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4-16 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello -- region governor and I'm sandy beach and I'm not doing that great today but I came in anyway. You know I came in anyway but the -- of George Washington can cross the Delaware. Every give -- the father of our country if the McNamee the other Arcandor wearing wooden teeth especially. But least like windows comment when I'm out of the top of my game I'm here for yet. Give -- my three point path. I am a man of immense courage as you know I'm not afraid of anything. I guess you know seriously I'm afraid of dying has nothing else that can scare yeah. And so that's it and I'm just -- and I got up this morning I wasn't at the top of my game. -- really was not but I decided I'm coming and and I'm going to give it the best try. You'll say -- -- -- while lot of trooper like that I like it seemed like Dan and it's amusing via the Bob stills -- dictionary dang gum jobs and dad garment. Ever got my favorite though is on a commercial or something or on a sitcom when they say what. They never say the third word and I don't like now you when you say what that I use a wet though whatever your gonna say right. But they never do and I've tried to try to bribe Tony. When we have a commercial. To splice that in news put the word and it completely out because they won't know we did -- I'm. -- like all darn it. And they want me to have access to the commercial well that'll be good that'll be good that could work out to our benefit anyway you so I sabres in laws they -- calling saucer or whatever I I'm not sure how that worked but. All I heard as I walked in the studio is Dave saying that. Up there into Ronald balls were spinning on what they do those guys before they draft them. I mean you think I'd wanna see you ought to have a good slap shot of their good defenseman but. What do they do when the balls this minute I'm not really sure. So is it as important in the National Hockey League as it is in the National Football League to get that first up it -- Christmas nobody. Knows. I -- generally I would say no bottom dirt about eighteen year old kids. The problem is when you look at the guy. The top picks for the last twenty years as a big names out -- Patrick Kane Sidney Crosby John Tavares. There's also some names and -- is big but. I still think in the NFL -- draft in like 2122. Year old. And you've seen them play for -- -- -- you're more of an idea of what you're getting as a football fan and hockey fans hockey fans kinda have to rely on. Scouts and draft experts that tell you that well there's no real topic this year even though their budget eighteen girls that we've never -- -- A justice fans you're right as fans we can watch people play college football and get an idea whether we like or not. -- assured just a fanatical -- how many how many of -- get to see them play before the draft probably not many at all. Now investors following what the junior's -- -- -- -- junior is an -- some of the kids I've heard Auburn disease the highlight packages. And it looked great but if you look at the numbers aren't a lot of these guys in juniors they're all dominant you know I was in -- Yes because -- surprise. -- -- real you know that was just restaurant. So actually on the on the ice was the store I'm just telling you what I know I'm here -- I'm far -- and entertain. I do. I assume a small percentage get drafted him play right away but most of them need season aren't you out the I think. Five of the top six picks last year spent some time in the NHL the sabres top picks workable defenseman. Rasmussen is the line and and the -- visit thereof and they spent some time with -- early in the season -- line it was a -- but the only reason he was office with Tyler -- are broken ribs. -- preferred to have them down and Rochester are microbe which I'll always said I -- when we Panama on Wednesdays at. He would prefer unless you're ready right away like an eighteen year old like across that's my comment. And his you know break the doors down that you'd prefer you learn how to play big minutes down -- Rochester for coming out several we says -- good government. Well you know it's as much as I was excited about maybe getting the topic I'd be more excited if the guy changes his glasses. You know those -- like right out of Bosnia carry it and he's there with all the other GMs or whatever and -- The guy from buffalo check those. Those glasses you'll do. So what does he Buddy Holly if I am -- just prevent any Buddy Holly collection. It's east you really like the -- okay that's about it and -- and I thought I. Don't go for me is -- -- found out because John's ex editor on the air. That has a stuffed woman in his house -- these and other. -- sits on the couch or chair somethings are viewed as driving by -- -- a real person I don't know if it's like those apple ball to -- -- apple dolls or like stuff. And they're women and their cheeks sunken in and and a and a they've been around for a long time but he said he has here as -- your stuff woman in his house accords -- The humane and get rid of the inflatable moment when he got the -- -- -- how many women can there be in my house in arms about it -- -- job -- -- a lot of talk about today including Donald Trump reason and again the Nazis and the president remember it was a couple of weeks ago that we did. Are you buying what trumpets selling that was part one and that was. You know if the Republican Party comes together I will run and I will win that's when he was -- we weren't buying that at all. Because of that term. If they come together simply that could have. Could have been one person who you know didn't agree that at any kind of influence and he wouldn't help that was his out. One outward and to argue buying what -- selling part tool and part I mean it's a front page above under -- earners. Can you tell -- trumpet itself. It's been here. It's a big page. You very much. Trump says the fans don't doubt that Donald okay. But one of the things he says is when he talked to John and Susan. A few weeks ago -- a month or so ago. He was saying yes you know I'll tell you. If the bills are available I'm gonna -- -- go after -- it'll be fabulous -- because of the catastrophic. If they -- the army and and I'm in new York and I would wanna Kidman's New York we don't have any teams that play in New York except the bills. As far as of the national -- One now know what he's singers. I will keep them in buffalo if I can. Putt putt putt up. Three little words. If I can. So. When when somebody gives you. I non definitive statement like that it means everything's on the table. Basically otherwise it's a year yes if I by the tail and it will stay and -- that's colors to light up get those tickets. Instead of well do I can't. Imagine them in like wedding vows. I promise to love on final day if again. Some kind of like is a big out don't you think I'll try. My best shot. You swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth certainly a well. If I can. So let's push it -- let's not get -- here. You're lucky I'm I'm even throwing my had a -- -- up on my had a regular cancel my hair -- Will be back with more with beach company for volatile and sohu. On news -- 930 W media. That's always up. A rights of warm weather going for ice I think from the time you're a kid like that. Mean some of my greatest memories were. My father. Would say we're going for ice -- my sister and I we get in the backseat of the car. Now we had no choice we have no say as to where we are going price range we would go where my father took -- my mother would be either to go. And we also had no say in picking out the ice Graeme. He would bring back whatever he brought back and that's what we date that was that there was no Madison do you want these sun dried in the and you wouldn't have that and but going out was a great my fund it when I was in Wisconsin. It's nice to -- in -- and listened to Bob Yorker. Because Bob do you -- is fabulous. And you be doing the game up they are. In Wisconsin. And it's like it's like Americana. It's like a piece of Americana getting ice cream listening to baseball. Is all that kind of a sport. He kind of emerge as open and you have great guys got a great kid ice cream memories I mean did you. Did you look forward to like like guided well -- always did in fact tomorrow nick has baseball practice and we are gonna -- -- -- -- -- -- afterwards absolutely the one thing you don't -- do though is get to the ice cream stand right after the baseball team. Arrives. Because you'll be aligned for 40. Yeah but ice Graeme ice Graeme. Yeah Alex -- smaller stands. That argumentative. That our debate and you seem to get more extreme there in the Collins are enormous -- they know you like uncle -- is near my house. And I love oncology and they have rum raisin eyes. Which is not easy to fight and it's slow good and they have different kinds of things there's also plays a transit road at one time. I think it was a dairy queen at one time I forgot what it's called now tasty -- they got all kinds of names but there are open already technologies isn't open yet. Tony place that you go to oh it has what the haystack and stuff like that they open. No I don't think the silo in Lewiston is opened yet to but we'd like to school you know an -- rain -- quarter from Washington DB's. Price -- they have great coordinator great great fit a -- -- -- flavors in here he gets soft ice cream. For -- and this way doesn't make too much of mass and it's nice is -- -- technicals pickles is a regular. -- Yeah changes -- he's a regular season he hit it even. Right. Are you buying what trump is selling part true as I told -- part one was. If the if the Republican Party comes together in New York State I will run and I will -- that's what he was selling part one and and we said no. I'm not buying that simply because he's got too big of an out he knows that how a fracture of the Republican Party is now. That he's just keeping his name in the headlines just like always this is what he does. They made all the pilgrimages downed some people who awards for program. Pilgrimage they went to a trump tower. Too -- to check it out and they were wowed by the plane in the office and blah blah blah blah block but he said he wasn't a runner didn't. Okay we've been told how we get out of it and -- that's exactly what it is. OK while -- part though because on the front page of the buffalo knows Donald Trump says he wants to by the bills and now the line to -- head says. He wants to buy the bills and will keep that team in buffalo. However we haven't gone through the article yet on the air there's -- -- Words that might stand in the way. If I can. If I can. Is the greatest out in the world that's the size of a Grand Canyon as far as outs are concerned because there's a lot of reasons. Why are you content. I mean that's why they have Viagra because you'll say -- -- happening to meg mad passionate love trio. If I can -- -- a maybe five of those little group bills thank you very much so when you have those doubts. You have to expect that they're there for a reason. He didn't say unequivocally that if he bought the team and what stay in buffalo he just said if he could beat -- in buffalo while his intentions are good. Bad and he is -- one advantage I think having trump as an owner of the bills. Would be we would always get our fair share of publicity. Nationally. Because he's always on the nose. The other guys I mean would seem like small change compared his ability to get in the news Jerry Jones caught a this -- forget that I mean this this guy is via. Publicity machine. And I'm sure we would get lots and lots of publicity of -- by the bill. Like to see him pushing for the bills to be on hard knocks every year so that you know he's get more TV time. Are you love Stevie and any loves the publicity now there was a question of whether the LB owners have to approve. Any kind of a sale that was a two thirds of something like that as the via majority of the owners. And there was a question because a onetime -- slowed the national football only and his question of the they have long memories. And Tony you brought up that some of the people involved in that -- dead yeah absolutely several owners so if they're already had the odds are that our show up for the hearing. In my. First thought was when. Traps thinking about is there's no way he NFL owners would approve them -- -- wasn't even if they can of the lawsuit on beacon of -- nobody in the casino his aspirations run for president -- how we mouth off that way. His casting tweeting of political stopped his show the apprentice I just -- look at like the other. Owners remember who got Joseph who got kicked out of the out of the room when he tried to -- -- -- -- -- was -- -- And I'm sure that that the reason wasn't anything except political it was in the main person behind that was -- of the colts yeah so -- heat. He ended up an -- I'm sure he had of people would have lined up with -- enough money to buy in and revolting. Plus he has a huge NFL fan but they said -- him. Whether they would say yes to trumpet is is in question but now we're starting to get some published reports say the era he would be acceptable to them. And we'll go into that we come back we wanna talk to you argue buying more trump is selling part two. Do you believe video -- old make a legitimate effort to buy the Buffalo Bills or is this just another string along. You've heard of a sing along this is a -- string along for more more publicity. Under is ready and I'm thirty what we're back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA -- and that call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. At this point he's sold. It's vast majority interest is no controlling interest in Indian casinos you're still there -- -- I -- so simple common stock if you're like why hadn't treated. -- -- at this point you know he's he doesn't have any you know consequential gambling interest on its common publicly traded stock which could easily be divested. Ethnic minority talking about whether it would be okay. If I trump tried to buy the Buffalo Bills because you have to be approved by the owners before the end of that we -- very compelling story that Tony was filling me in on and and I heard about part of it. In Nebraska this little toddler. Wandered off from the family. And they were -- -- course you know what it's like -- your your kids out your site for ten seconds your your imagination run wild and you really panic. Well it's not agree about the house of -- was very close to an amusement park. And the toddler wandered over to the amusement park and they found him. In the Penny Arcade but it wasn't just in the Penny Arcade. Have you ever seen those machines. That -- that you view you have a big claw that comes down from the ceiling. And you can operated and it drops down and and takes out cheap jewelry and stuff and that you try and operated to get they get the toys that are in their. He wasn't in front of that machine. And under that machine this kid was and that machine he was actually in the machine where via a giant clock comes down. And and you have to look you have to put the money into trying get the goodies out. And that's not the whole story the father had to spend seventeen quarters to get that -- out. It oftentimes it would just drop him or get a -- records the way reverend -- he went yet it over changed voice I mean what what -- year ago when you want your schedule -- it won -- prize he was hoping to get these cheap diamond ring that's in about. And study and a child. -- -- that's that's an amazing story kids. Are unbelievable where they can get into like cats cats at the same thing. You wonder where the same shall but what I'm saying is you wonder how they get around where they go it's amazing. -- that things down and affects some woman replied to the story said that her six year old to the almost the same thing. I at a Buffalo Wild Wings to crawl inside that this type of machine so my question is how big it is there is to get. How crazy I mean I don't know you would find out because I worked at an amusement park okay. I work an amusement park ago when I was in high school. What you find out as you know those people against your weight and you're -- age. You know of the prizes. Even if they get a -- the prize -- even worth what you're paying to have -- -- that so even if even if they get it right. Or wrong it doesn't matter and that the main thing is that they they get your fork over an adult that's that's accounts. OK Donald Trump. Are we buying more trump is selling part -- he's a certain it why authorities say. The trump -- owns a minor stock -- and some of the casinos when he sold a big controlling interest they kept the name obviously. Very important in casinos but that would not be a deterrent. And we're hearing through back door conversations that. Indeed dead the other owners wouldn't really have much or problem if because he would -- them one time. That they were probably approve and here's the article front page of the problem -- yesterday. And in fact we -- abused us yesterday except we thought that the big guns story. Trumped you pardon the expression this story. Here is here's what it says trump says he wants to buy the bills that will keep the team in buffalo well those are two things we -- -- here. Today. As the by the -- that we have enough money. Most people think he does his -- people think he does Mark Cuban -- owns the the mavericks in Dallas Mavericks and as a very outspoken voices in the NBA doesn't think he can write the check but a little will go on that later. Skeptics. Like me have stopped at -- declared interest in buying the bills. They assert it's a public is at least not -- now wait a magnet. Can accused Donald Trump about publicity stunt. How cynical is that when you know he's as serious as any body could possibly be and everything he says. As the billionaire entrepreneur or entertain our political thwart. I can remain in the headlines. He -- in the headlines which realizes Donald Trump lives in the headlines. There are people I'm sure. In new York and there's a lot of them. You can buy and sell Donald -- ten ways to Sunday but you don't know who they are -- -- -- -- do limit what their names are they're not in the paper. They're not doing their own game show. They're not on saw on the fuel. I mean the bottom line is their business people and this is what they go we don't know them but we do know Donald Trump. Trump stressed that he's committed to buying the bills and keeping them in Western New York this is against him Graham's column. Multiple sources confirmed he has already spoken but bills president and CEO Russ Brandon. Twice in citrus thing. If Brennan's gonna be part of new ownership. I wonder if he throws -- with -- one buyer or another -- just kind of error. And hopes that though whoever ordinances on independent group. I wonder how that works announcing that he's overseeing. I mean he's overseeing the bills right now and yet he's probably going to be making some kind of a -- some kind of a nod to try and gain ownership. I'm going to give it a heavy shots at trump. I would love to do it and here it is this is the quote. And if I can do it I'm keeping it here in buffalo. Now I mean really you don't have to be okay embryo or Harvard lawyer to figure that's a Joseph go in this. If I can do it I'm keeping them here. Which means less. Means nothing. I mean he's not saying if I can buy -- buy -- by the bill's humble and though. Not meant to LA because it's more lucrative and I'm in LA kind of guy he actually said. -- them because there are New York to get on his though on his jet. And be here in a very short months I'm like that's. The difference. But. That's the quote I would love to do it and if I can do it. I'd keeping them here in buffalo so bad to me means nothing. It means absolutely nothing it just means Donald Trump has made a declarative statement. Trump also wanted to -- -- any doubt he'd move the team to LA or Toronto. Spoke with spoke of the loyalty of the bills fans and the teams importance of the region. He also as a reason for -- -- leaving the bills here. So he could get and is Boeing 757. Leave LaGuardia and be here now or later well that's I mean I'm glad that these. The priorities have been set up here quick air travel is one of them. Why does he just get you know. A jet -- and come up here and land on the fifty yard line. Where the band is forming a giant can from a alliance Ohio. Bill that come along way haven't they want a person watching and they have high school marching bands going after -- -- yes. Our guys are asking -- get more into us. Are you buying what he's what he's selling. And also do you think we need new stadium. Bar a major overhaul of this stadium it would depend on the buyers group I would guess I think this stadiums for survivable when you're trying to lore. Big money big money they wanna be competitive right away and -- to get that stuff on the way and then when you're already in there. You know on the if come on the negotiation process. Nobody wants the bills to -- so you would have the most. I think the most power would be before you actually say yes I'll -- the team. And while you're negotiating with what you by the team that it's harder to get that's Poland cars you know efforts are combing his hair. My kind of look at the -- -- good here. -- in polling cards dealing with trump. Old Maria bills -- they both have fabulous there they really do will be back -- -- beach company and and there. I think we're a ways off with -- should be fairly. Quick process. You know in terms of you know 266 months there are lots. Are you buying more trump is selling. Part to keep in mind that drug trump says that he would he's I would love to do it started -- buying a team. And if I can do it I'm keeping it in buffalo so those six letters. The FIA can. That's everything. I mean there's no parameters there if you peek at what would dictate whether he can again. I mean somebody's -- from four dollars more to take it somewhere else Olympic. I couldn't do you know business idea that that's still open it's so empty. If you are negotiating a contract you would never let somebody put if I can in the contract. It's useless argument right in the sand and wait for high tide. Let's go to come on come my phone is dead again. 12 in this phone in the morning -- they stomp on -- or something are right let's go to Lorain online one arguments that a Tony -- Iran WB yen. It hybrids are Bob Barker. He he he really it really it makes me angry. You know Republican conservative but -- it -- -- model you know like they are part of -- second man. It's acting makes me not. So what were talking about. Quite current sort talking about -- -- about running about -- right. -- agree Mike are you can. Why. Your alternate the amount. Particular. -- gonna -- and so I. -- was angry for my Republican friends. I did diminish. What happened to a buy him suggesting he might run it diminish the excitement or the stature of asked the Reno when he decides to pull out because he wasn't serious the first -- So you've got everybody's second choice running against Cuomo it wasn't fair for him to do it unless he thought he really had a good chance of running. This guy is pretty typical not success which is spending it that's why he'd go dark because -- -- -- streets. He's always looking for the -- somebody else looking for the next opportunity to put it. And this whole thing with the bill. What are his dream come true after all does this stop about -- -- there was starting to dissipate all but then. And that was is that looked like just -- at and amp. Like a -- not all she could. Mark how he can talk about that and again and keep his name in the news cycle for a longer. Is not like a violin and and it amazes me. There Smart people like -- Appellate although I know Carl you're a Smart and I believe he really didn't get it makes. And make -- -- -- and that makes me angry that people are are are really thinking it doesn't happen all for it. Well I think I I think a lot of people have caught -- -- -- because the Paladino is announcing he's given up the draft trump movement because -- nobody drama. The wider and nobody got in the parade. Because their karma like him personally but I think you're winning kind of sense that that was an -- I mean there's a reason he puts his name on every project he has that he isn't either it's just I have no problem -- that as long as he straight what does. But when he says I would keep it here if I can. Not that's that's way too open and and -- -- Samie. He's good at what because she uses frequently it's. Don't expect to do -- -- -- a year ago it was a period for governor because Beck -- also. And he couldn't make these. Ending time it's like -- It's a politician a lot of politicians it'll -- Iran. But you know in order to to run and to meet -- -- and -- again got to back up your statement would result. And I did not stop that trot it used to doing in Italy elders are being isn't the typical personal wealth. Like everything well like this -- one who when he was in town for that to fund raiser. He said nothing's going on Monday in in buffalo regarding building in and things like that while things are going on. And he just drew that line out if if he were -- a campaign at that time his opponent what are called amount on that we have definitive list of things are happening and it'll look foolish. But he can shoot from the hip because he's Donald drop and then next thing you know he's in another a zip codes so you can't. I'm the -- and I am -- you know that's that's it got a lot of us believe in in -- gonna. Be the next owner the Buffalo Bills. On Tony what are you thank you think that he could be series. He could be years. Sports enthusiasts -- -- zone that you aren't yet the New Jersey generals. It would played his ego to be an NFL owner just look at Jerry Jones well if you're looking to feed your ego. Is there a bigger stage than the national football I don't think so. Because -- go Jerry Jones was before he bought the -- Who know hello Dan Snyder was before he bought the Redskins nobody. Nobody these guys are all people who have made their money somewhere else. And though who have an enormous amount invested in their properties. But the big thing they have invested -- their own -- Of -- I'm 3010616. Help replant my phone. Maybe it's got that viruses so who knows what. On news -- I'm thirty WB yeah.

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