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4-16 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was -- tell you what he was generosity technically it's really not their conversations and this one so. You know it's. Yeah you never know what's. Where were -- gonna bring you wouldn't you know it gives it interest in the governor's races got him more and recipes. Buffalo, New York contention in the owner of -- football team and it's a good thing. Yeah -- -- plant or they I'm not convinced that nick seems to be a very convinced but I'm not. -- here's the deal we just got bitch slapped by him I'm really not only did he would never have any intention of running for governor the first place. But now he's diminished the value he's diminish the brand of the men who is running. So you tell me how much he's helped us -- that in this. We a lot of good lawyers in buffalo a lot of excellent lawyers any lawyer that would look at this quote by Tim and Tim -- article on the front page says. Mrs. trump I'm going to give it a heavy shot. I would love to do it meaning by the team and if I hand. Do it I'm keeping it in buffalo. Six letters if I can. Any lawyer would laugh at a contract that says if I can't exclude. But we had seen taken seriously let's say what Michael -- has to say he's he's a plug in politically -- a lot of things were a giving us your opinion today what do you thing. I'm fine thanks for keeping the seat warm one we're -- here we appreciated especially -- your expertise on politics what do you think about this trump overture. Well you know I wish I have -- in the meeting on Monday which homes are talking about the bills. In public that acquiring ruby and musical co owners and we -- Osama. And and I'll start but I mean I believe he executed by bill by the Ichi didn't mean it -- back to -- religious and owning an NFL franchise for thirty years. You've made that playing if you look at. Any historical record he didn't -- -- from trying to slowly weighing right there aren't elected by a stroke he. Always been I believe it is lawsuit against the US they're probably about. You know getting into pop charts might not have been about that sort the other only about that there's. And so you know the opposite excellent governor instrument gives players certificates -- addicted a bit lost. And in the hole -- off. Overly broad over the governor's. Race draft. Even -- sports accompaniment back she when he was cast in the media in October yours or it's running for our. She said no just black no. On the record on the -- In the end. 888 Euro and don't object to the sentiment came in asked you to give you spent two -- He wanted to try to talk him out of is -- That meeting happened in early December and exhibit they talk to me and made. It's a bit and that came to a strong -- in January you have to understand that this would have to ask effort. He's what Republicans asking him to world he informed us where will we can't get him to try to seduce and. He was probably drooling when he saw you guys show up because he didn't have through US -- Andrea I believe may. I never got released personally I never got any inkling. That hey we want to we want somebody to run for office who asked to be talked into it. I never thought that was the way to go I was always -- you wanna ask for the order he never ask for the order you guys were trying to talk -- -- and I think he played all of you. All right I don't know -- breast efforts are very common in politics I've been involved in more than a dozen of some of them and our country. In the -- and and that we tried to -- cart load runner. Chuck Schumer how many times in the past you've heard of draft experts. -- politicians to the presidential race. Like diablo what you guys have done Michael you just gotta know what you guys have done as. Is you've devalued. The event via the brand of a guy who is running has been the only one who actually is -- it was actually in the race right now. I mean. I mean it made it quite well Michael you made it quite clear that he would be at the very best your second choice. I. -- -- mono Y I I mean I mean the draft trump group. Everybody what I'm saying is you've devalued. The only candidate who's in the race you devalued him. I'm gonna play what and what can I say. That's your opinion but I I disagree that doesn't -- wrong by. Black pepper were part of politics may have been particular view you know workplace the viewer tornado -- -- and know that this. And about -- you're not. I might. I I can tell you that there's nothing usual about what somebody says no impact 8% of the time. The potential candidates as -- it got sloppy depends on. What we were looking for someone who can't -- that model. We were looking for Donald Trump looking to somebody who -- -- buying. And also in addition despite its own campaign. -- occupied -- to register about. A million more voters are. What was that what's required for victory against global mastery that would make -- Governor. Cuomo may stumble. And may yet taking down. It was our job as members of the Republican committee of the New York State as described it in in an -- -- job description and -- Republican in the united it's our job of that came. While it may be your job budget -- that are probably screwed up what can I say I mean you're really did a because now last arena now. Asked -- Reno asked -- doesn't have a chance all asked Serena has to do is get quotes from the people who are willing trump and and I'm telling you Cuomo could win on those quotes alone. You've already said that he's not your first choice we don't even -- -- your second choice maybe you'll try and -- somebody else before he actually gets the nod. Well I'm I'm satisfied that. Art art but art craft effort did not -- about. It it's a suspect in politics and I know you look at it from the outside it. All of a look at -- -- from -- a voter and taxpayer what I'm saying is what I'm saying is you've got to give it your best shot and buy it by crippling the opposition. And then finding out that Jermaine horse isn't ready to run a you haven't helped that can you haven't held pestering at all. I can get back to the matter are in 2000 intent apology -- even player until April. And almost didn't even declaring so. The differences Carl Paladino wanted to be governor you didn't have to talk him into. I understood unpopular departing. Which you're you're your idea that there would be -- leg -- on Iraq -- -- out it's not worn out by. What quail hollow I don't look at Apollo effects do you have the election hasn't been -- This is my opinion I don't present -- back. I don't I you know I just don't I I just don't think that you helped asked the Reno that's my point. Well I understand that I'm not in business but I'm not at war and help brought back Republican committee in charge of Beijing candidates that's what we did but. What have been better doing it. Quietly and privately the first time you got -- first time you guys -- your little lunch box -- chicken and went down to see -- trump tower. It was a front page news and you know as well as I do like throwing gasoline on the fire when you're dealing with Donald Trump. So you knew it would you know it would be blown all over the place and that's exactly what happened. But I actually can't you don't know exactly what -- -- -- -- to craft effort in the public effort. Every draft effort in the public effort not only do you try to show the candidates how we can win also -- the can -- the Republican yet import. Yeah well yeah but don't. But don't before you start are going on the main stage don't you kind of get okay from them and then you started from there because there's always a chance you're going to be bitch -- and that's exactly what happened. Interpret -- why are burning and that's that's -- for what -- why you haven't heard so we're gonna be stuck with another four years and Andrew Cuomo. Were -- it is viewed thank rob you know commitment is not black I hope he -- -- -- -- fine. Our race on it and we were unable to do want to do. Or another Georgian capital raise money for asked Serena or just be easier somebody brought their own money in these guys at the criteria. In a situation where you're being that they are. -- And it's -- one blue state like Cuomo. Yes indeed we do need about seventy million dollars he. Million now. Well I yeah I understand that but if you if you believe -- a candidate that you beat the bushes for the money. If you don't believe in the candidate to try and find somebody who has the money it on the beat the bushes I'm -- I understand it and in the movie like Pollyanna that would be true or or mr. Smith goes. Or maybe you don't suspect. Something Michael Michael maybe this is the reason people don't like politicians never sought the quick about it. There's got to think about it I mean -- our country was founded I know your political junkies that you noticed our junk ER -- our room. Country was founded on citizen government. Where they come in serving government for short time and then go back to their real jobs we've turned it into a government of professional politicians. Who oftentimes are taking the shortcut this was a shortcut if you guys were doing at the right way you would have gotten approval from him tacitly and quietly and then start the draft trump movement and already got the candidate on board instead just screwed up a -- -- -- who is running. Not really brought the work that way really right. George politics at work better than this. Anybody saying that politics is doing is working great now what better responsible. And do. Well -- -- well we if it's been turned that always been turn that way about politicians not by the people who pay the taxes or oracle to vote. Now let's get let's get back to trump buying the bills -- what is your view on that one. I think I think the important thing to do here is to separate that ought to like it it's. -- domestic business seductive it is an attractive. And it's something you've never done he's never gotten into a political race and as our. What he has done throughout his whole life is giving them and multi billion dollar deal it's a business still absolutely record Margaret. Yet he has a record of of our Tony professional sports franchises and wanting to specifically. On an and it felt -- -- -- from our respective. It's I think it's it's all of our responsibility here -- property here in buffalo. To do whatever we can't keep the scene here. Michael Michael -- quote read the quote I'd love it this is Donald Trump I would like here's a quote here as a quote. I would love to do it. And if I can and do it knew -- -- I'm keeping an above what would you sign a contract that'd been included if I can. What will be if I if I go to the promise the promise to do something if I can. Think that's a little loosely worded. Remember the team. That isn't what down that's not what the quotes of the quote plug the well. The quote says I would love to do it and if I can't do it I'm keeping it in buffalo if I am. There are due respect I irritated it's -- -- -- You know I I certainly wouldn't. Fronts aspiration combine and -- -- if he were going to move it out awful. No Norwood anybody else obvious no no none none none of the three people who pollute and New York what we mean our Monday it would do -- His commitment to keep in Buffalo's readily apparent it's not very well stated in the article I'd. I can. So you're saying Tim Graham is not that I go to Ryder. I think I think they'll probably not speak you know I would suggest I I ought to be impertinent -- We. Wanna be impertinent but I think when you guys meet with trumpets should be at a modest place. You know because when you go to trump tower you see the name trump. And he has 8000 people running around doing his bidding I think you -- stars in your eyes you forget about the real world this guy's a player he is a player big time -- I suspect that -- it worked in the White House and worked in the Kremlin it represented all billionaires on my bit. Donald Trump is someone. -- -- -- you know -- like a boss not like like like a rock star. And you know -- all government process and thirty years that it knew him before. And all of a little bit crimes and the public persona is -- negative -- and you -- that -- -- -- -- And there's any reason to feel that -- A lot of it is built by the media and some of it has been brought on by himself. But I did you use arrogance as some people call it. As well deserved and and in many cases back in your. We are closer to have a guy is actually a little bit and be here. But it awkward for some idea well here's an extreme views on some political things and they are putting for. But here's. Here's a here's a thought now just -- -- I assume that if we if we had the privilege of looking back on some of his business deals -- of the biggest ones he's ever done. We would find out that they started off very quietly. And under the radar until we got things really lined up. This when he comes out guns blazing front page buffalo goes in this is this is sold Donald Trump. That I think that most business deals if you look at somebody like Jerry Jacobs. He's not a publicity hound he's a great businessman. -- has had great success in business and I think that what he does in the past would show you that he doesn't covertly and quietly until they have to go public in this one he came out right in front I'm will be on different sides excellent I gotta run Michael thank you remarked. With tiger -- will be back with more would be -- and company under Israeli and -- thirty WB were asking some questions are you buying what Donald Trump is selling part -- Part one was that. He might possibly consider running for governor if if the a party was together. -- that was such a loophole and was taken advantage of obviously -- consider the party together in Enron. So this one says. But he loved by the Buffalo Bills. He says my -- is I'd love to do it meaning by the Buffalo Bills and if I can handle it if I can do it I'm keeping them. What do you think of apple. It 030930106. -- 696. 930. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. That would -- -- governor said he needs this is on the front page of the Buffalo News yesterday we would've done the show yesterday but I thought that the the gun issue regarding registration. The with the state took precedence votes and now we're back to this. Trump to fans don't doubt that Donald he says and lose lose sub head says he wants the by the bills that will keep the team in buffalo but the quote. From -- Tim grams column as I'm gonna give it every shot. The news on Monday of from his office in Manhattan quotes them as. I would love to do it and if I can and do it I'm keeping it in buffalo to me it's such a loophole there that to get your hopes up. After row we've just been jolted. You know a minute and a half ago on his run for alleged run for the governor's office. That I am I'm skeptical and I'll admit that and I'm not the only one the skeptical Mark Cuban who owns them. The Dallas Mavericks. Who's got plenty of money and he seems to be a maverick kinda guy he's always in trouble with the league is getting find all the time. Very outspoken. You have a quote from Mark Cuban about trump whether you. -- on TMZ's reporting that. Mark Cuban says he believing that trump that he does not have or cannot afford to purchase the Buffalo Bills by himself. A statement that trump says is dead wrong. -- trump people say he's -- worth more than most though most published reports and then he's got the money well though the proof will be in the putting if he decides to make an offer. Even if the doesn't buy it it is exclusively by himself luxury dozens of friends. That could put the money together -- chipping in for gas. I chipped in for via National Football League Buffalo Bills and if they buy -- I I hope it works out I'd obviously our top priority. With -- anybody here is to keep the team here nothing else that matters except that we don't really care laws that team as long as the -- here. Let's go to Charlie and Orchard Park chart earlier on WB -- I'm fine Charlie give me your thoughts about the trumping your bio what -- -- I don't blame anybody for being skeptical I was pretty skeptical myself where all the political subsidies first stroke. But I found some things out yesterday that has influenced my thinking OK what we're trying to. The difference between the political thing is that people went to him and asked them to do something. He is pursuing that started the -- arm is made phone calls the ball low and he's actually hire some people here and how that helps them do -- that's. So this -- something that he would initiating. And I know this because these people who don't want to mention just yet. Called me yesterday and asked me for my health is now organizing some community support. No really I think -- be great community's support to solid team is somebody -- headquartered in New York City and would keep the same era and especially we're very. High profile he has -- we would be up and getting our share of publicity -- thanks to a ownership. Right and the thing that people need to understand at trump just can't walk in here and by the team it's going to be competition right. It is going to be competing against people from -- out of -- pictures like this group in Toronto. And for him to be selected. He needs our support in keeping the team here and all flawed that's gonna. Sort things his way by doing that. And I think that's why -- hire these people to organize some communities 4007. These selected by the end of all of the other owner. The guy you know if you look at the at Toronto bear river. Bon Jovi are being the face of that group. If if if I were rich person and I were asked to invest. The Arab about a billion dollars or who knows maybe even more to bring a team. I'd be hesitant to commit that kind of money to Toronto we haven't seen an overwhelming desire. From Toronto. To be part of the NFL I I think that there's morbid desire to keep them here than there is to move them through tomorrow. Right and I am gonna agree with mark Capuano got quote I think it was important that we in the paper maybe -- it badly but I believe that he meant that if I can by the team. Because that is going to be out petition in is that you know these other groups. And I believe that what he meant and he didn't mean that he wouldn't be. Iron people here -- ball well and and trying to organize. Keep the built impossible campaign -- well there. Let's hope that happens I mean obviously nobody would be rooting against that a high profile New York City entrepreneur or a buying Buffalo Bills. I think -- be good for all of us and if it if he's sincere and he wins the bidding. I think you'll be a good thing but the question is as we'll see when the process goes there's a lot of other people who have their. Their thoughts right now. Very low profile because of mainly. Business deals don't -- tip their hand too early. They wanted to tread quietly. And get all the information and and get all the backing together and that -- -- go public their less vulnerable. If you come right out of the gate. Open like that -- of people have a better chance to defend. Themselves against -- so that's always been my concern. I think if you talk to any businessman they'll they'll tell you at the beginning of a deal is very -- this is very over thank you thank you. I was in my voice while ago that Tony yeah we're losing as you're -- was pretty dry you know like this to be one of those those things like the movies. Where have the the producer. In the call screener work with the talk show host and suddenly the talk show host loses his voice. And what. And your guys are your photo Chris starts early in the morning -- has voice and you come in with us. So suddenly they come into this year this could be a big -- it could happen you fooling with -- -- that it's not -- -- -- actually thermostat doesn't work. Nothing but neither does the management but that doesn't -- and drying. Okay. They humor very pretty fast food launch event what a guy who's -- voice asks I think. All right 83930180616. -- -- six 930. Trump. Donald Trump as part of the front page article in the above owners yesterday by Tim Graham here's a quote. I live in this is trouble obviously. I live in new York and it's easier for me to go to buffalo than any other place. Where am I going to move some place on the other side of the country or I'd have to travel for five hours. -- Without databases of a billion dollar investment shorter airtime. I don't think so. I mean it -- and a set something up from a pol in his gambling -- partisans is paying off for him that's a long trip. -- so far has been the only ownership candidate to publicly state his desire to buy the bills. Does that mean something this -- that. And that's in this article. Usually I'm not a businessman. But you I know from just. Promotional side of radio which I've seen. It and in many markets. -- a stealth is important. You wanna get all your ducks in a row before you go public. Then it's harder to defend against. And you can defend everything you wanted to do if you declare early. Then you're subject to all kinds of scrutiny that you wouldn't be subject to if you're doing it quietly. This is it -- bed trumpet has been very successful businessman so maybe this is his MO maybe his MO as. Look who's in this already now we don't wanna get an a because we can't compete with them on O'Donnell's I don't know what is so what is thought is. A budget shorter air time would not be well we're thinking of who know of Terry bubble before it Barca. The sabres. Who knew about Ellis -- I -- you on paychecks and that was in Rochester but the bottom nobody and of the point as a lot of these deals go that way but. I hope my elbow camera I think where. I'm not confident that it's gonna happen but if it does -- -- be very happy about will be back -- more with the each company newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah. He's just. Yes you know offer for any sort of -- -- act together and you know we we get to know each other quite well through you know it's. Exploring a run for governor in -- It's you know myself and a few -- from buffalo had been advising him Mon. Sort of the state of affairs here -- and that really low -- that this city has with a bottle bill. Let's go to Jerry in amorous and see what Jerry has to say on WB and I Jerry. I don't I what was your mind. That's pay real -- this thing is played this thing with trump I'm two points first about the elections situation. I think detectives say you know you look at this with a -- said. Nobody else runs. It is a crime and he's situation the Republican Party. He will run. Case closed that that second -- and the -- whether he's gonna by the bills and that. I think that figure what the market to -- goes right at the money you might add and edit trust and -- but on the governor's saying I think -- was -- solid gold. If you just said no history no no -- no no spaghetti note. -- no nothing -- he would abroad and he would've won. Well you must not purely average left out one part Jerry he cannot he not only said he didn't want to primary he said if the Republican Party comes together. Now comes together is not quantifiable as -- what do you what do you have one count either didn't want him I'm generally. I'll agree with you 100000%. That it had just think it's just that situation the way it was -- need to play both sides of the field. You know you're -- many people's side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was a 100000 Brazil -- what am I losing my percentage. But it's gotta gotta tell you what I would've given -- at that was stated that the cable. And I hit dead and I added twenty and I wanted to know the deal was gonna get 21 I would have gone with the twenty. Yeah I would have through which way -- okay thanks area. Yeah I he said it via if the party came together as a party was seen as fractures which is true it is. I have the party -- together I mean how much more nebulous rule is that quantifiable. Is it identifiable. What does that mean if the party comes together that means there can be no dissenting voices and make them. Aliens themselves giant. Outs it doesn't take a Harvard lawyer to figure it out either because that when he goes back and and and says no. I hope that doesn't happen with the bill's -- which it did happen with the governor's race when he goes back says now he can points of quotes in the paper for crying out loud. Said of the party was that together and obviously the party isn't together the Westchester County didn't seem to be falling into my idea. Into my column and so I just can't do the party's got to come on she's as pretty elementary. And I I was not trying to be a Smart ass when I said that. When upstate people go to visit trump to try and convince him to do something or to move a certain direction they shouldn't call. To trump tower wherever his offices located they should go to neutral place. Because you go there and his star struck it be like like conducting business at Buckingham Palace I'll walk you kind of lose your perspective after awhile. And that's though one of the things I gonna happen -- well zone. In her show I did where I took the entire newspaper story about trump and it was all about his plane. His golf course is always was about the things trump instead of trump the man was all about the possessions. And it's easy to get it's easy to guess what I'm sure I -- Donna see trump park tomorrow I'd I'd come back a bang in the gram he's the guy. Got to stand back a little bit. And in look at I would be great if he buys the team I think to be fabulous and if the kept his word. And it kept the team here big right that's a that's our top priority is. We don't care who wants that is liars who does donuts caves that are let's go to a Walton -- while -- on W via. They're saying good morning hello all -- I don't believe that he really the intent to -- the bill. Only two days ago I think it was not good New Hampshire testing -- -- to be president but he. Second or third time. I'm sorry. Therefore we decide. You got its up you intend to judge people by their track record in the past this and you'll learn things and he's done this too many times. Of football result a lob of -- let's hope he puts his money where is my office. -- well I don't think so. Okay thank you very much. Now Tony no way and then Chris I remember when we first brought this up. You thought that might be problematic for the owners to approve him but you kind of moved on that bush. Yeah I was quite shocked in reading. Effect it was on and BC's NBC sports' website and it talks about. The trump wanted to by the bills and says seems to think that he would have support. From other NFL owners were his idea MPT -- because of of these Odom did -- -- -- its lawsuit -- they do it apprentice ship. The -- Political aspirations wanted to be like for -- -- our largest item so I thought goes along -- keep the NFL from wind. As you know these guys all have egos while you're gonna let a guy come -- -- on TV show you get a lot of guys gonna culminated he wants to be president because you must take. Time away from running the club in order run -- camp. Me because almost all of those guys have as much money is yes so you got to remember that it's not like a giant among dwarfs the rock giants are got money what do you rancorous. It's a weird situation. The show Rush Limbaugh probably years ago for political reasons and I think the same thing could happen to trump but I I also think that. It's kind of a weird thing to do even if you don't like -- -- because it's all about money if the guy's gonna bring wanted to dabble what are you care and I think the NFL owners recognizes money they all have it and they all want more of it. But they also as as we've discussed in the past. They bought they all made their money somewhere else none of them came in owning an NFL team pork. Even the even they originally FL every once in my god they try to corner the silver market. Every one of those owners. Started off rich and became richer so it's it's not like it's a poor man's game when you get lucky and India finance a team and become a billionaire there -- rich already. What don't forget the NFL is very much in the image. And if they feel that he would not cast a good image on their sport. They will not want to look at look at it that they're gonna find -- for -- his drunken behavior whatever was the when he got done arrested here's -- A question that I don't know the answer to and I I hate to ask questions I don't know the answer to but this is one. Suppose he buys the team and they say OK Donald Trump right you're an owner. Then he decides to run for president even if it's not this election even as the next that a presidential election but he's still young enough. Could day and could they force him to place the team and somebody else's hands. Could they force him to sell they couldn't tell me couldn't run for president I mean that wouldn't be -- legal. But what could they do I wonder if they were trying to summit because he's as he's an outspoken generally conservative kind of guy. And they may not like that. So I wonder what kind of thoughts would go into that package of one a week approve him and then he decides to run for president. Well it also would also depend on the political means. All of the owners who are in place now. You know we looked back -- and I -- -- Thursday yeah very much liberal does not like Rush Limbaugh he led the effort to make sure rush did not get approved. Yeah -- depends and we don't really know because they don't the publicized that much about the owners of political thoughts. Will be back for more we wanna hear your thoughts or -- old Donald Trump. By the or at least make a good attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills Willie actually. Submit a bit. My question is do we buy what he's selling this time this is part two. I didn't buy orders selling the last time and I'm glad I didn't because I would look a little foolish that I bought it. I'm not buying what he's saying now until he puts up or shut so basically. When it comes time to make the make the offer -- on the table and -- believe it. Until then I'm a little skeptical we'll be back after this.

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