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4-16 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward B -- company the more I read -- course I always read the articles -- up as to what I think is important to relay to highlight the conversation thank you got me moving forward. The what I just saw this. This a quote person -- -- yesterday's problem -- front page article here by Tim Graham. Saying a -- -- fans don't dealt the Donald we -- done this yesterday -- I thought that the -- issue of the registration was more important for yesterday's show. And now this is be highlighted today. He says he's insistent by the Buffalo Bills that's great LB does I'll -- falls LP wins the -- He said that. He would like to keep them here. The quote that got me nervous is I would love to do it. And if I love to go by buying them. And if I can do it I'm keeping it in buffalo. If I can. Six letters. Very important and if you are if you're thinking like I'm thinking that's the same kind of out that he had with running for governor. If via if the state party comes together. Then there is and there is no. No preliminary rounds you've applied by a glove on him. Just ordain him as the candidate. While the bottom line is that was way too open. I'll pools of -- The -- can define if the party comes together and who can define if I can do it. It was not referring to if I can buy it because if we couldn't buy it wouldn't matter what he wanted to do whether it's India would -- aren't. So that that sort of be nervous about this but go Michael go protocol and said that I misreading this. That they went and talked to him and and they they went after him to be governor and and all of that. And I've just wonder if Michael's read this quote. This is trump he remind Kapono is a political. Activist I mean he's very much involved the ball to those lot more about it than I do. -- but here's the quote. I'm not like a politician. Some of these guys they professionally run for office and raise money and live office. I have a big business doesn't sound like he's -- great prayer politicians. No. And if I were a politician trying to defend. Him I would take that as a slight but. Water off the ducks back of the money is there. Forbes magazine estimates Diaz three point nine billion dollars sources close to claim he's worth almost three times that. Well even if he's worth that says there's enough money there assuming an even if he didn't have enough money exactly. A jury has friends accrued total ownership group together and a huge tribute managing partner much like Al Davis was for years with the with the raiders so the money is I don't think the money is a big problem. Although. Is certainly a Mark Cuban who owns the mavericks Dallas Mavericks and is wickedly Richard self doesn't think trump -- though -- order and if. If trump is word at all about Bon Jovi in the Toronto. Gain that seem to want you know and he keeps surfacing. As a possibility. And you know Bob Jones banjo these publicist has said that he very much wants to own an NFL team of course he doesn't have the kind of build it does Donald Trump. All he will be the face man -- that public keep in mind if the writers people who are involved with that they got a lot of money I mean your target major money. So if they wanted to they could make him submit a blockbuster bid. Whether the NFL would want the team moved or not or even allow that in to remove -- answered. This looked like it you if you do have a a battle between let's say trump in a Bon Jovi Rogers group. Now you're in a situation where it's a bidding war and don't forget Donald Trump -- also said that. He is a businessman and he would make a bid if it made sense he's not going to waste money in other words if if Rodgers really wanted to me over and over bid trump or try to match. All right guys that I wouldn't expect through he's a businessman keep in mind now even though. It's football it's a business decision he likes football likes sports he is gonna approach came. But it's still a business decision and his handle like that that meant that we set about anybody coming after this. It's it's it's not chump change and has that makes sense business wise. Jerry Jacobs. Right away as said that he is not interested in getting the Bruins whatever he didn't say anything about any of his family. But he's a businessman to make a business decision. Any of these people who were involved in this they're not just while wide guidance they are going to be an owner at any cost. It is a business decision but what scares me about the Toronto -- is a hell lot of money. I'm in a lot of money. And it's you know. Geographically. It shouldn't make any difference. Whether it's across the bridge or off or 500 miles away but psychologically. It seems like an easier hole. That it would be because it's closer that's not the reality of it but that's so it's -- -- I think Roger's move would be a foolish one trying to come and get the team. That's very good they would have to pay a penalty of 200 million dollar penalty. To the and a half 1200 million on top of what they do they would have to wait for -- to -- out in order to move them to Toronto. I do not so sure that they were worried about anybody. By any team -- movie nit while they wait for. The least to expire but I've just taken it that would be. They would have to shell out a lot more money than trump would. Way you know if you really think about it Canada I I consider Canada first class country and Toronto definitely a first class that I really do have great respect for them. But what don't they have they don't have what's considered to be the most popular sport in America. It is suppressed baseball has for a long time football is America's pastime that is a real plump. A real -- as much as we love hockey here hockey is still -- almost a regional sport in the country is very big here. But National Football League is as big as it gets so that would be quite aplomb so besides the business side of it it says something about the wherewithal. Of the Canadian business people would be a bobbled it. I disagree I don't see it as aplomb. I don't get it out of things upon that I would did not put people in Toronto because that -- -- a lot of art made up before when I'm being told I'm not into Ronald. Is that you have a lot of people from other countries that are so their name maybe not have the passion. For our football that we do. Yeah except that I think most people recognize value recognized the fact that. These sports league in America is the national football and -- and then if you can get and take a team out of an American city and put it and a Canadian city. I think they were considerate upon whether indeed somebody who just moved to Canada thinks it's the plumber not I think the people with the money would. Our Chris what do you think about the Canadian thing -- Bon Jovi is the face arm I just found an article. And Nazi yes sports it's -- two days ago and it brings up the money between trump and buy jewelry. Forbes estimates that -- was worth thirteen times more than buy jewelry -- is valued at three point nine billion and Bon Jovi 290 million so. My job were certainly have to be -- habits are already yeah he's the face he doesn't -- ago I don't think it'll be possible Rogers owns the blue jays. And they seem to be in the business of owning a lot of things up there. And they would certainly have the money to do it the blue jays have are a fairly big payroll not as big as the Yankees and the Dodgers but. I think people certainly have the markets rattles a huge market a lot of people don't think at least in baseball terms of those talk about the Toronto blue Jay is being a big market team. But that city's bigger than Boston it's bigger than not I think the only US -- bigger than that are. LA and New York may be Chicago but I'm not I'm not sure it's a huge place but. I just had my doubts about NFL football there I think. They would want it's early because it's a hugely and I think it would make money I'm just not sure the fan base -- be as a ravenous about it is there. Think the the experiment a vote last several years of doing -- -- a game affair. That the tickets were overpriced in there and that they just assumed that they can get whatever they put the tickets out war. Didn't work that way -- -- the paper about how's your parents. I just don't think the interest was -- period from from or -- felt yeah now I agree that's why I said if I or rich person and they said to me. Would you like to invest you know 500 million dollars to bring the team to Toronto I would say no simply because of the of the lack of interest what we've seen so four. So that's that but luckily nobody's calling me and asking for a half a billion dollars has half a billion. I promise Chris I have to -- tell me. So all I got -- seven billion apps on sorry you'll have to -- about some pop tarts. How about some flush out other credit less than a draw I think -- our guys will be back after this thing and there. Donald Trump but he question of the day is are you buying what trumpet selling part tool. Part one was exact same show -- he was talking about them will he run for governor. Now weren't apart true will be tried to make a bid on the Buffalo Bills. And I don't know how many times we have to get burned but I hope he's open series -- at the money OP get approved. And keep the team here that's all I care about keeping examiner. But whether that happens or not I don't know but until we see something more definitive than him just being on the front page of the paper. I'm going to be skeptical -- Chris we have a lot of postings today yeah regarding this -- give -- a couple of. And a song comes from Robbie says the circus is back in -- Trombley is gonna do anything you can't get his name in news. And this situation is going to be just like any others administering people long and then kill the deal at the last moment. And it does make up some reason to do which is like no awards it's it's it's almost like he jumps from a publicity treat a publicity tree. Yeah under the last publicity -- Iran now when he said no it was Iran and now this -- this shows up. And even though he may have a legitimate interest in it just seems like a continuation of what was in before so. I yeah I don't -- -- at the altar again shall we say the altar of trump. Another one Chris. This is from Norman he says I am taking this seriously why already passed on the chance -- an excellent return on his investment the NFL as a cash cow he could even renamed the stadium trump stadium. And that every perfect fit for a guy like him or likes his name all over the course. -- they don't they estimate that this small teams clear forty million a year something like that something like that cost a billion dollars. I don't know what the debt service -- it's a billion dollars round. I don't know the debt service of a billion dollars interest rates are low now but I don't comparatively. I don't know what the with the debt service is going to be astronomical. Can you reds in the payment book yeah by the buffalo. A truck backs up full payment -- You have a payment to every day in fill up the -- said that we have many bankers out there. Give to prevailing interest rate on a billion dollars I don't know how long term would be. So that's kind of like the missing part of the equation but I just be interested to see what kind of debt service you had there. To pay in order problem. That that that forty million dollars doesn't seem like a lot when you're talking about that kind of an -- but hey rhino. Let's go to gem gem and Orchard Park gym here on WB yeah. I'm Jim give me your thoughts about so all of us. I don't trust them as an owner Peter forgot that part and I'm I'm going to complete enough I was than usual. A little bit in the mid eighties when they USF football and it was a lot. He became ill and that. And I think it might get a chance to survive whatever a couple of years into it but maybe usually generals. Yes he did that's that Jamie I did in Florida played form for one. It's definitely in the 1% of playing in the spring they were playing. Its -- of playing in the in the off. The end of felt leak out. And it never it never made it an advocate you and I guess they WS that felt. Well. Antitrust lawsuit result would be up. If you remember having a monopoly and I think towards the end it was a standing joke -- -- so dissipate the US 03 dollars as an award. Three box while hundreds are all aiming to have. A so you know you're not confident that this would happen with him. Not at all between the -- -- we've got -- I don't know I mean he's he's got money but I just sometimes particularly. So property that you like to be the center of attention. I don't know I think I don't know like trust without. Well an assault franchise not that you receive these doors for you looked -- I read an article date in that look at him in regards -- you know it didn't that. Like as well -- what it was doing over there. Well we'll see what happens let's hope he's sincere let's hope that it happens and go -- provides the bills our concern is keeping the team here -- you Jim thank you. That's our our main concern beyond that do you care. Who -- its name I don't. A really don't want to keep it here and up the reason I care is to make sure. That they don't try to run and on a shoestring. You know talking about our run its to compete. Come in here and and a you know we have a salary caps certainly. But we are used judiciously and go after the players we go after and trying to keep the players we can. As opposed to just running in a dime a. There's two ways of looking at that -- I'll Warren is -- Donald Trump owned it. He would play to win there's no question about that he would want a Super Bowl championship. But then you look at the other side would he be foolish we'd be like Daniel Snyder. And give -- and Albert King is worth a hundred million dollars to come in and do absolutely. Nothing and waste it year after year bring NN overpriced free agents and you've built -- Well the best way of course is the higher football people let them run the football operation I mean any time and the authors did not make their money in football they made it somewhere else and they got into football. Because they don't -- doesn't make them experts in draft choices and things like that. But they don't think so they can they in -- anyway they want the key is to hire the best general managers. The best though personnel people the best coaches let them run it he let them run football you're on the business side. -- quit eagle was -- of the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones buys the team. And brings in Jimmie Johnson Jimmy Johnson built. Essentially built that team into -- -- contender he believes Jerry jones' eagle takes over thinks that. He can do the same pain and he has been able to duplicate it and they've been a failure ever -- you don't. Haven't NFL owner doesn't have an -- the only different because believe me when you get that kind of money that they have -- an eagle comes limit the difference as we see some of the Eagles on some of owners but believe me they all have egos because. Here they owned the team but they go to the same church as everybody else there at the supermarket whatever. They have them well not all of them but most of them live in their communities so they see -- that he the repercussions of what happens when bad decisions are made. But they all have Eagles and they all write the checks so they can all do what they wanted to do. But what I'm saying is we also know that some of the teams have been cut down on streamlined and they're not that they're more successful financially than they are on the on the scoreboard I let's just hope whoever buys the bills is not frugal they don't have to be throwing -- hundred dollar bills out of the scoreboard but I want him to be. Competitive -- go to break will be back for more -- radio I'm thirty W via. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. Aggravating LA had ten grams article in the yesterday's buffalo new as the front page about Donald Trump. And -- more quotes from trump. I have a track record it's pretty much unparalleled. But that doesn't mean -- -- stupid prices. Somebody could come in a bid through the -- for the bills something crazy which case I'm sorry I can't do anything about that and I would I would understand totally. You have to be sane but maybe there's not going to be any other bids. You never know about these things I would find it very hard to believe that there wouldn't him bids. I mean. An NFL franchise is -- an expensive but they coveted property. I would expect there will be -- but no you shouldn't pay stupid prices -- understand that but the question is are you. Buying. More trump is selling part two. Maybe you'll have that the Alter regarding whether you run for governor now whether he'll run for owner of the bill and some. Are you buying what he's selling or is this just extending the publicity train even further. To coincide with his TV show and his is name and is is brand. Chris a couple of our report go back to the goals list. This is from doggy says this is all nonsense is just free publicity for a month without actually doing anything this is exactly alike when he ran for president and more recently ran for governor well so. Are the calls we've taken and they -- that we read. Basically we had two people think that it's serious and and could happen Michael Caputo and -- one another caller but everybody else thinks is smoke. Another -- its business from Stephen he says trump as a mirage she doesn't have enough money device that much up in buffalo and if he did so -- driven up casting evident by the team he would certainly move it to a bigger market. Where his ego would be able to fully. Develop well that doesn't seem to be the prevailing opinion. What -- Forbes say he's worth. Four cities where three point nine billion dollars. Sources close to him claiming is worth almost three times that so. Even if he's not worth any more than three point nine billion. It depends on a -- his assets are about three point nine billion would be enough. But even if he doesn't have quite enough say he broke the piggy bank. And Yvonne cook couldn't get a new outfit. Then maybe he had friends thicker -- a few bucks and on talking about. Money travels with -- money let's go to two Tom and lack a lot of time here on WB again. Yes -- that I am an old dog my mind you're right on the right track I would impressionist guys if you under the assumption happened downtown buffalo. I really easy he show you all over the top with this governor abrasions and a lot of coverage they did Iran fuel them. To act -- -- two really long. So you don't believe unless I mean you -- -- time. Now. But something disappoint you you kind of remember that thank you thank you Tom let's go to -- On a cell -- -- here on WB yeah. -- out or are talking about mr. -- I mean what he -- culture raids yes. I -- just such a topic you spoke about earlier in the surely say -- your wondering how children get into these big cream machine. Yeah how big how what they do that this was a toddler. I am actually you know worked at a local place -- -- one of the big -- machines with big claw and every you know. And frequently children would get in there and we'd have to open up the door let them out. And what -- -- equality through the -- store really because this month. -- on the price stores are very large. And held a huge stuffed animals so they call then there and they take it that you know whopper rumors something and then you know -- -- -- can crack it. I'm telling -- I tried that on my prom night worker going at all in the crisis or what do you think about trump. Oh edited I'm -- a couple of it will buy it -- you know it. Financial sector and pushing our buttons your Western New York I yeah I won't even pay attention -- -- like you know I really don't execution sheer. And I wish you want I wish you were so sure about the governor's. Now I think what I think he is a player and always works to give bad image that he's a player even if he's not he's mentioned and -- -- and what better association them -- NFL franchise I mean that's big time stuff. And even though he's already a big time guy you want he wants to perpetuate that I think so thank you Jim. There's always that thing you know. People say you know when you get X amount of money lightly anymore they always want more and once you get X amount of acclamation you'll always want more. That's the way it is it's never enough if it's not this is that it's not that assists but it's always something. And we have with trial. -- is on publicity. Even if he woke up and said you know I did that -- of that -- thing before Ireland on Wachovia. But I'll throw my hand and this one because all of these stories written about the national foot volley my name will be he get that knee that that brand -- war. What you think he puts his name on up every building he's ever done is because it's the bought the shock and off situation. Our -- our Chris another couple of opposing voice. This is from Matt he says I certainly believe the trouble wants to buy an NFL team the NFL -- a huge moneymaker but I'm not sure is going to be allowed to -- these very politically outspoken in the NFL doesn't really seem to like that that's a guard on point because. Rush Limbaugh. You have an interest. A serious interest in the frozen right out and there's no question in my mind it was political why else. While slow would do especially. If you said it was Irsay. But that's Irsay just got finished with a jail term my main rehab and all kinds of stuff so. If if he considers Rush Limbaugh beneath them. Now I'm gonna tell you something right there and as far as it goes a concern. It be right he'd be right at home the National Football League owners -- if it goes because none of them made their money this way they have their money got into it and made more money. So they're all rich this -- they don't pop person there. I was so I'm saying that it's all buddy go anyway recognition ego whatever. -- -- whether evade embrace trouble now we don't really know with take a break will be back after. At this point he sold. In this vast majority interest is no controlling interest in Indian casinos is still bear his name. He'll sensible common stock it you or I could buy and trade soul. At this point -- you know he he doesn't have any you know consequential gambling interest -- some common publicly traded stock which could easily be divested of. Talking about Donald -- and whether indeed that this is serious thing or just another way to get your picture in the paper. Extend your Brandon get the publicity balloons out and though most of the people with the exception of 21 caller actually two callers. Think know that it's it would go left at the -- last time that's why I'd name the show are you buying more trump is selling part true. Part one was whether he'd run for governor this is part two. Tony asked me an interesting question during the break regarding in the stadium was a question. Would the public. I'll be. Upset if trump came in -- -- bought the team changed the name of the stadium in the field house to trump. Yeah it's interesting of a history of the naming of that stadium. Remember at the rock -- of the official name which on it reminded me of was war memorial stadium. -- when they built an Orchard Park. They wanted who selvin naming -- -- the bills and the bills said no they didn't wanna pay for. -- rich Daley a rich show products that yes. We think that's a great investment and rich products ponied up a million dollars I mean our -- like it was yesterday -- So -- ponied up a million dollars and name the stadium rich stadium. However the Buffalo Bills were not happy how I'm not happy word. They refuse to let any of their broadcast partners even save the name rich stadium. And if you watch the games on television -- listen to on the radio they were coming from. Orchard park stadium. So rich products spend -- a million dollars to payment. The name was actually physically on the stadium but they wouldn't allow anybody to say it was rich stadium so to the world. And what should happen though walk into the stadium and solve the name rich stadium. That event I was orchard park stadium now. Oddly -- gave. Ralph Wilson as a tribute they gave the name to the bills for that but I don't know if the county. He gave the naming rights -- of the two of the name whoever to be changed or. If the county still owns it I think it would be very. Poor form if they changed. After the passing of Ralph Wilson I think that tribute should remain and stay there. But I don't think if trump bought it about the team he would even ask that because I think that would be I don't know I think you'll be really bad form. Yeah I agree I don't take the fans would as unlike you know -- don't know. All right Chris a couple more plays this one comes from David he says trump is out for trump not for buffalo or its citizens if he did by the team he would do whatever made the most financial sense and he would move them. He would have no intention of going in of keeping the team a -- Well if you think about like this here's the quote and this is. You know I'm not a lawyer but I've done enough contracts. If I have I've ever saw this term and a contract I would laugh. I would fall on the floor slapping my -- my large size here's a quote. I'm gonna give it a heavy shot this is from saying he's going to go after the team. I would love to do it meaning by the team and if I can. Do it I'm keeping it in buffalo. You know 33 words if I can six letters you know the six letters mean. That the rest of it is Null and void and express doesn't mean it doesn't if I can what does that mean. Is that definable. Is that quantifiable. Of course not if I -- what's that -- what are what are the parameters that would dictating couldn't. Would those be spelled out. Would they be a look at the books would they be you know some investment somewhere else that required more cash I mean we don't know what it is that it's all up there. That if if you can't see through that. I'm just amazed. When a lot of lawyers and now a good lawyers I think excellent. I'll legal representation and found no lawyer would ever represented you let you sign a contract. Which somebody is indebted to -- that says if I can do we help you back. And I met a it's almost funny it really is of course there's abuse there and I don't. This one comes from a Johnny says I think trumpet the perfect person for this these friends a lot of owners. And we need a new stadium here in trouble with a pervert got a had a project -- I love the idea of -- -- -- I'll tell you why because the hoopla that goes around with trump. Oh would -- a lot of it would be here I'd like that'll lot you know better be great. As long as he bought the team and kept it here. That's fine the question is. Whether we're gonna get our hopes up and find out that it was really serious. My my real question is when this is a bit after all a sudden Don it's a business decision. -- it'll be made with a business head. It's not going to be G win as I'd like to on an NFL game is way beyond that it's doesn't make dollars and cents to buy this team at this time and what's required and what do I have to pony up. Now that's that's what counts. But the bottom line is because it's a business decision. The decisions after that we'll all -- business decisions. That makes sense of Villanova doesn't want but I think most. Business deals start off. Oh. Behind the scenes. Getting information. Getting people are getting numbers getting fax. Testing testing the waters. And that when your ready to submit you submit nobody plays their hand. Bet that publicly unless. Your ego says you know what. If I get in this others won't dare give them up against me I mean if you think that. It's okay with some things but I don't think women and a pro franchise that thing -- an NFL franchise. There's going to be a lot of heavy hitters involved how -- -- -- knows what kind of money they got those but let the gala at the bidding begin. Let's go to Dan in buffalo Daniel on WB again. Yeah yeah I wanna -- August agreeing and here she. I would love this should be a domed stadium downtown. I don't well they actually take in the cable. And then bringing all of that economic activity right into downtown. And then -- breathe life into the downtown area and you can't go wrong he got rule as. Bet you're going -- can't be article or war or aren't. I couldn't even bad all things being gone. We still don't even have a peace Rick we got it -- in the bring something in -- -- Where would you see ago lot of ruled five somewhere down there were balls would you envision. The South Park and does that take is that a big -- footprint for the parking lot and stuff like that originate. I don't I'm not there. An engineer. -- about I understand your I understand your enthusiasm BS I'd be good some people have talked about that perhaps a Niagara Falls. As long as it's crazier but the dome stadium would do you envision it as a multi use our football designated only. Paul wall -- you can't -- I used it sure. -- want an act and in this way when he got to where Yuri. Only. We're all going out now and again and millions and millions of dollars. Yeah it was a dome people wouldn't even have to bring their smog -- welcome. You can ask -- -- ever controlled climate I like people think big -- and you're thinking big and that's good whether it was buffalo or Niagara Falls or somewhere I like the grand ideas I'd rather over thinks something that under Clinton and good suggestion and thank you. Do you guys see a program if the stadium or built into an award dome the issue as a multi use courteous -- -- as -- designated for. -- last step before I would hope that it would be multi use. Where -- progress RO remarked I use is why I think in this town you would have to have multi user I'm not sure we have the money to his build individual statins for individual teams you'd need to. There's much use out of it as possible. -- there's a lot of things that can go on that that would be good in in that kind of a stadium I don't like the idea. Of something. That could withstand the winter weather where we could going climate controlled and NC. You know some kind of card -- car show or you know it's just something large like that departed. I think it would benefit have you can benefit the colleges the high schools as I've said. So much that -- be good for the. I'll tell you one thing and the most leverage any prospective owners going to have is in the buying process. The leases already been settled. And soul of what another seven years something like that before the buyout is 29 million dollars right now it's 400 million. So Doug the decision on what they're going to do will predicate the predicated by what the new owner wants. On the nor has the most Jews at at that time after you -- that you have last year which is still -- Jews but not as much so that will be very interesting to follow us. First I think it's a shame that we need to build a new stadium because I really don't see much wrong with. The existing stadium. No it's not a matter of anything wrong with it but you know what it's like it's like -- next door neighbor as a car that's when he -- old. But he's done all the oil changes and there's no rust on it and rides great the brakes so work and everything is fabulous. But then you get the shiny one -- just came off the assembly line. Everybody wants the shiny ones in government now where we're putting 100 and something million dollars in -- latest. A refurbishment and I don't -- -- wrong -- -- either but you got to look at it through owner's -- where you'd think they got a big -- as size matters with them. And the size and stature where their team plays would matter a great deal. Okay thanks to all of you -- we'll see tomorrow morning at nine on news writer and I started WV. We'll we'll. -- wish they never has to these bees.

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