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Gangs; Organized Crime and More - FBI SAC Brian Boetig

Apr 16, 2014|

Part IV

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- Our news special agent in charge of the buffalo FBI office we're going to talk about public corruption in this time and trust in government but first. Unemployment in this country. Brian is at epidemic proportions by the FBI we understand is looking for some good men and good women. I guess it needs to be so that not every FBI agent carries a gun there's a lot more to being an FBI agent what kind of person as a bureau looking. Higher book -- for people who have good values that's the primary requirement that we have as you said about 13 of our. Workforce is the special agent position. -- gun toting badge carrying -- position. But the other two thirds I run a business and into buffalo field office is a business I address the threat and I run a business and I haven't entire workforce over there from forensic accountants. Evidence specialists auto mechanics intelligence analyst. And people would just help here on the day to day operations. Of a business. So we -- going to be hiring quite a few people here at the end of starting in July will be posting a lot more of these special agent positions. But. FBI jobs dot gov is the place to go and look at -- give you an explanation of all the different types of jobs that we have available and the requirements for those positions mostly to greet people with a background and I don't know the law -- -- kind of -- look for for the special agent position minimum requirement is a four year degree. We look for people who have a diverse background. Late in the language skills of the Internet to computer sciences physical sciences. A lot of people often think view news steppingstone again the FBI. Is having been in law enforcement before. And then. You move into the FBI but really we only hire about about 10% of our special agent workforce is previous law enforcement. For example I'm gonna work in a white collar crime I'm gonna work crime on Wall Street I know I need to have somebody who's been on Wall Street report. While my background and in off course and help me work traffic accident right particular conduct. You know criminal investigation into violent crime. He can't put me on Wall Street and I have me fit in undercover so we need people who've been there we -- with white collar. Health care fraud we need people who worked in the medical industry to become special agents so that we can adequately address those crime problems. Let's address the issue now trust in government and public corruption we recently had a -- buffalo where -- police officer was called up. And occasionally involving abuse of a -- time how deeply involved in these -- issues as the FBI. Commissioner Dan to -- came over and asked for the FBI's assistance in helping. And clean up this injured on duty problem that he had at the buffalo police department where there were a lot of officers. In injured on duty status collecting you know full page while not going to work and that. It is insulting to the taxpayer. And it's insulting to the other police officers out there because those officers are getting back -- to go out there and answer calls so the other officers are out there answering calls without. You know other people out there other officers out there backing him up on the street so he takes it to very seriously as says the FBI. And now we always look for these opportunities to find where people are fleecing the government. Out of money and not providing a service of the patient in a typical year how many public corruption cases are you working on if you can even answer that -- -- accurately answer the exact number. But we we look at public corruption at all levels of the at the federal state and local level. And FBI is one of the lead agencies about the country that addressed. This public corruption judiciary just mentioned the injured on duty case. Why is it in FBI. Investigation why couldn't the local district attorney. The local district attorney could death handle those cases but often times the federal resource -- that were able to bring to bear. And the federal court system how often bring a stiffer sentences. And one of the things we try to do is make sure that we set an example. So that we can. And all I don't want to investigate public corruption I wanna eradicate -- and one of the things that we can do to a federal prosecution. Is. Make of our officers other public officials. Wary when they get when they get in that situation when we have to make the decision between what's right -- wrong I want them to think what's happened recently in the punishments that are doled out. And decide to make those right decisions. Public corruption often includes obviously the elected official. In the history of Western New York I think there are times when Niagara Falls has risen to the top of the list with a lot of corruption cases. Typically does this region seeing more of those cases than other parts of the country. There. There is not the greater rate of public corruption and you hear about a lot when I'm reading the -- listened -- this year a lot of people complaining about it. What I need people to come forward and bring the evidence of this and will certainly open up these investigations. But I've worked from California Oklahoma Alabama Georgia DC. And now public corruption exists everywhere. It's just a matter how much is now pervasive it is within the culture. And how often you can get people to come forward and tell the FBI is organized crime. An issue now as it was in the proportions. 1020 years ago here I don't think the organized crime is as big -- problem as it would have been in the past round here. The local gang problem. Is very regional allies here we have local -- we don't have many national gangs ones that do you typically see. Traversing the country Yemen expert teams. But. Certainly do have a gang problem here. Brian good to me choose pleasure animation thank you for coming in -- Angeles thank you very much for the opportune Brian voted news special agent in charge of the buffalo office of the field.