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Other Investigative Areas - FBI SAC Brian Boetig

Apr 16, 2014|

Part III

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're in studio guest this morning for the next half hour is Brian Baltic Brian as a news special agent in charge. Of the buffalo office of the FBI. We have lots of questions and one of them was about domestic terrorism. But first. Let's all of us including. Brian. Listen to this story about the anniversary of the -- to marathon bombings of the scare that happened last night after some observances in prayers listen. There were two blast set the finish line of the Boston Marathon Tuesday evening but these were controlled explosions. A bomb squad was called into inspect two suspicious backpacks. -- CBS news has learned the suspect is identified as 25 year old -- on Ed says he's heard chanting Boston's strong. As the ambles down -- -- street. This witness who did not want to be identified described how police confronted Ed said. The only Boston strong Boston's strong double time to grab his backpack off right away Alexis for stoppers CBS news Boston. O'Brien after listening to this -- you have to wonder to -- what goes through the mind of a man like that who would carry a backpack. To the traditional kind of we're the Boston Marathon bombings had no sudden backtrack. It was a rice cooker we know that pressure cookers were used. In the tube bombings now I mean is this guy a candidate for an FBI profiler now. Yeah I'm not exactly sure of the specific details in this case but there are people out there that wanna take it upon themselves to. Test security. Which is never a good idea that should only be done under controlled circumstances. And there's other people out there that are just looking. To make a name for themselves. War. So generate some type of news stories so. Very unfortunate incident yesterday I'm not sure you can answer this because I'm sure some of the things you do you have to keep privacy can keep on doing them. But and a case like this when something like that happens in Boston. -- immediately do all the offices across country get some sort of notice to see if the guy in this case happens to be connected to buffalo or saint Saint Louis wherever. Italy and in any type of case. Of that happens anywhere in the United States we are able to generally run our. Assistance checks from FBI headquarters and they'll check and see what field offices. The individual or the group might touch on cases in -- happen for example you know earlier this week. With the shootings in and the city of Kansas City. You know we've made sure that you know anything that we would've handled that case. We could coordinate nationally with these investigating. -- field office. Brian you mentioned earlier that you can handle the buffalo levels of the FBI from Washington DC and you mentioned cyber crime being. A you know. Versioning priority when the bureau actually realize that cyber crime. Was -- criminal phenomenon of the future like in the early eighties it didn't really seem to matter. As computers were just being borne by those computers on the Internet caught on I mean this was bound to happen. It we stood up our cyber division and FBI headquarters in 2003. -- at that time it encompassed just about everything that touched a computer so was intrusions and attacks child pornography intellectual property rights. An Internet fraud and abuse. But the computer is used really just -- cool to carry out a lot of criminal activity users is very little that's actually. Direct cyber crime that you have to have a computer and that is again hacking and trying to take down critical infrastructure. But child pornography has been around four you know very long time well before computers. We just. Use the computer to facilitated and easier fashion these days. You know fraud has been around four. You know hundreds and hundreds of years -- not centuries. But now people are just using the new tools to be able to help perpetrated. So. The FBI is goal is always stay on the tip of the spear whenever any merging. Cyber threat is going to be so we're looking ahead years from now. -- figure out how people are going to be advancing -- to use in the various purposes trying to find those ideas that. Don't even exist today but we need to be ready to address from tomorrow. You touched on child pornography I know in recent years have been several cases that seen in the news where someone. Elsewhere in the country. Has been arrested because they were online talking to what they thought was a thirteen year old girl or something like that and it turned out to be -- agent in the buffalo field office. Does that -- operation few folks. Is we work child pornography very closely with our state and local partners and they assign. Deputies and officers. To the FBI. To work these cases. There's. There's so many of them out there we try to get the most egregious and most violent offenders out there really trying to get the people who are producing child pornography.