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Scope of FBI Duties - Buffalo SAC Brian Boetig

Apr 16, 2014|

Part I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Things like that attack in Boston to even -- computer hardly virus there is a lot to talk about with the head of the buffalo office of the FBI. And he's with us this morning special agent in charge Brian -- -- here for the rest of this hour in studio. Brian thanks for joining us pleasure thank you much for having talked to me about the scope of the office to say that something like the terror attack in Boston. And the computer virus that the Hartley did that a lot of folks. No matter where they are that's really a wide a widespread there there's a gamut there are a lot of different issues that you folks touch on. Yes there are the threats really expand the -- of the entire globe. And especially with cyber currencies age geographic is -- it has no boundaries no borders. So you could be getting victimized by your next door neighbor using your wireless is just as easy as you could somebody's going overseas. Trying to get in and conducts some nefarious activity your accounts will -- do you make a determination as to what law enforcement is believed. Law enforcement agency in the -- Should the FBI has specific jurisdiction that allows it to be the lead in. A variety of our priority investigations. We're both a member of the law enforcement community in the US intelligence community. Sort counterterrorism matters. We usually take the lead role but I wanna be clear that. That's not done with a week we recognize that we can't do our job. Without the state and local law enforcement. And the assistance from the public so it's really a joint effort. But somebody at the end of the day has to take the accountability and responsibility. One terrorism cases and -- in our counterintelligence role we handle that here domestically. A civil rights public corruption. The FBI takes. Leads the but violate targeting our violators of violent crime organized crime white collar crime but we do that very much in conjunction with -- other federal state locally. -- As the morning unfolds -- break down each one of those issues but in a quick general sense here. How busy is the office compared to other places across the country do we have more of those things you just mentioned here. We have every office the FBI has 56 domestic field offices and. Every one of them is different. I am in a particularly small office where I have seventeen counties in Western New York I am involved in one federal judicial circuit. And I have the buffalo office Rochester Corning in Jamestown. When I talked to my colleague out in Salt Lake City. She has all of the state of Utah Montana and Idaho 128 counties has come 120 different sheriff's multiple different federal judicial circuits. So in my career I feel very fortunate and have a small area I can get out and meet with just about everybody and I need to and really get around my division record and seventy county's small that's interesting -- this is New York has. Three different field offices we have New York City we have Albany that covers. Everything outside of New York City except for Western New York but that's just the way the bureau's broken its field offices and I'm fortunate to be here in buffalo area very glad to see is I've been here seven months some entering now only my second winter season.