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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>NHL Draft Lottery - WBEN's Brian Mazurowski

NHL Draft Lottery - WBEN's Brian Mazurowski

Apr 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's take a moment to talk more about the NHL draft lottery last night. The Buffalo Sabres despite having the worst record of any team this year actually came second in the lottery -- have the second pick in the draft coming up. WBN's Brian as a -- he's with us now he was in Toronto for that events yesterday. And has some behind the scenes color and -- Bryan behind the scenes color yeah what does it look like well it it looked like TV studio it's not very. I when you see the lottery happened at night on the nightly news it's pretty exciting bring out the big machine -- -- has big ball spinning absolutely and she's all very excited who's gonna be the next millionaire here it's very different. I didn't see single lottery ball the entire time in Toronto -- there was this where was little thing I was held at the TSN studio and they do the actual lottery drawing with the balls in pride it's. And then they have cards that show. Who's the eighth who's this and cruising down down until Liggett to as the number one pick. When they actually made the pick did did Florida -- did to Emery of the sabres throws had sat down on the side of the field nothing like that no nothing like that and really that's to be expected to Murray said he's driving up here it's almost what he expected 25% chance. A finishing first overall. You have a better chance of picking second so it's kind of what he expected that's what he said after. And in this case it's not like next year where you're missing out on the next great superstar and economy David or anything like that picking second. Isn't that bad of of the slot for the sabres they'll still have their pick of a great forward if they want to maybe -- top defenseman and now the big thing becomes. Will they have two picks in the top five many expect and I have two picks in the top five because the islanders. Have the option of sending over the fifth overall pick to buffalo or. Sending over their first round pick next year which they don't know -- that's gonna land and so this it was gonna end up with pick number two. And picked number five. It's the most exciting part of the sabres season and that happens after the -- incidentally it. When are we gonna find out now if we are gonna have to picture after after the playoffs so the islanders have. Until after the playoffs until I believe it's June 30 to decide if they're going to move the pick. I'd Tim Murray after. The lottery happened said that he thinks now that the islanders have lost the lottery -- pick number five and in this year's drafters. Really for. Players whoever one's rates is being rates and then there's a little bit of a drop off to that fifth player. You'd think that they're more. Willing to part with that fifth overall pick right now -- hopes of maybe getting a better draft pick next year so there -- expecting. I feel that they'll end up with pick number two and a number of initiatives some great players. Prospects but. No Patrick Kane knows Sidney Crosby and no Sidney Crosby's thirty. -- know Patrick -- until you see these guys inaction. When you look at the sabres right now and you look for years down the road. Thinking that next year while they could wind up in the same -- they can win another ten games and still be the worst team in the league. They're gonna end up with another great player next year most likely in the draft. They could end up with two great players two great forwards in this year's draft. Add -- to some of the pieces they already have a Gergen since 84 Leno conscience there to blossom they have some good prospects on defense. And when you take these players who. People are excited about but he said no one's going guy -- over -- electors Sidney Crosby. But you take these players and you put them with a whole lot of other players who are very very talented. You're gonna have a good team. Was -- the delegate from the sabres was coach -- there are no one was not there -- was there are. And I believe -- black mr. believe -- him but Emery was the one who talked. He was one of a few GMs there Brian Burke the -- from Calgary. Florida cents a vice president of hockey operations there. So he he was -- was the meaning guys the guy ever -- the top -- because that room was expecting as receivers to -- up with one of the top two picks and a gruesome media picked number five and he sounds like a pretty cool cucumber very low key guy at a very low key event very low key I mean. I'm thinking back to the press conference were Ted Nolan was given a contract extension. And access to make an opening statement. And he says while Ted Nolan. Does a great job. Gonna have them as our coach. And that's it he's a good thing and a few words and -- -- it on the snack table. Other rescinded pastries but I didn't need now don't trust the Canadian -- so I stayed. There again all right WBN's Brian -- --

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