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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

4-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you don't have food and it's. It's easy to clean. But the same publicity. With which -- now let's. Tom hourly barreling back in lucky charm -- slide it -- local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly that you may well I would -- that. On news radio 930 WVU. My favorite is still little white women at bats -- hey that's my favorite I'm sorry I just love it. Ten minutes after five -- radio I'm thirty W being the end at you know -- I don't remember. If I heard this. Sandy beaches show with -- Bob I think lives they're talking about Mickey Rooney. Originally having been offered the role Carroll O'Connor took in all of the fans. And Mickey Rooney not wanting to besmirched his name at that point with that. Kind of a character of that kind of -- -- and looking back in retrospect. Could Archie Bunker have been played by anybody but. Carroll O'Connor. It's so funny sometimes how casting it. Sometimes you don't get what you want and then actually proves to be the best thing ever. There's a metaphor in there and I don't know what it is. -- by the way you can listen to -- sandy beach. Nine to noon here on news radio 930 WB yen and if you missed -- has to say live you can check it out on the audio vault at WB EN dot com you can do the same thing for up my show as well. If you just can't get -- -- hourly in your life. Look I got to live with me 24 sevenths you went -- much let's. A question for you and you know what. -- boil this all down first of all. If you are with Ross Thompson right now in buffalo in front of the -- office building and you've got pictures of the people shredding. There gun registration forms Oprah is sending -- won best picture. I will put it up on FaceBook my FaceBook page Tom about hourly but I want clearly understood. That this is Ross's -- And Ross is okay seeing my use of the photos from his rally. But in no way shape or form what I ever tried to take credit for this are right. There's enough credit to go around rust is not after personal credit are not after personal credit. But I just wanna make it real clear that I'm not trying to do a power play unrest by say hey send your pictures I'll -- -- on my FaceBook page -- just doesn't have FaceBook and asphalt. Neither -- why. I don't want FaceBook on my fault hell I don't even have the station -- -- my people because I don't wanna be reachable -- -- A doctor. No reason for me reachable reports that except by those who love me. Which would mean zero so there's no reason for me to be reachable -- -- so do protests work. Do protest worked what does this work what does it do. Ultimate protest it really worked with a -- pure rage protest. Thank god there was no bloodshed. All right ladies and gentlemen let us get right back to the calls on that WB at 8030 my thirty any pictures of the rally sending your best single picture too tall at WB EN dot com please don't flood my in box that the same person with a whole bunch of pictures -- Then I. Freak out a little bit I get overwhelmed. -- let's go to lands in the East Aurora on WB -- Lance my friend thank you so much for holding it is your turn -- I had throughout -- time. Let them I. Don't think that's. What brought immediate that would still the man I gotta do in. He always -- talk about in our. Automatic rifles. -- talking with our medical report that the military. I've. -- to include the idea and I'm like. -- is a strong -- right and that you have thirteen -- -- semi automatic that billion version. Yes and I think we need to make it clear and -- honorable sandy. And Steve all stopped and the presidents and everybody associated with the movement we tried to make nuclear. That the media don't get it. They say they equate semi automatic with machine gun. Every round you fire from a semi automatic you must individually. And gently squeezed the trigger you don't do the Al Capone thing getting the saint Valentine's Day massacre that would be fully automatic and you can't really have those Alicia were really really special person. But I think we all sorts -- you are. Totally out there at Gmail and that only. I'm. All right -- already there are we checked it doesn't stand for them out and -- right. Who wrote I want though -- originally. I can't we had to -- the yeah not a IBM picketing military version two of those civilian version. And drop it. Another. Time for me to lie in that goes on all the time. Well you must be very vigilant. And again I think this station is an exception. One must be very vigilant about any -- coverage in most of the mass media because most people in media. They have never fired a weapon they are scared by weapons and they have this year rational. -- -- shoot it. And you know I'm a coward because I won't hunt I won't kill animals I would kill in self defense I will not killing animals. But they wanted to -- -- got a paper. I should -- sport. They root for prosecuting. Bad and we need weapons we have -- eye out for all of that. The other thing I wider debate was this registrations. AB OK effect registration patent. Going out and should pay. Although when -- act and the debate back and read it cannot. If you're gone you're you're you're right oppose -- -- your ear and then to be -- -- -- Which means we don't -- I've been to date back. Indeed -- -- the registration they only allow people like Amy yes. Know your name start it would dice. You know you have your life as -- get rid -- those social platforms within 72 hours. I wish you all -- I -- -- registration. Our bureau Y April you can help whomever. Any appropriate -- weapons yet. Yeah you know what I haven't even bothered looking into that because. Not being married and people already have -- in -- my guns anyway so I haven't really approach that. Yeah that's that's one of the things that you know they act as it began annual world talking about -- -- You hit it. Police for a while much we will roll them merit they you can. People who aren't normally good people are gonna become balance. Well we already are in many cases we we are now lawbreakers and that is one of the points and try to make in the last hour and I know the Euro was in the because room is the fact that. One of the problems now is. -- with that with law enforcement types the very people who were most likely to be very pro law enforcement. Are now turning anti law enforcement because the government has made us feel like criminals and the first line of enforcement of the law. Is law enforcement. Well I really I am -- -- urged apartment she. And most people are -- they're better jobs and -- Armed. I don't know what you would call a bad you know very. Slogan supporting the reputation the flying planes that they act yeah it's irresponsible. Yes well chair Howard has been at the forefront a number of sheriffs all over the state have been at the forefront and nobody. And I think nobody has circled the wagons and written a better statement -- the Albany, New York police union. They had the ultimate letter against New York State which I think I wanna read at some point today because it's that good. All right my friend. No no thank you. Thanks Lance. All right hey guys I know -- is in the middle to protest. Or of -- and we do rust quickly. What you tell Tom markets we give an update for the news. And let's go live right now to Rus Thompson payout Rus Thompson now you are outside the Mahoney state office building for -- or shred upon of the New York gun registration forms -- I must ask how goes it what's happening. It's huge huge success -- -- Hundreds of people a mop and treading. -- at every single media in the entire descent and he has been here. I sheriff Tim Howard will be your momentarily what they a couple of big -- be glitter and the crowd. Great now that probably. All eighty. Probably eighty people spitting out -- opera building all of you carry carry different kind of side. He TV cameras have been fielding. Different people putting in the aggregate it's really a great turnout even considering that day you know it it's really I couldn't be happier with bella. -- your estimate of the total number of people who have turned out and I'm not there -- so I can't give my estimate but what's your is. Under. Today on a Tuesday after work in this kind of weather 300 and I find that to be absolutely remarkable. Yeah and it McDermott turn around and another group of people would come up. They get your registration forms and I turn on the writer and -- just all -- -- breakdown. Hey I have to know -- I put out the call for cannot peace laureate comedy can't appease eventually showed up. Off. I thought you gonna tell me that like hundreds and thousands showed up and now I somehow feel inadequate rest how long how long you good to be either. Well -- -- say five when he -- now. Its the records of you know which -- land on goal until about 6:37 o'clock. There are so I'd say it will at least none are all going to be here. And your shredding the New York safe so called assault weapon registration forms and give us the exact street address for those who might not be familiar with downtown buffalo who were trying to our Google you were -- question. Picnic by courts -- is right on the corner of court three. -- Niagara square it's right on the quarter. Op meant that because caught just drive like -- helicopter right by these that in order to get -- a little bit of a confrontation with security at that building. And it all electric golf golf. Nice ice. Well you're easy to find a rush you're the second best looking guy in the pro Second Amendment movement. So there's -- but the carpet by -- I will talk a call it all wraps up okay. And by the way -- I'm putting pictures up on my FaceBook page and I think you know me well enough to know that you're getting full credit that you use these pictures what you get back to base any way you want is really -- your pictures from your bad. Up at all to be at the beginning of it I've put out a way you'd better get back and never take pictures of the bestseller about it. And now I've got put out of everybody anybody gonna take any picture email and the comic Bibi had duck are pretty -- goes up everything -- life. And I'm doing the best. I have been and I'm doing the best I can to keep it up but that's kind of the story of my life after fifty thanks rest. You act of scatter up your mind I mean mr. Saturday night special you want to dump all the guns by. Pharmacy. Then you want to get back your bullets so make up your mind what's it going to be you want to guns of the water to eligible backed up. -- Lehman -- a long time but the real. 534. Editors radio and I've reviewed WB yeah I'm sorry I can't be the only person. Every -- at. Probably end Tom probably you are right folks these protests. -- what are you own guns you don't own guns. You've got an opinion on what good or lack of good these protests do -- -- Thompson has committed all the time. That he doesn't get paid for. To fight for our right now for those who don't know Ross is -- US army veteran his wife Julie. Is a United States or re even veteran. And I'm not even gonna go into the whole army vs marine thing outlet goes through sorted out. But they are patriots of the first order and I commend him I commend both of them for what they're doing. And Ross has his own business. And basically he specializes in making very small cement mixers Andy exports a lot of votes to. What we might think of as the developing world. And he takes time from that. To protest. Now I've gone over -- I think for the pluses are. I don't really see any downside except maybe. Raising people's expectations. But then again we're all adults. We know that it's a long hard struggle. Freedom is never easy. Never was supposed to be. It as I've told you my friends. That's what makes the United States different. Than all the other countries on this earth. And with all due respect to George Carlin -- -- some countries have 200 citizens' rights. The United States we were the first country that took rights. That we considered natural rights. Given to west by god the creator nature whatever natural rights and said you know what. We will codified -- we will take natural rights and make them legal law. It's -- writes in our constitution our bill of rights. And folks that's not something you take lightly. And I'd have become -- secretly. Rebellious. I've -- reverse of the stereotypical. American. I don't know if you have to you know that's another question I wanna ask you guys. What are these protests do and give you. Sometimes find yourself relating with your humble host when I say you know I started out my life. Kind of conservative and stayed ST AID. And then the older I've gotten it's almost like the more rebellious I've become. As -- recognized the over reaching nature of government. We saw that with the Bundy case not Ted Bundy but the buddy rich case in the Nevada. -- talked enough. 803 only thirty start at thirty and 180616. WB Ian. By the way put the entire text of the NY safe act on my FaceBook page Tom got. Hourly I do not have time to go over each and every provision of it separately at animals and not a lawyer. Which would help here's the politics of the west side on WBM Dan welcome to the program -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what's going on here that was highly unfortunate because I had some other folks that. Left me win that you were going on the year and it's a damn I'm -- -- you you you blew your call for the week this week I'm sorry dude. They don't -- -- 930 is the phone -- -- 930 on the cell phone and 180616. WB EM. Hey Joseph would you be adverse to break -- to catch up. And then when I can get to that letter which I think is the best letter written by cops about why it's like that I. Do it -- because -- Only work because. I am about to share with you brilliance and it's not -- -- all. I have to give credit to the Albany police unions. Don't go to work W. Are right sometimes. Things just got to work out for the better. Sometimes things like your best plans don't work out but you end up getting something that actually was meant to be talked about Mickey Rooney turning down the Archie Bunker role that all of them Malia and Carroll O'Connor and that -- the part. -- -- that -- from I think from us the beach and -- -- about last Friday. Well this is what I wanna share with you earlier folks and if you haven't heard this before you were in for a real tree. Because this is a letter. That is I think the template for law enforcement in New York State and frankly around the country. In dealing with people who don't understand it guns and who don't understand. Why those of us who take our Second Amendment right very very seriously. Stand up so. Iraq. All over protecting. And this is actually written by the Albany police officers. Union. I'm so glad that I -- -- the union basher because sometimes the unions actually do really cool things. About a year ago this is it. And this was addressed to a whole bunch of legislators in Albany and the governor of New York's great and Cuomo. Honorable ladies and gentlemen. The Albany police officers union condemns and opposes the New York secure ammunition and firearms and. Force an act. The safe -- Substantively. We believe that it violates fundamental. Constitutional. Rights that it is on do -- And purposely burdensome. On law abiding citizens and that it will not deter criminals. Or mentally ill individuals. From plotting and carrying out bloodshed and violence. Procedurally. We believe. That the way in which the bill was ran in to law via an unjustified. And expedient message of necessity. Which circumvented the right and the ability of the citizens of this state to voice their concerns about the bill and have them addressed. Isn't -- rage this flawed. Law. And the way in which it was rushed and passed shows the apparent contempt. That those who govern have. For the government and calls into question whether we true. Have a representational government morally. We believe that this law is about ideology. And politics. And not. About making anyone any safer we respectfully. Demand. That you do the right thing and repeal the law. First. While we applaud and support your overall concern for public safety. And your desire to improve. The safe act will not improve public -- criminals. And the mentally ill. Will not abide by it. And it is either foolish or dishonest to -- or suggest otherwise. While law abiding citizens will abide by the law and not load a ten round magazine with more than seven rounds. Do you really expect the criminal or mentally ill individual intent on doing violence. And not load ten rounds into a ten round magazine. While law abiding citizens will abide by the law. That previously legal thirty round magazines must be sold. Within one year to an out of state resident or turned in to local authorities. Do you really expect our criminal were mentally ill individual intent on doing violence. To sell lower. Turn in his thirty round magazines. While law abiding citizens will abide by the law. Requiring that they register weapons. Which they already all. And which have been deemed assault weapons. June. Do you really expect our criminal. Or mentally ill individual intent on doing violence to do so. Do you really expect the criminal or mentally ill individual intent on doing violence to be concerned about any increase in at least -- shooting first responders. Do you really expect that a mentally ill individual who owns firearms and who's intent on doing violence well. Voice his intentions to his or her mental health professionals and -- be put into motion the confiscation. A -- firearms. Do you really expect that a mentally ill individual. Will safely store for his firearms. Of course you'd -- again. Only law abiding citizens. Who are not in intent on doing by its will abide by the safe act. Criminals and the mentally ill who are intent on doing violence will not do so. The public will not be any state for under this law. What have you accomplished. Second. And by the way folks -- reading from a letter that -- about a year ago written by the Albany police officers union as an Albany, New York. And this my friends is the template. This is what every cop should sign. My personal opinion of course second. The safe act carries with it unfair burdens. On law abiding citizen gun owners. What is the point of making law abiding citizens register their previously lawfully owned and lawfully used fire arms were turned out deemed to be assault weapons. What is the point. -- making law abiding citizens who all affirmatively. Who own affirmatively opt in to protection from public identification. That they -- permits or firearms. What is the point of making law abiding citizens -- knew their pistol permits or assault weapon registrations every five years. Why are you preemptively. Punishing those who have done nothing wrong third. We firmly believe that the -- fact. And it's broad prohibitions. Will not withstand constitutional challenge and scrutiny the Second Amendment to the US constitution. And the United States Supreme Court. Has repeatedly. Upheld the right of individuals to possess and carry firearms and to use them for lawful purposes this safe -- however. In three and Jews on that right. As it bans the possession and use of certain firearms that were here to -- possessed and used lawfully. For the defense of life liberty and property. And as it bans the possession and use of certain firearms. That were heretofore possessed and used lawfully. Workers say forms of firearms recreation hunting and shooting. Weep as police officers are on the front lines up public safety. Respectfully. None of you -- remember this letter was addressed politicians in Albany the suits. Week see field work and live with the effects of gun violence in ways that you do not we believe that UC gun violence. As a means to move your agenda. And your ambitions. Forward you know -- That this effect will not work in the way that you pretend we know. You know that this shameful. Safe act was about ideology and politics and not about making anyone safer. Regarding the reduction in violent crime. This new legislation is proposed to have. In 2011. The most current year for which FBI crime statistics are available. New York State had 774. Homicide it's. 445. Committed with a firearm. 394. Out of 445. Committed with a handgun. Five. And it worked committed with a rifle. 68. With a shotgun. And in 38 the firearm -- was unknown. 160. Work committed with a cutting instrument. 143. Were committed with -- another type of weapon and 26. Were committed with bear pants. So yes ladies and gentlemen you heard right. More people died. From Iraq from the bare hands then did rifles and shotguns combined. In 2011 in New York spirit. We believe based on these statistics that these safe act will do nothing. To reduce violent crime is the primary target of the legislation is the assault rifle. Which would be included statistically with standard rifles and were used in less than 1%. Of New York homicides in 2011. The so called assault weapons were not used in the commission of one reported crime in Albany County in 2011. Note by the way that's not murder as an aside not even a -- reported it right in Albany County it's one mile. For the reasons set forth above the Albany police officers union believes that -- fact is wrong. Substantively and procedurally. And morally. The safe act infringes on the lights on the rights of law abiding citizens it will burden. And negatively impact lawful firearms ownership. By law abiding citizens and it will not affect the willingness of criminals were those who were mentally ill from perpetrating violence again. We respectfully demand that each and all of you do the right thing and repeal. The law signed Thomas Maher president Albany police officers union and that was a letter. The Albany police officers union wrote. One year ago today April 15 2013. And AccuWeather Paula detail of Wohl. Poll woefully. By a -- Forman of tonight showers of snow flurries. It's gonna be really colts all right -- the overnight low eighteen degree is. That's going to be a new record the old one has stood since 1928. Chile tomorrow 41 Sunday or a jury Thursday 58 degrees. And we are holding a thirty to look out for slippery spots and black ice gang don't want to breakaway -- this -- season that -- -- Being an open test this time you don't want them that the believe me. -- folks via phone number 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WBE. All well I must tell you. Having spent 03 hours on this topic -- I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. I'm -- beat. There is a topic that I have wanted to do since last Friday. It appears you know what. Are no more calls on this I'm switching topics. Guys you know what I have to do right. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen. I received so much feedback on this phone call last Friday I don't even seriously gang I don't make stuff up. There have been talk show host in buffalo looks at things like. No I was stopped at a -- and eighteen people said hey here -- the Reuben sandwich is really that go to that place I don't plated. I do get around a lot is seen around town on the easy to pick out all right. I don't you know. You know I get a. People this weekend. Commented on this phone call up to start off with at 6 o'clock more than any other phone call I've taken in a long time. Ladies and gentlemen I'm -- want your advice for this guy. And I'm fully expecting that I'm going to be excoriated. And almost crucified. In the next hour by some. Of my listeners. Who do not understand the difference between conservative. And conservative area. Maybe I've just -- a bad job explaining. But coming up. You're gonna love the next hour -- its raw humanity. Revealed to the world on WB.

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