tougher than he really was. Beach has ever written -- all the behind the bench for the game I ever ever coming out here that pays thank you all know you'll be that he wasn't not for a couple of games -- -- Because that there is nothing I'm told by people like you David and other people who broken ribs there's nothing that can come here to breaking ribs it. I am told that it's absolute like on the scale of one to ten it's a million. It is and it if you are even if you need. You thinker like that over the world -- as you know what. 00 yeah well and by the way it it's like. There's something else -- -- just -- advised people against and I've learned this from bitter experience if you have lower GI symptoms that you have to sneeze don't try to hold in this -- And that's all I'm gonna say thank you very much and I'd like to thank in the Dominican Republic for teaching me that -- The people into the bigger enemy because how lucky you got that is. Unbelievable well. A he's in great shape -- he's a hockey player but I'll let you know what seriously. I I knew what when it was announced that he broken his -- he wasn't going to be behind the bench that night probably for you I forget how many games he missed -- and that was not a slam -- -- rough it was just an awareness of people like you with whom I've spoken over the years who told me I'll -- broken ribs can be on the spectrum and the in the pantheon of pain. I bet you're just like me would willingly we cannot we entire own shoes for a very long -- You discover the joy of loafers. So loafers those little grabber things as any peace talks about from other -- story out. Yeah exactly well that's good that's pretty much about it. -- David great stuff thank you. Yeah out when you break your ribs even little things tie your shoes putting on cowboy boots putting on your pants seriously Yang and I don't wanna go further -- -- kidney stones and broken ribs definitely high up there. Here is chuck in buffalo on WB and shocked the worst pain you have ever felt was when you. -- hurt blank. Well. I'm ashamed to say it happens quite but I was about thirteen years old and I got a paper cut my cornea. So I was looking -- a piece of paper and out front of my body is Bonnie it was election after the paper and it's like my cornea. Why were you looking through a piece of paper. -- Oh like when your kid you what they're like -- -- telescope and out walking not not always in my school looking through it. And what my friend's body it's funny and -- hand over part of it but actually hit a senior paper -- and -- Was it rolled up then like a tool. I got you now Okinawa now -- -- -- little more sense of course who doesn't roll up pieces of paper look through them like telescope -- present this evidence elementary school how badly did you hurt your cornea. Thought it was it was pretty bad I had to Wear it I catch for two weeks. So not only did I hurt myself but then I had to walk around like a higher for you re going to school. -- Jury heard that more than once OK but I can't let this goal and you know what I have to ask you. But sir you did it twice how does one pull that off. Well it wasn't the same. -- same instant bought it was the same guy about five years later and then got stung by a beam -- call. Wait a minute. Okay how does that happen. How did you get stuck at opera would you say -- I presume you mean like a yellow jacket like a hornet. As opposed to one of those big -- bumble bees it was more like one of those little bastards okay so. You didn't just a no pun intended but did you ever see a common. No and you know it is it's kind of like -- mortgage -- -- -- -- -- firework fanatic and -- my friend outage which he had a pile of all the would. So I just at the -- and bottle rockets struggle would. And it lead over to go put it through. I must much out of power to order now and as soon lead over to look into it. That's what would be keys in my face and I had one -- inside my -- -- And I -- my cornea. Off off okay and I'm gonna guess it was late summer. Okay and the reason I can guess that sir is that we had a bonfire one night at a place in Elba. This goes back to the very night Princess Diana died in the car crash because we ran low on so idiot Tom. Sees this big pilot were the and I start dragging it over toward the bonfire well if you know about hornets AKA. Spectacular abuse. They handled nest underground underneath wood piles that's they're hiding spot. They were most displeased. That I was evicting them and they showed their displeasure with -- about six different stings so that's what I remember from the night princes Diana died. -- up -- pretty painful ball -- this is really really allow us to quite a little huddle out miraculously. Eyesight is perfect then everything -- very well. -- other so many funny jokes I could save most of number X rated I got to let -- -- I had a friend thank you don't three or 930 start at 930. And 180616. WB EN I'm told the a lot of things can burn when they accidentally get your high. For example B sticks I mean I can hurt a lot. Its hourly under his radio 930 yeah I went their WB. Guys if you see traffic up problems analyzing problems I mean. Big problems about which we should know always feel free to call WB and traffic command 8030321. 8030321. AccuWeather -- and take on the rail riders tonight at the ballpark first -- 605. Clear skies and you don't wanna dress like it's winter. Because it feels like winter because it's in the thirties now the overnight low will not be a lot lower 28. And then tomorrow it supposed to get up to about sixty sunny to partly cloudy of course who will be breezy 'cause it's Wednesday for. It's always breezy on my garbage day. And on Friday sunshine giving way to clouds and again I've 58 right now we're still at 33 degrees at news radio 930 WB yet. By popular demand -- bringing back to topic I'd never done before the station. Bad people love I guess misery loves company. When you hurts blank on your body hurting your blank was the worst pain you've ever experienced and when a woman says. That -- pain was worse than the first time she gave natural childbirth. That says a lot see I can't imagine child -- I'd make a lousy woman. Then again. Well I don't know. About that OK let's go to Yahoo!. Rob Williams -- at W via rob saved me from myself you're on WB. It twenties I would moving from apartment to another but the main building. So. You don't she. Won't hurt or style so I was threatening my head -- a slight error. And in hat or got it and it was attached with old commercials people and I -- up all the Mike what and it ripped off the whole hell I might well. OK I hate -- right now I hate you. Because I as Winston suited everybody listening. Hold on I wanna hear the conclusion -- if I don't break down time. Joseph Bieber is going to personally put me in a meat grinder hold onto that story on WB yeah and.

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