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4-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would rate this thing. You go to the hole looked -- my intentions and -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm glad I protest with the because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady I don't know I didn't put. -- People know when it's live it's local. It's Tom how early. There wet eyed women that good news radio. That's what I've -- Desmond okay. -- like -- complete. By the way I think the start off the program on a comedic note because there has been another. Mass shooting I don't know if you've heard about this one it actually happened in Canada. And we are talking about five people dead. Another mass shooting five people dead at this time in Canada it happened in Calgary Canada. Moon. I'm sorry. I don't why you didn't hear about it because it wasn't meant shooting. It was a mess that thing. It was five people -- did that at a house party in Calgary. The suspect by the way as the son of a high ranking police officer in Calgary at the bad matters but you know the irony between father son. Criminal cop always interest but that's about this folks. It's been. Shooting had this. Assault rifle the ball a military style assault rifle you know without this program. It would have been national lose even in the United States as well. -- -- Andrew Cuomo would have put through another message of necessity because after all. And -- Already. Well. But anyway this happen in Calgary folks I put it up my FaceBook page make sure his credit all over the place because once again. The anti gun crowd it. And the media in the United States will not. Pay attention to this story. They will not give a rat's ass because it's not a gun if it was a gun that was used it would be front page news the columnist for the local pulp fiction daily rag the un ethical piece of crap that it is. Would have an editorial cartoon tomorrow you know featuring some guy with a T shirt sitting at a bar. Where they lying through. Gone met registration. But that it happened in Calgary five dead in a mass stabbing so yes mr. allegedly award winning cartoonist. People do die from knives all the time in fact if you did your homework to do wish bag at you and understand more people are stabbed the debt every year that dot. I think from a so called assault weapons. Well that settlement system. Joining us right now as a guy who has absolutely zero passionate opinions about guns or anything else his name is Ross Thompson with T eight new York and a -- I'd bet you didn't know it was going with that story when I first started off. When I talked about the mass shooting in Calgary. Now but it we've got to say one in the it would Smart enough that this -- would only -- obvious you get grab it should step and that. The value we can we -- feel relieved now that because all the guns are illegal there it will not be any shooting. He better make all the guns illegal -- all in all. We have to get -- do it here. Well what we have here is an assault night. And are clearly I don't know if you're aware of this but these assault -- -- This is what gets me -- the people in Calgary the five people who died from being stabbed to death. They're just as dead as anybody has been shot to death just got. What would absolutely right and I think I'd rather get -- with a shotgun. Or wrong -- the didn't get skeptic I'm sorry that -- team -- way to go. Well I've seen the autopsy pictures released a crime scene pictures of Nicole Brown says Simpson and Ronald Goldman and there's no way I wanna go out and also beat the -- that La Bianca murders are back in the sixties. I already know under the direction of your -- this but given my propensity for statistically improbable things happening to my body. I am glad to be hit by a meteorite right in the head JFK's style that's how I'm going out I've got it all figured out. And that it'll be a mediocre game from -- at all. Yes it will be -- and well played well played. All right so it would too soon all right so anyway you are doing the you're a big protest today you -- your -- protest the arrest. In between being a businessman and entrepreneur. But at -- when and where and what is happening with these that registration forms. Well everybody that it would have to be starting about two weeks ago what we did lethal if he's what we do look we get. And that couple weeks ago they actually had a burning where some Second Amendment people -- their gun registration forms -- I thought that would have been a great idea. But bad because we got law abiding citizens making public his constitutional law or a law abiding citizens I didn't -- -- downtown buffalo and give. You know mayor Byron brown you know any -- what -- -- -- at all. Well that again be playing guys he promoted within the fire department for political. Reasons they wouldn't -- to have the work. Throw. Good play but anyway I think it would be the better. They continually walk away to shred the constitution. The First Amendment the Second Amendment the court but there that. You know and they get inevitable they'll argue shredding every single little piece that -- -- probably kept so -- let let let the system development. To have a bunch of people that will make out that registration forms. Well -- let them. And afterwards will we have suggestions about delivering and delivering on the government or the women and a local state already begun but it. Police -- we -- the I've got the governor cited letters. Yeah they are part of the executive branch of state government they are almost henchmen. Whether or not they'd be don't want would bit that they are especially the brass. Want to know what you got but perhaps that's good that -- situated side wall ball that -- yet yes we're doing it. Immediately went wild as I look back and read -- our guys. Because the majority don't want that I thought you do not -- estate backed whatsoever but wouldn't win but -- it should happen -- with the leaders. I'm sorry you'll lose your -- all respect from me. We want them to fight okay we're recording your -- aboard the flight. I was born irritate -- party I guess that I don't know what that meant what they'll. Well I fight authority authority always wins -- that's just the story in my life so anyway this is gonna happen -- well let's say one. -- but the ball. But it is different government that we have bought some sweet sweet we don't know everything that we do is here -- politicians. I even picked up slightly sort of agree that they thought that's what it did. And he's going to be awkward of the million and negotiated everything. Yes it would -- -- workers up there ever heard that argument all you don't understand Tom would have been without presiding. You know our guys go out. What does -- caucus meeting now instead of they are getting real. All right -- -- other good on the bright side senator resigning and I would like to announce their engagement with the merger plan this July. -- I'm kidding I'm just joking I'm having fun -- I'm sorry I can't help one I'm with you. By underlies this comes out okay. -- Yet this is a lot more fun that whatever you do -- Time Warner although like I say you looked very dapper bright handsome DeVon and very well dressed last night break fashion forward in your outfit rush you've been taking action tips from me. There aren't some -- at home my wife's that we got to you're aired at least you wore these huge letter. -- -- -- Now don't don't ever captured here that's my monster it's okay so it's gonna start at what time what's I'm sure. -- clothing is the official launch aren't obvious from the get W I'm jumping in my truck and bring it down -- and the records. The three -- stuff we could. I got a couple people that Britney generators. -- all that does coffee really sick and I told him if all of he was gonna regalia. Can it -- it -- about it in the like what ought to request if anybody had one of those little pop up in a peek at it may lead to protect social matters that are going to be underneath it. That if we bring out what it what thirty. And that people are bringing registration forms that -- Marty had a personal message on. We've we've got to up you under our own people and so I'm always -- -- rookie aren't going to console until it no more of registration forms too much red. And this is gonna be an obvious question a lot of people who are in touch with the movement rush they don't know about what we are speaking why today why are you shredding these gun registration forms today how come today is so significant. They're being inundated more than a million. Residents adamant supporters argue gun owners. I doubt that -- -- is made or registered weapons they're going to be ought we islands tomorrow morning and expected at -- So today's the day we used both get out there and say to say that this is what. That's what I had to buy -- and you could -- and visit them every day especially when they put together on the Asian list you'll -- -- one that they'd knock on the doors. So on the -- remember that was not what age you. Wait you are a lot of he's got a gun control laws and probably to our. What will -- well. -- I have to ask you a question that is gonna sound paranoid that. I don't look you are privy to this information as well so I know that it's not gonna strike you as a big surprise but. Let's just say that I know for fact. That people were monitoring my show going back and listening to old tapes of my show looking at old FaceBook postings trying to figure out if I had a quote -- quote. Assault rifle in my whole. All right people with a certain law enforcement agency were actually doing that. -- how do we know. That is these individual Charlotte downtown today to shred their registration forms that there won't be agents of that same law enforcement agency or other law enforcement agencies. I've -- who's coming to the protest and then writing down plate numbers as they drive off. I'm sure there probably will be but as there is. It every single quote that we that we -- with those in the support the Second Amendment every single I'd shoot week. And is it state where engineers will issue like the blaster roundup New York but this upcoming Saturday April 19. It's going to be another shooting number -- -- country where you'll want your Sheridan charity trends about rod and gun club down on not. I'm -- well so we'll have to do and another one down there they are everywhere. Yeah it you're going to be standing in line well and they make you play whenever they see who you are the effect with the permission. Have gone on your arms does that give them any out of commission whatsoever. Well it may give them probable cause -- did -- -- in today's world it may very well give them probable cause to get a search warrant to come your place they would say -- we saw you with -- weapon at such and such time as such and such place. We look to your identification we saw no registration for that weapon we don't have a search warrant to commend your whole. Well as the disclaimer I do not get any illegal firearms in my hopes what so ever. All right I didn't post that on my FaceBook page one -- well. Up for the record everybody I've killed is buried in my backyard. While our absolutely -- integrate fertilizer. I figure that's a great way to get my backyard excavated from the addition my home at the expense of -- stay with bell on the Oprah. -- sell half perfectly got to think ahead with these things. Aren't so -- address. I I look at it this -- so. -- if they're actually doing this aren't we think they are -- I would argue in many occasions we don't they are. -- -- betray what could try to do you use intimidation tactics well. I love the Cold -- that all of that but I'm not intimidate -- ball. Then it's like I've got to pivot table but I think the major party that the political and -- clear understanding -- where their god given the right. I've got into debatable either end if -- you know. Probably quite divide rather well they've gotten about are we got -- got one piece so that I had the break in the outcome of the meeting but there are so. Are going to hear what you want get a little worlds and as a whole logic direction they're going -- we're ready to march all the decades -- they're talking about -- -- vote -- not all of. Which you don't want -- those those those militia guys in the bottom with the bunny ranch I think. Were they serve as a great example for how gun owners in New York State need to re act. When and if confiscation. Begins because. One of the things that I maintain is that there is strength in numbers and we need the modern minuteman. Who can show up to defend his neighbors Second Amendment right at the drop of and a. And we've been working on. Believe we've been working a lot of that stuff -- Alpine skiing if they want to do any other publicly. You know what I would I would I would getting goosebumps. I was watching a lot of -- On until to a lot of heat on on on the computer -- -- it was going on down in the bottom. -- was spot gold band that is what we need. Because what people need to do in order of the analysts say that preserve our rights we got to be able appeared to get actual the actual. And we armed cops. There irrational these. Back our way. It seems like the victory and this is what victory. And watch what we get the W. And of course. -- here's the bad news DOC you look at it that way I look at it and I say I would how many of these cops privately will tell people I don't believe what the government's doing but they're not about to take a stand and do away with their paycheck their pensions -- health plans the benefits or anything like that I think the same thing is true. Anywhere in law enforcement including New York's late Wednesday police they'll follow orders -- the orders are. As to why this -- well welcome all of them -- to need him and I would become closer friends during this. Last year that we ever had that book or who runs but may have this year we talk all the -- it. Yeah I've heard from Simpson's for the election. No I did not look not boom not even eight hours ago and -- that. Can -- the -- really ought to outlaw. Appealed on elements still alive and stuff. Minute clinic in fuel the election's over and stuff that I'm still alive and before we do all right. Will look -- I hope that we can bother you again when the protest is in full swing and maybe at five or 530 or you know when you get a chance they'll forgive us -- -- On you notice sent pictures to Thomas WB dot com I'll put a -- put them up on FaceBook. Or record to steal it from your FaceBook actually don't know if I can steal them from your FaceBook page I might be able to. And I don't. I don't have FaceBook on my bald spots so I don't need I don't leave the distractions on my all and I got a laptop out Mike -- Well we'll get pictures of you shred now -- if you had your fans can can shred we will certainly put those up 430 today it was square -- registration forms and shred them will you have registration forms handy for those who don't happen to have their own with them. Yeah I paid for a couple 100000 business and her arm yes it cannot bear they're on their -- now they are now I did other people let up front about a bunch album. So we should have warm down there but it really easy. You can get this search New York on registration form he comes up to -- William -- opposite from what we get out. An invalid because it would let a thousand people about it I only have 400 got a gun registration forms. And we going to be stands it will people -- nothing to -- all right I can only I can only contribute so much to it applicable we leave to go down as well ask. -- you do more in one day than most people do have a full radio career I mean lifetime thanks very much Jeff for joining us Ross I'm glad that the talk with fuel talked Urals in but it. Well there's my friend -- tops our news radio about thirty WB EN. -- television now is to quit radio and start. I don't trample -- will brief tribute band what do you think good career at all. We played -- well our. It's -- hourly other Israeli -- -- thirty WBM 334. Days to well. I'll -- favorite performers the traveler will ovaries Roy Orbison Geoff live Electric Light Orchestra. George Harrison. How does it get and that. Are among my travel will breeze -- it will pass. Right now are Rus Thompson has -- protest today he's going to be shredding the gun registration forms. And I know he mentioned this in passing he's looking for a canopy. Note not a hand of peace -- don't know we don't predict and of peace he's looking for like those little tents. -- -- he could just put a shredder underneath so the Schroeder doesn't get wet. From any inclement weather so if you have a canopy. And you could bring it down to shield Ross's shredder. I know that he appreciated and I also know that my audience being my -- on -- -- that's a probably bring you up 5000. Can't -- -- Ross because that's. That's my -- that's what you guys do. Huge debate I wasn't there actually gonna go here that. But I'm going through because I love -- is passion when he talked about this stuff. And thank god that we have people like -- Thompson thank god we've got people like the militia groups that backed up the bodies in the -- Because you know what folks. I -- this is all backing up what I have been saying for years now. If you listen to this show -- enough. What have -- been saying. Everything you're seeing happening here is stuff I've talked about I saw it make. In particular the Malaysians still. Up against the federal government and I wondered if it was gonna result in bloodshed. I'm glad it didn't. This time but eventually it's going to it has to. Because as Lincoln once said. My head but as he also said. As he also said boy this place sucks they needed this like I didn't hole and as like the ones that -- house divided against itself cannot stand and folks you can't have half the country half. Slave and a half free. Any more than you could have half the country thinking it's okay to pick the pockets of the other half of the country. Without the half of the country that's -- its pockets picked saying. I don't think. So. So sooner or later I'm sorry I got the -- but it's my analysis of the situation. Sooner or later there will be blood -- sooner or later there will be. If not a full blown civil war part two. There will certainly be a guerrilla insurrection. Movement that takes place against an over reaching government. It is the natural way people protest against what they considered to be incursions against their rights in the natural order of things. I'm glad please understand why I hope that happens no. But that's my analysis of it it's a cold rational hard analysis of where we are going. And now the thing today in bye -- yeah markers not his office is is. Going to be. As I shall we say militarized as what happened in Nevada. But once again we have people who are law abiding citizens. People who follow the rules. Up up up. It's cash back also -- the problem. And if you wanna go one step further folks assault rifles. They held editors as just a made up immediate term. Not even the problem. Folks. Let me just hit you with some raw hard data. From Obama's Justice Department. The FBI. All right. So called it assault rifles a call for far less. -- 500. Homicides a year in the United States. You have a greater chance of being beaten to death. That you do. Murdered with an assault rifle you have a better chance of being stabbed to debt. Then you do big kill with a assault rifle. So understand this is political this is about control. This is about the government reneging on promises made to us back in the 70s80s and 1790s. This is about you were rights. So when I see people showing up to shred registration forms. -- -- Good for you. Now I'm not a big long gun fan. I just I do better with -- I enjoy I enjoy a pistol -- But. Some review what your long gowns and some of you love your quote unquote military style assault guns and I say that with a chuckle. Com god bless your god bless -- -- fun to shoot. I've never really had instruction in how to shoot that it's. I'd like to be able picks up the off from a mile away. No not not a human being no not even an animal just attend -- Because to me shooting is about skill it's about can I really do miss it tonight at this target did senator from this distance can I judge. It tonight judge the wind which properly it's well I enjoy it. Do these protests. Asking a question. Do they send a message do they do any good. That's my question do they send a message do they do any good I think the Nevada protest absolutely sent a message. Absolutely when you get thousands of people coming from the west. We cowboy hats rifles and some of them horses. Saying you know what. Will take on the federal government will stand with the bodies. Boy did that send a message how long lasting it will be I don't know. And if we got a lot of people today outside resolve these office shredding NY safe registration forms that two sends a message. But. Poll in north I don't want because I can monologue of this for four hours and as Terry that would probably be exciting for me but we do very little for you. That I get to a -- you. Well here's Paul an anti Paul welcome to read the -- show I appreciate your patience -- Sure -- yeah I didn't hear a lot of load the pro active talk about the -- -- at all so called assault rifles or whatever you what are you. The media briefing -- six years old have been running since fourteen. In 94 bit late in New York State hunting day. A number of several sports and clubs in the area. They're involved shooting. Several years decades picked up the easy part for law came into effect. Big gain in certain areas. Of the southern -- Hey purchased a that the less than -- fifteen. 223 caliber. Bulky and took it to the range. -- It was an accurate is he bolt action. 223 that I had been previously. Using it nonetheless. I was excited to get out. Several farmers -- -- had permission in and good good standing -- in the area once they seen the assault rifle. It means that the come on the property with their particular. Gone. Okay the point. -- -- -- -- weapon this is since when has her attitude changes it's always been a problem just recent. All know all -- several years Dick wouldn't be allowed. Graceful. In our southern cheer area that you big -- Yes and I think. -- do the allowing of them are my Tuesday. I am not really sure yet you are it'd probably Jewish teacher. He see these problems. Digital -- which are areas there. Ordering parents. OK so long -- for forgive my interruption okay so farmers don't like farmers didn't like the assault weapons so called so proceed with your story. OK so bottom line is it okay effect registered you say that. The main thing is being accurate. OK -- the main thing is. You don't need to rip off. -- -- And you're automatic assault rifle. To complete the mission that you're. OK is I think it put the last -- bad taste good people bowels. Because -- it. Because of their choosing and it made me they were young kids they played army and they were never in the service. So we decided now that there are available. They can get at all and out and looking you know with the flash late in the laser beam. And my god what you know and -- I was biggest sports and is there any of the gay groups more. Being up late you're. So it sounds -- sounds -- -- judge Paula you're gonna because a lot of my listeners off frankly it sounds to me like you're saying that these basically are men acting like little boys playing army with guns or might correct the right here and the other way. Well go out there I'm sure. It's there's a person pretty big percentage. Of people. I'm not asking what the percentages are and asking your opinion there it. You gonna YouTube you you established -- alleged notified by saying earlier registered a hunting guide you've you've got this you got that. What whatever it -- them but then but then you also go on to insult. I think if I'm here correctly. Good part of your fellow members of these sportsmen expect clubs who doing -- And with them. -- -- -- At persuading their site their rifles and -- road trip shooting which owns and everybody's worried about protection. And I'd bought up. So what would you do that would you would you make them I. I'm trying to figure out from where you are coming because mom. My little 25 caliber Beretta will kill somebody just -- Bradley injured 223 sniper rifle. -- So what difference does that make a -- and am I playing army with my 45. Mean I know why I have the thirty maybe it's because god curse. Well. Well you -- take it if you like because I thought your column this. All right Paul Hudson and this thing up because this is available bodies your are right so I don't know what -- make of that call it was it was up to get my goat. 'cause I've never heard that argument before made by somebody who is allegedly you know Joseph sportsman. -- little something about me. I don't kill things. I would kill in self defense. But a human being without food thinking too much about it. I mean. Under article 35 and New York State penal code it. And our god given right the first law of nature is survival. You know that fits in with -- code of -- -- fits in with the law. They happen to be coincide. Or coincidence if you prefer. Com but despite my affinity for firearms. And by the way I don't think you're playing army. You're some grown up kid if you wanna spend 2000 bucks to bio weapon. I'm almost of the guy on main street in Williams bill. I've also the guy we're placing a family of -- -- crossing the road it will stop my car I will get out and -- stopped traffic and let the box cross the road. All right so. Yeah I now. Yes he has guns and he also stopped his car to let -- wings crossed the road. There's people like that. Just because we happen to enjoy shooting. Doesn't necessarily make it's that doctors then again I have nothing against hunters you guys are the real deal a hypocrite. Now I'm off a phony. When it comes to animals. Until -- -- a V again I'm a fraud. Because I won't kill myself. And I'll let you tell Ali the chicken crazy salad. I admit it. So. All -- I've heard that argument before it was up to get my ago. -- holiday if you put. But see -- it was -- -- senator what did they want like sixteen or 17100 bucks. For a so called notice I can't just keep doing your quote every time. Assault rifle. You get them really souped up and spend as much money you wanna spend. My experience in life is bad. Guys don't spend that kind of money just to quote play army were because they didn't servers. There are some guys who did answer who love those weapons. Never -- one. Aaron does. And Ruger 1022. It is it doesn't everybody 347 an injury in my thirty WB and its hourly so make of the last caller. And what would make you view and what are they can these protests. They don't do any harm. That's what I will say they don't do any harm will they changed things that's an open question. I'd like this off my friends -- saying that but it's an open question on WB. Really turning into a fun show -- I've had one gun owner of -- -- gun owners of eight. But I think this -- in the ranks this is the bread and butter of our radio what a big kind of sarcastic OK please understand I remember ironic since puritan times. And sophomoric and more electoral was dragster its hourly for -- want look I. Gardening yes he stopped his car for duckling is he loves his guns and he loves to garden I'm sensing he's a closet homosexual. But what. Just kidding about that. But nature's will. Anything of that nature is all one is the company I use for my lawn care and I will tell you why. Your summertime is limited there are only X number of hours -- a -- I don't know what you. I would rather spend my gardening time with flowers my. My annuals Mike perennials. Making sure the weeds are gone and having a pretty flower bed in ninety. Then worrying about my grass in my law. That's why I have used nature's law on now for many years and ladies and gentlemen I swear to you on all that is holy. People notice my lawn in the neighborhood when they're walking by my neighbors they say com. What do you do. And I say I used nature's -- and -- water everything it like I'm supposed to and nature's law does the rest. Because my soil is able to grow healthy grass if you'd like to become a nature's launch customer. You're gonna get a free soil test the cost me 35 bucks Europe is free. When you sign up with nature's one that I calls this is the company I used it gives -- great result every year. Six they won 77966817796. Or visit nature's law -- dot com great bunch of folks at nature's law they do a great job. And folks are used in a long time before it did ads work nature's law on top notch right now speaking of top notch let's go to the best Trevor reporter on earth. Here is the hardworking yet. Alan Harris. And as far as our AccuWeather forecast is concerned this -- worries this evening otherwise the -- on my gosh are you serious but clouds. I thought I heard saint -- say this this morning and I thought that maybe I was still asleep. But I guess I wasn't clouds will break it will be very cold tonight. The overnight low eighteen degree is. That it's gonna break the record load it was set back in 1928. Then tomorrow we should be up to 41 and then Thursday 58 to be still my beating heart what are we gonna have a joke. Thirty -- At his radio and -- thirty WB a guy look out for black -- 32 degrees you don't think the towns are going to be out -- dowdy or old well I don't think there are so be careful watch -- driving. And their -- watcher in language I know I'm sorry. Are at 8030 my -- is the phone number friends and the thanks for making your party are very opt -- by the way I said at least did a great show part of which was on guns and firearms today and the whole registration bank. And you can always check out sandy show and my show on line at WB EE and the dot com now a lot of times we agree on an awful lot sometimes -- bitterly. Disagree but that's half the fun of being a talk show you can listen to is both WB Ian dot com. The audio vault the CD -- was up every single day all three hours and then every hour my program is up as well. And that's that. Now let's get back to the calls. -- -- WB -- and here is bill and Clarence now bill don't shoot the messenger here I was just the guy who took -- call I'm not sure he was sincere or not. -- I don't think -- or. Out. -- -- -- -- -- There. -- out here. -- also depend on the individual shooter and what the shooter wants to use with which to hunt I don't -- I could not hot I couldn't kill a deer. I mean I what you wanted to say I could have a -- problem mostly elect Howard I can't kill things. It's a book. But. -- support. -- And destruction the art shouldn't. And operation but still I -- Talk to further my friend but hey I watch awful Bluetooth if you could please beat you gotta wait till after the news OK my friend I do wanna give -- to more time because I love your passion. And I really liked affect drinking a lot of sense and you said Monday ranch which is like my magic phrase today so pulled out a -- if you -- our riverfront.

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