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4-16 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah yeah. Yeah hold. -- for a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia. Not al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling ask for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do but -- -- hit. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an amendment. Tom hourly. Even though this. I think it right back bathing -- -- in its local -- is there. It's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who lived there and on news radio 930. And it. -- day of profound grief and tragedy forming like to start off as a ball of energy -- I just can't do it today. Just don't have it in me first of all. Realize that -- -- You guys were correct there. You have an abscess. In -- -- -- crash. It's an absence. And it continues. -- to Jim. Now I'm really pissed -- guess with the computers you're just it just after -- and everything. Jim do you wanna see me throw some electronic equipment because. Honest to god and -- -- -- -- you have no idea this is right. Actually -- I called ball one that holds down the reason it's -- email. Sorry folks -- only to be inside which you I -- this whole bit planned out and I realize that that every computer in the which are Morgan I've Joseph and Joker. It is on start everything's -- to start everything all from scratch again so. I get here early and get everything ready for the show anyway gang I don't quite -- high of the you go to school. With a guy who writes I don't I don't so you have start up my day today with Joseph might do not want I want. I will do is new information -- -- -- -- talking about. You can't you require a password you can give it to be really on it -- -- you put in the way in with the room. Because there are some pictures on my iPad I don't want you see it. There -- some videos on my iPad I don't want -- if you're seeing Snow White and seven dwarfs. Inaccuracies elections that it's not like the seventh worst but the way I -- -- -- now are right. Anyway they -- to be with you on the radio so anyway -- started -- On the view and I put -- put up on FaceBook saying I thought it was just basically saying my god my bowler Mike -- you can't be serious Mike -- And and liberties that I -- it's an upset us I bet it's an. Bass and you guys are right it's an abscess so anyway we're taking the altar so delighted to do this every time June 2. Notes and on permanently a member of the Entercom log -- family. You couldn't give me the password OK okay because I don't want you leaving the room with my iPad. Because I don't trust corporate and you know I don't any corporation I don't trust that you know. Thank you thank you mean -- did you -- -- thank you very much. Anyway so -- you all let -- about and it really didn't get particular about. It's a two way. But I'm sitting there in the dentist's -- and -- only go to the buffalo dental group of sponsors of the program and they do a great job. And let you know -- you know that this is not a harsh. It's not a commercial at all it is simply an expression it's simply words it's probably the truth. When I say that. The buffalo dental group is ultra conservative when the extra upbeat tune in question the evil malevolent. Vial painful. Truth -- out. And it looked like abscess I said to myself. All that doesn't look good and I thought that myself. All I'll -- anything this means they root canal is in my future. And looking at the clock it's quarter to -- Out there is way. Then they root canal is gonna get done and -- going to be on the year at 3 o'clock in the afternoon that just is not going to happen OK so. I said to actor birdie Colbert I sent -- doctor. What are we gonna do about yours if I've got to ideas. And blow a hole. The ultra conservative. Doctor Bernie Goldberg at the buffalo dental group one of our sponsors. He did exactly. What I would have suggested to keep in line with the ultra conservative dentistry number one. Drain the abscess you don't want to know what apps as news it's -- it's you know what. -- it's like having -- -- In your -- it. It's late. I mean that's basically the best way can save it other relief used to get when you were a teenager when he had that big giant cyclops it in the middle -- forehead you know what with the black kid in the middle and the white -- on top OK you know relief you got when that thing went against the mirror okay. That's a relief I'm getting. When it goes in and -- strain so that's that's a good thing. The other thing I thought was well if it's an -- it's going to be bacterial. What fight bacteria antibiotics. So birdie Colbert you know what I told us that Bernie I'm so glad that you said and I used to call him doctor -- I call a birdie because he baloney to me. So I said you know doctor Bernard. Idea. But as you know that I'm a graduate of the university of Google medical's medical and dental schools. I want you to know that I was hoping you would say that we would do this the ultra conservative way -- can now right now. Let's get the -- strain but let's see if the absence goes away if it's still a problem then we'll worry about -- root canal on the road. -- -- -- -- I'm telling you folks the university of Google dental school is where I went so I don't feel fully competent that -- your calendars and drawing a purity. I feel fully competent qualified now. Because I looked it up on Google how it was on YouTube how two drill -- I saw that yes -- by the way to John something else I saw how to do a vasectomy are you willing to. Now you want kids at some point okay just on a nation that. Focus and it we're gonna have some serious stuff today and we're gonna have some fun today and I have to tell you about what one thing that I'm not gonna talk about today. And I I I I can't I can't -- I cannot guarantee you first of all it's tough. Look I don't complain about an awful lot as far as. You know you you know -- me but I try to bitch about. The two situation. In the mouth situation. I'd make my money with my mouth. It reminds me truck stop days but I've -- my money it with my -- And a couple of what I talked it if I gotta tell you it is a little bit all right it's a lot uncomfortable until the antibiotics are to kick him. So if I sound like -- real good mood today. This has been coming for a few days now and I'm not an -- if it is not the mood so much as it is hell. You know I just wish this thing which is go all the way. Up up up up up after myself. But that would be wrong on -- attempted to shoot out. That would be wrong. Now because you know it would you know while I could deflect off the two with the -- would stay in my -- off the ball would go into my brain. And I would and I we're going to bring that the next nine years which is not something that I would look forward to having to have happen. So. Talking is an effort but I did not wanna call in sick -- because it wanted to be here with you and if I'm gonna call in sick because of dental emergency. No not mental emergency dental emergency. I just want -- -- well if that happens. It's because of my -- which is abscess. So if I'm off. It does not mean that the news -- people out to talk to my neighbors on it does not mean that the police will be involved. Nor does it mean anything other than it's -- dental not mental situation. -- what's pretty what's a continent between France. Anyway. I am having so much fun. With that you have no idea you'd seriously. Misery makes sport of mosque itself. I've said that a million times to you guys I live that -- reset my daily life. Now what does this all have to do with you. Probably very little -- later today I I've got a couple of great topics but I have to do. Are they light topics have some of the par Arctic cat could they be having. Yeah I guess but what are the things I wanna talk about today is Donald truck. Why did you know the story it was in the daily unethical propaganda rag the other day Donald Trump expresses interest in buying the Buffalo Bills. Do you have any idea how absolutely disinterested I am at this point in any thing Donald Trump says he might do. Do you have any idea that sandy beach did that as a topic today. I bet you can't look he's a talk show host that's his prerogative we all search for topics everyday and it resonated with him. But the the cultural legacy I have not gotten over seas and is more which organized. I have not gotten over Donald Trump. Basically giving a big F you to the taxpayers in New York State by guarantee under global another four years as governor. And here's something else that I want -- no one not doing Donald Trump and do you think he's gonna by the bills as a topic. Because I think it's way premature. Way. Premature to start talking about it secondly. -- that idiotic argument that was raised when trump was thinking about running for governor. Well yeah ought to run for governor because if he loses it'll hurt his Brandt. -- ladies and gentlemen can we please do some real basic logic here. Get what would hurt dot. Donald Trump's brand -- more than being the owner of a perennially unsuccessful. Not Super Bowl winning not play off making football team. Seriously. If it doesn't owner comes -- does not mean that things get better. Let me give you two words Terry a -- I capital like Terry Google an awful lot I do. -- mistake. And here is I think one of his shortcomings. And I say this with respect. Is that. As a businessman and I think. He. Is more patient with people that he would be with and non productive oil well. Seriously because as an -- he knows you know what this well. Is past its prime. At this point this well makes it does not makes as to invest the capital of the getting the oil out of this well because the investment intuit is not gonna be rewarded by what I'm getting out of it. So he quickly you know capped the well moves on something else right. Now as an owner of a hockey team he stuck with -- and Lindy too long in particular Darcy. And as I've said I I wish nothing but the best personally. To -- Iraq I think would erupt is a class act always has been always will be. And I think the move to Dallas for liberty Mike might just be the best thing that ever happening as a coach in the NHL I think shelf life was to wonder. And I I think that he needed a change of scenery and I wish him nothing but the best now Darcy were a year. You know it's like I don't hate RC -- -- a very strong word. But I was always mystified as to the Svengali like control he had over a range of owners who apparently believe -- was -- -- -- hockey Rasputin who could Q were the people feel react Buffalo Sabres simply by the laying on of hands. And for some reason buyer after buyer of the team bought into that when it obviously wasn't working. So it's nothing personal against Garcia actually don't know that. And I've been trying. Ladies and gentlemen it shows I've done lately to separate between issues I have with people's politics or policies. And people's fundamental humanity. Haven't tried to be respectful of people's fundamental humanity because sometimes it's easy to get lost in the sauce it's easy to get it to get that lost in the shuffle. And it's easy to fall into the trap of -- hominem attacks instead of focusing on why you have an issue with a particular individual. All right agreement on this would mark result it doesn't make you saint. It doesn't make me just say. But it does reflect a circumspect view I've tried to have over the past three to five years of the world. And I think you're out of a better person for. Now -- -- more circumspect view about his damned -- I'd be happy but. Here is where it gets good -- not about the Moeller and it's not about Donald Trump I'm not talking about Donald Trump and not what -- -- ramble I'm sorry they're they're they're talking about a what hurt his brand more than being the owner of the team that won a Super Bowl and it will -- is -- you know why the Buffalo Bills will never won a super bowl of elected Bieber. We established that in a TV show called the X-Files. Smoking men a long time ago made the arrangement. Smoking ban on the X-Files. Said the Buffalo Bills will never witness who rubble. And I've taken that to the bank look at up on line -- smoking man. X-Files buffalo bills' Super Bowl yes before you were in puberty so the X-Files was a big show on TV before Duchovny was in -- -- for vacation. All right. But I've got some great things for you today and guess what some of my topics that they actually involve guns and. -- and I will start off -- reminding you. But you really wanna buy a copy of today's. Newspaper locally because of the front page story you'll see. -- front page story in today's Buffalo News on the mass murder in Canada the worst. Mass murder in Calgary Canada. Were five young people were murdered. Early yesterday morning. -- cut down in the prime of their life by an evil done. -- wait a minute I'm sorry. I made a slight error. They were stabbed to death silly me they were stabbed to -- now those five people are just his debt. Now its interest because just last week the award winning cartoonist for the buffalo notes. Had a a piece talking about people being injured but nobody dying in a knife attack. Well I hope serve that you will now rethink your ill advised and uneducated and a moderate position on knives because. I had people and Calgary are just as dead from a night as they would've been for about 44 Magnum or any other gun. But I doubt so the mass murder in Canada Wednesday night just worthy local newspaper reported folks. They put it on page 83. It's about a two inch long column 82 inch by one inch filler that says. Mass murder suspect is son of police veteran age 83 around the world. Five people killed in Canada with a knife and it gets short shrift in the paper you know why because it does not fit -- Warren Buffett and it does not fit with the local rags editorial position on guns however just ahead on the show. I'm gonna tell you why I have chest pains right now I'm gonna tell you why. I'm almost -- the state of emotional shock right now because of something unbelievably well. In the local daily rag I fear that by even mentioning the guy's -- who wrote the piece I may put his career in jeopardy but. You know what it's his life not mine were like here by destroy it. I could go to with neighbors and asked whether he's a nice guy or not but I won't do that but this story is great you're gonna love it coming up on news radio 930 WB -- Serious comedy arrangements folks understand it's 334 it is ready at 930 WB -- it is -- hourly would you vote. And bat. This is not used by the way I got -- point seven out somebody have a FaceBook page said well that's old news let's not. Old there is. In New York State and it should not surprise you in New York State. A lawsuit. Challenging the ways in which -- saved was hammered through. By corps ball with a so called message of necessity. That lawsuit. Well. The challenge to the method has been thrown out. A judge in a -- a judge has ruled. -- ball was within his rights and the state constitution. In pushing through and why say so called. As a message of necessity. It does not mean and why save itself is constitutional. It does not mean that every pro version of and why say -- is constitutional. Folks please understand. Please understand what I say things. IE I mean that. And I have told you a gazillion times. That you adult wanna set yourself up for heartbreak. It you don't wanna set yourself up for irrational. Depression or sadness. Every time at NY safe story comes out. Because ladies and gentlemen you talk to people. You talked to anybody. Who knows more about analyze save them alive you talked to the president's -- talked as the evil stuff. You talked to Ross Thompson. They'll all part of the same thing. That this law. Is going to be thrown out well take -- If this law is thrown out it will be piece by piece and not the entire thing. I've told you a zillion times and please understand I'm not trying to be mean or nasty I just gotta tell you the way it is it's. New York safe is only. Going away. If clause by clause is found unconstitutional. Today's ruling does not -- and -- safe by itself is constitutional. What it does mean is that Walpole was within his rights using a message of necessity to get it through. You understand the difference -- my audiences Smart. You guys seriously you're Smart you get it. Regular audience members know bears and to some review and all important -- idea because it seems like I have to say the same thing every -- but we do get new people joining us. And it's important to differentiate. What is gonna happen witness law and just to backtrack for just a moment before it make you all moist and jittery. To backtracked. -- -- All that happened today. Was a judge said. The message of necessity used by all ball was okay. That's all the judge set. He did not say it's constitutional. Law. He did not say the law is going to be there forever -- written because it is constitutional that's not what happened. All the judge said was the message of necessity Cuomo used was with -- the law that's. And ladies and gentlemen here's where I'm gonna make enemies. And I will -- folks I'm telling you nothing other than what other people who don't make as many enemies as I have sent. The only way New York safe is going away is with -- litigation. Clause by clause by clause. By clause by clause by clause that's the only way it is going away. If you do the math. There is zero chance and -- safe is gonna be repealed. By the state legislature. By equal ball even by an override. Do the -- it is not going to happen at least out of our lifetime. Barring some tectonic change in state politics which I seriously doubt is ever going to happen. Several as much as I'd get off on seeing the signs that say repeal and -- safe because that's were my sympathies are those that's my emotion. My logic tells me that what the lawyers have told me I eat the -- runs. Is absolutely correct because of the severed ability clause built into this. What I consider unconstitutional law. Little by little by little it's gonna have to be done away with it. And here's the bad news the bad news is there's no guarantees that judges clause by clause will not find this constitutional. This is New York State folks. I've -- let's not get our hopes up unnecessarily. So I again I just I gotta put that out there and I I know what's gonna anger people. I know that it upsets people when I speak bluntly but again I'm not -- -- I will not spoon feed you apple -- because that's what I think you want to hear and -- because that'll win me more listeners that'll win me more frowns. Now I I honestly. I'd rather have one listener who knows that I'm awful crap than a million cool tool while -- Maybe some people don't get that but that's the way that I've chosen to live my life and I've got. No regrets about that now. I've got some good news about guns and ladies and gentlemen I have to stand up I would caution you. If you're driving you that you might wish to just pay extra attention to the road. Because you're gonna wanna shout and scream and say leak. But ladies and gentlemen written. I want to commend it and this is not sarcasm you'll -- sarcasm. I have a hard time masking sarcasm. And a when I read this story written it. And appearing in today's buffalo new. This is a story and it's a new story and it's written by right I met right. The Buffalo News and I always give credit. To be honest with you I very very rarely use the Buffalo News as a starting point. Or is -- resource for any show I do because they don't take it seriously as a newspaper. This article however. Made me -- a way and I will tell you my man part stirred when I read this article. Robbery fails when pizza employee opens fire. Faced with multiple assailants deliveryman shoots masked attacker. And here is the story is written by -- right in today's Buffalo News and yes -- always give credit. In fact I'll -- you know I would send out reporters to talk to Matt Wright -- neighbors but. Full disclosure. I went to school with a member of Matt's family big right out. And he was good people real nice guy. So that's my full disclosure. The name is familiar to me I went escorted ride a member of Matt's family and he was a great guy. So yes my judgment may be skewed but this article I think speaks for itself. They messed with the wrong a pizza guy. It any article upstarts alike that gets my attention immediately they've messed with the wrong pizza guy. -- gang. Of robbers attacked ate pizza delivery man just before 10:30 PM Monday. As he brought forwarded to a house in the 400 block of Cornwall avenue near EC MC. In the front hallway of that house one of the robbers who wore a mask. And -- a brown Courtney. Pulled over his face. Hit the delivery man in the head with a hammer. According to police. It was an assault camera by the way I should point that out -- masked men. Also displayed what appeared to be gone. But then. All right and this is -- by a man parts started becoming gore urged. But then the delivery man told investigators he pulled out his own a handgun and fired a shot. Striking the masked man. The rest of the gang scattered. Yes because nothing says hey I'm a real tough -- stock like 86 on one fight it out that just that's that that's so -- Anytime -- -- five on one or six on one fights those are guys with some real mad you know what I mean there. Moving on with the article. Do you want Coleman. -- team. Of Deerfield avenue. Was under police guard -- EC EMC in fair condition. Recovering from gunshot wounds to the upper right arm and abdomen. Now upper right arm and abdomen. That's unfortunate. That's unfortunate. Pay up pizza guy just a little bit up. And slightly. To the right and this story would have had a much better ending to -- He's been charged by the way the bad guy the alleged bad guy with first degree robbery that pizza deliveryman and they're not telling us who this guy is. Because they know -- gangs operate you know witness intimidation and death threats and stuff. -- pizza deliveryman. And I wouldn't identify muted by the way. Which treated for head cuts and bruises and a left hand injury suffered in the robbery attempt. Our police said his gun was properly registered. What we just a minute here we have ladies and gentlemen another example of what I've been saying to you for years. Our good guy we have a gun to stop a bunch of bad guys from being criminals. And the bad guys would -- kill this guy I ever assault ever. It looked evil. You know some -- -- but mine like. The -- your mom -- under -- -- when -- -- growing -- looked like a benign little hammer you know just a wooden handle it just a small little head -- -- -- little thing to get the nails up but this used by the bad guys was obviously an assault -- probably had a long black -- probably had a menacing looking ahead that probably had a menacing looking mail -- or -- on it. You know it was cosmetically probably a very assault looking as -- should point that out then. Moving on with the article. That police did not that revealed the name of the pizza shop either. I will good from buffalo police for using that discretion nice job buffalo cops welled up. Monday's incident by the way. Was the second recent cases. Of employees. Of city pizza shops rebuffing robbers. -- you will remember penalty part from the verbatim from the article back in October. When a guy with a death wish decided he was got a problem nobody is on the west side. It's like Newt really. We wanted to hold that the bidding to anyway. Well I'll just like the guys at the big the guys love Joba take -- employer very seriously. If such a loyal work for. Atlanta over you know those guys lab work and at Lenovo. Full disclosure my son worked on over for like a year. Any love work and all right that has nothing to do with my thoughts on what I hope people love working here you know they Wear jackets they take pride and but anyway this done as Robert who's at Villanova pizzeria in October. And be Lenovo workers being the loyal employees they are gave chased the guy they eventually tackled him and held them for the cops. Probably saving your life and he is awaiting sentencing. A couple weeks. And after that I would suggest he may wish to leave town to say. That anyway. I wanna congratulate and I wanna thank Matt great. Of the Buffalo News for a very balanced. Well written a news article all too often. Those are in short supply in the local newspaper now Matt I hope that I have not. By by by citing you as a reporter. And not as a propagandist. I hope that I have not cost you your job at the newspaper I hope that -- not put you head and shoulders above everybody else on Warren Buffett's chopping block. So he can get rid of all the good people and then put out memos tell you how great it is that -- half passes have been moved up a notch or five at the newspaper. Oh I've got my spies there obviously. So anyway. Nicely done that -- from the Buffalo News I'm a bigger man than your employee. Employer rather I -- give credit to Matt and the paper for an excellent article on a gun being used the right way by the right guy against a -- with a hammer so well done. And -- by the way the suspect no doubt is it -- -- -- where he's receiving top notch care at our expense. And then when he finally is let go he no doubt we'll get a taxpayer funded cab ride home. Or maybe a limo who knows. It's at 348 news radio 930 WB -- Tina I'm feeling bad quarter by cost met Friday at the news his job by saying great things about what a great job we did reporting good news story as a news story -- as a propaganda piece. Oh -- Matt called me I -- -- -- Anyway mainly clear and cold tonight the overnight low 28 but at least that's not get a rain on the -- game. Right they take on the Scranton Wilkes per -- will. Take three they take on the Scranton Wilkes -- Rail riders tonight at the ballpark first -- 605 PM and obviously I you'll address and lawyers for the ball game because it's buffalo and it's April and it's no -- Anyway were we right now temperature wise -- friend Joseph. 33 degrees I'll be dipped and doughnuts are at 33 -- news radio 9:30 WB I am so. We're within this hour art of established the fact that I refused to call and -- today because of my abscess on my -- I'm going to work through it I have a high pain threshold. And doctor Colbert was able to drain some of it and I got to pick up my antibiotics and after work should be fine by tomorrow. Number 20. The NY safe ruling today. Had nothing to do with the law itself in -- everything to do with the so called message of necessity. It was totally above board according to this judge. The law itself was in question the message of necessity was the issue -- a judge said yes this one's. Okay under our law as a message of necessity. By the way there is something else that our law. That I think you guys and certainly our governor and our legal system need to remember and that would be New York State civil rights law article to. In addition to our Second Amendment of the constitution of the United States my friends. In New York State we actually have civil rights law in New York State. Article two section four of our civil rights law states. A well regulated militia being necessary. To these security of a free state. The right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed. Can not be infringed it is a right and cannot be infringed. I have to say that again folks realize that. Chances are you graduated from third grade. Or are you be listening to. I was gonna say something really nasty and I just decided I didn't wanna go down that road. But ladies and gentlemen. If something is a right. It's not a privilege. A right can't reach current -- And why safe screws. With what should be a right under new York civil rights law probing George Carlin was correct. You have no rights. You have eight temporary bill up privileges which the government can revoked at will and at -- and at -- At any moment. Seriously folks who throws issue. -- right but but seriously if something is a right it can't be infringed a privilege can be infringed. But let's all sit back and watch the voice in -- and the country is not swirling down the rapper.

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