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4-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- -- with the benefit. Of India hold to a -- -- few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much and al-Qaeda. That Russia. In the 1980s are now calling ask for the foreign policy that. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to hit. -- -- -- -- -- That was adamant -- Tom hourly. Even -- I think it right back Barry it's -- if it's local -- is the it's Tom hourly who throws a shoe. Honestly onions radeon 930. Yeah it is our -- is -- at 930 W. Beamer is -- master control juncture and if your calls -- -- last caller the last hour we just couldn't get a good connection out of and so we have the -- ago. So we start the show today talking about the the protest in front of senator present at these office down now. Against analyze it and be shredding of the registration forms. Out for the alleged assault weapons. Which were to have been that turned in two day by people who were now criminals if they did not even know beforehand they were law abiding citizens. So while our first call today. Was from a guy who. Was impressed with the accuracy of his so called assault rifle. And folks that's immediate term I feel stupid using it but because it is not the correct nomenclature. But I've also got to remember them talking to people who low. Just imagine air quotes every time I say assault rifle or listen for my inflection and you'll see the sarcasm I bring to the term is that the media or. Well pull up politically created term. Right there is an actual assault rifle and it goes back to the Germans a long time ago set everything -- always goes back to the Germans. Stuart anywhere. Not many of his hourly I get away with saying stuff like that thank you are right now I try to insult my own capacity on a daily basis. So anyway. My question to you use these protests. Are they doing any good I don't see what harm bacon bit. I really dull but as far as doing a good bit as far as overturning and why I say I think that is dubious. The climate in the country. I think was beautifully. Illustrated by what happened at the Bundy ranch. That is in a nutshell everything I've been talking about over the past few years. Do I want to see armed conflict between. Law enforcement and citizens know I do not. But those are good law enforcement have to realize bad. You're not dealing with the weather out of the Weather Underground anymore. You're not dealing with Bill Ayers you know president Obama's buddy you're not dealing with people who grew up hitting cops. You're dealing with people who were your bread and butter your deal with the people who give to the PDAs you're dealing with a businessman who had the stickers on their war we support the PBA. And when you turn those people into criminals and treat them as such. Don't expect a lot of well. I didn't get into the job for a lot all right but you also did get -- the job to uphold the constitution. Now the first guy we have and again he was not big on the so called assault. Rifles at -- I've already told you just in case there's any confusion about this. I am a coward and a hypocrite when it comes to killing. I don't hunt animals I will eat animals I cannot hunt and kill them myself. I'm the guy who stopped his car to help ducks crossed main street in Williams. That's me in a nutshell. But I like the target shoot. Those -- called it criminal call we have bad guys. But if you have any doubts about my courage I would prefer those questions to David -- of the fit. Inside joke and very funny let's go to. Let's go to John it okay. The crowning moment of my life. The best thing that ever happened and -- forget about my kids being born now that's a distance and at the crowning moment of my life was when David Sylvia looked at me and said Tom I want you in my next foxhole. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was like everything the guy could want and then -- -- against the kids are coming up thereto are supposed. Let's noticed John Lancaster John let's put these protests let's talk about these alleged assault weapons talked to be giving your two cents worth. Well I have a concern. It's. Figures though you may have spotted an assault style -- -- characteristics. And you're you're. Where your purchase is. Document somewhere yes there they're saying now that the because maybe you didn't register that Russell that they can go back and China documentation. And the engine -- war. Which is unconstitutional. In my book -- I'm -- a lawyer but that seems to me to violate the clause known as expo facto. Ripped my concern okay now city two years ago whatever five years you've well. Illegal. Just so it's. With -- in four six RP 2190. Well. -- could be a real man and by camber. -- is gonna look bad neighborhoods are being called the danger in jeopardy delegate my two cents worth that are at. OK -- identity holes. So now my question is. -- you registered. Legally. But with the fact that she married now are not eager to get prettier. Renders as a -- we -- get -- but nobody -- Then in the -- that registry such an area or from the house now. Well -- which you could -- is it the way I understand the law is. You can all that you put the maximum number allowed by the safe act in -- New York magazine. Yet nobody knows you get that. That's earning only known that you bought. In the event. Okay. Let's say. -- let me just give you -- hypothetical here John and again not to be a jerk -- sometimes things happen let's say you're driving along you get in the car accident you've got your holster under -- do you get knocked out the cops responded to -- -- -- you've got a weapon they remove the weapon. And let's just say. They wanna make sure there's nothing in the chamber and they start counting how many rounds you've got between the chamber in the magazine you wanna will void being charged under and -- six. Now whether whether that search would be legal or not is up to a Fourth Amendment does specialist to judge. Well let's let me -- haven't had a kid. Let's -- committed a crime I don't know I don't know anybody researching my purchases or anything because side that would be a search and -- I'm not. Old Cutler -- you just repeat all all -- John John you sound like a young men in your twenties in my correct. No matter -- double -- -- really all camp's argument to -- -- Didn't let me just give you one name David. You could take as a compliment John. Let me give you one name to illustrate my point. David that Lou. Does that name ring a bell at all. And you know why it came up. Because. Well because David Lewis was to have been the test case. New York State. Illegally. Went through medical records. To try to find evidence of how they could confiscate people's weapons if they'd ever been for counseling or god forbid denied any kind of anti depressant or anti anxiety medication and my response to that is always if I told you the number cops like no war on Axl will putrid or -- is that. You're your your -- would hit the floor. Well there's that saying there's like 3000 medications that you can't be driving NPR that the same time so I mean. Almost everybody shouldn't be driving. I declined comment on that but. John York. Your your basic point is what. Well it's just says that if they have any way to generate a war -- I mean what keeps legally registered to store owners from getting Lawrence generated -- based on their original purchase because you're not. Going into the registry and saying all I changed my -- that I read the legal now. Did you -- eclipse you said clips show. Clips -- thank -- -- -- I do the same. I am doing the same thing it is I had the feel superior about something today and that was her. How and to napoleonic complex deliver quite understand it. Look here's the problem in this is why we all stood up in support of David Lewis because when you've got an all powerful state. Using its resources. To violate hip -- And believe me cops don't think a damn thing about violating hip and I'd like to go into detail on that but I -- unable to at this time. They thought nothing of making David Lewis. An example. They weren't expecting the bite back. Yeah I mean well and that's always. What the drug you know they -- popular it's now announced. Way to search your vehicle or anything. I don't fault don't fall for that. First of all there's what you gotta do and this goes for everybody this goes for everybody and I'm not a lawyer but. They will always threaten to bring yen drug dogs. Here's what you say to first of all you should always have the name of a great criminal defense lawyer in your -- I've got the name and phone numbers of everybody on the treasury in law firm team in my cellphone and Paul -- his phone number in my cellphone. Number two. I will never consent to a search in my vehicle. Now if you are rested that's a moot point because they can search incident to arrest. But you're you're question should always be respectfully directed at the police officer he don't wanna be -- -- but respectfully say sir in my -- ago. In my under arrest if I'm under arrest with one of my being charged or my -- ago how long -- you going to detain me because at this point is is against my will. And you gotta make it clear that you know your rights as a citizen. Well lately and it's -- about it. Well played sir well played and it never fall for that and by the way when they say. -- out of my check your car for my own safety. Oh yeah I do there's nothing in news and urgent -- yeah killer led assault lent never ever ever ever let them -- car ever never consent to a search. All right thank you very much. Never consent to a search. Never right that write a piece of paper and hit the -- DM dashboard I do not consent to search. As for search they need probable cause or an arrest. And if they detain you why am I being detained in -- under arrest what is the charge. It is up hourly and news radio 930 WB yen at a got this this is what half. Happens when people who have been the biggest supporters of law enforcement have been made to feel like criminals this is what happens. We say oh yeah. We got this game is play. All right thank you my friend and AccuWeather. Okay those -- cruel and unusual punishment under the bill of rights because I think it does by having to do the weather again. Basically guys we could set a new record low tonight the overnight lows going to be in the teens. You. And it'll be chilly tomorrow Ohio 41 and Thursday it's supposed to get the 58. Jones is still 32. All right again. Watch driving out there. Because 32 degrees I can't imagine in April they've got a lot of salt left nor did they really want to spur a lot of -- right now so please be careful because I would imagine they will be somewhat partial melodious and niggardly. With salt use right now. That's an Elizabethan word please don't take it in the evil way. That is actually a worked part Simonyi is she thrifty. It's good to have seven items sometimes are run out of senator's -- where. I'm let's go to your crew rub -- in buffalo WB Ian -- thank you for holding what's up. Yeah I'm sure I'm from modern border inaudible I think early on our mayor and -- about Iran. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The regulations -- Yes the -- question -- certain characteristics. Of legislation would not be acquired. Is -- all of those. Stops. And Austin caught. Yet it it appears we'll see your -- asking any logical question. Of a law which has no logic to a law that is based on cosmetics and not reality. So it's hard for me to give you a straight answer because as absurd as this is you are correct. So. So. And it was awful but not automatically -- or is. Actually might like him okay. -- a manually operated. Without any ability and function semiautomatic. What is the com. Traditional restaurants. Golf ball. I do not believe you would need to register goes under and why say if I have focused mainly on the modern sporting rifles but see I've never owned one so -- -- you know it that that's that's something upon which I have focused a lot of time upon. But but you are yet but you are correct and the full transcript of -- safe is some live if you really wanted to read it. Well I thought I looked at it and I've tried to decipher it and I look at it and left intentional and there. They're so. A lot left open to interpretation and if you if you visit the website. It's exposed -- extremely simplified on the web -- and there's a little disclaimer on the employment front of the bottom webpage that. No not. Yet so you know the idea -- work. Want to Detroit and sort of left in the -- At it again at -- it's intentionally left vague. Just as the Walt was intentionally. Designed so that -- litigation. Each sentence virtually each clause would have to be individually fought in courts because of that legal motion known as sever ability. Which means in other words you're never gonna have a blanket ruling -- safe is unconstitutional. What you'll hear is this provision is unconstitutional. That provision is unconstitutional or constitutional depending on how much money the judge gets from a Cuomo -- the Democrats. I I got -- I got to move bottle she got more to say open channel my friend is for 26 at WBBM. Its hourly another great show filled with phenomenal callers today. What do I do to deserve you bears. And got a guy who turned me onto a not only -- but also Electric Light Orchestra is valley school teachers. I think I witnessed a great guy Mark Grace our other way is one of the few guys with whom I played hockey. I always thought he could have made in the NHL he has eyes he has the speed he had that he was an amazing goaltender -- or shut out to -- When I'm dreaming. Now he was really good I gotta tell you Joseph he was very good. Buried your back or against them every day of practice. Was what allowed me to score as many goals -- as they did and other goaltenders now Iran's great and yeah obviously I wouldn't be here but. I was the guy to score I was the puck -- I was the guy and the Blue Line that was. All right cherry pick it. Itself for 34 it is ready at 930 WB -- thanks for being Weathers its hourly. And we're really -- gum and Rus Thompson is doing his protest now and you know look folks. Under no illusion. I did make this clear and sometimes -- make things clear all I do is alienate some review. But I have. Do just for my own peace of mind. Protests. Alone. Probably. Are not going to change an awful lot. However. They do -- issues in the -- for so there's that. They do a while like minded people to call mingle and interact so there's that. And they don't know you are. So there's that. And if you want -- city the effectiveness. A mass protest against an over reaching government. Over a specific issue folks go back and read and look at all the videos. Of the -- ranch standoff in Nevada. I happen to believe that for the American patriot movement. It was a great thing. And it was an historic. Event. And it also buttresses. Soul much of what I've been saying over the past how many years. Including. My often repeated idea. That at some point those -- you. With the courage and the desire to serve your fellow human beings. As police officers. And look. I know hold a lot of it is the pay the Lebanese the twenty and out. But deep down 98%. Of you do it because it's your call I know. And because you do enjoy helping other people. All right I get that trust me I understand. But there will come a time. Sooner rather than later. You're gonna have to make up your mind. MI and the size of the constitution. Or my in the side of the politicians. Interpreting the constitution in a way that is not right. That's going to be a choice each and every one of you will have to make and that's why I encourage all of my older cop forums. And sadly the guys I don't breasts are the guys were getting rated pulpit. They get the patriots. And they do tell me that some of the younger people with whom they work get it to. Just based on my personal experience I've been under well. By the younger cops and their appreciation of American liberty underwhelmed. Because these are the children of Clinton bush and Obama. They're not the children of Reagan Nixon or. Jimmy Carter. Porter is a revolution -- down our let's get back to the calls on WBM hey if you've got to our protests of above the shredding protest. Outside at present these are resolved these office outside the Mahoney building what you can do is a -- -- me please just send me your best ones -- rockets want. Tom at WB EN dot com and I'll put them up on my FaceBook page and of course any any photograph you send me Rus Thompson is more than welcome this year Russ and I sure things all the time Steve ball stopped from scope anybody look what you always feel free this year those -- you. In our little group of patriots. And let's go back to the calls believed. I was with Dan in Lancaster -- -- my other -- hang up. Mayor guy hung up okay here is because that'll take notes it names I need. On going -- up there is Dan in Lancaster WBM hi Dan. Itinerary -- I am most well thing. They're -- and the other in our district court. In New Year's show here. What are your callers. Talking about. Suggesting like this in magazines and some assistance. -- a lot of people don't understand is that. Everybody remembers when debris bilking the plane. -- Magazines were limited to ten rounds but it if you get anything out. Under the -- law. There were some pretty much fired nationally. I'm New York State -- Most restrictions in place where there was a round maximum. Amount what you could still has -- -- like me. Well a lot of people who are in the when they -- -- -- -- is basically replaced them. So if you. More than zones. You -- legally credentials and you're seeing more. In people believe. You know the option. In your whatever on aging -- -- what's wrong. Outfit Indian legal. And that it. And you know I understand and I hear exactly what you were saying however. That is also a lot of times at the discretion. Of the officer or the department as you well well. You are -- technically you are correct but what is somebody supposed to do for example. Let's just say the Smith & Wesson nine millimeter thirteen rounds I don't think I can buy any. New York safe compliant Smith & Wesson nine millimeter magazine. I can't. -- for the. Did you tell just -- can't give me a defense. Yeah I just well it could be as a source with the western in 99 millimeter to a customer today okay. It comes -- I ask you guys in a war on camera which I could not give it personally magazine. But we obtained ten round magazine which are New York compliant for their bonds shall. Some of the older style. -- -- elections maybe older it's you know I don't -- or something that was -- years ago they have never been able. In May it never made ten round magazine this particular. -- But the majority of the newer models. A lot of companies and Big Ten rounds compliant magazines. For the states that are well that's -- specific to -- -- -- -- -- world -- Shell. But here's here's what's interesting though Dan in and I don't know if you've read this experience as well but. I talked to some real IQ who is informed I've spoken with other people were informed and two or three other people who are in form. And I get different answers from different experts who have read the same. Law. Well there's -- -- I'm involved we'll watch it right now. Along with and you actually wrote well this association and other top players in the city in the world in this in this area here against here -- -- And it was our shoot and it was not involved in this in me. The case where. Federal judge in overruled federal limits and said he had no merit and I -- respect and -- shall. Now we're going back to the state. What's more despite which it can't get involved right now but. Yet -- talk about it because you know when you say you're involved in a lawsuit that was -- -- geez I hope this doesn't wallet. -- this -- and the players and I know little bit about. A lot of hours in his involvement in this in. A couple of things I wanted to touch on our air if you like I -- -- -- Okay. A lot of people some donors in this unit existing hair like that and -- Kinsler. Or credible and there are almost operates charter clips not follow up. You won't get that -- I just changing those components eliminate. He threaded barrel of the world overtake options and to -- and the original finishing off but you can put -- compliant. That -- -- eliminate this program. Obviously -- were fumbles so you can modifying existing rifle. And illegal and there's -- company actually right now stay -- news New York on its -- asking. At -- focus examples of that if they go to the WBM FaceBook page we feature that problem. Believe last week the week before -- forgive me for interrupting but -- -- can't dig that up. -- in one of those things -- there's. If you take. They gave me -- specific adapter took part. You can replace legacy intentional gun. -- actual permanently attached to magazines from the gun. Is that a -- that kept them. His reaction open if you are familiar are -- if you work to our imports we're -- out in the upper simply forward. You know what the magazine from the population that you permanently etched in the beginning or so fluffy. Easily defeated removed. It completely changed the terminology you're gonna take it away from being defined as a weapon and if you do that where you have to load it from the top by opening it shall we take an eight game. Permanently yes you could now have. -- flat -- or who could hand. A number listing under because it have to hand the detachable magazine to get the definition -- congressional left. And be you know what as you pointed out. The federal judge overturning one pro version of -- safe. This is where it gets confusing to a lot of people. Because these laws are written well actually you know what here's here's the stupid thing -- and I'm telling you something you already know. I'm gonna forget what I was just going to say because this is far more important to impart. New York safe. Was all ready written by corps ball. And the gun haters they were only waiting for a tragedy to happen before they can ram through. As a message of necessity. That is the dirty little secret about analyze say damn thing was. Already written just waiting for a tragedy. Well there's there's no doubt in my mind that it was already ready to get it to be put into play and he originals were asked to act actually included. Future -- -- which it would eliminate out of eliminated from now to try to get it in troop quicker and it also. They actually wanted a final round magazine capacity but. Some of the other guys involved in -- convince them to go out and. Well that's where I'd resign at the -- comes in -- at the I think yeah his people who said eight to combat without market could have a lot worse. Sure well well look of it with and again I would all -- fairness to mark -- -- -- right. My issue with mark is political it's not personal in fairness to him because I know what it's like to be maligned and an epic set about to -- just are true in some -- Mark has done a lot of good work for a lot of good people in his law practice I know we've done a lot of pro Bono work he doesn't advertise. And I will give him credit for being an ethical attorney. All right. I don't like mark resolve the the politician. But I respect markers on the demand and the attorney I have to bifurcated. Between them. Culture I mean yeah I understand it but students from the point you almost gun owners and fortunately you're really into -- -- eight iron. I and I -- and I understand that I I understand that but you know sometimes you know we get into these. I don't know week we get into these. Heated debates with people on these very very passionate issues. And sometimes it's easy to. Demonize I don't know if you've ever been demonized for being a pro gun person I've certainly been demonized for being a pro gun person and and it's it's a very uncomfortable feeling to be demonized and to know that you really are -- you know you're really not a fallen Angel you're really not Satan. Don't let that -- people they don't. -- But when they come to the point of view without all the information -- -- report that you actually have a problem in the next and biggest problem with you don't debate. The gun haters. -- the impact -- people politicians in the majority of the media. There there really. You know there is nothing -- because -- they even know what they're taught us. Event. Well that's that's what you don't get -- W the end because both sandy beach nine to noon and I we both love our guns and we know how to use them responsibly. And that none of us have ever been arrested for any kind of a gun crime or any other offense against the law. There was an incident with a sheep and -- but we're not gonna talk about that thank you very much. You don't agree jets and we appreciated not. You know you were saying before. What -- he should result in all of our -- I IA and Howard I cannot kill something that's alive but I am not they begin either. Well there actually were saying that big ones are dangerous sports. Never looked down and anybody get it in our. But one actually -- his guns don't kill deer I killed there. Nice well and I -- utterly un aid. Not very funny no but I guess we can laugh about it now. My daughter actually she has one gear. Under her belt and that was done with 82010 Chevy cobalt what -- ten Chevy cobalt one. -- zero. Thank you -- nobody got hurt thank god at least not in the car thank you very much -- -- all right you don't 30930 is a phone number's been awhile since that given about 8030930. Start -- thirty and -- 180616. WB yet if you're just joining us make sure is this your pictures of the shredding of the New York State. A little -- assault rifle. Registration forms Rus Thompson is doing that protest now he is the king of protest and god bless them for we need more people at restaurants. I've certainly the picture Tom at WB Ian dot com and of course anybody in the movement appropriate to share them around. And give -- the credit I'm not looking for credit this is -- has -- OK he's just busy right now so I'll put the pictures. But it's Ross's thing I would never try to steal -- -- As. I can get away with it -- probably kick my for 49 -- WB -- Thanks Alan and I look out for. Black ice because if it's 32 degrees right now and it's gonna go down to about eighteen tonight and we've got some moisture on the roads. -- April you're probably not thinking hey -- -- -- black ice. There could be black ice tomorrow it'll be chilly 41. Could see some patchy clouds tomorrow Thursday were supposed to be up to 58 degrees -- And my grandparents were supposed to -- Germany -- fifty and that didn't happen either. Are right now it sucked -- that it wanted to come back. It was it is 32 degrees freezing at his radio thirty WV and so and watch your step as well on stuff that isn't treated. 32 freezing mark. By the way ladies and gentlemen. If you go to my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly on FaceBook. You'll see a great bits of hi -- Photo taken. The poster. John Sherman left on my side or over the weekend. Spring has spore on. I removed it from the door and I Plaisted amidst the -- As my. Global master -- those are the Dr. Seuss plants that look like giant purple balls you're gonna. I put the sign up by the turtle heads of the gallium poking out -- spring as wrong. The irony being everything is covered with -- Including the -- I thought you guys might get a kick out of the irony. Only at buffalo would your first coating of three even be washed into the soil by the melting ice well. You got a lot of I need to break. Under Israeli in my thirty WB EM were talk and I do right now okay yes I must break what we come back we'll have more on the registration. And the shredding of these registration forms and whether these protests are doing any good the wake anybody up. Like that but the protest in Nevada. I was so proud of my countryman of New York State would. Patriots like that --

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